tagFetishTopped from the Bottom Ch. 06

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 06


Topped from the Bottom - Chapter 6

Summary of previous chapters:

Chapter 1: Todd, college football quarterback and alpha jock make a bet with his short nerdy vocal music roommate, Mark. The bet was that Mark could fuck Samantha, Todd's girlfriend, better than Todd. To be more specific in just 10 minutes she would be orgasming and screaming Mark's name. It ends with Todd humiliated on his knees eating the fresh creampie, that Mark just gave his girlfriend.

Chapter 2: After Todd, licks his girlfriends pussy clean of Mark's sperm, Mark further humiliates him by slapping the shit out of him and telling him how he fucks Sam better. Todd ends up sucking Mark's cock and then agreeing that he is the bitch.

Chapter 3: Todd drives Mark and Samantha on their first date wearing a pink thong and Mark's small clothes. Humiliated, Todd arrives back at his dorm realizing he is enjoying this. Mark lays down some rules and Todd ends the night by sucking his cock with Samantha.

Chapter 4: Todd wakes up the next morning confronted by the hazy night before. When he realizes it is not a dream, but that Mark is now fucking Samantha he runs away, but Sam comes and sets him straight. She reinforces that she loves him, but needs Mark's cock and the orgasms he gives her. They decide to be his bitches. The scene ends with Todd being punished by Mark.

Chapter 5: Mark continues his dominance, fucking Sam while standing up with Todd at his feet. Mark has Todd lick his asshole while he fucks Sam and when a frat bro hears Sam exclaim "he is really licking your ass" Todd lets his friend believe that Mark is his bitch instead of the other way around. Mark tells Todd that for 3 conditions he will let the whole campus believe this lie: 1)Give up any rights to Sam's body for a month, 2) give up his bed, so Sam and Mark can have a nice big bed, 3) lastly Todd will be the piss toilet for Mark and Sam.

"HOLY FUCK" I heard Sam gasp at Mark's words

I can do nothing but stare at Mark as my whole body quivers.

"So what is it going to be you have 2 minutes to decide if you cant agree I take Sam on the lawn in front of the university center in a few minutes when classes let out. Let everyone hear her beg for my cock not your's sissy."

I blink at Mark trying to comprehend what he said and then look at Sam clearly she is still getting off on Mark's dominance as she bites her lip.

I let out a soft sigh and simply nod my head.

"What was that?" Mark says clearly knowing I have again submitted to his dominance.

"Mark...uhm Sir I agree I wont touch Sam for a month, (sigh) I will let you have my bed, and I will be your .... uhh toilet" (Sigh)

I look down with my one free eye and see my big cock rock hard and I wonder if there are any limits to my depravity. just then a glob of Mark's cream pie falls from my eye that was pasted shut onto my hard cock.

"Looks like that got you turned on!" Mark says in a sort of mocking yet also vaguely happy tone. 

Sam lets out a moan and I see her playing with herself. 

"OK time to show you why I won and why I will always win." Mark exclaimed

Shaking I know what is about to come out of Marks mouth and I mentally try to prepare. 

"Time for me to take that anal virginity BIG MACHO QUARTERBACK"

My whole body quivers and I look at Mark's cock with my one free eye and know that there is no denying that I am ready to try it.

"OK, I give you permission to clean up your face by eating my cum and I don't lick assholes so Sam i give you permission to lick Todd's little vagina and get him ready for me" Mark exclaimed


You might think it was Sam who uttered these moans of delight, but alas it was me. I was excited to have Sam lick my ass but, ashamedly I was even more turned on by eating Mark's delicious cum.

As Sam got behind me and began to rub my ass with her hands I scooped ungodly amounts of cum off my face and onto my tongue. Moaning like I was eating the worlds best steak.

"Baby I am happy you get to feel a real man's cock" Samantha said as she leaned in and began taking quick licks of my anus

I thought to myself I have a real cock I am bigger way bigger than Mark. I tried to tell myself I was a man I tried to tell myself to get up to end this that there was still time, but the very second I was about to decide to kick Mark's ass he leaned into my ear and whispered.

"I have a real cock and you know its true ... you just ate my cum like it was caviar."

I shuddered and moaned at his words and the tongue on my ass had me already feeling wonderful tingling sensations. So instead of taking back my manhood, I moved to all fours to give Sam better access and get ready for my first anal penetration. my body was slowly rocking and my legs were quivering as Sam tongued my ass.

"OK OK not too much" Mark said as he pulled Sam away from me and said "sit and watch."

