tagMind ControlTotal Domination Ch. 01

Total Domination Ch. 01


This on-going novel is my first work of fiction as all my other stories are real life experiences. Hope everyone likes it. I enjoy feedback and if there is any one, who would like to give ideas on how you would like the story to continue, do drop me a line. I'll try to fit your idea in if I like it.

"Morning mom," I greeted my mother cheerfully as I ran down the stairs. "Good morning, son," my mom, Melinda replied. "Going out with Alicia so early?"

"Oh yeah, it's Sunday and we're going to the beach today. There's a great sun and she wants to work on her tan. I'll see you guys later tonight for dinner, ok?"

"Sure thing, be back by six. Your Grandma Agatha will be coming over for dinner as well. Bring Alicia over for dinner too," mom answered with a grin.

"Ok mom, will do," I ran out of the house and popped into my new Nissan Skyline which my parents had just bought for my twenty first birthday. Both my parents were pretty cool with me & my sis and we enjoyed a great relationship. The moment I saw the Skyline in the shop, I just had to have it. All my parents requested from me in return for buying it for me, was that I maintain the good grades in university which I had been getting all along. Obviously I agreed without hesitation. To top it off, my mother's mom, Grandma Nancy had paid for an awesome body kit to go with it. She was very nice and modern too, so unlike my paternal grandmother, Grandma Agatha who was a total old fashioned woman who had disagreed with them buying me the car at all. In fact, she had practically nagged for a week after that. I couldn't stand her at all.

As I sped down the expressway towards my girlfriend, Alicia's house, I was distracted by a fast car overtaking me on the right. It was a red BMW convertible driven by Lance, captain of the varsity basketball team and a good buddy of mine. His girlfriend Melissa was seated in the passenger seat. "On the way to the beach too?" she shouted while waving at me. "Yeah, I'm on my way to pick up Alicia then we're going to the beach. We'll see you guys there then!" I hollered back at her. With a nod of his head and a wave, Lance sped off. I had always thought Melissa was a hot babe; she had killer looks and a nice pert ass to boot. The only thing Lance was always complaining in private to me was that her breasts were too small. Only a cup A, he would say while shaking his head in mock dismay. But well, nobody would throw her out of bed because of that. To be honest, I for one, wouldn't mind fucking her. The closest I had ever got to her pussy though, was the one time I was over at her house and was using her toilet. She had just bathed and her clothes were on the floor of the bathroom. I had found her used thong rolled up in her shorts and I had jerked off while sniffing it.

I was a hardcore panty sniffer. I had always been, ever since my early teens when I found the joy that used panties could bring. I could never resist searching in a laundry hamper whenever I could. Shaking thoughts of Melissa's panties from my mind, I concentrated on driving to Alicia's house. Alicia might lose to Melissa in the looks department by a little, but she sure made up for it by being an awesome and loving girlfriend unlike Melissa who was an only child and tended to be spoilt and wanted her own way always. Lance had a hard time pacifying her when she was in one of her moods.

I reached Alicia's house and pulled up into the driveway. I got out of the car and rang the doorbell. I didn't believe in waiting in the car and just honking as I felt that was pretty rude. Her mom, Nora opened the door. "Hi Eddie, Alicia is almost ready. Hang on a second, she will be right out."

"No problem, Mrs Heng. I'll wait outside here for her. I'll take a smoke while waiting," I replied while taking a stick of Marlboro out of my packet. Alicia's mom was always polite and civil to me, but somehow I felt she didn't really like me much. Her husband had divorced her and run off with some young chick and because of that, she distrusted guys in general. I paced up and down the driveway taking puffs of my cigarette while waiting for Alicia.

"Sorry dear, I couldn't find my bikini at first, so I had to search all over for it. I didn't mean to keep you waiting," Alicia said the moment she appeared at the door. "It's ok, honey. By the way, mom invited you over for dinner tonight. She's probably cooking something special. My granny is coming over too," I replied. "Ok, sure. I'll just tell my mom that I'll be eating over at your place today and won't be back for dinner," Alicia answered with a smile.

As Alicia went into the house to tell her mom about our dinner arrangements, I went to my car and started up the engine. Moments later, Alicia ran out and jumped in to my passenger seat. "Let's go dear, the sun is so good, I don't want to waste a single moment. I want to get a good tan today."

