tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci's Revenge

Traci's Revenge


(Author's Note: Thank you, Steve, for the support and inspiration. Remember: you promised the first one would go over my head!)

* * * * *

"Ah, Traci, you are SO sweet," Amber said with her normal engaging smile. She opened the neatly wrapped gift and removed the colorful bottle inside. Amber held it up and peered at the label.

"Oh, wow. I LOVE this stuff," she said, opening the cap and smelling the bubble bath.

"Well, you did a lot for me during the year. I really appreciate it," Traci told her co-worker as they hugged.

The girls worked in a large company—Traci as a new computer techie and Amber as an executive secretary, or administrative assistant as the company liked to call it.

Traci was 23, well liked by nearly everybody in the building and a good computer troubleshooter. The most common description employees used for the "new girl" was "cute." If she had detractors, they were the older women who may not have approved of her tight sweaters, loose fitting blouses or short skirts.

On the other hand, men of all ages in the company seemed to have no problem with the young girl and her shoulder length blonde hair, nice tits and tight ass. Welcome to the corporate world, Traci.

Never at a loss for drop-in friends at her desk, Traci was rarely bored at work. Her energy and openly friendly attitude gained her instant credibility.

When she returned to her desk after visiting Amber, she saw the message light on her phone blinking. She listened to the message and sighed.

"Oh, geez. Not Simmons again," she mumbled. "Moron."

Traci headed back out the door and down the hall to the executive offices. Mike Simmons, VP for Marketing, was a fifty-something, balding, rotund gentleman of questionable morals. As with all VPs, he had been promoted from a manager's position and now held a position beyond his actual capabilities. With eyes toward promotion, he would be lucky to last another year as VP. Traci and the rest of the building had come to learn that his administrative assistant, Kelli, in fact, ran the department.

As Traci approached Kelli's desk, the AA offered a knowing, evil smile. Traci stuck her tongue out at Kelli and knocked on Simmons' door. When the obligatory "Come in" was uttered, Traci entered, dreadfully closing the door behind her.

"Hi, Traci," the VP offered, swinging around in his chair to face her. "It's my PC again. I can't access the database from last year."

"OK. Let me have a look at it," Traci said as positively as she could.

"Here, sit down," Simmons said, rising from his chair.

If Traci had any guts, she would have declined. But then, it was all a matter of choice. Not sit down, lean over the PC and offer him a look at the back of her thighs under the short denim skirt. Or, sit down and let him gawk down her blouse.

She sat.

As usual, the man took up station behind the chair. Traci began combing the files and adjusting network rights and permissions. Meanwhile, Simmons watched the top of the girl's breasts appear, then hide again, inside her thin blouse. Quick glimpses of her black bra were considered a bonus.

Traci could feel the eyes boring down on her. She crossed her legs, causing the skirt to ride higher. "Damn it, that was dumb," she thought to herself. "Wasn't thinking." In five minutes the job was done. She would get up, smile at the man, accept copious "thank yous" and leave the office, eyes glued to her ass.

Steve put his head in his hands. It had been a long day. Earlier in the week he had traveled all over the state in his position as regional sales manager for a small, growing company. All he wanted now was to go home and have a drink.

Single, 32 and built like a linebacker, Steve was mostly interested in gaining fame and fortune early in life before retiring to a seaside resort. It's not that he disliked women, but time was precious and work normally beckoned. Dates are hard to find while traveling in your car.

As he drove home that evening, listening to smooth jazz and drinking a decaf mocha, his mind was on a girl he had recently met on an Internet chat. She intrigued him. Intelligent, witty, sincere. The kind of woman that might make him settle down. The kind of woman he'd love to roll in bed with all night.

Steve pulled into the apartment complex's parking lot and drove around to his building. He REALLY needed to get a condo, he thought to himself for the millionth time.

He parked next to an SUV, grabbed his laptop and got out. The headlights blinked in the darkness and the doors locked at the click of his key chain.

"Don't turn around. Walk to the SUV and get in the passenger side, back door," a voice said. Instinctively, he began to turn his head. "I said DON'T turn around. Walk. And I'm armed."

The voice was soft, almost soothing. Feminine.

Steve's mind was spinning. What the hell was happening? Who was this? He walked around the front of the SUV, the sound of steps behind him in the darkness.

"Get in."

Steve opened the rear door on the passenger side and crawled into the SUV, laying his laptop on the floor.

"Sit down."

