tagExhibitionist & VoyeurToying with Ashley Ch. 01

Toying with Ashley Ch. 01


I've been sitting at my desk for almost an hour with my statics problem out and still got nothing done. Just can't keep my mind on the problem.

Some people commented on facebook and while I was reading, I remembered to check for the xkcd update and read my emails. I'd gotten to the point where I had the problem open on my screen but my brain refused to do it. Not that the problems were overly difficult; truss analysis using sections and it was a nice break from the 3D torque stuff. But I really did not feel like doing statics, and who makes a pipe 4m long with three bends in it and hangs a weight off the end anyway.

On the plus side Ashley was coming over to do the statics with me soon. I always sat near her in statics; that way I could see her perfect legs. Walking out behind her was definitely the highlight of going to statics. She usually wore a tight t-shirt, which fit perfectly around her tits and a pair of short shorts. The white ones were my favorites; they squeezed her ass and showed most of her athletic tanned legs and were tauntingly see through. We had a lot of the same classes including Physics, Statics, and Calc all one after the other. We had done work in calc a few times in class and I finally asked if she wanted to come over and do statics with me. She was supposed to be coming over around seven after she was done with volleyball.

Again with the distractions, I just can't stick to one thing today. Maybe I'll make some tea and it will help focus me. As I walked down the hall to get water from the drinking fountain, I couldn't get her image out of my head. I pictured her in front of me as I walked down the hall; her gait was rather distinctive, relaxed and swaying. Her soft wavy hair bouncing slightly as she walked, just the perfect length. As I walked back down the hall to my room I noticed my developing hard-on. Great that's just what I need, not only am I distracted, now I'm really horny too.

After getting the tea and sitting back in my desk chair I couldn't help but notice how horny I still was. I decided to have mint tea; the smell always cleared my head. It also happened to turn me on; I love the chilling feeling of the mint. I started to bob my leg as I drank the tea, and the friction of jeans and my leg felt great on my cock. No way was I going to get any work done now. Maybe I should just get off and then get back to work. Plus then I would be less likely to get horny sitting next to Ashley. No, I really should just clam down; she could be her any minute. I have work to do; maybe I could get a start on problem before she gets here. Gah, stupid cock, why so demanding. I had not stopped bouncing my leg and definitely was not about to calm down. Fuck it, I'll just get off quick and that will be that.

I climbed up on my bed on the top bunk. No need to worry about my roommate tonight he was most likely already drunk and if he came back it would not be til early morning. And considering how horny I was I would be able to get off with just imagination in a few minutes anyway. Picturing Ashley's face smooth and relaxed as usual with her long hair falling alongside it down too her good-sized tits. Man how I longed to run my hands over those perfect curves down her slim waist and on down to...

"Hi, practice got out early and I came right over to... ah wow, uh I guess your busy, I'll just wait outside or something so you can, uh, finish what your doing."

Caught literally with my pants down. It could not really have been much worse; I was not even covered up or anything. There was no way I was going to live this one down. She might be too shocked to tell people for a while, but so much for studying with her ever again. Oddly, considering how bad it was her face still was turning me on. Maybe I should just finish I mean, there was no way she just let this slide and we would start doing statics.

Wait, her shadow was still on the floor outside. Was she still there, or was I just imagining things. Had she lingered just a little to long and was now listening outside the door. No can't be. My cock had made up its mind, Ashley one of the hottest chicks I know was listening to me get off. This fully got rid of the shock of her walking in. If she wanted a show I'd give her one. Its not like it could really get any worse she had already walked in and if I was just imagining she was still there oh well.

I grabbed a pillowcase I had lying to the side, it was so smooth on my cock. I started to pump my cock, slowly this time to make it last. And unlike normal I tried to make noise so a certain someone could hear me. Ashley was an easy image to conjure. Today she was wearing a tight blue shirt and still in her compression shorts, which fit even more closely than her usual short shorts. She was also wearing knee high white socks that hugged her lean calves. Her hair was down, but it looked like it had just been up in a tight braid and was perfectly wavy. I imagined her just outside my door trapped between her interest in hearing and wanting to leave. Biting her lip in that sexy way she does when she is confused and lopping her hair around her finger. I chose not to suppress a groan at the thought. The shadow moved at the sound. Did she just cross her legs? Could she be enjoying this as much as I was?