Again I could tell Sam was turned on by Mark as she sat in my computer chair inches from me plugging two fingers into her pussy. Mark's firm strong hands were on my ass as he spread my cheeks wide and without warning I felt the tip of his gorgeous cock on my anus.

"OHH OHH BE GENTLE PLEASE." I moaned as I felt my anus begin to give way.

"Good girl beg like a bitch" Mark chastised me.

I began to feel a sharp pressure and soon the head pooped in. "OHH OHH MMM OWWWWW MMM"

"Such a little bitch" Samantha said as I kept my head down.

My ass was starting to burn and I was ashamed that even though this was not giving me pleasure the humiliation had my cock rock hard.

"OHH EEE OHH" I gasped as I tried to breath through the pain.

"Dont worry baby" Mark stroked my hair "anal always hurts a little at the beginning but I will let you adjust."

Mark held still with probably 2 inches of his cock in my ass as one hand stroked my shoulder and the other reached under and started tweaking my nipple. Oh god my face burned as he treated me like a real bitch. As I felt a tingle course through my nipple I realized the burning in my ass was slowly fading and without warning I felt a jolt of pleasure tingle up my spine. Oh no I am being turned into a sissy I thought.

Just then Mark says in a sexy whisper as he squeezes my ass cheek "Ok baby you ready, you ready to become a sissy girl for me."

I could do nothing but let out a soft husky moan "Ohhhh......."

"I will take that as a yes." Mark says and slowly starts his odd little fucking motion in and out. I feel his balls softly slap mine and sure enough the burning gives way to wave after wave of pleasure I didn't know existed.

"OHHHHH GOD ....mmmmm OOO EEE PFUU HUUUH MMM .... MARK PLEASE" I let out in soft moans like a good bitch.

"PLEASE WHAT?" Mark asked

Still humiliated and still hoping that maybe just maybe all of this wasn't really happening that I wasn't a bitch to my smaller, geekier, little dicked roommate, I said. "Please stop I uhhhh I want ... I am not a bitch." I managed to squeak out.

Without a word Mark slowly pulled his cock until the very tip was all that was left in my quivering asshole. He didn't say anything he didn't have to as I set on my hands and knees my body shaking I knew I wanted that beautiful cock back in my ass. I begged myself not to say anything I begged myself to remain still. ‘Dont give Mark the satisfaction...dont debase yourself anymore in front of Sam....dont... OH GOD PLEASE DONT' I screamed at myself in my own mind as pictures flooded my brain of Mark fucking Sam to endless orgasms and me licking up the creampie. I felt my cock twitch and unable to stop myself I let out a soft moan of both desperation and humiliation as I slowly rocked back forcing more of his cock back in my quivering asshole.

"Good boy, you want Daddy to fuck your manpussy?" Mark asked but still had yet to start fucking me I was fucking back on him trying to regain the pleasure.

"MMM OHH MMM" I moaned and nodded a yes.

"No no good bitches answer questions with their words." Mark said humiliating me further.

"Please Yes I want it."

"You want what?" asked Mark.

"OHH mmm please ....uhhh your cock" I said in a whisper.


I knew what he wanted and I looked up at Sam wondering if this fucked up situation would ever end. She was looking at me in pure lust with 3 fingers pumping her cunt and one in her ass. Hoping that maybe this situation might even out and Mark and I could become more equals and share Sam if I just played along I said. "Mark Sir please fuck my manpussy."

"Good girl" Mark says in a soft encouraging voice as he starts to fuck in and out.

It feels like the bow of a violin is making beautiful music in my asshole...I mean pussy and I just moan and quiver as he picks up his pace making me his bitch.

"FUCK HMMMMMMM SHIT UGHHHH MMMM YESSSSSSS" I moan on all fours my rock hard dick swinging under me.

After just a few moments of Mark fucking me while caressing my body as he takes me doggy style he says in a sexy voice in my ear, "ok baby time to fuck you like a real girl, your going to lay on your back and watch as a real man fucks your boy pussy."

I shudder and nod then remember to speak "OHH YES SIR PLEASE TAKE ME AS YOU WISH."

I am shocked at my own eager revelation, but know deep down that it is true. I feel a slap on my ass as Mark pulls his throbbing cock from my ass. It comes out with a plop and my face burns crimson as I let out a pathetic moan of desperation feeling empty. I hear giggles from Sam and I know Mark is looking like a smug bastard as I crawl up on the bed next to Sam. I lay with my ass at the edge of the mattress and my feet rest on the floor as I look up slowly to see Mark grinning.