I pulled out of the driveway and got on to the expressway leading to the beach. The sun was shining bright and I knew today would be a good day for tanning. I was also thinking of the fucking session we would be having at my house before dinner. Alicia always got in a frisky mood after going to the beach. She would probably be all over me before I had even started on her.

With such good thoughts, we reached the beach in ten minutes. As I parked the car, I could see Lance and Melissa waving to us from a distance. They had already set up their mats and Melissa was already in a pink bikini. Pink was her favorite color and almost all her clothes were pink. We walked towards them with our beach bags. "Hi Mel, you had the same idea as me. It's a great day to tan," Alicia greeted Melissa. "Oh yeah, let's get ourselves a great tan in our bikinis and make these two guys of ours get nosebleeds," Melissa replied.

Alicia and me changed into our beach wear in the nearby changing room and proceeded to join them on the beach. Alicia was in a dark blue bikini which showed off her average B cup breasts nicely. Her breasts rode high on her chest and I could see Lance sneaking glances at them enviously. He had always remarked that he wished Melissa had Alicia's breasts, though of course if she had a C cup, it would be even better. Lance was a pure breed breast man.

We spent the day tanning and playing beach volleyball and had an awesome time. It was so fun on weekends when there were no lessons and the whole day could be spent having fun. Luckily for me, I had great brains and never needed to spend much time studying over the weekends. Alicia had even better grades than me; in fact she was also a MENSA member with an exceptionally high IQ. Lance however was never much good at studying, barely scrapping through every semester, just enough to keep him in university. He however excelled in the sports field which was something I envied. I was no nerd but neither was I a jock. I could play all games averagely, but Lance was poetry in motion in whatever sport he played. God is fair after all.

After a shower at the beach changing room, me and Alicia waved goodbye to Lance and Melissa before hopping into my car to go home. "Come by my house together with Alicia later tonight man if you have the time. I have this awesome new movie VCD. Melissa will be coming over for a while tonight too," Lance called out before driving off.

As I drove back home, Alicia's right hand reached over between my legs and started caressing my cock. Instantly it reacted and stood at attention, enjoying her caresses. "We still have time before dinner right? It's only four thirty; your prudish granny shouldn't be over yet. Let's have a quickie before dinner shall we?" Alicia teased me. "Oh yeah, baby!" I replied instantly. I pressed down harder on the accelerator as I sped home. My cock was throbbing more and more as Alicia continued her rubbing. I could even feel the pre cum leaking into my underwear.

"Hi mom," I greeted my mom as we entered the house. My mother was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. "Hello Mrs Chan. I hope I'm not intruding on a family dinner by coming over," Alicia said. "No worries, Alicia, we already treat you as part of our family," my father remarked as he walked into the kitchen to get a drink. "We'll chill out in my room before dinner. We're quite tired out after today's beach games," I told my parents. "We'll be down by six for dinner."

With that, we walked up the stairs and went into my room before locking the door. The moment the door was closed, I gently pushed Alicia onto the bed and jumped on top of her. "Oooh, you're all hard already," Alicia said as she felt my cock through my shorts. "Come here and show me how much you love me," she teased gently.

I hurriedly stripped off my shirt and likewise took off Alicia's blouse. I gently massaged her breasts through her pale yellow cotton bra. I bent and gave her a kiss and she kissed me back before I felt her tongue enter my mouth. We French kissed for a while trading saliva while my hands was still busy playing with her breasts. Alicia was breathing louder, making little sounds of pleasure.

"Take off my bra already," she scolded me in mock anger. "My breasts need direct stimulation. My nipples are hard and aching." I deftly unclipped her bra with one hand and unveiled her gorgeous breasts, both capped by a pointy brown nipple. Alicia's nipples were sharp and pointed like two eraser points. I bent my head towards her right nipple and licked it while fondling her left breasts. Alicia's hand suddenly snaked under my shorts and grabbed my cock directly through my underwear. I almost shot my sperm right there and then, but managed to control myself.

