tagSci-Fi & FantasyTouch of the Wolf Ch. 06

Touch of the Wolf Ch. 06


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi everyone

Sorry about taking so long to get the last instalment of Touch of the Wolf out, december is not an easy month for me, I have a big family with heaps of commitments. So here it is the last part of Touch of the wolf I hope you enjoy.

I would like to thank my editor and my fans for all your support and feed back. All feedback and comments are welcome.

Have fun

PS... keep your eyes out for the next story in this series, Freedom of Flight, Alanna's story.

Part Six

Cass's jolted awake as Grey-hawk was nibbling her throat, his body resting on her back. "When did you get back?" She asked sleepily as she shifted her pillow.

"About twenty minutes ago. Wolfgang is going mental, so I went and got a few more of my best fighters. The FBI just dragged Electra back to be on-hand if anything goes wrong." He snuggled up to her, wanting to forget about the global conference that had been organised around his mating. He had never dreamed of the amount of security needed for the world's leaders.

"Two weeks seemed to have flown on by." She continued sleepily, snuggling further into the bed. She was right. Since going to her grandfather's farm, time seemed to have just slipped through their fingers.

He growled and nipped at her throat. "I can't wait to get you home. I'm going to take you up to my cabin to hide away for a month… I'm going to chain you to my bed…" His lips moved up to her ear and sucked on the lobe. "… where I will make love to you over and over again until our bodies are both exhausted and unable to move," his nails gently racked against her thighs.

She groaned as his hand slid in between her legs to stroke her sex. She gasped the moment his finger pressed against her clit. Alanna walked in to this scene and smirked, watching and waiting patiently for several moments before clearing her throat.

"You aren't meant to be in here! You're supposed to leave her alone the day before your mating so go bugger off!" She told him, exasperated.

Cass chuckled; she was enjoying his presence as he groaned. He pulled his hand from her sex, licking his fingers clean and savouring her taste on his tongue. He didn't want to leave her so he lingered, hoping to go further than just touching.

"OUT!!" Alanna yelled. She could hear similar yells from down the hall.

Cass chuckled and pushed herself up after he had rolled off her, watching Grey-hawk leave the room. He was grabbed by Wolfgang, who also had Terri and Roberto in his charge.

"Come on." Alanna prompted, turning her attention to Cass. Cass got up with a sigh and threw on some clothes. Alanna walked her through the town house and into her mother's library where everyone was gathered.

Becky was digging into breakfast. Cass was offered breakfast by Bastion before he left the room.

"So how is Wolfgang going to keep them from us?" Shannon asked as she sipped her coffee.

"He is going to have them held up in an apartment I own. Guards will keep them from leaving until tomorrow." Amy answered ruefully.

"How did you keep Wolfgang from you?" Cass asked curious.

"I didn't, that was Gillian's, Bastion's, Sienna's…"

"…mine, Anna's and whoever else was in the house at the time." Becky finished.

Everyone laughed in understanding.

Thais attacked Cass's jeans and pulled himself up so that he could stand and subsequently started to chew on her knee cap. "How long has he been able to pull himself up like that?" Cass chuckled as she remove the chew happy Thais from her knees.

"Only in the last couple of days. Serenity can pull herself up too and Temperance is beginning to as well. Bastion is chucking a mental, the house and the manor aren't ready for cubs that can pull up or are going to start walking soon." Amy chuckled evilly at Bastion's obvious frustration; she was pleased that the cubs could get him back for her.

Susan walked in and collapsed onto the nearest chair. "So what is on the books for the day?"

"Whatever we want. I have a spa booked out and Anna and Maria agreed to watch the cubs. Or we can go out to the manor, shift and run around like fools," suggested Amy.

Cass smiled. "That one. Let's go and run as free women." Since she was still new to shifting she wanted to experiment with it every chance she got, just like a child with a new toy.

"Except for Amy but hey, we can't hold that against her." Shannon teased

Alanna rolled her eyes. "I'll tell Bastion to get the chopper ready." She left the room.


