This is the second story in a series about a famous pop singer named Britney. It introduces an innocent teenage Olympic gymnast named Shawn who has always idolized Britney. The story opens with a hot lesbian scene where Britney takes Shawn's woman to woman virginity and ends with a foursome that turns Shawn into a sex starved whore. You may wish to read the first Britney story called "Piece of Me" which opens with a hot masturbation scene and ends with two fitness instructors fucking her in every way two men can fuck a woman, but it is not necessary to read for the enjoyment of this story.

The brown-eyed slut looking back at her has a satisfied smile on her face. And why not? Her body was just ravaged by two men she didn't even know. They fucked her in every way two men could fuck a woman. Britney isn't judging the woman looking at her through the mirror. In fact she envies her. Letting go like that was a liberating experience. It's what she misses most about her days with Paris.

Britney watches the woman in the mirror wipe the final traces of cum off her face and tits. Some is still in her hair. She will have to shower before Jason arrives home. She moves her face closer to the sexy woman looking back at her and kisses her gently on the lips. Their eyes lock. Yes, Britney thinks, we do have a lot in common.

The phone rings. It is her agent.

"Hi Brit. The studio just called. There's something they want to run past you, and I think it is a good idea. You know that gymnast Shawn... the one who was on Dancing with the Stars?"

"Uh... yeah. I think so," Britney replies while sitting on the toilet. A hot stream of pee tinkles into the water below. "But I've never met her."

"Well the studio thinks you should make a video with her. Kind of a cross between a work-out video and a music video. They want to get Shawn's name out there before the next Olympics and what better way to do it than with the hottest pop star in the business. I've looked over the contract. It's a good deal."

"Okay, but I want to see her first and I get the final say," Britney tells him as she stands and flushes the toilet. "And none of Shawn's agents or handlers. I want to do this alone without any pressure."

Shawn shows up the next day wearing tight cut-off jeans and a red t-shirt. Britney looks down at her innocent brown eyes and the Pollyanna smile on her face. Shawn seems younger than her 19 years, and she is short... very short. At 5'4" Britney towers over her. Still, there is something about Shawn that is appealing. Britney can't quite put her finger on it.

"Come on in Shawn. Let's go down to the studio and get started."

"Thank you so much," Shawn says looking like a star-struck teenager. "I really love your music. I am such a big fan. I can't tell you what a great honor it is to meet you. I hope you won't be disappointed."

Britney points the way and follows. She watches the powerful spheres of Shawn's ass moving back and forth against the tight shorts she is wearing. They ride up over the cleft where her cheeks taper into her muscular thighs. There is something sensual and erotic about the way her compact body moves with such power.

Britney pulls off her robe revealing a two piece sliver outfit cut just above her pussy in front and exposing most of her ass cheeks in back. A significant amount of cleavage is visible by the way the top pushes up her tits. Shawn has on a two-tone blue and white leotard under her shorts and t-shirt.

"Let's see your stuff." Britney hits a switch. The song "Toxic" pumps through the speakers. "Let your body flow with the music. Remember, this is about sex appeal, not gymnastics. The audience has to want you, not just appreciate you."

Britney admires the flexibility and precision of Shawn's fluid and athletic motions. But it is more than admiration. It is desire that Britney is feeling. She wants Shawn. Part of it is her innocence, but mostly it is the pent up sexuality hidden just below the surface of her tiny and powerful body. Britney stops the music and takes Shawn by the arm.

"Listen, Shawn, I know you are a talented athlete. Your moves are incredible, but you have to learn how to release the explosive sexual energy inside that gorgeous compact body. Let it go. Make the audience want to jump through the screen and ravage you."

"I... I'm not sure I can do that," she replies looking like she is about to cry. "I'm not like you. I'm doing the best I can."

Britney slides behind Shawn and puts her hands on her shoulders to comfort her. She moves her lips near Shawn's ear.

"I know you can do it," Britney whispers sliding her hands down Shawn's arms. "I want you to get an image in your mind. Think about your boyfriend. Think about how it feels when he fucks you. Now try to imagine that feeling in your belly each time he drives his cock deep into your pussy."

Britney slides her hands across Shawn's stomach and pushes her fingers down towards the swell of her pussy.

"Or think about when you are sucking his cock and how dirty and nasty you feel when his hard flesh slides through your lips and over your tongue. Think about how your nipples swell and your pussy tingles."