"We have to get naked, I'm dying to eat your pussy," I panted to her. With no further ado, I rolled down Alicia's panties and beach shorts at one go and threw them on the floor while pulling down my shorts and underwear at the same time. We got into a 69 position with me on the bottom. Alicia's trimmed pussy lay right above my face. I actually preferred natural hairy bushes, but due to Alicia's love of wearing bikinis, she had to trim it or her pubic hair would all curl out from the sides. I licked and mashed my tongue into her pussy with relish, while her hot mouth engulfed my cock. It was like my cock was on fire; Alicia was an expert cocksucker. Though she had lost her virginity to me back when we were eighteen, we had taught each other lots of tricks over the years.

As Alicia licked and sucked my throbbing cock, her pussy was having spasms on my tongue as she enjoyed the sensations going through her body. "Enough foreplay, fuck me quick," Alicia mumbled out as her mouth was still around my cock. "Do me doggy style today, I want to be your sex toy, baby," she said. We disentangled from our 69 position and she got onto all fours on my bed. "Come on; come get your pussy, meow!" Alicia teased me. I could resist no further. "Here I come then darling!" I roared as I stabbed my cock into her waiting dripping cunt.

I plunged right to the hilt at one go and I heard her gasp in pleasure. I started fucking her fast and furious. Alicia liked fast and hard sex. "I love you baby. You're so hot!" I whispered in her ear as I moved in and out of her cunt. "I love you too darling, you're such a good fuck, and I never want anyone else." Alicia panted back. I was nearing my climax and I could feel Alicia was feeling the same way as her pussy started clenching on my cock in rhythmic timing. This was how she liked her sex, fast and powerful.

"I'm coming darling!" I gasped as I felt the familiar feeling of the sperm boiling up in my balls preparing to be ejaculated. "Me too, baby!" she moaned back as her cunt gave one very hard squeeze before going into orgasm. My cum poured out of me spilling into her pussy as I reached my climax as well. We did not enjoy sex with a condom, so Alicia was on the pill. In this way we could have sex without a condom and I could still enjoy spurting inside her.

We both hugged in a euphoria daze, my cock still inside her. We were lying on our sides, her back towards me with my arms around her. "I'll love your forever darling," I whispered to her as we drifted off to sleep. "Me too baby," she replied before falling asleep beside me.

I awoke twenty minutes later; I normally recovered faster than Alicia and went into my attached bathroom to clean up. When I came out, Alicia was still asleep. I picked up her rolled up shorts from the floor, her light yellow panties were rolled up together inside. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Without unrolling her panties, I brought it up to my nose, and got a strong scent of pussy juice on it. She must have got very wet in the car while stroking my cock. No matter how much I loved and trusted Alicia, this was one secret that I never dared to let her know. I loved to sniff used panties from females.

My cock got rock hard again as I breathed deeply from Alicia's used panties. The scent was intoxicating as I stroked myself. Within moments, I was spurting cum all over my toilet floor as I released my sperm for the second time today. It was almost six and I quickly cleaned up the sperm on the floor before going back out in to my bedroom to awaken Alicia.

"Time for dinner already baby?" she asked sleepily as I gently nudged her awake. "Yes darling, it's almost six." We quickly dressed and went down the stairs. Grandma Agatha was already sitting downstairs in the living room chatting with dad. "You two were alone upstairs in your room? In my time, a boy and a girl were never allowed to be alone until they were married. Your grandpa and me didn't even hold hands till after we were married," Grandma retorted sternly. I just managed to look sheepish as dad remarked "Come on mom, give Eddie a break. They are both already twenty one. You were already married to dad at that age."

"Oh, that reminds me, before he died, your granddad wanted me to give this to you as a present on your twenty first birthday," grandma said while handing me a box wrapped up in paper. "I have no idea what it is though; he never told me what it was."

"Thanks grandma," I said thanking her for the present. "Ok, dinner is ready, you guys can continue chatting over dinner," my mother said as she came out from the kitchen. Mom had an apron tied around her waist and I thought how pretty she still looked for a woman of forty five. "Felicia! Dinner is ready," Mom shouted up the stairs to my sister. "Coming mom," my sis replied as she came down the stairs. My sis was 3 years younger than me but we had a good relationship with each other ever since young and we talked about most things together.

