tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTormented by the Babysitter Ch. 01

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 01


The events in this story are entirely fictional. Karen, however, is very real. She and I worked together on this, and it is as much her story as it is mine. The easy way to tell what is from her and what is from me is: if it is good, it is from her. If it sucks, then it is all me. Working on this story has really gotten her excited, so please comment so she'll know if it excites you as well.


Karen looked at her watch again. She couldn't believe only 3 minutes had gone by since she had checked last. This party was lasting forever. Actually, it wasn't the party. It was a nice barbecue, and she and Tim liked all the friends here, so she should be enjoying herself. Unfortunately, ever since she realized that she hadn't shut down her computer before leaving the house, she had become incredibly nervous. If Nikki were to get on there... Well she didn't even want to think about the consequences of that.

Karen looked over at Tim, as he opened another beer. She was driving tonight, so they had agreed that he could have a few beers tonight She was cool with that; he had definitely earned it. Unfortunately, it also meant that they wouldn't be leaving for a while. She rejoined the group of women in the kitchen, and tried to act like she was engaged and interested in the conversation waiting for it to be late enough for it to be reasonable to make an exit.

It seemed like forever, but at last Karen checked her watch and it was after 10:00. She worked her way out to the garage where the men were shooting darts, and gave Tim the sign that she wanted to go soon. He seemed a little disappointed, but it was a school night, so even though he was a little buzzed she could tell he knew that it would be better to go soon. He chugged the last of his beer, and they both said their goodbyes.

Once in the minivan, it became clear to Karen that Tim had drunk a bit more than she thought. She smiled to herself, happy that he had cut loose a bit. He worked really hard, and was a great husband and father. It made her feel good when she could give him the opportunity to relax and have a good time.

The house was dark when they pulled into the garage. They had talked on the way home and had agreed that Tim was going to go to bed (or maybe even pass out) while Karen paid the babysitter and closed up the house for the night. Karen had butterflies in her stomach when she thought about Nikki, but she knew that most likely the babysitter hadn't even gone into her office, much less looked at her computer. She was growing more confident that everything would be okay.

As Tim careened upstairs to the bedroom, Karen found Nikki in the den, playing with her iPhone. Karen told her she would write her a check, and headed back to the kitchen. She got the check book out, and wrote out the check. When Nikki came into the kitchen, Karen asked her how the kids had been.

"Oh they were great. You, however, you've been very naughty," Nikki smiled in a way that was not at all nice.

The bottom of Karen's stomach fell out. She actually felt dizzy. Had Nikki seen what was on her computer? What would this college student think of her?

"I actually got here a bit early today. I knocked, but no one answered, so I let myself in. I found you in your study, when you were in there by yourself before Tim got home with the kids."

Karen felt like she was going to hyperventilate, this was even worse than she had thought. Before Tim got back with the kids she had been chatting with a man she had met online. She had contacted him a month or so ago, after reading a story he had posted that had really turned her on. The story had been about a woman who was blackmailed, and sexually dominated and humiliated by a younger woman. She had never before told anybody about how much stories like this turned her on, but she had contacted Duke, as he called himself, and shared her dark fantasies.

As time went on, Duke had pushed her to tell him more and more about herself, and what turned her on. She would get so excited chatting with him, that she would become desperate to cum. She had started to keep her large red vibrator near her computer, and she would use it on herself as she chatted. Once Duke had found that out, he insisted that she use it every time they chatted. Being that turned on, she started to say things that she couldn't believe she was saying. She had told him about how she fantasized about being dominated by a younger woman, and she had even written about Nikki. Nikki was a college senior at the school nearby, and was on a volleyball scholarship. She had long, tan legs that she liked to show off, large, firm breasts, and she was a half a head taller than Karen. She was exactly the kind of young woman that fit Karen's fantasies of being dominated, and Duke had coaxed her in their chat session into telling him her fantasies about being dominated by Nikki.