I noticed I had involuntarily picked up the pace of my pumping and forced myself to slow back down. No way was I going to end this yet; this felt way too good. As I continued to pump I noticed the shadow moved from time to time. She was weak kneed! Oh my god, the image of her so turned on was almost too much to handle and I groaned again louder this time. Suddenly the shadow moved quickly and was gone. No! Just when I though we were getting into it, I must have scared her off. Just then the door opened again and she walked in and shut it behind her quickly. Too much in shock I could do nothing but stare at her perfect body now covered in a thin layer of glistening sweat.

"You win, I had to see. Please, please keep going."

No way. Ashley had told me to continue, and told me to let her watch. Not only told, begged me. She needed me to keep going. I was so horny I would have had no trouble to keep going at all but my cock had other plans. It would be too much, how could I possibly ask for more. But the look of longing, desire on her face was too much to pass up.

"Well, I would but see it is rather awkward to have you there while I'm so exposed. It might be difficult to continue if you just stand there. Maybe if I had some encouragement it would be easier." I immediately regretted this request; I should have just kept my mouth shut, it was too greedy. I would not let any of this show on my face and tried to keep what I hoped was a confidant and seductive face.

Ashley did not seem phased; she didn't even seem to be caught off guard. Her hands went straight to her waist and she slid them up to cup her tits to squeeze and rub them, "You mean like this?" She smiled, as I must have given her a resounding yes when my jaw dropped and I forgot to stroke my cock for a few seconds. Her tits were so perfectly round, so firm they held themselves but were still soft enough to shake and flow around her hands as she massaged them. It was really all I could do to control myself and keep from cumming, but I could not look away. As I watched she slid her hand under her shirt to grab her nipple, which had been pressed against her shirt since she had walked in.

She exposed her stomach as she did so; it too was smooth and tight like her legs. The perfect flat canvas of tanned skin with an oblique belly button in the center. She fell back against my desk as she tweaked her nipple and moaned. Her breathing had increased and her hourglass shaped torso kept puffing up her already large tits and her hair swayed with her breathing. I had to stop from touching my cock or I would never have lasted. I just sat there cock twitching in awe of the beauty in front of me.

After what could have been minutes or days or really any length of time, I had no sense of anything but her body, she looked up to see me sitting there.

"Having trouble with your cock, too hard to hold that shaft of yours. Let me help you with that."

Before I could so much as blink she had climbed up and straddled my leg and grabbed my cock. And began to slowly pump it while she humped my leg. I was so turned on by this I had to collect myself for a few seconds before I could move. But as she humped my leg her tits were just to inviting to pass up and I had to reach out and hold them. Reaching out to hold them she brought her hand up and pressed it against her tit, still pumping my shaft with her other hand. As I massaged them her head fell back and her pumping became more sporadic. I had to see them, as hard as it was I took her hands from my cock and took her top off. They were even better than I imagined, tanned slightly less than the rest of her they were perky and unimaginably smooth with the exception of her nipples, which were standing at full attention. I went to go suck on a nipple but she pulled back and laid down.

"Fuck my tits, I want your hot cock in between my tits."

"Yes mam."

I kicked off the last of my jeans and took off my shirt and straddled her chest. The feeling of my balls on her chest sent shivers up my spine. I grabbed her tits much more roughly this time and pressed them around my throbbing cock. I felt her buck underneath me, and moan as I slid between them the first time. Pre-cum had already formed on my cock and she bent her head up and licked it up. This more erotic than anything so far almost sent me over the edge. She looked up and smiled at me, still maintaining that relaxed even more seductive look and licked my cock again. I tried to massage her tits as I held them and even got one nipple between my fingers to try and distract her from licking my cock. My efforts were in vain however as she continued to lick and began to suck the head to my cock as I thrust. Then suddenly she grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over so now I was on my back.

