tagErotic CouplingsTorture, Sweet Torture

Torture, Sweet Torture


He'd promised me he'd tease me, torture me, make me writhe in pleasurable anticipation next time he got his hands on me. He hadn't lied. My back arched up off the bed, I clawed at the sheets, my eyes refused to focus as he moved with slow, steady intent from one part of my body to another.

I can't say I was dissatisfied, I'd certainly cum more times than I could count from the slow steady torture, but I still wanted more. A lot more.

He continued his assault on my body, flicking his tongue across my nipple, and staring me in the eyes, reading my near insane need for more, and he laughed. His hand slid to my knee and rubbed lazy circles along the back of my knee. He moved his hand up my inner thigh, teasing me. I was sure that NOW he'd touch my pussy. I ached for real relief, to feel his dick inside me. Again, he left me frustrated, anticipating something I felt would never come.

His fingers slid to the crease between my ass and thigh, and lightly rubbed his finger from my hip all the way down, frustratingly close to my pussy, only to move again to the other leg and repeat the journey.

I'm so delirious from this sweet torture, I had no concept of time or space. I only knew he moved me almost constantly. Turning me this way and that to facilitate his assault on my body. He would move me to my side, or to my back, so he could better access whatever body part he was relentlessly pleasuring at the moment. He dug his fingers into my flesh as he pulled me this way and that, never still, never giving me any idea of what might come next. He kneaded my right foot, lightly biting the pad of my left foot, and then I feel his tongue at the small of my back, just at the base of my spine, a place that never before had held any erotic significance to me, until then. He found nerve endings I never knew I had, but they were all alive as he moved slowly up my back, skimming his hands, stopping to nip at a spot here, then to kiss a spot just above my collar bone, before he got to the base of my neck where he bit with purpose. Before I could even cry out or gasp from the bit of pain, I felt him pull me to my knees. I felt his dick rubbing along my ass, and I thought that finally, I had been tortured enough, that finally; he'd give me what I craved most. But then, he simply ran his hands from my hips up along my ribs, and then, in torturous circles around my nipples, and then down my stomach, and over to my hip again.

"How much longer?" I gasped. "Please, now?"

He laughed lightly into my ear, "Why, are you getting impatient?"

I sighed again, "PLEASE, I'm not above begging."

"Tell me what you want, otherwise I can keep this up for another 10 minutes at least."

"NO!" I cried out. "Please, please, I can't take it."

"Then tell me what you want."

"Damn you," I gasped. How ridiculous I felt, I could write a scene like this down with no problem, but I found myself shy when he wanted me to speak the words that ran through my head.

"Alright then, 10 more minutes."

"NO! Damn you. I want you to fuck me. I want your dick in my pussy NOW. I want you to fuck me, PLEASE."

"All you had to do was ask," he said lightly in my ear before he pushed my head down into a pillow as he pushed into me, filling me instantly. And that was all it took to push me over the edge. He knew what he was doing. I was so desperate to feel his dick swell inside of me that the smaller orgasms I'd had already could not compare to the one that rocked through my body. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, could only feel as he reached his hand around and furiously rubbed my clit as I screamed through what I could only describe as the most intense, mind blowing orgasm I'd ever had the pleasure to live through. It lasted for what seemed like forever. "See, I told you it would be worth it, worth the anticipation."

It took me several minutes to float back to reality, and when I did it was with a new desire. I wanted more. Like an addict, single-mindedly focused on the next hit, I craved more of that delicious feeling that still sent thrilling little tingles through my body. My fuzzy brain began to realize that he'd never moved once he pushed into me that first time, so I began to move. I fucked myself against him, moving forward, then pushing my ass back into him. He let me pleasure myself for a while, then he grabbed my hips, and said, "Here, let me do that for you." I turned my face into the pillow, and cried out as he fucked me hard and fast until I felt another orgasm slice through my body.

He pulled his dick out of my dripping pussy, and positioned himself at my ass, and moved with frustratingly control, slowly pushing into my ass. I felt my muscles tense, then relax as he pushed farther and farther into me. Finally buried in my to the hilt, he began to rock away from me, moving as slowly out as he had into me. He moved slowly back into my tight ass, then he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me even closer to him, my ass pressed tightly against him. Then he fucked my ass as hard and fast as he had just pleasured my pussy. In no time at all, another orgasm was pulsing through me. He tightened his hold on me and pulled me up against his chest as he pushed into my ass one last time and I felt him cum deep inside me as I hung onto his arm for support.

As always, he left me more than satisfied, even after the insatiable need I had felt when he started. Just when I thought I couldn't take more, he showed me I could. When I thought I couldn't move one muscle of my ridiculously satisfied body, he proved me wrong. Hours later, as I lay on my stomach unable to do more than breath, one of his legs thrown across my thighs, as he ran his fingers lazily across my back, I smiled. If I never get to do more than dream about and remember this satisfaction, if I never found myself laying beside him again, if I never felt his sweat slicked body next to mine again, if this was the end of what I can only describe as an amazing ride, then I knew I would look back without regrets, with only memories of a hell of a good time, and I would be happy. He was my friend first, and if he never wanted more than that from me, I would never be sorry for this. How could I? It was a hell of a ride, and if it ended tomorrow, or if it lasted longer, either way, I was content, and far more than satisfied.

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