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Total Woman Academy 26


Ned was lounging at the pool deck of the Master Facility. He had finished a three day coaching tune-up marathon with four different senior students at their facility and left that place before anymore last minute requests could be made. He was scanning the pool deck full of exposed flesh when a woman dressed in a well-fit business suit was escorted from the adjacent house by Mrs. Smith. Ned was surprised to see Mrs Smith here at the Masters facility away from her senior students. Spying Ned, she conducted the business woman towards him. "Ned, this is Zena. She is a TWA alumnus and is in discussions to become the Master facility housemother. Zena, this is Ned, our top evaluation assessment staff member."

Ned extended a handshake to Zena who said "We haven't met but my daughters are both TWA graduates and speak highly of you." Ned remained amused by the lackadaisical manner in which parents thanked him for teaching their daughters how to fuck better. Ned tried to determine which students this woman had borne. Though clothed, he could see that huge flesh mounds pressed against constraining jacket buttons. At middle-age, the face still had a youthful look and beneath the skirt was a shapely ass held up by toned legs in heels. She could be the mother of any one of half the student population.

Mrs Smith invited Ned to join them for dinner that evening. Ned wore a sport coat and slacks and the women wore cocktail dresses. The limousine took them to a fashionable roof top restaurant in a nearby city. After light dinner banter, Zena related her story.

After graduation, Zena found a suitable career and mate and had been lucky with stock investments. She bore two daughters with the rising star of a major corporation but was left widowed by an industrial accident. After some time, she enrolled both daughters at TWA and they pursued their lives with successes outshining even their mother's career.

Zena became involved with several local charities and met an older media tycoon. Marriage was not in the cards as his fortune and life were tied to the extended family and an alienated wife. Zena accepted the situation as she liked the charisma of the mature man. They were not flouting their relationship but neither were they secretive. It was an open arrangement and Zena travelled with him or attended charity functions as often as either of them desired. He was generous with his time and companionship. Zena was not looking for other companions and, with her bedroom skills, the man had neither the will nor the energy to stray.

One night, he was particularly amorous and they ran a marathon session of sex play and intercourse. On his final act ever, the man came and collapsed his weight onto Zena. She thought he was exhausted but when she tried to stir him, she found, quite literally, that he had died in her arms.

The funeral was tense with her presence and the reading of the will later saw her receive a large percentage of the man's media assets. Zena had no desire to own or operate a piece of a media empire and certainly not together with the consternated family. She negotiated a fair settlement with the family and combined it with her existing portfolio into a tidy, secure income. With her daughters gone and being rather unwelcome in the social circles she had once travelled, Zena looked for something to engage her energies. The position of Housemother at the Master Facility intrigued her.

Mrs. Smith gave Zena a tour of the facility that day. The only remaining area was the Fantasy Suites. "Ned, I believe you should show that area to Zena. It is your area of experience more than mine." Ned agreed to perform the responsibility.

Zena met Ned outside the three suites. Ned showed her the colored annunciators over each door and described the meanings: Red Light, Do Not Enter; Yellow Light, Knock Before Entering; Green Light, Enter At Will.

They started with the Costume Suite. The main room had a large bed, additional sitting areas, mirrors and wall-to-wall carpeting. The attached bath had glass enclosed shower stall and separate garden tub. Several large walk-in closets contained a wide variety of heels, dresses, costumes, lingerie and uniforms in many sizes. Patrons could specify ahead of time their particular wish of clothing or browse the inventory for on the spot ideas. The air whispered floral and fruity scents.

The Victorian Suite had a similar bath and set of closets but with fewer costumes and clothes. The main room decor was dark paneling and lacy furnishings on a four poster canopy bed. Carpets covered the sitting areas of the hardwood floors. Stuffed chairs, couches and side tables with lamps completed the feel of old money and leisure. The atmosphere held deep odors of wood polish and leather. The suites were inter-connected by double doors.

Ned and Zena moved through a set of those doors into the Bondage Suite. The walls and ceiling were decorated with faux stone blocks with attached chains and cuffs invoking a dungeon effect. The floor was bare concrete with a center drain. There were various styled wood and metal stocks along the walls with eyelets, hooks, chains and cuffs. The center of the room contained a polished wood mechanical table with leg and arm extensions fitted with restraints. An industrial stainless steel sink was mounted in a corner. Some cabinets and drawers contained cuffs, collars, chains, free restraints, scissors, knives and other implements. The room smelled wet and musty. There was a simple bath and shower room behind a hidden doorway.

Zena strolled around the central table dragging her hand over the wood table top with its inlaid brass hinges connecting the moveable panels. She fingered the cold steel clamps and chains. She worked the handles and wheels that adjusted the shape and angles of panels.

Zena asked Ned "Do you know how all these things work?"

Ned replied "Yes, do you want a thorough demonstration?"

"If I am to be the Housemother here, I need to be intimate with all the facility's details."

"Then let's start over here at the tool kit."

Ned opened the cabinets and drawers and showed Zena the tools available. Some chains had padlock hasps while others were easily unsnapped, even by the person being bonded. Most of the knives and scissors had blunt ends to avoid accidental pricking of flesh. Ned opened the drawer filled with neck collars made of leather, satin, rope and chain-mail. He selected a leather one with padlock claps and four embedded stainless steel rings spaced apart arounf the circumference of the collar. Looking at Zena expectantly, he raised the collar to her neck level. She reached back and lifted her hair out of the way. He placed the collar around her neck and moved to buckle the clasps, bumping her chest with his in the process. She didn't flinch as he snapped the closure. Backing up to arm's length, he checked the fit and she lowered her hair and arms.

