tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci and Judy at the Party

Traci and Judy at the Party


Parties at the Watson place had been held for several years. They took place all year long, but the summer parties-around the pool and hot tub-were the best. This summer had been exceptionally hot and so were the parties. The crowd consisted of faculty from a half dozen local two-year and four-year colleges and a handful of students. Although invitations were never sent out, those who were welcome knew whom they were. Unattractive, overweight guests need not attend. If you were under 18, you didn't get past the door.

Traci was an incoming freshman at a nearby community college who had turned 18 in the spring. She was invited to tonight's party by Judy Clark, a 30-year-old professor at the school, and who also acted as Traci's counselor. The two were as similar in personality as they were opposite in appearance. Traci was tall and thin with shoulder length blonde hair. Judy was a short brunette, darker and curvier than Traci. Both women were well tanned from the summer. Judy had smiled at Traci earlier in the week when she said Traci would have ample opportunity at the party to show off her bronze body.

Before the parties were over, the vast majority of guests would be at least partially undressed. No female around the pool or hot tub would have a top on; either by their own choice or at the hands of a male guest. Nudity was not unheard of, but sexual activity was generally confined to the various rooms in the house.

Judy's full breasts had been enjoyed by many men at previous parties and she knew they would appreciate Traci's petite, hour glass figure...especially her small, round ass.

They arrived a little before 11 p.m. John Watson met them at the door and let them in with a welcoming smile. John was a muscular, athletic man in his mid 30s with broad shoulders under his tank top. He quickly eyed Traci's lithe body as Judy introduced her. John explained where drinks and food could be found, then left the women alone.

The house was filled with noise. Music, voices and laughter seemed to come from every corner. Judy and Traci proceeded to the bar. While mixing their favorite drinks, a voice called for Judy. From the door leading to the pool the women saw a couple waving to them.

"Oh, there's Linda and Tom," Judy said. "We'll be right there," she yelled to them over the din.

Linda was a tall woman in her early 30s with long, straight brown hair. The hair hung in front of her, partially covering her otherwise naked breasts. Tom was a slightly older man in a bathing suit, his arm around Linda's waist, a thumb inside her bikini bottoms.

With drinks in hand, Traci and Judy walked over to where Linda and Tom stood. Introductions were made and the four decided to sit outside by the pool and hot tub.

The area was busy with guests mingling, but the foursome was able to find a table and enough chairs for everyone to sit. Traci surveyed the patio and yard surrounding them. Large and small groups of people sat or stood in the dimly lit area. More than one couple could be seen standing with the man behind the woman, hands cupping her naked breasts, his bathing suit covered cock grinding against her ass. Beyond the pool, shadowy forms could be seen on the ground rolling on towels. At the hot tub, rules seemed to prohibit anybody entering with a bathing suit on.

Traci saw Judy eyeing what appeared to be a student in his early 20s entering the tub, his thick cock swaying freely as he stepped in. When the young man sat down, women on both sides kissed him, their hands out of sight.

Traci's and Judy's attention was brought back to their table when Tom said, "I'm glad you could make it Judy. I hope you plan on taking your usual swim before you leave."

"Yes, Tom. I'll take my shirt off for you if you want," Judy said smiling. Tom laughed.

Small talk was exchanged and Tom offered to get new drinks for everyone. Traci and Judy agreed on refills and Tom disappeared into the house. He returned a few minutes later and handed the drinks around. He watched the women and smiled.

About fifteen minutes later, he said, "Let's go inside. I want to show Traci some of the special rooms they have in there. You'll love this." Traci looked at Judy, who smiled and nodded.

They moved toward the house, weaving through the crowd with drinks in hand. Traci immediately felt lightheaded, but passed it off as strong drinks. By the time they got to the door, she had difficulty finding the step up. She bumped into Judy, who said with a slur, "Oops, I lost my balance." They staggered into the house and the noise, both seeing a whirling blur of light.

"This way," they barely heard Tom say. He was walking in front of them, looking back. Linda trailed behind. They entered a hallway and Traci instantly felt claustrophobic. She reached out with her free hand and touched the wall. Judy stumbled over Traci's foot and nearly fell. Their drinks splashed over the edge of the glasses. Neither could focus further than three feet in front of them.