He plopped down in the seat nearest the door and finally had a chance to see his captor. Traci wore a ball cap and dark jogging outfit. Her hazel eyes shown in the vehicle's interior lighting. The gun barrel reflected the same light.

"Put your right hand in the handcuff on this side," she ordered. Steve complied.

Traci laid the gun on the floor behind the seat, leaned across quickly and fastened the left hand to another set of cuffs. She picked up the weapon and looked at Steve intently.

"If you make a sound, I will shoot you. Swear to God."

Steve believed her.

Traci walked around the vehicle and got in the driver's side. They pulled out of the parking lot and headed into the night.

Twice during the ride, Steve debated with himself about offering his wallet to the girl. He decided both times that silence was probably the better choice. If she wanted the wallet, she'd take the wallet. What DID she want?

Soon, they pulled into the driveway of a small ranch home. The garage door opened and Traci slowly pulled in. The door closed behind them and Steve looked around at the otherwise normal, American home garage. Except it wasn't his, he was in it and he was handcuffed to the seat of an SUV driven by a strange young woman he didn't know.

Traci opened the door opposite of where Steve sat. She climbed in, removed a key from her pocket and began to unlock the handcuffs on his left side from the seat, but not his wrist.

"Do NOT try anything. Is that clear?" she said firmly.

"Yes," was all Steve could utter.

She methodically handcuffed the two hands together and uncuffed him from the seat on the right side.

After she climbed out of the SUV, she said, "Get out. Get in the house."

Steve awkwardly stepped from the vehicle and proceeded inside the door Traci had opened for him. The house was clean and bright, with no outward appearance of being anything other than the home of a young, working woman. But, then, Steve wasn't sure what else he had expected.

The door slammed behind him and Traci and Steve stood in the kitchen.

"May I ask what this is all about?" Steve finally got the nerve to ask.

"No," was the terse response.

Traci removed her hat and threw it on the table. Her short blonde hair tumbled out, ruffled and thick. She ran her fingers through it once, reshaping it the best she could. It was then Steve noticed the earthy good looks of the young girl. Her bronze skin, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes were a bewitching combination. Traci's mouth was wide, narrow and inviting.

"I will give the orders, you will do as you're told. Nothing would please me more than to inflict great pain on you, understand?" Traci stared into Steve's dark eyes once more.

"Uh, yeah."

"We're going to go downstairs. We'll talk about it then," Traci said. "This way."

She led him at gunpoint to a door leading down the basement steps. Cautiously, his hands cuffed in front of him, Steve made it down the steps. The sight at the bottom made him stop in his tracks.

Several metal rings hung from the wall. Chains fell from the ceiling. Various tables and beds were spread around the large room. All forms of black leather objects caught the eye.

"Jesus," Steve exclaimed.

"Move," Traci said, pushing the barrel of the gun against his back.

Steve walked toward the center of the cold, concrete basement. His eyes took in what they could in the small amount of time he walked.

"That's good," Traci said. They stood facing each other. "I've watched you from the parking lot. Very predictable. Very…male. Do you have any idea how much some of you disgust me? How arrogant you can be? How juvenile?"

He couldn't answer. Didn't know the right answer.

"Were you thinking driving over here that you'd like to fuck me? Did you wonder what I'd look like out of this outfit?"

Steve dared not answer that one.

"You guys make me SICK."

Traci took the clip from the gun and shoved it into the pocket of her sweatpants, then tossed the gun onto a nearby table.

"Come over here," she ordered. Traci led Steve toward a bed against one of the walls. She handed him a key and stepped back.

"Take off the cuffs."

Steve fumbled with the key, but was able to unlock one hand, then easily got the other. The cuffs fell off and Steve dropped them to the floor.

"We're going to have a little role reversal, here. See how you like it," Traci said in a composed voice.

"Take off your clothes."

The words surprised Steve, yet they didn't. The girl's intent was becoming clearer to him. It was the final outcome that still was a little fuzzy in his mind.

Traci stepped back and leaned against the side of a table while Steve slowly removed his shirt. The muscles in his chest, shoulders and arms were well defined even in the dimly lit basement. Traci watched him take off his shoes and socks before undoing his belt and pulling down the zipper on his pants.

He pushed the pants over his hips and down his legs, revealing a pair of boxer shorts. Steve stepped out of the pants. Traci admired the muscular legs and the bulge beginning to appear under his boxers. Steve tried to will the growing erection back down, but it wasn't going to work. This was strangely erotic. Scary and erotic.