"Pull your legs back and show your master that cute little pussy baby" Mark says as he winks at me.
I do what he says quickly as I actually feel proud at the sexy way Mark is talking to me. As I pull my legs back I can no longer see Mark, but without warning he slams his gorgeous cock into me and starts fucking me with the same odd little fuck motion, but also with the enthusiasm of a animal in heat.

"HOLY FUCK PLEASE OHH GOD" I yell out incoherently with a mixture of pain and the most insane pleasure.

"You like that baby? Go ahead rest your legs on Daddy's shoulders like a good little bitch!" Mark Exclaims.

I shudder and moan with my legs on his shoulders. I look down to see my cock oozing precum and as hard as it has ever been slapping up and down on my stomach. I let out a stream of moans and squeals as it is clear to everyone Mark, Samantha and even myself that I was enjoying this, that I was the bitch.

"OHH GOD ... MMMMM ..... UNNGGGHHH ... Fuck" Were just a small part of my bitch vocabulary.

After a few minutes of being fucked this way I had the strong desire to stroke my cock. I argued with myself ‘cmon man don't let him make you cum while he is fucking your asshole.' But even this couldn't stop me as my hand slowly slid to my engorged cock.


"Don't you dare touch yourself while I am fucking you." Came Mark's cool confident reply.

And to my dismay I let out an obvious moan of girly submission, "AWwwwwwmmmmmmm"

As he kept sliding in and out of me though, I was shocked to feel the unmistakable building deep in my balls. ‘Holy hell ‘I thought....'I certainly cant come while he is fucking me... without touching my cock ... I will never recover being fucked to orgasm in the asshole.' but the familiar pleasure kept building.

"Please Mark ....that is enough please mmmmm .... OHHH OHH .... STOP.... UNGHH SHIT FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME ... GOD NO PLEASE AWWWWWWWWWW" I screamed

The first rope of cum was so powerful it flew up into my open mouth as I screamed causing me to choke a little as another shot hit my cheek and two more got me on my stomach.

"Thats it baby cum for daddy" Mark said. And after a few more strokes into my quivering asshole Mark threw his head back and said "I am marking you bitch... your mine."

I was surprised as ! felt not just the warmth of his cum in my bowels, but the powerful jets shooting inside me as I lay there moaning. After a few moments of pumping the remnants of his cum into me he pulled out with a pop. I felt the warm river of semen flow out of me and stain the sheet below us. As Mark lowered my legs and crawled over me. I felt his now semi-hard cock slap down on my cheek. I could smell the all-to-familiar smell of his cum and also the nastiness of my own asshole.

"Open up you need to clean Daddy"

To fucked up and weirded out that I came from being ass fucked I opened my mouth and I was immediately rewarded with the taste of asshole mixed with Mark's yummy cum. Being a good bitch I sucked and licked trying to show Mark I would accept anything from him. But without warning my mouth began to be flooded with a warm saltiness and I knew Mark was pissing. I started choking in surprise and his cock came out and started flooding my face which was somehow worse so I sucked it back in and did my best to swallow.


To my utter horror I knew she was pointing to my cock which was getting hard again.

"He loves this he loves being your bitch baby!" Sam continued

"Of course he does and you do too lick up that pool of piss by Todd's eye."

Before I knew what was happening Sam was lovingly licking Mark's piss from my face. I was shocked at it all and most of all that I came from getting ass fucked, much less was enjoying Mark's piss.

Sam licked her way to my ear and whispered, "Thank you ...this is our new life...fooorrrr—ev—-errrrrrr....and we both know we both love it!"


To be honest my public life really didn't change that much. Mark is a cool guy and for the most part let me live my public life the way I wanted. It has been difficult to explain why Mark, Sam and I live together, but after 15 years no one makes to much of it anymore. Publicly Sam and I wed after I got drafted into the NFL. I played for 10 seasons and made plenty of money, now we live in a gorgeous mountain cabin where I am the bottom bitch, Sam is the middle bitch and our ALPHA GOD is Mark. We have a few special friends that come to play with us from time to time. But our greatest fun is days wear I am dressed as a french maid and service Mark and Sam's most evil desires all day. Oh yeah you probably want to know that Mark had me feminized with huge J cup breasts and all my body hair removed. The day after I retired I went to a secluded medical clinic and became a bimbo bitch for my Goddess and my God. I love them both and don't regret a thing. I hear the sports world is looking for me, but I don't think they will ever find me. If they do it doesn't matter now I made my money and I am happy.

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