"I... I don't like to talk like this," Shawn says as her voice cracks. "You're embarrassing me."

"That's your problem, Shawn. You have to let go. You have to let those repressed feelings gush from your body when you dance."

Britney slides a hand between Shawn's legs and presses her fingers against Shawn's swollen pussy. It has been so long since Britney has been with another woman. She has missed it. Shawn closes her eyes. She knows she should not be feeling the things she is feeling. She puts her hand on Britney's arm but doesn't pull it away. She wants to protest but no words come out. Britney shoves her tongue into Shawn's ear.

"Let go, Shawn," she whispers. "Let it happen."

Britney turns Shawn until they are facing each other. Shawn looks up at those sexy brown eyes that she has gazed into so many times on music videos. She feels all her resistance fading away. Britney moves her face closer. Their lips brush together. Shawn closes her eyes and lets the kiss happen. She feels Britney's tongue probe into her mouth. A rush of juices gather inside her pussy.

Britney's lips travel down to Shawn's neck. She sinks her teeth into the thin skin. Shawn gasps. She feels the straps of her leotard being slipped from her shoulders. Britney pulls it down to her waist and removes the sports bra. Britney drops to her knees and stares at Shawn's firm but shapely tits which are at eye level. Pink nipples puff out from the soft flesh like little domes capped by hard tips poking out from the top.

Shawn gasps when Britney sucks a nipple into her mouth. A jolt of pleasure shoots down to her pussy. An involuntary spasm causes juices to seep from her slit. Britney moves a hand between Shawn's legs. Her fingers sneak under the crotch of Shawn's leotard until they touch the moist folds of her hot sex. Britney slides a finger along Shawn's leaking gash and finds her opening. She pushes it into Shawn's steamy cunt.

Shawn's head is spinning out of control. She knows this is wrong. She knows she should stop it, but she can't. She wants Britney to make love to her. She realizes now that she has wanted it for so long. She remembers all those music videos she masturbated to when she was younger. She can no longer repress what she is feeling.

Britney lowers Shawn to the floor. She pulls the leotard from her body. Shawn's tiny pussy puffs out from between her thighs like two halves of a peach. It is shaved of all hair. The hard nub of her clit peeks out from the top of her slit. Shawn feels a trickle of cum leak from her gash and run down the crack of her ass.

Britney puts a finger on Shawn's lips and pushes it into her mouth. Shawn looks into her brown eyes and sucks on it like it is a cock. Britney pulls it out and slides her finger down across her chin and neck. She traces her fingertip over each of Shawn's swollen nipples. She leans over and kisses Shawn's muscular stomach pushing her tongue into Shawn's bellybutton.

Shawn's body tingles all over by the attention she is getting from the woman she has idolized for so long. Britney continues to kiss down her body bypassing her pussy. Her hands slide around one of Shawn's muscular thighs and tenderly massages it. She moves down her leg to her powerful calf kissing and licking the smooth skin while kneading the well-toned muscles with her fingers.

Britney's hands move to her foot. Shawn's toenails are perfectly manicured and painted blue with yellow dots across the surface. Britney presses her hard nipple across the tips of Shawn's toes before sliding Shawn's foot between her tits. She squeezes them together fucking Shawn's foot up and down against her soft globes. Her nipples swell at this new sensation. Britney lifts Shawn's foot to her mouth and sucks on her toes while sliding her tongue between them and bathing them in saliva.

Shawn's body is on fire. Her toes feel like they are connected directly to her pussy. She moves both hands to the swell of her breasts and rubs her fingers across the hard tips poking out like spikes from her nipples. Her pussy fills with juices that trickle down across her asshole. Britney moves her mouth to the other foot and repeats the ritual. Then she kisses her way up Shawn's leg while massaging her shapely calf and muscular thigh.

The strong aroma from Shawn's secretions fills Britney's nostrils as her face moves closer and closer to Shawn's pussy. Shawn spreads her thighs and lifts her knees into the air exposing her cunt to Britney's eager mouth. She knows she is about to lose her woman to woman virginity. It excites her even though part of her knows this is all wrong.

Shawn gasps when she feels Britney's tongue slide up her gash and lick the cum oozing from her slit. Shawn pulls her legs all the way back by her shoulders to give Britney better access to her pussy. Britney slides her nose into Shawn's cunt and up across her clit. Then she clamps her mouth over Shawn's puffy mound and pushes her tongue into her steamy chamber.