The man stood motionless for a moment, exchanging stares with his captor. Then he took off the boxers. His semi-erect cock hung heavily between his legs. It was thick and getting thicker. Traci, despite her attempts at control, was enthralled with the shaft. Her own wetness conspired against her.

"Turn around," she ordered.

Steve's full, round ass met with the girl's approval. The muscles on the back of the thighs and calves rippled as he stood.

"OK," she said. Steve turned to face her, somewhat harder now.

"Lay down."

Steve moved onto the bed and lay flat, his penis flopping onto one thigh. Traci walked to the head of the bed and reached up for two leather straps hanging from the roof.

At that instant, Steve decided to make his move. He reached with both hands for the girl, grabbing her by the waistband of her sweatpants. Traci was prepared for the attempt and swung viciously with her right fist at his head. She struck him first on the side of the head above the ear. Her second blow caught his chin.

Dazed, Steve released his grip, allowing Traci to pull back.

"God damn it," Traci cried in anger. "Lay down."

She violently grabbed his left wrist while at the same time pulling down a strap from above. The sound of chains echoed through the basement as she put his wrist inside the constraint and pulled the Velcro strap tight. She walked around to the head of the bed and repeated the process with his right arm.

Steve lay with his arms pulled straight up, but his body was still flat on the bed. He was regaining his senses and stretching his jaw, making sure it still worked.

"I'd really, really hate to hurt you…more," she said, looking down at Steve. "But if I have to, I'll chop that puny little dick right off and add it to my collection. Now, are we going to have any more incidents like that one?"

"No," Steve said softly, his jaw aching.

Traci was already crossing the floor to a cabinet with dark wooden doors that swung open in both directions. Steve could barely see her reach in, close the doors and turn to walk back towards him.

In her hand he could see a small, brightly colored object. Traci held it in front of Steve's face. It was a vibrator.

"How'd you like to feel my friend up your ass, big guy?"

Silence. Until Traci flicked it on. The sound sent chills through Steve.

"Let's see what fun we can have," Traci said with a wicked smile.

She touched Steve's sore cheek with the toy, sliding it down to his neck and shoulder. When it got to his nipple, Steve was stunned by the effect on his entire body. He could feel the pleasure from his balls, through his cock and into his stomach. Somehow, Traci knew this.

She first circled one nipple, then the other. Steve's cock, which had relaxed during the failed escape, now sprung back into life. This did not go unnoticed by the young girl. She waited until the thickening shaft was rising toward his stomach before she proceeded down his body with the vibrator.

Traci headed straight for the man's penis, then bypassed it, teasingly tracing around it. Never touching it. Watching it twitch in anticipation. Laughing to herself.

"Oh, this is going to easy," she thought silently. "Way too easy."

The toy contacted Steve's large balls. The new sensation literally sent chills through his lower body. He lifted his ass off the bed in an attempt to escape the assault. Then he realized he wasn't trying to escape, but rather attempting to enhance the feeling. He wanted more. His cock was stretching to nearly full length now, begging for more.

Traci lowered the vibrator under the sack and traced down the crack of Steve's ass. He nearly moaned out loud, but restrained from acknowledging his pleasure. Traci, however, did see his eyes tightly clamp shut. She grinned and let the vibrator hum against the delicate bare skin for another few seconds.

She looked at the underside of his cock, clearly visible now as the erection fell against his lower abdomen. The pinkish head swelled. Maybe it was time.

The vibrator worked its way up the inside of Steve's thigh until reaching the throbbing cock. Traci lifted it momentarily, causing Steve to peer down. What he saw was the humming toy laid against the base of his cock. He put his head back down and stared at the ceiling.

The vibrator slowly, gradually worked up the length of the shaft. Almost imperceptibly it moved. When it struck the engorged head, Steve's entire body twitched. Precum seeped out in a large, clear drop. Traci used the toy to spread it over the tip.

Steve bit his lip to keep from crying out. How long could this go on before he shot cum over his stomach? Is that what she wanted?

The answer came immediately.

"Don't cum or I'll hurt you. Real bad," Traci said.

Steve, again, wasn't sure how to take her statement. For now, he'd try not to cum. But the toy was sliding up and down his cock…pulsating, rubbing, torturing. She moved it from side to side, up and down, and around. His cock was trembling with the need to climax.

Traci sensed the impending orgasm and lifted the vibrator. After laying it aside, she reached above the prone captive and released his right hand from the straps. Steve immediately let it drop to his side, making fists to reestablish blood flow into the fingers.