Cass stretched as she took a deep breath of fresh air. She stood in a clearing near the manor, Shannon and Becky with her. Amy joined them only after checking in with Sienna who, because of her late stages of pregnancy, wanted to stay close to home with Gillian and her midwife.

Cass started to strip, she had only shifted twice, the first out on her families' farm and the other she had done so in Grey-hawk's hotel room. She had never been out in the real wild before, for even though she ran on her families land in the meadows before, never had she experienced true nature in her Were form. Becky was already stretching in her Wolf form.

Shannon discarded her bra, shifted and immediately pounced on Becky. Becky growled and they mock wrestled. Becky and Shannon, although both were female, had completely different looks to them. Shannon was rusty red in colour with hints of gold and black, she was also fuller, showing she was pack and with good hunters and land with plenty of game. Becky, on the other hand, was different. She was completely white except for the tips of her ears, she had a rougher, roguish look about her, giving her an appearance that she lived outside of a pack rather than in one. She was also thinner, without as much muscle as if she had missed meals, plus her coat wasn't as well kept either.

The reason they looked so remarkably different was all due to circumstances. Shannon had been turned willingly by a man she loved, she was pack in everyway. Becky, although she called the Haven pack her own, she wasn't turned by one of its members as she had been turned against her will by rogues, it made her a stray with no true pack. She could live a thousand years but her appearance would never change, always appearing as a stray, but a powerful one since she is now an Alpha Bitch. No one ever looked at a stray discouragingly; they were victims of circumstance and deserved every chance to live a normal pack life.

Cass was the last to change. Amy frowned as she looked at her friend. Cass was half again the size of Shannon or Becky. She was elegant in her wolf form. Her coat looked almost silver but on closer inspection each individual hair started as black at the root and lightened to white at the tip, as if she had been dipped into moon beams.

What? Cass asked.

"You're big and big normally means immortal." She responded musingly.

Becky and Shannon came over to inspect the new wolf. They sniffed at her and wagged their tails. They turned to Amy, waiting for her to join them.

Amy smiled and stripped, thoughts about Cass and her size gone. In moments she had shifted and was stretching. Susan and Alanna joined them. Cass tilted her head in wonderment as a third joined them. This new being was unlike any animal they had seen before as she was quite obviously a snow leopard but no snow leopard had wings.

Sage? Cass asked just to be sure, she had never seen Sage in Were form before.

Sage went up to Cass and let the woman smell her.

I thought we came out here to run, Alanna asked impatient at the delay.

Amy took a deep breath and roared. She was answered by howls and more roars. She ran into the forest first and was followed by the others. Amy found the nearest tree and was up it in moments. She jumped from tree to tree following the others as they played a game of tag. Amy jumped down a few moments later, thinking she had lost the pack. Cass took the opportunity and ambushed her and they playfully fought.

Cass growled as she got Amy's scruff and gave it a shake but Amy managed to shake her free and in a very short time, pinned her down. Cass may have been big but she was still half the size of Amy and only a third of her weight. The others joined them.

I'm hungry. Amy stated. Let's hunt.

Becky shuffled her feet uncomfortably because she had tried to hunt once but had failed. Alanna's ears picked up but she was still classed as a child, she normally wouldn't learn hunting for another year, as that would be her last year as a child. The only hunting Sage knew involved a spear, sling or bow. Cass and Shannon were still only getting used to the shift and their bodies so they hadn't learnt.

But… we've never learnt. Shannon said, including Cass.

So, if we work together we might get lucky. If not I know there is a walk- in cool room which always has meat in it. Amy encouraged them while getting up. Let's go, and off Amy went.

Everyone followed Amy as quietly as they could. They quickly picked up the scent of deer. They circled around the small herd of bachelors. Sage was anxious as were the others.

Calm, slowly approach, very slowly. Amy inched her way forward, Amy was an ambush animal like Sage and Susan who copied her every move while the others circled. They were pack animals, they would attack as one when Amy did, they would single out one beast and take it down as a pack.