Shawn's body on fire. Her swollen nipples feel like they are going to explode. She pushes against Britney's mouth grinding her pussy onto the tongue fucking her cunt. Every nerve ending in her body tingles with excitement. Her fists are clenched. Her legs are trembling. She doesn't know how much longer she can stand the excruciating pleasure surging through her body.

Britney's tongue shoots out and massages Shawn's tight asshole bathing it in saliva. Shawn gasps at this sudden and new sensation. No one has ever touched her virgin bud much less licked her there. Her head is spinning out of control. An intense pressure is building in her belly. Her body trembles with excitement.

Britney shoves two fingers into Shawn's tight cunt. She pumps them in and out of her body while her tongue flutters across Shawn's clit. It is too much for Shawn. She can no longer contain the pressure building inside her. She throws her head back and screams. Her pussy tightens and then explodes. Cum squirts onto Britney's face. Britney clamps her mouth over Shawn's gushing sex and licks the juices from her body.

Shawn gasps for air as her body shudders. Britney climbs up between her legs. Shawn is vaguely aware of her lips being parted by Britney's tongue. A strong taste of pussy fills her mouth. They kiss like two lovers. Their bodies grind together in a dance of passion. Britney pulls away. Shawn sees a pair of sexy brown eyes staring lustfully at her.

"Your turn," Britney whispers while slipping her bottoms down and kicking them off her feet. Then she removes her top.

Britney slides up Shawn's body. Shawn moves her hands down Britney's back and over the creamy cheeks of her ass. Britney continues up Shawn's body. She pauses and feeds a nipple to Shawn's mouth. Shawn sucks the swollen dome into her mouth and teases the tip with her tongue.

As much as Britney enjoys having her tits sucked she has other things in store for her student. She continues to slide up Shawn's body. Shawn's face slides across her stomach. She feels a mixture of fear and excitement. Shawn has never tasted another woman but she knows that is about to change.

Britney's pushes up on her knees and positions her pussy just above Shawn's face. Shawn can see Britney's swollen sex hanging between her legs like a ripe plum. Two moist petals push out through the gash down the middle. Her hard clit pokes out from its little boat near the top of her gash. Britney lowers it to Shawn's face. Shawn opens her mouth and feels her lips envelop Britney's puffy mound.

Shawn is not entirely sure what to do. She pushes her tongue into the juicy folds and feels it enter Britney's steamy cunt. She licks and sucks tentatively at first but then more and more aggressively. Britney grinds her pussy against Shawn's mouth. She moves her juicy folds across Shawn's nose and then it back down over her chin smearing her face with pussy juice.

Britney feels excitement pulsing through every nerve ending in her body. There is something erotic and forbidden about fucking Shawn's virgin mouth and turning the innocent young teenager into a whore. She grinds her pussy back and forth across Shawn's face. She feels Shawn's tongue probing her steamy cunt and licking her swollen clit. Britney reaches back and shoves a finger up her ass.

This new sensation combined with the rush already surging through her loins pushes Britney over the edge. Her body shakes. Her thighs squeeze against Shawn's head. She presses her sex hard against Shawn's mouth. A series of squeals and gasps escape from her throat. Her pussy clenches. Juices gush into Shawn's open mouth.

Britney rolls off Shawn's face. The two girls embrace. Their lips meet in a gentle but passionate kiss. They share the taste of Britney's excretions. Their tits rub together sending jolts of pleasure through their sensitive nipples. Britney sits up next to Shawn with her legs folded under her ass. Her eyes scan the body stretched out in front of her.

"I knew there was a passionate woman hiding in that incredible body. We're going to make the world feel what we experienced just by watching us move, and I'm going to show you how to do it."

A loud voice suddenly interrupts them from the doorway to the studio.

"Looks like we got here just in time"

Britney turns. She sees her fiancée and smiles.

"Hi Jason. Hi Rick. Come in and join us. Shawn and I were just rehearsing our moves."

Jason rips off his t-shirt and steps out of his jeans and briefs. His cock is already hard from having watched the highly sensual lesbian show that just took place in front of them. Rick rips off his clothes as well. His nine inch cock springs free. Britney crawls over between them and sucks Jason's hard meat into her mouth. She wraps her fingers around Rick's massive hunk of flesh.

