tagIncest/TabooTopsy Turvy Ch. 02

Topsy Turvy Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is a continuation incest story involving a sister and brother. All characters are 18 years or older.

Christie was in the shower as I sat at the kitchen table drinking my morning coffee. Thinking back to last night, did I make a mistake in having sex with my own sister? When I woke up this morning, she laid next to me on the sofa sleeping contently with my arm around her body. I snuck off to the shower to spend some time reliving the events of the last day. I truly loved my sister.

As I sipped my coffee I heard the shower turn off. Before long I heard her bare feet walk up behind me. As I looked up I saw such a beautiful creature. She wore just a pair of high cut blue laced bikini panties. Her sexy breasts jiggled enticingly as she strolled up next to me. My eyes were drawn to her perky nipples. Then I shook myself back into the real world and stared back into her eyes.

"Good morning brother. I hope you slept well."

"Yeah I did. But sis, what have we done? I think what we did was so wrong in so many ways."

She leaned over and kissed my forehead and then said, "What is so wrong about it? I'm just like any other woman. I have always loved you and it's what we both wanted."

"We both wanted this?"

She strolled over to the kitchen counter and then turned and hopped up onto it. Spreading her long, sexy legs I tried my best to concentrate on what she was saying. She lifted her legs up and peeled those bottoms off of her and soon returned to her original posture. I could only stare at her shaved pussy with those wonderful plump lips inviting me to them.

"Now Mike, when you look at my pussy, what do you see?"

"Something very sexy, but this is so wrong. I shouldn't be lusting after my own sister."

"Mike, what are your thoughts when you look at my pussy? Be honest."

"Ummm, well, it looks good enough to eat."

"I see Mike. So come closer because I want to show you something."

I walked over and stood between her legs while staring at her beautiful body. She reached for a dish towel and handed it to me.

"Kneel down there brother and get a better look."

I did as she asked and soon my knees were on the towel. My cock was growing increasingly uncomfortable inside of my shorts. I could only stare at that wonderful pussy inviting me to lick it.

"Now bro, does my pussy look like the other pussies that you have seen. Doesn't it look just as edible as theirs."

"Yes honey, right now I want to eat it. But you are my sister..."

"Right, I am your sister. But my pussy, my tits, my ass that you ogle all the time are all the same as someone else. It's just you will find mine is so much better. Get past the sibling thing and lick my cunt, please."

And I did. I reached around her hips and placed my hands squarely on her butt. Then I pulled that succulent prize to my face. My sister placed her hands on my head and guided me the final few inches to heaven.

I kissed her pussy lips, paying special attention to each one. I looked up at her as my tongue dipped inside of her for the first time. The love in her eyes as she watched my every move made me desire her even more. Her legs were spread so far apart that her pussy was open for my exploration. And explore I did. With the help of her hands guiding my head, the taste of her leaking juices was enjoyed by my tongue. I suckled each lip and then back deep inside I again slid my tongue. I paid special care in not touching her clitoris just yet. I wanted to tease her so bad that she would beg me to finally taste it.

She subtly pushed her cunt onto my tongue and lips while begging me to go higher. But I resisted as I wanted to drive her crazy. I had one more mission to get to before I would get to her pearl. I pulled my hands from her ass and slid them onto her thighs. My fingers brushed her skin lightly until I reached her knees. As she gazed down upon my face with pure ecstasy in her eyes, I lifted her legs up very high. A sudden smile crossed her face when she saw where I was looking and sensed what I was about to do.

Her ass was magnificent. As she now slipped her hands from my head and spread her own legs for me, I reached to those soft cheeks and spread them apart with my prying fingers. Her anus was there for the licking and I planned on giving her something really special.

"Oh Mike, I've never had my ass licked before. Please do it brother!"

And as my tongue tasted that tiny hole I heard her breathing became labored. I teased and licked all around her asshole, making sure to lightly flick it which elicited a moan from her. Her body was trembling as I stiffened my tongue and then broke the ring of her anus. Like a stiff little prick, I began to fuck her ass as my nose kept bumping into her wet pussy. Her asscheeks would clench with each thrust like she was trying to capture it inside of her forever. Licking a woman's ass was one of my favorite things. There was just something about giving them a pleasure that not just any man would do for them.