In time, Duke had expanded the requirement that not only should Karen use the vibrator on herself, but that she should be naked as well. While Karen could have told just told him that she was naked and playing with herself, the whole thing turned her on and soon she was naked and using a vibrator on herself most days as she chatted with this stranger. Duke continued to find more extreme things for her to do, coaxing Karen into using other things to stuff into her pussy. Today, he had made her use a large cucumber she had in the kitchen. Duke had also been trying to get Karen to send him some pictures of herself naked and masturbating. Karen had been resisting doing this for a couple weeks, but today Duke had been especially insistent, and she had been even more turned on than normal. The final straw was that he said if she did not send him something as proof he would stop chatting with her as of today. So this afternoon she had gone ahead, and taken some pictures of herself naked using the cucumber on herself, and after getting him to agree not to ask for more she sent them to him. She had been living especially dangerously, since she had done this while Tim was off at the kid's soccer practice, and she knew that he would be home soon and that Nikki would arrive shortly after that. She had pushed the chat to the last minute, and had still been naked and using the cucumber when she heard the garage door open, letting her know that Tim was home. She barely had time to hide cucumber, and run jump in the shower, so she wouldn't have to explain why she was naked. When she got out Tim was upstairs and he told her Nikki had just arrived, and she never had the chance to shut down her computer.

Now Nikki was saying she had been there before Tim got home. That meant she had seen Karen naked and playing with herself as she typed Karen looked at the babysitter in stunned silence.

"Quite an interesting friend you have there. What's his name, Duke? You've told him a lot of stuff haven't you?," Nikki smiled as she played with her iPhone a bit. She held it and Karen could see one of the pictures of herself that she had sent to Duke this afternoon. "I really like this picture, it looks like you are really having fun. What do you think Tim would say if he knew you were chatting with strange men, and sending him pictures of you naked?"

"Please.... no," Karen barely managed to whisper.

"I wonder what he would say if he knew you fantasized about being dominated and having lesbian sex with your baby sitter? I'll bet that would turn him on, eh? He'd like that one, wouldn't he?"

"No, no, please," Karen continued to whisper. Her mind was spinning, this couldn't be possible. All she could think was that Tim could not find out, he would not understand. She and Tim had an active and pretty wild sex life, and Tim knew that Karen had some lesbian experiences in college, but he had made it clear over their almost 20 years of marriage that he didn't want to share. He liked all kinds of wild sex between just the two of them, and he liked it when she dressed up a bit. He did like teasing her and keeping her on edge, but she knew he didn't share her darker fantasies of domination, forced blow jobs, her fascination with cum, or any of the other little secrets she kept. Karen kept thinking what a good man Tim was, and how hurt he would be if he found all this out, and that she had been sharing it with a stranger on the internet. She had to find a way to keep Nikki quiet.

"Don't let Tim know, please, he can't find out about this," Karen begged softly.

"Here's a photo I took of you while you were typing, well typing with one hand," Nikki's grin was now truly evil as she held up her phone with another photo. It was taken from behind Karen as she sat naked at the desk, her computer screen clearly in a chat session, with her feet up on the desk, and her hand on the base of the huge cucumber that was going into her pussy. "I also emailed myself all of your saved chat session with Duke. I didn't get to read all of them, but they look very interesting. They are now stored at my private website, so don't worry about wiping your computer or trying to steal my phone or anything. They are perfectly safe with me."

Karen was terrified. This college student had her at her mercy.

"So you told Duke you wanted me to take control of you, but you just didn't know how. Is that what you want?" Nikki had a smirk on her face.

"No," Karen whispered, "it was just playing, just fantasy online chat. It wouldn't work in reality, it's just something I thought about, not something I'd do..."

"Oh. You know, I'm really sorry you feel that way, because I kind of like the idea of having my own little housewifey as a slave. Dirty little bored housewife, dying to serve my every whim, satisfy my every desire. Yeah I kind of like that, so I think that's what we're going to do, whether you really want that or not. Aren't you a dirty little housewife?" Nikki stepped closer to Karen, and was now less than two feet away.

"No, no, please, don't do this," Karen felt like crying.

"Wrong answer slut, don't forget what I have, what I'm going to send to Tim if you don't get this right. Now I'll try one last time, and then I'll send an email. Are you a dirty little housewife?" She looked at Karen with cold hard eyes. Karen wanted to rebel, to tell this bitch to fuck off, but she knew she had to protect Tim.