The deer spooked. Amy was up and after the one she had picked, Sage was with her trying to take out the buck's hamstrings as Susan tried to hobble one of the legs. Amy's teeth sunk into the rump and he went down. Sage latched onto the buck's neck and shook her head. Amy glanced at the others but they had managed to drag down another buck and were settling into their feast. Alanna joined Amy, Sage and Susan, approaching carefully, knowing that any of them could think of her as a threat to their meal. Amy shifted a little and Alanna jumped in to take her fill of the still, warm flesh.


They walked into the manor naked. Gillian smiled as he listened to them chat loudly, pleased with themselves.

"Ho, the mighty hunters." He said, having spotted blood on their faces and chests.

Cass smiled.

"So how was the hunting?" He asked.

"Good! We got two bucks, there is some leftover. We dragged it to the nearest clearing if you and Sienna want some freshly killed meat." Shannon told him before she vanished upstairs to shower and dress, quickly followed by the others for the same purpose.

Gillian turned to Sienna. "So.."

"Mmm… fresh meat." She said, reading his mind for more then just meat. They went outside and stripped to change. Amy rolled her eyes as she knew she wouldn't see them for a few hours and propped the door open so they could get in when they finish. She went up to her room and cleaned up. She got out of the shower and found Becky, Shannon and Cass sprawled on her bed.

"So we've done the running around like fools, what else do you want to do?" Amy said before walking naked to her walk in wardrobe.

"Don't know. What time is it?" Shannon asked.

"1, why?" Cass answered as she rolled onto her belly.

"I feel like going to a spa and getting pampered." Shannon sighed. "Full body massage, seaweed wraps and a facial." She added wistfully.

Amy walked out and hopped to get into her tight jeans. "Like I said, I booked the spa out for the entire day. We can still go now and they will even stay open longer if I asked them to. Jason loves me, loves that I like to go to him." She grabbed the phone and dialled the number.

"Bright Moon spa."

"Jason, please." Amy requested

"I'm sorry, we are booked out today."

"Amy Luis speaking, tell Jason we'll be there in an hour." Amy replied.

The front receptionist recognised the name instantly and changed her reply knowng it would cost her her job if she pissed off her boss's favorite client. "Yes, Ms Luis, we'll be ready and waiting."

Amy hung up. "Now let's get Harry to get us back to the city so we can get seriously pampered." They all raced from the room to hunt down Harry.


Amy was nervous as she looked over the world leaders and not just Were and Human. Elemental, Vampire, Centaur, Nephalim and Fae, all had representatives. They were seated in the largest Lecture hall they could find. The triple mating had been a very good excuse to get everyone in the one place to go over the Bill of Rights Amy hoped would be accepted by every country and species.

Cass tugged at her collar for a moment, still not used to it. The Alphas and Elders had agreed with Amy about changing the ceremony since a lot of outsiders had been invited. Instead of going through the smelling and the tasting, they had agreed to just do the binding ceremony. Many of the humans who had been invited came to appease curiosity.

Wolfgang lent over and kissed her temple, sensing her anxiety. You'll do fine.

I would like you to give this a try. She snapped back at him.

Wolfgang sighed, I can't do what you do Amy, I'm not really good with people who aren't Were.

Amy stood and walked up to the microphone. Taliesin was seated right next to the microphone, he smiled at her encouragingly, he was going to be acting as the universal translator for all those who didn't speak English. He would be manipulating minds into thinking Amy was speaking their language and if they asked a question, he would reverse it so that everyone understood each other.

Amy put her notes on the stand. "Good afternoon. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Amy Luis, Alpha bitch of Haven Pack. Although I call Haven pack my own, I am not Were, I am Ancient and for those of you who don't understand, Ancient is just a nice way of saying don't ask unless you want to spend eternity listening to me try to explain and even then you won't get an answer."

Many who had experience with Ancients chuckled.

"A little over a year ago a fierce battle was fought in this city, a battle that could have consumed our planet. It would have become our third world war. But this war wouldn't have been about land or country, it would have been about race. It would have undone years of good work and development." She paused and looked around.