"Oh god Mike, I'm going to cum so bad. Get your tongue in my pussy please. Lick my clit!"

Reluctantly, I pulled my tongue out of her tasty ass and slid it over her perenium and up to her clitoris. I flicked it lightly like a feather and she bucked hard against my face. Her legs fell upon my shoulders and wrapped tightly around my neck. It was just me and her clit and I brought her to a screaming orgasm. And she did scream loudly as she thrashed about on my face. It forced my tongue back deep inside of her as I tasted her sweet cum. My cock was so hard as she rode out her pleasure by humping my face forcefully.

She finally trembled a bit and then relaxed her legs around my shoulders. I lapped up her juices trying not to miss any traces. I don't know if it was the forbidden lust of incest or not, but she tasted better than any woman I had ever given oral sex to before. We stayed like that for a while as I kept up my teasing and licking of her puffy pussylips.

She looked down at me and with those sexy blue eyes she said, "Make love to me Mike. I need your cock inside of me. I want to look into your eyes as you fuck me."

I stood up with my legs quite stiff. I slid my shorts off and kicked them away. She reached for my prick and stroked it a couple of times before pulling it closer to her pussy. And with little resistance she had guided me into her quim. Again feeling the wonderful sensation of her cunt for the second time in my life, I grabbed her ankles and began to slide in and out of her wetness. And wet she was as her pussylips glistened from her constant flow.

"I leaned over and kissed her as we fucked in perfect unison. She begged me to do it harder but I just teased her with my slow thrusts. Her moaning and my grunting seemed to echo in the room. But just then I almost had a heart attack!

"Now this is quite interesting. Starting without me and with this sexy woman too. You are a naughty boy Mike."

Both my sister and I looked into the eyes of Darlene. She was the model I would be shooting this morning. We've done so many photographic sessions that I had given her her own key. But here I was caught red handed as I totally forgot I had work to do today.

I looked at her as my sister continued to ride my cock. I was stunned and had stood still, but I guess Christie was not going to allow me to take a break. I think it was turning her on even more now that she had an audience. My sister was full of surprises as she humped me with such vigor.

Darlene continued, "So who is this sweet, young thing. Is she a new model?"

"I'm his sister Christie," she uttered.

"You are Mike's sister?" When my sister nodded in her blissful state, she added, "I'm Darlene. Isn't this like incest?"

We were both blushing and afraid to say anything. Then Darlene started to strip off her skirt and blouse. Now I've seen her nude plenty of times before but never in a sexual environment. Soon she was naked and running a hand over my ass while urging me to get back into fucking my sister.

"Don't let me stop you two, it looks so damn sexy. It is turning me on knowing you are doing your own sister Mike. I need to get some of this too."

My sister was in another world. She just moaned and watched as Darlene began to tease her nipple with her finger. It forced my sister into another gear as she ground her cunt onto me even harder. Soon my sister joined her as they both caressed each other's breasts.

"I've been with women in the past a time or two, but you are so sexy. Suck my nipples please," Christie begged.

As Darlene bent over to suckle the engorged nub closest to her, my hand worked between Darlene's legs. Darlene was a beautiful woman and her ass was divine. I always took extra pictures of her butt when I photographed her. She had small tits but her nipples were very large, maybe an inch long when excited. She was a popular model to those who viewed her because of her exciting points. She had that schoolgirl look and I often had her posing in short skirts and white panties.

My finger slipped into Darlene's pussy as Christie experienced a wild orgasm. Her head lolled from side to side as my cock shot cum deep inside of her. I was so turned on that I couldn't have held back if a herd of elephants trampled through my kitchen.

Darlene was sucking and kissing my sisters tits with such skill. As I felt my cock slowly dribbling now and began to shrink inside of my sister, the two of them kissed. Their tongues danced together and it was so erotic to watch as I slipped out of Christie's slippery pussy entirely.