"Yes," she said meekly, "I'm a dirty little housewife."

"You like to think about me and play with your big fat pussy..."

"Yes," Karen answered after a long silence.

"Yes what? Answer the whole question, bitch"

"Yes I like to think about you and play... play with my big fat pussy." To her horror, as Karen said these words, she could feel the tension start to build, and she knew that her pussy was swelling under her clothes. Just saying these things was turning her on, the way it did when she chatted with Duke.

"Why don't you do that now? I want a better view than I had before. Strip off and show me that pussy."

"But Tim, the kids..."

"The kids have been down for hours and Tim looked like he was about to pass out. We're safe in here, now get naked."

Karen knew she was beat. She quickly peeled off her top, undid her jeans, and slipped those off. She stood there briefly in her underwear, very self-conscious about her body in front of this 21-year-old athlete. Tim was always telling Karen that she was too hard on herself, but being a mom in her forties, her body did not look like it had when she had gotten married. She knew plenty of women who totally went to pot, and that was not her, but her butt was fuller than she would have liked, and her belly had never regained its firmness after childbirth, no matter how many tummy crunches she did. Her boobs were still full and prominent, and Tim always told her that her butt was her best feature, but as she undressed in front of Nikki, she found it horribly embarrassing.

"Come on, everything off," Nikki commanded sharply, "I want to see you playing with that pussy."

Karen undid her bra and removed it. Her breast dropped slightly as they were released from the cups, but not very much. Her nipples were hard and stuck out prominently now that they were no longer protected. Finally, Karen pulled down her panties, exposing her pussy to her blackmailer.

"Hey, nice cunt you have there you dirty little whore. It looks like you shaved it not too long ago, huh?"

"Yes. Tim likes me to shave it now and again."

"He's a horn dog, eh? Well he's in luck. I want you to keep it shaved it all the time from now on. I don't like the gray hairs, and I want to be able to see those big fat lips, and... Oh my God, your clit is fucking huge."

Karen was mortified. She had always had large lips, and based on her experience, a much larger clit than most women. They stuck out in a way that had always embarrassed her, and they were especially prominent when she was shaved or close trimmed. She had always felt it was unattractive, and had even gone so far as to check into surgery to get them reduced. Tim continued to tell her they were hot and womanly, but Karen really didn't buy it. They continued to grow as she got older, probably because Karen liked to pull and pinch them when she was horny. They made her feel dirty and embarrassed, and she was always careful not to let them be spotted.

"Holy shit, that is huge. I've never seen anything like that. Spread your legs. Yeah, now use your hands to pull you lips apart. Fuck, you must be horny as hell, look at the size of that fucking thing." Nikki reached down and stroked Karen's clit, tickling it with her fingernail, before tracing the lips and examining Karen's gaping slit, and the way her opening twitched when her fingernail touched the huge clit. Karen felt her knees wobble as the younger woman sent shivers up and down her spine. A small moan escaped her lips.

"Oooh, you like that, do you. You're soaking wet too. You are such a horny slut. But that's all I going to do, now you need to work. You start playing with yourself. Get yourself all hot and bothered."

Karen couldn't believe she was doing this, but she had to admit she was still turned on since she hadn't orgasmed earlier, and had planned on being with Tim when they went to bed. Although stripping in front of Nikki and having her comment on her oversized lips and clit was humiliating, it had turned her on horribly. She began pinching her clit, rolling it between her fingers and thumb. She ran her finger along her slit to lubricate it, and then continued to roll and pinch her clit. She closed her eyes as she found herself getting more turned on and her breathing got heavier. She felt Nikki's fingers tracing around her breasts, then the baby sitter's fingernail lightly flicking back and forth across her hard nipples. She let out a moan at the sensations.

Soon she could feel herself getting close to the orgasm she had missed earlier, and she began rubbing her clit rapidly. She was getting very, very close. Her thighs tensed, and she could feel her butt cheeks clench and unclench rapidly as she was about to cum.