She worked her way up and then down my body dragging her tits just along the surface so they skimmed my face, chest, and legs; while holding my cock firmly with her hand. Then she slowly sank her mouth over my cock rolling her tongue around the head as she did so and cupping my balls with her free hand. I reached down and finally grasped her wavy hair with both hands and felt her bob up and down, her tits just tapping my thighs each time. Her ass still tightly squeezed in her shorts was in the air behind her and she went up and down on my cock. She moaned ever so sexily as I pushed her further down my cock and the vibrations felt amazing. It did not take long before I could not hold back any longer and I let out in broken speech, "I can't take it much longer I'm gonna cum."

She made no verbal reply but seemed to hum mmmhmmm. This was too much and I forced her head down one final time all the way and shot into her throat several times as she half gagged around me. Still riding my high she swallowed and sent me into a spasm, sucked as my cock continued to twitch.

After a few moments of pure ecstasy she pulled her mouth off my cock. Sliding back up my body and wrapped her leg around me and smiled and she said, "My turn."

This got me hard again almost at once but I intentionally delayed to enjoy her body so close to mine. After a few minutes of caressing her and felling her so close I rolled her over and straddled her as I grabbed for the discarded pillowcase. It was smooth and more importantly tied a good knot. I grabbed her wrists and tied with a tight but comfortable knot around her wrists and tied the other end to the headboard. Her eyes betrayed a bit of fear, but she appeared to be too aroused to object. She had nothing to worry about, but I liked the trust she had to give me.

I climbed off of her chest and slid down to her side and played my hand along her body. All the way from her bound hand through her silky hair and along her cheek. Down to her shoulder and pausing to enjoy her tit once again. Until sliding further down across her flat stomach and circling her belly button. She shivered under my touch and her eyes seemed to say more. I slid quickly down her leg at first; down to her foot where I pulled each sock off and tossed them aside and then slowly back up along the inside of her leg pausing just before her shorts to circle back and squeeze her calves. Her eyes seemed to be screaming more as she twitched and pulled at her restraint. I bent over and glided over her chest as she inhaled pulled her stomach in and I brought my face back to those soft pillows of her tits. "Now you're going let me get at this nipple," I said as I finally sucked it into my mouth. Her responding moan of pleasure was at least as hot as the rough nipple now in my mouth, if not more. I reached over to grab her other nipple and rolled it as she continued to moan and fight her restraint. Her breathing had become ragged and her stomach covered in sweat. I stopped and went up to kiss her and she fully accepted the gesture and pressed her face up into mine.

I continued to massage her tit and she grabbed one of my legs with hers and began to hump it as we kissed. I pulled back, "Ah ah ah, when did I say you could hump my leg" but at her pleading look I reassured her, "don't worry that time will come." She frowned back at me and decided to oblige her and started working my way down. Sliding back down her chest kissing it as I went, closer and closer until I reached the waistband of her shorts. She was holding her breath with anticipation and even with the tight elastic of her shorts, there was a small pocket where I could see the skin underneath where I put my fingers and drew back on the shorts. More rolling than anything I slowly got the shorts off. She was not wearing anything underneath and she now lay naked before me, just a small neat tuft of hair marking an otherwise perfectly shaven pussy.

On my knees at her feet I starred into her longing brown eyes and grabbed her left leg. Starting at her big toe I kissed each one and slowly moved my way up her leg, all the while staring intently into her eyes. As I got further and further up her leg she started to twitch and gasp with each new peck until I was only a couple inches away. Suddenly I pulled back all the way and picked up her right leg, she groaned in protest as I again slowly worked my way up her leg. When I got within a couple inches of her pussy I moved to the other leg and licked it. She bucked with surprised and pleasure at the new touch and begged, "Stop it. Stop it, quit teasing me." Ignoring her I continued for a while longer until she looked about ready to cry from anticipation. At that moment I pushed two fingers all the way into her pussy and grabbed her clit with my mouth. She was forced to hold back a scream of pleasure as she came almost immediately squeezing all around my fingers and shaking all over bucking into my hand and face.

