tagInterracial LoveTouch of Mocha

Touch of Mocha


I ran my hands down her skin. My fingers caressing the ache out of her tired muscles, and then I dug my fingers into her shoulders until she moaned under me. The difference between my pale hands and her dark, muscled, back--such a sharp contrast; I dug my fingers into her shoulders again, letting the thumbs press deep.

She purred.

I realized, looking down at her, that her skin was the color of chocolate.

Then I absently traced my fingertip across her tattoo, following the raised letters that say that very thing.


The too-gentle touch must have been tickling her; she giggled and turned over to face me. I laid myself down next to her on the satin sheets and I watched her eyes go to my chest. Her fingers slowly crossed the distance and she ran her nails through the thick, dark, curl, hairs on my pecks. She dugs her fingertips into those muscles that long hours in the gym have helped sculpt. I smiled, as I watched her play with the nipple ring, like a bright flash of silver on my chest. Then winced when she tugged it.

"Are all white guys like this?" She pulled on the hair again.

"Most are. Some shave it off." I ran my fingertip around her nipple. "Are all black women like this?" I asked, looking at the midnight black skin.

"Like what?" she asked.

"This dark," I answered.

"Yeah! White women aren't?" she asked, her long fingernails slowly followed the trail of hair down my stomach.

"No. They go from a pale pink to a dark brown, but I've never met a white woman with them this dark." I delighted in giving her nipple a soft pinch between my fingers.

"Do you like? My nipples? Do you like them?" she asked.

"I'll know better after I've had a taste," I told her grinning, but made no move to do so. I was distracted as her fingers close around my cock, her fingers soft but the grip of them hard at the same time. She slowly started to slide her hand up and down the length of me.

"Damn baby you're hard! You know most black guys would be between my legs already if they were this hard." She ran a finger through the leaking pre-cum.

"I've worked around black men my whole life, on construction sites." Looking at her face I smiled, and then shrugged. "A lot of them don't take the time to do something right. They just rush from project to project trying to finish as quickly as they can and get gone."

She chuckled, and then tried to look all serious.

"That's a hell of a racist thing to say to me," she said, pulling all the harder on my cock.

"Truth isn't racist; it's just the truth as I've seen it." I suppressed a moan as she tightened her fingers to painful levels. "You will also note I said a lot of them, not all of them."

She looked at me for a second then her grin came back.

"Yeah, a lot of them are like that in bed too. Oh, you'll meet the exception now and then, but most just want to cum and go." She gave a hard, sudden tug on me, making me groan. "The faster they can empty their nuts the better they like it."

She stroked me harder. I closed my eyes and moaned deep in my throat as she worked me with a fierce rhythm.

"You've got a nice cock," she told me, when I open my eyes. I watched her looking at my cock and her hand, which was just a blur she's working me so fast.

"Well, thank...you," I panted a little. "But I didn't have a lot of choice in it, its original equipment." Leaning in, I whispered next to her ear. "I have a question, now."

She shivered. Then purred.

"Ask away." I ran a finger lightly across where her tattoo was showing.

"Are you dark or milk chocolate?" I asked, with a grin.

She cackled a laugh, and then she shook her head and grinned at me.

"Honey I'm every kind of chocolate there is. It just depends on where you want to taste." She gently raked her long nails under my balls, catching in the wrinkles of skin.

"What about down here?" I slide a finger through the short, thick curls and across her neither lips. They are already slick-wet under my touch.

"Ooh...well, that's baker's chocolate." Again she laughed that cackle laugh, and then shook her head. "You know the kind no one ever eats, but my thighs..." She spreads her legs wider and ran a hand down her inner thigh. She then gave the soft flesh a little pat. "Now they're peanut butter."

I sat up and looked down at her face. "Peanut butter?"

"Uh, huh." She gave her ass a wiggle on the sheets. "Smooth brown and easy to spread!"

Laughing, I leaned into her and kissed her softly. Her lips were full and soft against mine. After several minutes my lips left hers and went to those so very dark nipples. They harden quickly as I suck on them. "Oh yeah, baby. Um hum. Yeah," she mumbled.

Leaving her nipple, after several minutes of soft suckling, I slide lower down her belly, kissing my way towards her dark, tight curls.

"Honey where you going?" she asked looking down at me.

"I always loved the taste of baker's chocolate." I circled her belly button with my tongue and blow gently on the wet skin, she shivered. I teased her diamond navel-piercing with my teeth, and then kissed lower.

"You sure you want to do that, hun?" She brushed her long nails through my hair. "I aren't no little, blonde, white girl with a pussy smelling like sugar cookies."

I lifted my eyes up from her shiny wet sex and met her gaze. "Well, if I don't like what I smell...I won't lick." I plant a kiss in her dark-wooly curls and then I run my tongue across the puffy lips. "If I don't like what I lick...I won't suck." I took her labia between my lips and sucked at the folds of wet skin, savoring the sweet juices that flooded my mouth. Tired of teasing, I pushed my tongue inside her and lapped at the thicker juices I found inside.

"Oh yeah...Oh damn, that feels good. Oh, hell yeah. You like what you're doing. I can tell." She clutched at my head, trying to drive my face lower onto her.

I found her clit; it was hard and sticking out from it hood. I suck on it, licking in slow circles around the base. Then I was running long licks down the length of her, I buried my face into her pussy each time, driving my tongue as deep as it would go. I tasted a dark bitter taste, that ironical enough does remind me of baker's chocolate. I felt her fingers curl in my hair; her hand holding my head in place. I listened, with half my attention, to the sounds she was making to try to judge what she's enjoying the most. After several minutes I learned her body and what she liked. Then, I focused on showing her how to like other things as well.