Ned selected some wrist cuffs of similar leather, the matching set. Zena gracefully lifted one arm to him and then the other; Ned encircled them with the cuffs. Zena turned and strolled to the square frame against one wall. She faced out and attached one wrist cuff to the handing chain at the corner and raised her other wrist to the opposite corner and looked at Ned expectantly. Ned obliged and connected the other wrist. He reached behind her and lowered the zipper of her strapless cocktail dress and let it fall to her feet. She lifted one heel at a time as he helped her remove the garment.

Zena was attached by her wrists and wearing a demi-bra, panties, hose and heels in addition to the restraining leather at neck and wrists. Ned retrieved a knife from the tool tray. He placed it beneath the center connector of the demi-bra and sliced the fabric. It popped completely aside and Ned feasted on the sight of Zena's full breasts. As she had learned in the Academy and practiced lifelong, makeup enhanced the nipples and nubs. Ned approved with a nod and smirk. Zena tested the strength and length of the restraining chains, then Ned unfastened both to release her from the frame.

Zena walked to the table and standing at the foot end, let Ned help her, with a boost on her butt, to sit on the end of the table. She spread her thighs to set her feet in the stirrups. Ned showed her the way it gripped the heels to restrain the feet. Zena lay back and Need adjusted the headrest to her height. He extended the armatures outward, and spreading her arms, fastened her wrists to the ends. He returned to her feet and adjusted the stirrups to spread her ankles, calves and thighs wide open.

Zena was now fastened spread-eagle on the bondage table. Ned let her feel the position for a while, and then moved to release her wrists. Zena said, "Do you usually release the captive at this point?"

Ned answered "No, of course not, the fantasy or training would continue to more robust activities."

"I will be the housemother here and must be intimately aware of the capabilities of my facilities. Please proceed with those more robust activities and give me the full experience."

Ned gave a 'You're the boss' shrug and retrieved a ball gag from the toolkit. He placed it in Zena's mouth and pulled the elastic band behind her head. Using the knife, he cut the sides of her panties and pulled them off. Ned picked up a bullet vibrator and began humming it around her colored areoles. The nubs grew and stuck upwards like buttons. Ned moved to her groin and moved the mechanical prick around her clitoris. This elicited a response from Zena who began a silenced whimper and orbited her hips in small circles to try and keep the vibrator on her clit. Ned worked in counter-moves to frustrate her efforts.

Ned used two vibrators, one on the clitoris and the other on the vaginal lips. Zena more than orbited now and gave full hip thrusts, trying to embed the vaginal vibrator. Ned switched to a penetration motion to let her have what she sought. The whimpering got louder.

Ned stopped and moved to the head of the table and removed the ball gag. Dropping his pants and briefs, he also dropped the headrest to align Zena's mouth and throat horizontally. Placing his cock close to her lips, he let Zena lick his shaft, knob and balls. As Zena got Ned ready, he continued to arouse her body, using the vibrators on both nipples at the same time. When he was hard enough, he pushed the knob tip down to horizontal and slid it past her lips.

Zena used all her suction power to pull him in deep. Fully seated, Ned leaned over and used his tongue to stimulate one nipple while the vibrator worked the other. He gave Zena mild hip thrusts. Zena began to moan louder as Ned nipped her nipples with his teeth. He then leaned over further and dragged his tongue along her clitoris. Zena moaned, then whimpered when Ned paused. Ned resumed the licking and vibrations. Then he paused again when her breathing deepened.

Cycling the sensations several times, with Zena getting progressively louder and more vigorous in her movements. She was on a knife's edge of tension. Suddenly, Zena's whole body went rigid and Ned joined her in orgasm, pumping his seed into her mouth.

Ned unraveled from his reversed position atop Zena. Standing, he thought about whether to end the experience here or continue. He decided to continue in the shower as they cleaned up. He unfastened Zena and helped her alight from the bondage table. He took off her bondage leathers. Ned took her hand and led her to the bathroom. Helping her to remove her heels and stockings, he started the shower and got them both into the stall. After thoroughly scrubbing the sex scent off each other, Ned flipped down a hinged seat and sat under the water spray.

Zena sat astride facing him, placed his cock and sat down. She employed all the strokes, slides, twists and cunt clamping she had learned as a student and employed as a graduate. Ned liked the fact that the TWA curriculum had done so well for her over the years and was still going strong. They did not kiss, but twisted their heads to nip each other's ears and stroked each other's backs and necks. The moment arrived and they pulled each other tight for a rousing mutual spasm that left each calm and tender afterwards.

Later, Ned was standing in a residence guest suite bedroom window, surveying the grounds of the Total Woman Academy Master facility in the moonlight. Zena looked over his shoulder as she pressed her boobs into his back and reached around to stroke his semi-hard cock.

Ned thought about Zena and the many alumni like her who wanted to give back to the place that had changed their lives for the better. Some remembered their Academy years fondly and wanted to return for occasional adventures. Ned could contemplate scenarios where the education of sensual anatomy could be used for healing therapies. And there seemed to be a market niche for a leisure center where alumni and favored guests could interact in a resort type facility. Ned would discuss it with the housemothers and prepare a proposal for the board of directors. But mostly, Ned was contemplating how his life and career had come to this. And the future looked bright.

Zena stirred and drew Ned back towards the bed. She also wanted Ned's long term future to be bright but right now she had plans for Ned's immediate future. Those plans involved Ned's rigid cock buried deep in her cunt while his face was held to her soft cleavage.

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