"So you like my little toy, I see," Traci said to him mockingly. "You have a choice. You can either have it up your butt…or you can use your free hand to get off."

She paused. "I certainly hope you choose the latter, because I'd really, really like to see you cum all over yourself. I want to see long steams of cum shoot up to your stomach." Steve grabbed his cock and began stroking it. "I want to see a pool of cum from your cock up to your navel. You WILL cum for me and I WILL watch you with great pleasure."

Steve's breathing was heavier and faster with each sentence she spoke. Her crimson face expressed the pent up anger that had accumulated for years. Her aggressiveness was turning him on.

He was pumping away with vigor when she put one hand inside her sweatpants. The other hand unzipped her top to about mid-chest. Steve watched as she reached inside and massaged her breast, her eyes fixed on his cock.

Steve felt the first surge of cum rush from his balls through his cock before exploding out in a torrent that landed halfway up his chest. Then a second. And a third. Each time, his grunts echoed through the basement. He had never felt as satisfied cumming as he did now.

Traci's own desires were growing as she combined her self stimulation with the satisfaction of having forced this man to make himself cum. Control was her's. And she wasn't done, yet.

Steve came a half dozen times. His moans gradually subsided. However, as Traci wished, Steve's stomach and abdomen were covered in thick, white semen. The cock lay limp between his legs and his hand was at his side. The man's chest rose and fell in quick succession as he attempted to regain his breath.

Traci walked to a nearby table, pulled open a drawer and took out a small, white towel. She threw it on Steve's chest.

"Wipe yourself off."

Steve did as she ordered, placing the towel on the ground next to the bed when finished.

"That was a good start," Traci said while reattaching his right wrist to the leather strap above his head. "I'm going to leave you alone for a while, but I'll be back and we'll play some more."

The girl disappeared up the steps and Steve heard her walk around on the floor above. He closed his eyes and tried to comprehend what was happening. What he didn't want to focus on was what the end might bring.

It was about half an hour later that the door opened and Traci returned to his side.

"Recovered, I hope," she smiled down on the man.

Steve looked blankly back at her.

"Why is it that men have so little to say when they aren't in a position to dominate a woman? Huh? Can you explain that?"

"What is it you want?" Steve asked, this time looking truly puzzled.

"What do I want? Are you fucking kidding me? All I want is a little love and respect," Traci said sternly. "I want the right to wear feminine clothes without being called a slut in the workplace. I want to do my job without being ogled the whole time by some pervert. Is that asking too much?"

There was no response.

"Here's what I mean," Traci said. She displayed a dry smile.

She reached for the zipper to her top and deliberately pulled it down. As if in slow motion, she lowered it until reaching the bottom. With a small movement of her hand, the two sides came apart.

Traci let the top lay open. Only the gap between her breasts and a small strip of skin down to her waist were visible. Steve watched as she inched the material apart. His eyes were fixed on her breasts as they slowly came into view. First the top, then the areolas, then the nipples. He followed the opened top down to her flat stomach and navel. Back up to her almost completely exposed breasts. Finally, she pulled the top open and slid it off her shoulders. Erotically, she let it slide down her arms and onto the floor. Once again, his cock was coming to life. The girl's breasts were exquisitely firm and full. They turned up at the end, highlighting the pink nipples. Traci ran her fingers over both breasts, outlining them first before putting her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She put the breasts in her palms and lifted them, then kneaded them gently. Steve was hypnotized. The perfection of the girl's chest was only enhanced by her manipulation. He watched her slide one hand down her body, over her navel and stomach to the top of her pants. The fingers disappeared inside. Deeper. Between her legs. She played with herself for several seconds. Steve was semi-erect again. Traci lowered her pants so that only the thin patch of hair above her clit was visible, and the beginning of her long legs. She let the pants crawl down her hips, taunting Steve. Her clit came into view, then the folds of skin leading to her cunt, and finally the opening itself. Cleanly shaven. Moist. Glistening in the light. As she lowered the pants further, Steve began to notice the perfect curves of her hips and thighs. The sculptured legs. When she leaned over to take off the pants, he craved to hold her dangling breasts or run his fingers over her ass. He was hard now. Traci stood up. "THAT'S what I mean." She nodded toward his cock. "I can make you hard anytime I want. I can make you cum. And what do I get in return?" Traci swung one leg over Steve's outstretched body and placed the knee on the bed. Her other knee moved beside his opposite side so that she straddled him. With her body upright, she moved until her cunt was directly over his hard cock, which now extended nearly to his navel.

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