tagFetishTopped from the Bottom Ch. 05

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 05


Summary of previous chapters:

Chapter 1: Todd, college football quarterback and alpha jock make a bet with his short nerdy vocal music roommate, Mark. The bet was that Mark could fuck Samantha, Todd's girlfriend, better than Todd. To be more specific in just 10 minutes she would be orgasming and screaming Mark's name. It ends with Todd humiliated on his knees eating the fresh creampie, that Mark just gave his girlfriend.

Chapter 2: After Todd, licks his girlfriends pussy clean of Mark's sperm, Mark further humiliates him by slapping the shit out of him and telling him how he fucks Sam better. Todd ends up sucking Mark's cock and then agreeing that he is the bitch.

Chapter 3: Todd drives Mark and Samantha on their first date wearing a pink thong and Mark's small clothes. Humiliated, Todd arrives back at his dorm realizing he is enjoying this. Mark lays down some rules and Todd ends the night by sucking his cock with Samantha.

Chapter 4: Todd wakes up the next morning confronted by the hazy night before. When he realizes it is not a dream, but that Mark is now fucking Samantha he runs away, but Sam comes and sets him straight. She reinforces that she loves him, but needs Mark's cock and the orgasms he gives her. They decide to be his bitches. The scene ends with Todd being punished by Mark.

There I was humiliating myself as a true bitch to Mark. Saying all sorts of sissy bitch stuff while he spanked my bottom like a dad punishing a child. He had sent Sam to the sex store to by a few things and she has just come back. She is kneeling at my face kissing me as Mark slaps my ass. His slaps really hurt and I am both humiliated and turned on as tears roll down my cheeks.

"Alright we will continue your punishment, by reinforcing how you ended up like this." Mark said as he pushes me off his lap and I land on the floor with a thud.

Mark picks up Sam and with great ease, which shocks me as they are a similar size, he begins to thrust into her pussy while holding her around his waist with one hand, groping her gorgeous breast with the other and licking her neck and earlobe. He does this in a matter of seconds all while standing with me at his feet.

Samantha immediately starts moaning and I can see her head fling back and her mouth open in an O shape.

"Dear GOD," I think to myself watching the impressive display. I see Mark able to make the odd fucking motions into her pussy even while standing.

"HOLY FUCKSHIT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" Sam screams out while holding her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Mark walks over to the wall and uses his body to hold her against it and with one hand bounces her up and down and the other he pulls on her engorged nipple.


Mark quickly puts both hands on her ass and massages her cheeks and starts thrusting quicker..."you can come baby!"


Samantha's whole body shakes as Mark carries her mid orgasm and lays her back on my bed.

"Alright deuchbag," Mark says over his shoulder to me "you are going to lick my asshole while I slow fuck her."

Turning red with embarrassment and not really turned on by the thought of licking a guys asshole. I wonder if I have made the right decision. But that thought is fleeting as I think about preserving any sort of relationship with Sam. I slowly crawl the few feet to Mark staring at his round ass I pause for a moment wondering if i can really stick my face between his ass cheeks. Consumed with the thought of licking a man's anus I haven't realized that Mark has stopped fucking Sam until...

"Oh please keep going ...BABY cmon fuck me."

I look up hearing Sam's begging voice and see her clawing at Mark's back to try and get him to keep pumping into her.

"Not until the bitch starts licking my asshole." Mark says all the while remaining calm, cool and dominant.


"Only with my permission." Mark replies as Sam moans at his dominance.

I slowly reach my hands up and spread his asscheeks. I can now see his puckered anus. As I lean close the smell is a bit musky but not bad. Tentatively I stick my tongue out and touch it. Surprised, I feel a jolt in the pit of my stomach and my cock twitch. "God I really do love this humiliation" I thought to myself.

I start licking as Mark began thrusting slowly in and out of Samantha.

"Thats it...good boy lick daddy's asshole," I heard Mark say as I was surprised that at least the outside puckered ring didn't taste all that bad.

"OHHH MY GOD! I cant believe He is licking your asshole baby" Samantha said.

*knock knock

"ohh shit" I thought someone is at the door.

I hear my frat bro, Ted say, "Dude are you making your roommate lick your asshole?" He must have heard Sam from outside the door, "that is some messed up shit."

I stop licking and feel a shame and terror coursing through my body.

"Just answer him and tell him you will text him later...remember I am not an asshole...if you don't want people to know its cool." Mark whispers back at me.

"Uhh yeah the little bitch had it coming" I say toward the door, "I will hit you up later dude, me and Sam are having one hell of a fuck session." I tried to sound confident and cool, but it was hard with my mouth inches from Mark's asshole.

We heard Ted say a few astounded profanities as he was walking off.

"Keep licking bitch," Mark said. "So you want everyone to think I am your bitch and not the other way around...hmm"

Mark was talking to me as he slow fucked Sam and I licked his asshole.

"...I guess we can do that, but it is going to cost you BIGTIME!"

As Mark finished I knew I needed to agree and what better way than to wrap my muscled arms around his legs for leverage and push my tongue inside.

"OHH MMM ...feels nice bitch...and I can see you agree." Mark sound with a moan.

Mark began to pick up the pace and I really did have to hold on for dear life as he started pounding into Sam.

"YESSSSSSS!!" Sam cried out as she went into a wild orgasm her legs flung wildly kicking me in the face as I desperately tried to keep my tongue in Mark's asshole.

I could feel Mark tense up and shoot a load in Sam and as he hopped up on the bed next to Sam he said "you will rest your face right here" grabbing my face and positioning me a few inches below Sam's red fucked out pussy. "you will let all my cum coat your face while we talk."

Burning red with shame, my cock still hard, I felt the first massive glob of cum land in the corner of my right eye and roll down the side of my nose.

"How did my ass taste?" questioned Mark.

As I opened my mouth his tasty cum started to leak in. I decided to be honest and said "not bad, just sort of musky." As large globs started coating my face. I thought "Dear GOD how much can this guy cum."

"So you're already my bitch, what do you think you can do to earn the right for this whole campus to think this situation is backwards of how it really is?" Mark asked, while I could only see him through one eye because the other was pasted shut with cum. He was nuzzling kissing and fondling Sam.

I realized I was stroking my hard cock while getting a sperm shower from another man's creampie and I said, "Uhh...I don't really know, but I will do anything."

"ANYTHING...haha...Ok here it is bitch, One, you give up any rights to Sam's mouth, pussy or ass for the next month, after that we will see if you earn the right to her body again. Two, I need a bigger bed, so you will push these two together so Sam and I can sleep comfortably, you can sleep on the floor. And three I bet Sam and I will love not having to walk down the hall to piss, you will drink our piss straight from the source whenever we ask." Mark said with a calm cool dominance.

My whole body shuddered at his words and my mouth hung open as I was stunned to silence.

——more to cum.

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