Taking my place, Darlene slid to the floor between my sister's legs and began to eat our mixed cum from the source. I quickly ran into my studio to get my camera with my cock flopping all over the place. As I returned with the camera in one hand and my dick in the other, I saw that Darlene was slurping up all that goo. I started shooting pictures of this pornographic scene while making sure to catch their facial expressions.

Christie suddenly pulled Darlene up and they stood kissing each other once again. My camera was rapidly capturing these erotic moments in it's entirety. Breast to breast, pussy to pussy they hugged each other tight. My sister grabbed Darlene's arm and they both raced into her bedroom. I quickly changed rolls of film and by the time I got there they were in a sixty-nine lapping at each other's cunts.

I was snapping more pictures as I felt my cock stir back to life. I wanted to be a part of this, but how often do you get photos of two women in a lesbian act? And even more, one is your sister?

They licked and played with each other pussies and ass. Two naked bodies squirming continued to fill my viewfinder. Just the constant sounds of moaning and slurping of tongues filled the room. What was so very exciting was that Christie was on the bottom and her finger teased Darlene's asshole. The finger never went in very far, but it circled and played all around the rim. My prick was now raging hard and as I snapped just one more photo of my sister's tongue plunging into that pussy from below with her finger doing it's pleasure to that hot ass.

I sauntered over and got behind Darlene. Like I said, her ass was always a turn on for me. I climbed on the bed and knelt behind her. As my sister looked up from between the model's legs, I rubbed my cock all over Darlene's pussylips. Then in an instant I slipped inside that very wet hole. Now I've fucked Darlene plenty of times in the past but she was a woman possessed this time. Erotic photography always turned her on and often we ended our sessions having sex. But this time she was hotter and wetter than I ever felt her before. And as my dick soon found it's way all the way in, I almost jumped off of her with a sudden surprising touch of my sister's tongue.

Christie's tongue found my swinging balls and boy could she lick them with such skill. I was so horny from enjoying a pleasure that I had never experienced before. I started to fuck my favorite model hard while enjoying my sister's oral ministrations. She pushed back her ass and was mumbling with a face full of Christie's pussy. My balls kept slapping her pussy and a tongue and it felt oh so heavenly. My sister kept busy now as she teased Darlene's pussy and the shaft of my cock with constant wet strokes. I was glad I came not too long ago for I knew I wouldn't have lasted this long if I hadn't.

I grabbed my camera off the bed and began taking closeups of my cock sliding into that hot pussy. My sister's face would appear in between thrusts and I tried to get a shot or two of that as well. But it is extremely difficult to snap photos when you are fucking a cunt like hell. Because Darlene was so wet my cock slipped out of her quim and just that quickly Christie sucked it into her mouth. That sudden change threw me over the edge. I came right down my sister's throat! As I watched between Darlene's asscheeks, my sister gulped and swallowed all of my cum. Darlene brought my sister off and she came as well when that mouth that was on my cock slipped off of me and returned to her aching pussy. I continued watching my sister's tongue tickling her clitoris thoughout Darlene's orgasm.

Darlene and I collapsed on the bed while my sister rolled out from underneath of us both. Then I watched as Christie laid on top of Darlene and they shared my cum in a very sensual kiss. I weakly grabbed my camera and took one last picture of the two of them smiling at the camera with streaky cum all over their lips and faces. I knew these photos would make for some great viewing. Oh yeah, I guess my mug of coffee got cold sitting on the table...

My sister returned to the kitchen after she was dressed. Darlene sat with me still nude as we discussed today's shoot.

"I need some money, Mike. You have nothing in your frig and I need some clothes. I'll go shopping and give you two a break. Darlene, I had a great time with you. I know the brother-sister thing is taboo, but I love that sexy man next to you."

"Yep, he is a wonderful guy. I've been trying to get him to notice me in a more loving manner the past few years but I sensed it was someone else that he loved. I guess it was you."

I handed my sister my wallet and my car keys and she headed out the door. Needless to say the photo work today was much more stimulating. For the first time it turned from eroticism to pornographic. Darlene wore that schoolgirl outfit with my urging and she ventured to finger herself repeatedly and spread herself wide open for the camera while masterbating for me. When we were done, she encouraged me to talk to Christie and thought maybe I should expand my photography to actual sex. She thought my sister would make a good model and could make money that way.

