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Topless Waitress Night


This is another entry in our ongoing series of true tales from our past ten years. We are an adventurous couple in our late 20s who have had the fortune to rack up quite a number of hot sex stores and wanted to finally share them with others who might be interested. Our goal in writing them was to not allow ourselves to embellish even a little as to keep them 100% truthful and real. From our feedback, we heard it'd be helpful for a description of Renee so here it is. She is of average height and weight, thin, but not too skinny. She has blonde hair that goes past her shoulders and wonderful size C breasts. She is very pretty and doesn't usually wear make-up except for special occasions. Renee has written a lot of our entries up to this point, now I'd like to share a few, hope you enjoy.


This story took place during the early part of 2007 in the midst of the NFL playoffs. I was rooting for the Colts and Renee was partial to the Patriots. And the two teams happened to meet that year for the AFC championship, so of course we decided to make a bet on the game. Both of us thought for a day about what we wanted from the other if our team won. We finally decided and told each other, if Renee's team won she told me that I would have to clean the house. I told her that if my team won she would have to be a topless waitress for me during the Super Bowl two weeks from then. We both agreed on the terms of the bet and settled in for the game that night. I was praying that my team would pull it out, not just so I that I would get my topless waitress for the Super Bowl, but also because I really didn't feel like cleaning the house. It was a really good game and I was able to raise my hands in victory as the Colts pulled it out in the end. I looked over and smiled at Renee who just shook her head. I immediately started plotting my victory night.

As Super Bowl Sunday drew near, I began finalizing my thoughts for Renee being my topless waitress. Renee and I have a mutual friend, Craig who is a few years older than us and is an assistant manager at a local bar and grill not far from our house. He had asked me earlier in the week what we were doing for the Super Bowl because he didn't have to work that night for once. I told him Renee and I were just staying home, but then a light bulb went off in my head and I told him that he should come over if he didn't have plans. I then told him that Renee had lost a bet the week before and that she was going to be a topless waitress for me as a result of her losing. Craig is pretty laid back and I thought he'd be more than fine with it, and sure enough he was. "That will be much better than going to a bar to watch," he exclaimed. I smiled to myself, this was going to make things much more interesting.

The Friday morning before the Super Bowl, I decided to let Renee know the slight change of plans, as she was getting ready for work. "Oh, by the way, Craig didn't have plans for the Super Bowl so I invited him over to watch it with us," I said. "Oh, so you don't want your topless waitress then?" she asked. I looked at her, "No, I still do, you just will have two customers to wait on now instead of one," She just looked at me, not quite believing me and said that it would probably make Craig uncomfortable if she did that. "Are you kidding, yes, he'll hate having a hot topless friend of his get him drinks all night," I replied sarcastically, "I already told him about it and he can't wait."

"Really? Well if he's cool with it, then so am I," she replied, turning back to the mirror to finish getting ready for work. I smiled and walked out of our room, everything was now set and I started to let myself get excited for the game.

Sunday finally rolled around and late in the afternoon, Renee started getting ready like I had asked. She curled her long blonde hair, did her make-up, which she usually doesn't wear and dressed in tight fitting black pants, black boots and my favorite cleavage showing red shirt, which I knew she wouldn't be wearing for long. She looked amazing and I told her that to which she blushed and thanked me for the compliment. Even though we do fun stuff like this all the time, both of get that nervous, excited feeling each time and tonight was no different. Game time got closer and the doorbell rang and I had Renee go let our guest in. As Craig stepped through the door, he immediately noticed how great Renee looked and gave her a similar compliment to mine. She took his coat and told him that I was downstairs and that he should join me and that she'd bring him a beer. Craig walked into the basement and sat down as we said our hellos, and immediately started analyzing the game as the teams were introduced.

Renee came downstairs with a beer for Craig and sat down on the other couch opposite of him, as I was in sitting in my favorite recliner. I couldn't help but stare at her cleavage in the sexy red shirt she was wearing, and decided that it was going to have to come off soon. She sat watching the TV and was sipping on her own beer as the game started. After about 15 minutes, I was ready for another beer and it looked like Craig was too. I told Renee we could use another round and that it was time to pay off her bet. She looked at me and nodded, understanding that I was telling her to come back down without her top on.