They followed Tom into a large, dimly lit bedroom. Both Traci and Judy grabbed the nearest piece of furniture to hold themselves up.

"Here," Tom said to Traci. "Take a drink." He took the drink from Traci's hand and put it to her mouth. Instinctively, or without the ability to refuse, Traci drank. He did the same with Judy.

Setting the drinks on top of the dresser Traci leaned against, he took her arm and led her to the side of the king size bed in the room. "Sit down," he said.

Traci obeyed. Her body went limp and her eyes began to close. Linda, meanwhile, had walked Judy to the opposite side of the bed and sat her down.

Tom looked at Traci and said, "Traci, I'll let you sleep but you need to get undressed first. OK?"

Traci nodded, but said nothing.

"Judy, can you hear me?" Tom asked.

"Yes," Judy said faintly.

"Can you do me a favor and get undressed so you can lay down?"

Judy nodded her head.

"OK, girls. Go ahead and start undressing. Linda and I will be here to help you," Tom said.

Without hesitation, both women began stripping. Judy pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a pair of firm, round tits. Traci had worn a bikini under her t-shirt. It covered a small portion of her ample, tanned breasts. She unsnapped and unzipped her shorts before sliding them down her legs. Tom grabbed them around the knees and pulled them off, along with Traci's shoes. Traci reached behind her and struggled with the bikini top's tie strings. She managed to pull it open and slipped out of the top. Her breasts, while not as large as Judy's, were nicely shaped with erect, pink nipples.

Judy removed her shorts and panties with help from Linda. Traci lowered her bikini bottoms until they slid down her legs and to the floor. Tom stared intently at the closely shaven, pale colored area around her pussy. Her hips and thighs were silky smooth and deeply tanned.

"Good," Tom said enthusiastically. "Now, go ahead and lay down."

The women simultaneously swung their legs up to the bed, scooted toward the pillows and lay on their backs. Traci could make out figures around the bed, but could not focus on faces. Her body felt warm. Tingling sensations ran through her legs and arms. She moved her fingers over her thighs, enjoying the light touch.

She and Judy heard Tom's voice through the fog that surrounded them. "Can you touch your breasts, girls?"

As if controlled by a machine, their hands moved to their tits and they began kneading them gently.

"Good. Does it feel good to squeeze your nipples?"

Both women put their nipples between thumb and forefinger and manipulated them. "Oh, yes," Judy murmurred.

"Does that make you horny?" he asked.

Traci nodded in consent. Judy moved her right hand down to her pussy and massaged her clit.

"Traci," Tom said softly. "Play with your pussy for me."

Traci's legs separated slightly. Her hand found her pussy lips and followed them up to her clit. She slid her middle finger up and down until stopping on top of her clit. She made small circular motions over it, moaning softly.

During this process of self-arousal, Tom and Linda had stripped and a couple other guests had entered the room. Tom stood naked on Traci's side of the bed, his cock already semi-erect. He ran his fingers over it as Traci played with herself. He leaned forward and put his hand over her left tit. He traced around the base of her tit before cupping nearly the entire thing in his big hand. He squeezed it several times before once again stroking his cock, bringing it to full erection.

He climbed onto the bed and placed himself between Traci's legs. In a brief moment of reduced but clear awareness, Traci struggled to get out from under the object above her. But Tom grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the bed beside her head. He lowered his head and put his mouth over her left tit.

"No, no," she panted.

Tom sucked on the nipple, running his tongue back and forth over it. Traci's young breast flattened against her chest with the force of his mouth closing over it again. He licked her nipple harder. It was growing longer with each attack of his tongue and Traci's struggling was subsiding.

He moved to the other breast and pressed his entire body down onto hers. His hard cock lay between their flattened stomachs. Judy looked on from just a couple feet away, unable to comprehend what was happening next to her.

Traci was moaning softly now as Tom licked her right nipple. "Reach down and hold my cock," he whispered into her ear. He let go of her right hand and it found his thick cock between them. "Stroke it," he said, raising his mouth off her breast.