Shawn puts a hand over her pussy and an arm across her chest in an attempt to hide her naked body. She can't believe what is happening. She is terrified in so many ways... not only for what she has done, but for what she is becoming and what she might do next. It's like another girl has possessed her teenage body and she is no longer in control.

Shawn hears loud sucking and slurping noises coming from across the room. She knows what Britney is doing. She doesn't want to look, but the stranger that has possessed her body forces her eyes open. Britney isn't just sucking their cocks. She is devouring them.

Shawn watches with amazement as Jason's cock completely disappears into Britney's mouth. When she finally pulls back strands of spit are drooling from her lips. Britney turns to Rick and slides her mouth over his swollen knob. She fucks his huge cock by bobbing her head up and down. Shawn's eyes get big when she sees it slowly disappear until Britney's lips are pressed against his pubes.

The demon inside Shawn wishes she could suck cock like that. Watching Britney service these two men causes her body to respond in ways she cannot control. Her swollen nipples are throbbing. Juices gather in her pussy. She wants to touch herself but she doesn't dare. She doesn't want to expose her vulnerability.

Britney stops what she is doing and crawls back over to Shawn. Spit clings to her lips and chin and is splattered across her tits. Britney looks down into Shawn's frightened eyes. Shawn makes a feeble attempt at escape.

"Um... I need to go, Britney. I can't do this. I have a boyfriend."

"Don't be ridiculous," Britney dismisses her. "Of course you can."

Britney leans down and kisses Shawn on the lips. Shawn knows she is fighting a losing battle. Fear churns in her belly thinking about what is going to happen to her. She wants to leave but the person possessing her body won't let it happen. Shawn closes her eyes and opens her mouth.

Rick moves behind Britney and presses the knob of his monster against her juicy gash. She moans into Shawn's mouth when she feels it split open her pussy and push into her steamy chamber. He drives it deep into her belly and fucks her with long steady strokes. Britney tilts her ass in the air and feels him go even deeper.

Britney has to pull away from the kiss with Shawn because of the incredible pleasure surging through her pussy. Her squeals and gasps become loud and out of control. Jason kneels beside Shawn and guides the tip of his cock between Britney's lips. He grabs her head and fucks it in and out of her mouth. Britney gags when he rams it into her throat.

Shawn is mesmerized. She can see Britney's big tits swaying back and forth on her chest each time Rick slams his cock into her pussy. Jason is fucking her mouth just above Shawn's head. Spit drools from Britney's lips as she gasps for air. Shawn feels it splatter onto her face. Everything is so out of control. Shawn knows she should leave but she can't seem to move.

Britney feels every nerve ending in her body pounding with excitement. The pressure in her belly is intense. She is going to cum. Rick suddenly rams a finger up her ass. Jason's cock falls from her mouth. A scream pierces the air. Her pussy clenches around the hard cock fucking her. Juices gush from her cunt and stream down her thighs.

Rick pulls out. After catching her breath Britney swings her leg over Shawn's head. She lowers her pussy to Shawn's mouth. Britney puts her hands behind Shawn's knees and pulls her legs back exposing her ripe young pussy and tight asshole to Jason's lecherous gaze. He moves forward and guides his swollen cock between her pink folds.

Shawn feels something hard press against the opening to her tiny pussy. She has never cheated on her boyfriend. She wants to tell him to stop but Britney's pussy is mashed against her mouth. Besides, Shawn is not sure she really wants him to stop. She is so confused.

Jason pushes. Shawn's pussy slowly spreads open. She is incredibly tight. Her cunt stretches to accommodate his swollen cock. He plows it deeper into her belly until it hits bottom. He pulls out and slams it back into her narrow passage. He fucks her with a steady pumping motion. His mushroom shaped knob bounces off her cervix each time he thrusts it up her cunt.

Britney grabs Jason by the head and mashes her lips against his while he continues to fuck Shawn. Rick kneels behind Britney, slides his huge cock across Shawn's face and presses his swollen knob between the pink folds of Britney's pussy. Britney lifts her ass into the air and tilts it up to meet him. Shawn watches in bewilderment as his monster cock slides into Britney's cunt right in front of her face.

Shawn has never seen a pussy getting fucked up close. Her eyes are glued to the vein streaked shaft disappearing again and again into Britney's tight gash. A bead of cunt juice drips onto her face and then another. It is like an aphrodisiac adding to the wild pulses of lust pounding in her head from the repeated hammering her pussy is receiving.

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