She disappeared up the stairs and I could hear the fridge open and bottles clinking, then there was quiet for a few seconds before I could hear her coming back down the stairs. I could see down the basement hallway from my chair, and Renee appeared around the corner with a beer in each hand and more importantly, her shirt was gone and her beautiful breasts were on full display. My stomach swirled with excitement as she met my drooling stare with a coy smile. She walked into the room and handed us our beers as Craig got his first look at my wife's tits and his eyes lit up. "Nice. This is going to be better than I imagined," he beamed. She smiled and sat back down on the couch, and continued sipping on her beer and watching the game as normal as could be.

My eyes were constantly drifting from the big screen television over to my wife's breasts and I could tell Craig's were too. He wasn't trying to hide his gaze in the least and was enjoying both the game and the show my wife was putting on. We finished our second beer and this time, Craig was the one who spoke up, "Waitress, we could use another." Renee rose to her feet without hesitation, her chest heaving out and making sure she moved slowly as to give us as much time as possible to gawk at her tits. She was obviously enjoying the attention as she went upstairs and brought down more beers for everyone. Halftime eventually rolled around and Craig mentioned he was getting hungry. We had a few snacks but I decided that hot wings sounded good and Craig agreed. There was a wings place just up the street and we called in the order.

Renee knew she was going to be the one who have to go pick up the order and grabbed her keys and went to put on her shirt. "Um, what are you doing? We didn't say anything about putting your shirt back on." She stopped in her tracks and just stared at me, "but I'm going to go pick up the food." I told her I understood that, but the wing place had a drive thru to pick up orders, so she wouldn't have to get out of the car. She was speechless, not realizing she was going to have to leave the comfort of our home without her shirt. Craig just sat back smiling, obviously enjoying what was about to transpire. Renee finally relented with a sigh, "fine", she said and grabbed her purse and walked out into the garage, just as topless as she was before and got in the car and drove away. I was really nervous and excited now, thinking about Renee in her car on the way to get our food, with her bare breasts out for anyone to see who looked into her car and not having anything to cover up with, even if she wanted to. I also knew she was going to give the workers at the drive thru window quite a show.

Craig and I continued drinking and watching the halftime show, but I couldn't stop from trying to picture what was happening with Renee at that moment. I was turned on beyond belief and couldn't wait for later that night when I'd get Renee into our bed. About 20 minutes later, I heard the garage door open and close and she walked back into the basement with our wings. She was shaking her head and her cheeks looked very flushed. "How'd it go," I asked smiling. "Well, I gave the guy at the drive thru window quite the show, plus every car at every red light, it was ridiculous," she responded. After her adventure, she seemed to not even notice anymore that her tits were out in the open for Craig to see. Her nipples were now rock hard from the cold, which made her breasts even more tout and amazing. She got us more beers and sat back down on the couch as we dug into the delicious wings. We made her tell us about her drive in detail so we could vicariously live her adventure.

She began recounting her journey as we ate our wings, saying it wasn't too big a deal pulling out of the driveway and making her way to the busy street by our house. Only when she was stopped by her first red light that it hit her, how exposed she was under the street lights to the cars beside her. She kept her head forward, wondering if there were preying eyes looking into her window to see her naked breasts. She said it did make her nipples hard, as it was both nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. She said her heart was really racing as she pulled into the pick-up window. There was a younger overweight guy, maybe about 20, with curly brown hair that was manning the window. He didn't a double take when he first appeared, not really believing what he was seeing as she rolled her window down. He stared for a brief second before asking what name her order was under. He looked at her eyes trying to figure out what was going on and she just smiled and told him her name and he went back to get the order.

He must have not told anyone, because none of his co-workers came to the window to catch a glimpse of the hot topless woman sitting in her car, waiting for her order. He returned with the bag of wings and stuffed some napkins in before opening the window back up, he was a little flushed and this time didn't waste the opportunity to give her breasts another long look. She smiled at him as she took the bag, trying to make him comfortable and said "thank you" before rolling up her window and driving away.

Renee told us that was the part that was the most fun, hoping that guy would remember the topless drive-thru lady for the rest of his life. Craig and I cheered her for her courage when she wrapped up her story and got back to the end of the game. Renee finished out her night as our topless waitress, getting us one more round before the game ended with a Colts victory. Craig had to work early the next day so he had to take off right after, but thanked Renee for the awesome time. She went up and gave him a hug and told him "you're welcome", making sure to press her breasts into his chest for one last reminder of the evening. He said goodbye and left as Renee just plopped down onto the couch with a sigh and a smile to me. "The things you make me do, Derek."

"Oh, you love it and you know it," I quipped back as we both laughed.

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