Rather than let her come down from this high I continued to run my fingers in and out of her shaking pussy and sucking hard on her clit. Her soaking pussy was more than willing to accept this sudden punishment. Tearing myself away from her delicious juices I brought my other hand up to continue playing with her clit. I slid back up and grabbed her nipple again with my mouth and ran my cock along her burning thigh. She was heaving with the effort of breathing and seemed to come to a second and third orgasm as I held and titillated her.

After a while her ecstasy seemed to subside and she was able to blurt out, "Kiss me." Pulling my hand out I moved up to kiss her deeply, she pressed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it and she moaned. Now I was the one with involuntary humping. Her skin so soft, tits pressed against me, and her pussy dripping with pleasure. She finally pulled back from the kiss and said, "I want you inside me, now. Fuck me."

This was a request I was in no state to refuse. Rolling her on to her side and still holding one of her perfect tits I used my other had to guide my cock between her legs. Just resting it there I let her leg fall and enjoyed the pressure as I slowly slid my cock along her slit. After a few times sliding back and forth my cock had become very wet from her juices. Sliding my hand back up along her flat stomach I felt how quick her breathing had become. Nearly panting she managed to get out, "Come on... what are you... waiting for? Please... I want you inside me... ahh... now."

Kissing along the back of her neck up to where it met the base of her skull I inhaled the scent of her hair, and said, "well since you asked so nicely." Again I reached down and grabbed my cock this time guiding it to the soft outer lips of her pussy. Slowly I begin to push in stretching her glorious pussy more with each inch of my cock until I was buried all the way inside her. Her moans of delight were about the best description I could think of what I felt pushing in to her. Her pussy was smooth and soaking from my teasing but gripped my cock with amazing strength and I began to thrust slowly but deeply into to her.

Over time I slowly picked up my tempo and with each thrust her tits bounced and they were so sexy I had to force myself not to grab them so as to watch their progress back and forth. As I thrust in and out Ashley bit her lip to keep from yelling out and fought hard against her bonds and she clenched at the knot trying to free herself.

Holding her close I moved my hands to her hips to get a better grip, and held her tight as I picked up my pace and jack-hammered in and out of her. Her moans were more than enough to keep me going but with all the vibrations her bonds came undone and she was freed. With hands free she grabbed one tit and squeezed it hard and with the other flew to her clit and began rubbing. I brought my hand down to help and soon I felt her cum again. Her body shaking I held fast to her tits and stomach as she threatened to fall out of the small single bed as she shook. I was never more turned on in my life and enjoyed ever second of her writhing body.

As the last of her secondary pluses died out she rolled over and climbed up on top of me and held my shoulders down with her hands and said , "time for me to fuck you." As she said this she began to gyrate her hips on my cock. Her stomach was working to slide her hips around, and her hair was swinging with the motion. Her plan did not seem to be working out very well as she became more and more aroused with each passing second. I began to buck my hips and started to bounce her on my cock. Whatever control she might have had was soon lost as I pounded her pussy. She reached up to grab her tits as they bounced so much and I was worried she would make her lip bleed she was biting it so hard. I quickly turned her over on to her hands and knees and continued to fuck her hard. She was no longer able to contain her passion and was almost screaming with pleasure. Her tits I could see in a mirror on the wall were swinging beautifully as I plowed her.

Looking down at her I couldn't help but be turned on by her ass pointing up at me. Unable to sate my curiosity I sucked my pinky finger and slowed my pace. Confused Ashley looked in the mirror on the wall at exactly the moment I drove my pinky in. She actually did scream this time as she fell on to my pillow to stifle it. I pulled my finger out and drove back in. Again she twitched but did not overtly protest my actions.

Taking this as a go ahead, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and put two fingers back in and grabbed her clit with my other hand. She moaned moved her ass around to enjoy my fingers. But I had taken my hand out and used them to lube her ass and slowly stretch it. After several more times back an forth Ashley look back and said, "I've never been done in the ass before, be gentle."

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