Soon she was gone as she had another appointment that day. I was to have another session with another model but she wasn't feeling well and we postponed it to another day. So while my sister was out I developed the photos and I couldn't wait to show them to Christie.

When my sister returned, she had made sure we wouldn't want for food. I never ate much being by myself, but as we carried the bags in she told me that this wasn't a free ride living off of her brother. She planned to be the perfect housewife. When I looked at her kind of funny, she just kissed me and then giggled as she bustled about the kitchen.

I never realized how good a cook she was. She had placed candles on the table and made it look really romantic. She made a casserole that she told me mom had taught her how to make years ago. We sat together at the table and she would put a fork to my mouth and shared her meal like lovers do. She would also tease me by lifting her top and licking her nipple casing me to almost spit out my food.

When we were done she cleaned up and then took my hand and we went for a walk around the neighborhood as dusk was settling in. We walked hand in hand and we talked about the time we were apart. We came upon a park and sat on a bench in the moonlight and kissed.

Holding my hand she said, "I have never felt so alive as when I'm with you. Growing up, I would dress just for you. I went out on dates but deep down I couldn't wait to come back home and be with you. Remember those late night card games or us sitting and watching a movie together to the wee hours of the morning?"

"I do, sis. I was always worried about you being out with other guys. I couldn't go to sleep until I knew you were home. The time we spent together went by too quickly."

"When I saw you at mom's yesterday, I told myself I would never let you go this time. I am sure I could have found some living arrangements somewhere else but I wanted to be with you. I know being brother and sister that we could never marry, but if I could, I'd want you to be my husband."

"It's funny how life can change in an instant," I told her. "I was alone and even though I had all of these lovely women around for my work, nobody seemed the right fit for me. You are the right fit."

My sister saw a swing set in the moonlight and turned to me and whispered, "Come fuck me on that swing. Let's live out all those fantasies we ever dreamed about."

I looked around but we were alone. As my sister raced to the swings her sexy ass wiggled in those tight jeans. She was trying to pull them off as she was running and I laughed so hard because I thought she'd fall flat on her face. As I joined her she was sitting on the swing just wearing a t-shirt and socks. Her jeans and panties as well as her shoes were strewn all over the place.

I walked up to her and pushed the swing. As it moved back and forth she opened her legs for me and giggled. It was a bright moonlit night and her pussy looked so inviting while I watched her as her legs would part each time she swung towards me. I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. I caught her in the swing as she smiled at me with her arms and legs wide open to me.

I reached for her pussy and felt that she was soaked. As she leaned over to kiss me I guided my cock to her pussy. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and my cock slid easily into her. I grabbed the chains that held the swing and began to move her back and forth onto my cock.

She pulled away from me breathlessly saying, "Your cock belongs inside of me, Mike. I need sex alot and I need you to never stop giving it to me. Please fuck me...ahhhhhhh yes."

So there we were, out there where if anybody walked by we'd be seen having sex for all the world see. The thrill of being out in the open like that had Christie coming often. She'd moan and tell me she was coming, and then we'd start again and she would nibble my neck as she hugged me close. There in the moonlight with a slight breeze blowing against my ass, I came inside of her. I could feel my spurts as they filled her hot pussy. After we both came, we just hugged and kissed like that with me gently pushing her in the swing. Then we heard a noise and we quickly got dressed and ran out of the park. It was probably an animal, but at that moment I felt like we were acting like teeneagers and being very naughty.

We walked home together and she kept kidding me that her panties were filled with my cum. She told me that maybe she'd never wash them again and I just swatted her butt. As we made it back home, we showered together for the first time. I loved washing her hair and soaping up those sexy tits of hers. She made a production out of washing my cock and bent down several times to kiss it and told me she was just checking if she cleaned it good enough to pass inspection. I did the same with her pussy and then we dried each other off.

Then we headed to my bedroom naked. That's when she told me we would be sharing it from now on. And before we went to sleep we made love once again, her on top this time. All was right with the world tonight...

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