Traci's arm worked mechanically on his cock. Tom raised his body slightly to allow her better access.

"Put it on your clit," he told her. He moved down the bed a few inches so she could place the cock on her clit. With her hand still on top of his stiff cock, he moved up and down across the top of her pussy. Traci's eyes were closed and her mouth open, her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

Next to Tom and Traci, a naked student appearing to be in his early 20s was sliding between Judy's legs. His extraordinarily thick cock was fully erect, nearly touching his stomach. When the boy was in position and put his mouth on one of Judy's expansive breasts, she seemed to awaken and protested by hitting him in the side with fisted hands. The boy simply grabbed her wrists and stretched them over her head. With one quick motion, one wrist was handcuffed, the cuffs fed through the headboard railing and the second wrist cuffed.

When Judy cried out, "Stop, no!" Traci seemed to sense her surroundings better. She let go of Tom's cock and pushed up against his body. But he didn't budge. He simple moved his cock to the entrance to her pussy and inserted the tip into her. He could feel her wetness and warmth. One more quick thrust and he was inside her. Traci put her hands behind Tom's neck and hit him repeatedly.

"No, no," she breathed hoarsley.

Tom began fucking her more vigorously and Traci spread her legs involuntarily. The bed rocked with his movement. Judy was squirming under the boys oral attacks on her breasts, which swayed in rhythm with Tom's motion. Quickly, the boy positioned himself and drove his huge cock into her cunt. Judy moaned and arched her back. The boy plunged into her again, and she fell to the bed.

Traci was now gripping the back of Tom's neck with her fingers. Her long nails left red marks wherever they made contact with his tan skin. Tom reached down and pulled her legs up and placed them by his hips. Traci wrapped them around him, feeling just enough of the pleasure of his cock in her to want more. He obliged by ramming into her repeatedly, his balls slapping against her ass.

The boy next to them had, likewise, lifted Judy's knees and was penetrating her at a rapid rate. When he paused to lay on top of her while completely buried in her cunt, Judy pushed her hips upward and back to the bed attempting to continue the fuck session. The boy eventually started to pump her again, grunting loundly with each thrust.

Traci had moved her hand between herself and Tom and was playing with her clit. Within minutes, she was moaning more loudly. Her face showed the strain as she fought between repulsion and pending orgasm.

"Aaahhhhh, yes. Oooohhhhhhhh," Traci cried out.

She bit her lower lip and screamed again as her back arched off the bed. Tom placed his hands under her ass and pulled her up farther. He pounded into her and she clasped her hands behind his neck, trying to hang on.

"oh, oh, umh, ummmmm," signalled the beginning of her orgasm. In her mind she was screaming, but those in the room simply heard the moans of a woman releasing entirely. Her body shook with each surge of her orgasm, causing Tom to climax as well. He grunted even louder than Traci, driving his cock deep inside her. Long, white shots of his cum entered her womb. Over and over he shoved her down onto the bed, plunging his cock and his sperm into her.

The combined noise and rocking next to him caused the boy to erupt. He pulled out of her and stroked himself. The first string of cum reached her neck. The second spurt landed on her right breast, trailing a line of cum over her nipple and down her stomach. Three more shots landed on her breasts and stomach.

Tom and Traci both were collapsed on the bed, his limp cock laying on her thigh.

When the boy was finished coating Judy's front side with his cum, he stepped off the bed and was replaced by Linda. She immediately buried her face in Judy's pussy. Pushing Judy's legs farther apart, Linda began licking from Judy's cunt to her clit. Several more strokes over the clit caused Judy to stiffen her legs and shriek, "Oh, yes, there...there. That's it."

She pulled violently against her restraints and yelled again as she began to cum. Linda pressed harder against Judy, putting her entire mouth over the clit and sucking hard. Her tongue worked it feverishly as Judy experienced a body numbing orgasm. Joices flowed from her cunt as she gyrated in all directions around Linda's mouth. She began humping Linda's face until the last of the orgasms left her limp. She jerked in response to Linda's continued licking, but she was spent.

The women would wake up later, each covered in thick, white cum. Neither would remember the evening. Both would consider returning.

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