"STOP!" Nikki commanded her sharply as she reached down and pushed Karen's hand away from her cunt, before grabbing her new slave's engorged clit. She pinched it so hard that Karen let out a loud squeak as she saw stars. "No cumming without permission you slut. You need to beg me before I'll let you cum. You told that Duke guy that you like denial games, and that Tim sometimes pinches your clit to stop you from cumming. Well, this is for real now bitch, I'm not going to let you cum for a while." She continued to pinch and twist Karen's clit as the housewife moaned in pain and frustration.

"Please let me cum Nikki. I haven't cum in days, please let me cum."

"Pretty decent begging there, you horny slut, but you are nowhere near earning it yet. First, I think you need to please me. Take off my shorts," Nikki commanded Karen.

Karen was so frustrated. She had been so close, and now her clit felt huge. It throbbed from the abuse as well as her arousal, even after the younger woman let it go. She reached over to grab the babysitter's gym shorts to pull them down, but Nikki slapped her hands away.

"Not like that you dumb bitch, with your teeth"

Karen got down on her knees, put her mouth up to Nikki's waistband at her hip, and got the shorts in her mouth. Working one side and then the other, she managed to get the shorts off the college student's hips and down her long, tan, and flawless legs. She repeated the process on the young woman's panties, exposing her completely bare pussy. Karen looked at the bottomless girl in awe, she was even more beautiful than she had been in Karen's fantasies.

"That's a good slut. Now, are you gonna be my pussy-girl?" Nikki giggled at her. "Are you going to lick my pussy and make me cum?"

"Yes," Karen answered breathlessly, looking at the young woman's beautiful hairless vagina.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I am your... your pussy-girl, and I'm going to lick you until you cum."

Nikki smiled and lifted herself up onto the counter, spreading her legs wide and exposing all of her charms to the frustrated housewife. Karen had not had a lesbian experience in about 20 years, but she found it was pretty much like riding a bike. She got her head down between the babysitter's legs and began licking and sucking on Nikki's delicate lips. Karen was struck by Nikki's small and girlish vagina, her lips were so thin compared to Karen's own large and swollen ones, it made her feel even more inadequate compared to this young beauty. She licked, sucked, and nibbled her way around the girl's pussy. She used her tongue to fuck her for a bit, then she worked her tongue down between the girl's pussy and asshole. She licked her way back up to Nikki's clit and sucked it into her mouth, making the young woman buck her lips. Soon Nikki was gyrating her hips and moaning softly, and Karen dropped one hand to play with her own pussy. She couldn't believe how wet she was, her juice was literally running down her thighs, and her clit was swollen larger than she could ever remember. She felt her own orgasm building as Nikki tilted her hips and arched her back as she climaxed.

As Nikki moaned and shuddered, Karen really went to work on her clit, attempting to bring herself off now that she had serviced her babysitter. Just as she was about to go over the edge she felt a sharp pain in her nipple, and her tit was stretched up violently. Nikki had grabbed her nipple, and was pulling on it cruelly, forcing Karen back up on to her feet.

"Ow -- ow -- ow -- OW!" Karen yelled as she got on to her feet.

"I told you not to cum, did you cum?" Nikki was seriously angry now as she twisted Karen's nipple.

"No -- OW -- no I didn't cum, please let go," Karen whined.

"Get your hands on top of your head you stupid cow," Nikki commanded. Once Karen's hand were on her head, Nikki began slapping Karen's breasts, first her left and then her left, as she yelled at the housewife.

"Don't ...SLAP... you... SLAP... fuck... SLAP... ing... SLAP... ever... SLAP... dare... SLAP... cum...SLAP... with... SLAP...out...SLAP... my... SLAP... per...SLAP... fuck... SLAP... ing... SLAP... mis...SLAP...sion...SLAP!"

The slaps came hard and sharp, right on her nipples, and they hurt like hell. Tim sometimes liked to play spanking games, but Karen knew from experience that she didn't really like playing like that. Plus, this was ten times worse than any playing, her breasts were very sensitive, and it felt like her nipples were on fire. She was sure her breasts would be bruised tomorrow, and she wondered how she would explain it to Tim, but she knew she had to endure it to keep him from finding out what she had been doing.

"Do...SLAP... you...SLAP...un...SLAP...der...SLAP...stand...SLAP... me?" Nikki slapped her four more times even harder to emphasize her point.

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