Her hips wiggled under me, her ass sliding on the satin sheets.

"Oh yeah, eat that pussy white boy. Oh, damn!" She started to shake and a low moan began to build behind her teeth like a train whistle. I clutched hard at her thighs and struggled to stay in place as she shuddered and screamed. Her hands clawed at my head and neck, her fingers pulled on my hair.

Still I didn't relent. If anything I licked and sucked all the harder. I was still so very hungry for...chocolate.

Finally, after what I could tell was maybe three strong orgasms, she collapsed and just panted hard, no matter what I did, so I planted one last soft kiss on her outer lips and sat up. Leaning over to the nightstand, I pick up the hand towel I laid there earlier and wiped my dripping mouth and chin. Then I wiped at her. Her eyes opened slowly as I cleaned her up a little.

They come to focus on my face and I smiled at her.

A cat ate the canary grin.

Unable to help herself my wife dissolved into laughter. "Oh, damn you! You made me laugh."

I dropped the rag back on the nightstand as I lay down next to her. She snuggled into me a little, her body still jerking in little, post-orgasmic shakes.

"You get a hell of a thrill out of that don't you?" I asked my wife, smiling.

She shrugged, making her breast jiggle. The dark nipples attracted my attention and I planted light appreciative kisses on them.

"The Big-ol-Black-Girl with her first white boy?" She giggled and her voice dropped into her normal accent. "Yeah, I guess I do. Takes me back to the first time we were together."

"I remember." I told her as my lips softly played with her nipple. I looked up into her eyes. The blue contacts made her eyes stand out startlingly against her dark skin. "I think I do anyway."

"You better remember!" She gave me a light playful slap. "I know I'll never forget that night."

I grinned at her. "Well you did get to cum about twelve times that night to my two... I think it was. That would help the memory."

"Oh," She lifted my chin and looked into my eyes, a smile making her ten time s as beautiful. "So if I get you to cum twelve times in one night...you'll remember it?"

"Of course I would. A night at the ER getting my cock put in a cast would always be memorable," I joked as I rolled back to my side of the bed. She moved with me.

Giggling, she placed kisses against my chest. Then, when I rolled further over onto my back, she got up astride me, her thighs warm on either side of my hips. I felt myself slide into her in a wonderfully long, tight, embrace of my body by hers.

She sat up and gave her ass a few little shimmy shakes that settled me to the hilt. With me thus buried she leaned down and began to place soft kisses on my lips, chin and throat.

My hands came to rest on her hips, the fingers sinking into the soft dark skin.

"Has it been worth it?" she asked as she slowly moved on top of me. "Worth all the bad looks? Worth all those not-quite whispers?"

"Worth every moment. I've loved you ever since the first time I saw you. You were so beautiful." I softly caress her hips.

"You weren't in love with me then. You just wanted a piece of my black ass." She grinned at me. "I'm glad I decided to give you one."

"More than one if I remember that night right," I said with an answering grin.

"What do you mean I was beautiful?" she asked suddenly, her faked accent going back to the ghetto/hood.

I smiled up at her.

"You know I think you're beautiful. Far more beautiful now than when I first saw you," I told her chuckling.

"My lips--are they not too big?" she asked me, teasingly touching her bottom lip with a finger.

I chuckled; she knows I love her large plump lips. They always have looked ready to be kissed. Sitting up, I caught the back of her neck and pulled her down into a sudden kiss. After a moment I answer her, but my mouth hardly left hers.

"Your lips aren't big...they're luscious." I kissed her softy, and then harder. "I love your other lips as well. They are so very sweet and juicy."

She leaned back making me rub harder against the inside of her; I lay back flat and watched my wife ride my cock. She lifted one of her big breasts. I watch her finger the dark nipple.

"Sure you wouldn't want these to be pink? Little pink cones, for you to nibble on?" She pinched herself hard. "Wouldn't you like that?"

I moaned as she licked her own nipple.

"No! No I want them dark, like French roast coffee, or maybe..." I sat back up and sucked her other nipple into my mouth for a second. "Or maybe, some very dark chocolate."

She grinned at my use of her nickname.

"You like chocolate huh?"

I nodded. For several minutes I just lay there looking up at her, watching her work herself on my cock. I loved the feeling of myself being driven into her harder and harder.

She opened her eyes and looked down at me. Her lips parted as she panted for air.

"What about my hair? Do you like my braids? Hum? Don't you wish my hair was blond? Wouldn't you like me to be a cute little, blue-eyed, blond?"

I grinned at her. This was a game we've played since the first days of our marriage. Running my hand up her smooth back, I felt the small glass and wood beads, in her braids, brush across my fingers. I caught her hair and pulled her back I sat myself up again. I turned us onto her back and started to thrust down into her.

"What about me?" I asked as I pumped. "Wouldn't you like me to be a black man? Skin the color of dark wood, with a cock just as hard?"

She whimpered under my pounding, and then gave her head a shake.

"Oh hell no. I like me my white boy!" She wiggles her hips under me giving us both a ton of pleasure. "When I get to screaming and yelling soon--oh, yeah right there--and the cops show up--oh, damn right there--having me a white boy to talk to them makes things go easier."

Sex totally forgotten, I collapsed onto my wife and together we both nearly rolled out the bed just laughing.

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