"Just because we won the battle it does not mean the war won't come again. Not if we can't come together, can't come to accept all the different races that call this planet home. We need to bridge the laws that govern these races so that everyone, no matter what race, knows where they stand." She took a deep breath. "Humans talk of rights, the rights of the people but Were and other life isn't like that. We don't acknowledge the rights of one, we acknowledge the rights of the group be them pack, pride, clan or coven whereas humans acknowledge the rights of the individual. So you can understand how hard it has been to try to bridge the gaps."

"I had help." She said acknowledging Cass, Becky and Shannon's help. "We came up with some very simple rights that we hope will bridge the gaps. The reason we are launching this globally is because this is a global matter."

She took a deep breath. "I could spend the next two hours boring you to death reading out fifteen pages of rights that I hope will be accepted by everyone here. In front of you is a booklet which contains the bill of rights, I would appreciate it if you read it this afternoon or evening so we can discuss any amendments tomorrow."

People started to pick up the books that they had flipped through at the beginning of this, the first of many scheduled meetings during the next two weeks. Many countries leaders were also going to be talking about new trade agreements as this was the perfect time with every leader in the one place at this time.

"Have a nice afternoon." She said breaking this meeting. She knew tomorrow she would have a battle with several countries about some of the rights she had written.

She walked down from the dais. Bob cornered her. "Amy…" He grabbed her. "Some people would like to meet you."

She sighed and let Bob drag her away from the nearest exit, casting Wolfgang an apologetic look.

Just remember the cubs need to be fed in an hour and Anna will hunt you down as you know they don't like to be bottle fed. He warned.

Bob came to a stop in front of several people who were milling around. "Amy, this is Prime Minster McDermott of Australia, Prime Minister Rowling from the UK and Prime Minister Thompson from New Zealand."

MP Rowling held out his hand for Amy to shake. Bob went pale at the action but Amy chuckled and shook his hand.

"What?" He asked when he saw Bob's mortified look.

"It's okay Bob, he's human, he knows no better." Amy defended.

Izmir growled.

Amy turned and glared at him. "He is human, give it a rest, Izmir."

Izmir and Amy stared at each other for several moments before he jerked his eyes away and bowed to her. He walked off.

Amy turned back to Bob and the Prime Ministers and explained. "Sorry about that, many of the Alpha's don't quite like the fact that I let humans get away without formalities. They kind of think of me as the voice of reason because I always seem to have the right answers for sticky moral issues they have. I always seem to find the middle ground in disputes."

"Which is why she is chairing this particular global meeting. She can pretty much make people calm down and listen to reason. She can make a room full of angry Alphas calm down and think rationally, think of what she could do in a room full of world leaders." Bob expanded on her explanation.

"Bob, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm only doing this because you can't."

"Oh Amy, it's not that I couldn't do it… I probably could in a couple of years. We just don't have that luxury and you are so good at what you do." Bob turned to the Prime Ministers. "Amy was nominated for the Senate elections next month."

"Really? What are your election promises?" Ms Thompson asked.

"I'm not even campaigning, I didn't ask for a nomination nor do I really want one. I just want to raise my children and help run my pack, I've asked that my name be taken off the ballot but for some reason my request keeps falling on deaf ears. Excuse me." Amy bowed and walked off, slightly irritated that she had to keep repeating herself.

Bob smirked. "Amy doesn't want to be a Senator but her approval rating is over eighty percent, she'll win in any case. Even if her name is taken from the ballot, she would still win hands down. People will put her name back on the ballot. They were the ones who put her there to begin with."

"I didn't think that could happen." McDermott replied, bemused.

"Neither did I but it happened. Someone found an obsolete law that Amy has been tying to figure out how to stop ever since."


Nathanael walked into Amy and Wolfgang's suite, he carried a file. Amy was nursing Serenity, the other two cubs were already curled up in the cot asleep after their meal. Serenity's eyes were partially closed as she suckled. Nathanael sat and smiled as he watched Amy. She turned to him.

"What can I do for you?" She asked, noticing his entrance.

He smiled again and placed the file down in front of her. "Cass's results, I also had Sammy go to her grandfather and go through her family genealogy and expanded on what he knew."

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