The whole family sat down for dinner together and chatted while enjoying the delicious dinner my mom had prepared. My mom was an awesome cook. "Mrs Chan, the roast duck is amazing. It's so well marinated and tasty," Alicia praised my mother. "Thanks honey. I'll have to teach you how to cook next time. My boy Eddie is used to my cooking for so many years, he'll still miss it even after he is married to you," my mom replied. "Oh yes, you definitely have to learn to cook. After all, that is a wife's duty. You have to start getting ready to be a good wife to my grandson," grandma said knowingly. "You too Felicia, once you get a boyfriend, you have to start learning all this," grandma said to my sister too. My sister rolled her eyes mockingly to that statement. She was a feminist who never believed in submitting to men. "My husband can learn to cook on his own perfectly well," she retorted with a humph.

After dinner, I offered to drop off Grandma Agatha on the way to send Alicia home. "Aren't we going over to Lance's house to watch the movie?" Alicia asked. "No darling, I'm pretty tired tonight and I have an early lecture tomorrow at eight thirty. We'll go over another time," I replied.

After dropping off both Alicia and grandma home, I took a bath and lay on my bed while opening the present granddad had wanted me to have. Both my grandfathers had passed on leaving both my grandmas behind. As I removed the paper from the box, I felt a tingle go through my fingers, almost like a small electric shock. I almost dropped the box but managed to keep to my senses. As I opened the box, I was both shocked and disappointed to see just a chain and an amulet inside. I thought granddad would have got me a better present. As I drew it out, I got a closer look at the amulet. It looked like a gremlin squatting within the amulet's plastic casing. It had pointy ears and I could see claws on its hands. It was dark brown and it leered evilly at me. "Well, it looked pretty cool. I think I'll wear it everyday," I thought to myself. As I put it around my neck, I felt the same electric shock, but this time it passed through my whole body. "Strange," I wondered to myself. I noticed a letter was also placed in the box and I drew it out and unfolded it.

"Dearest grandson,

As the oldest male grandson I have, this amulet is rightfully yours. I got it from a man many years back when I was in Thailand for a holiday with your grandmother. I saved him from being robbed and he repaid me by giving me this amulet. Saving that man was the best thing that ever happened to me. The metal creature inside the amulet is a powerful sex demon and once you have him, you can have any woman in the world to do anything sexual you desire. You can command any female to do anything, as long as it is sexual in nature. Remember it has to be sexual. In repayment, all you have to do is rub the pussy juices of that woman all over the amulet. The demon feeds on sexual energy. Just use the phrase "Pagawator Putasar" and the female is yours to command. I would have given the amulet to your father, but frankly I could not bear to part with it. I was having too much fun. By the time I was close to my deathbed, I figured your father was already in his forties, I decided to bequeath it to you and let your enjoy the pleasures it can bring. I can only hope that you have as much pleasure as I did throughout my life. This amulet must remain in our family so upon your death it must go to either your son or your grandson. Only males are able to use and control its power. If it is given to a female, the demon inside will dissipate and the amulet will lose its power. Have fun with it and know that I will be watching over you always from above. Remember, you can have ANY woman in the world to fuck and service you sexually.


Your loving granddad"

My mind was whirling with thoughts. "Was it possible?" I kept thinking to myself. I had to try it out somehow. My heart was throbbing hard against my chest. This was the gift of a lifetime if it was true. "Hi grandma, just wanted to call and thank you for the great present you gave me," I thanked Grandma Agatha over the phone. "No problem Eddie. What is it by the way?" she asked. "I'll tell you next time, grandma. I need to get to bed. I have early lessons tomorrow," I lied to her. "Ok, have a goodnight then Eddie," grandma said before hanging up the phone.

"Which girl had I always wanted to fuck but had no chance to?" I kept thinking. I had to test out this strange and powerful gift from my granddad. Only one girl's face kept popping up in my mind, my best friend's girlfriend Melissa. She was the unattainable because she was my best buddy's girl. If I could get her to fuck me with this amulet, its power would be proven. I picked up the phone and dialed Mel's number.

"Hi Mel, are you free right now?" I asked her. "Actually not really, I just got back from Lance's house. I'm about to bathe and go to bed. What's up?" she asked. "Pagawator Putasar," I hesitantly spoke the phrase. There was silence over the line. "Are you there, Mel?" I asked. "What do you wish of me?" she replied. Her voice did not sound mechanical or robotic. In fact it sounded exactly like her normal tone of voice with a little extra sexy pitch.

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