tagGay MaleTrading Places Ch. 5

Trading Places Ch. 5

byBob Peale©

Author's Note:

This story was originally distributed in 7 chapters.

If you missed the other installments, check my author's page.

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Dan yelped but spread his legs wider to accommodate the invading digit. He bit down on his lip and fought to keep from hyperventilating.

"Get on your hands and knees," Bill commanded once his finger was sliding in and out easily. Dan did as he was told. "Now drop your chest to the bed and spread your legs as wide as you can."

In that position, his hips were thrust upward and his cock rubbed against the comforter. Bill spit several times into his hand and rubbed the saliva along the crack of Dan's ass. Dan arched his back involuntarily as Bill's fingers danced over the puckered bud of his anus.

"Oh God, Bill, please don't do this," Dan begged one last time.

Without warning, Bill snaked two fingers into Dan's asshole. Dan pressed his face into the bed to muffle his scream. Goddamn it hurt! His asshole felt raw and stretched. He spread his legs, tried to give the fingers easier passage, and bit down of the bedspread.

"That's right, take it easy," Bill coaxed.

Dan's asshole throbbed dully. Bill had begun twisting and turning his fingers, moving them in circles, opening Dan further. Dan relaxed his jaw, the comforter dropping out of his mouth as the pain subsided. He tried to stay focused on the reason for enduring this, thought about how badly he wanted to fuck Michelle, and felt his cock start to get hard.

"Hmmm, seems like you're starting to get into this a little."

Dan didn't answer. Thinking about Michelle had been a huge mistake. Now his overly sensitive cock head was rubbing against the rough bedspread, sending even sharper spasms through him. With practiced ease Bill probed and turned inside Dan's ass until he grazed his prostate; Dan was immediately rock hard, and his legs started to shake. He pushed back against Bill's fingers, fucking them, even as his cock ached for release.

"That's it," Bill encouraged him. "It's not so bad, really."

Dan clenched his jaws tight, afraid that if he opened his mouth a moan might escape. As a third finger joined the first two the door to the room swung open, revealing Jeff and Mark in the doorway.

"Holy shit," Mark whispered.

"I don't believe it," Jeff agreed.

Dan turned his head to face them, his face contorted in a mask of pain and pleasure. The addition of an audience spurred Bill on. He twisted and stroked Dan's prostate, forcing a tortured groan out of him. Still not satisfied, Bill reached between Dan's legs and stroked his cock, timing his movements to the tempo in Dan's ass. Rolling his eyes, Dan grabbed the bedspread in both fists and held on for dear life.

"Oh God," he shuddered. "Guys, please close the door…someone might walk by," he moaned.

They stepped in and shut the door behind them. Jeff walked over to the bedside table and switched on the lamp, bathing the room in dim yellow light. Dan and Bill were drenched in sweat, and Dan's whole body was taut with the strain of fighting his arousal. Bill, on the other hand, was aglow with excitement, his victory fueling him.

Jeff and Mark pulled up seats facing them, fascinated. It was a lot like looking at a car accident--it made both men uncomfortable, but they felt compelled to keep watching.

Dan gripped and released the comforter in the same rhythm that Bill jammed his fingers in and out of his ass and stroked his cock. Occasionally Bill must have done something different because Dan would suddenly arch his back and pant loudly.

Jeff and Mark shifted self-consciously in their seats. Neither man had ever seen two guys go at it, and if you had asked them before today, both would have asserted that it held no interest for them. But they were definitely getting hard now. Maybe it was because they knew the participants, that just seeing this them like this felt clandestine, secret. Whatever it was they both tugged at their crotches, trying to get a little more room.

Bill caught their movement out of the corner of his eye. "Might as well get comfortable boys," he said, turning to face them and fixing them with a lewd grin. "The show's really about to start."

Looking away embarrassed, Mark stood up, stripped off his clothes, and fell back on his chair. He was shorter than both Dan and Bill, with graying hair on both the top of his head as well as his chest. He was lean but not terribly fit--the kind of guy who ate right but exercised little. His cock, finally free, jutted out in front of him red and angry, evidence that it had been stimulated for the better part of the day. Bill made a mental note that maybe he should approach Mark about fucking Michelle in the near future.

Mark sat back down and leaned over, letting spit dribble out of his mouth to coat his cock head. Scooting forward to let his cum heavy balls hang clear of the seat, he pumped harder, the slow "slap-slap" mixing with the sounds coming from the bed.

With a few more thrusts Bill removed his fingers and let go of Dan's cock. Dan's body held the position it'd been in for the better part of an hour, his ass now gaping from Bill's expert manipulation. His breathing was coming shallow and fast, his body convulsing.

"Are you ready for my cock, Dan?" Bill asked tenderly, almost lovingly. Dan grunted his assent.

"Uh uh, that's not good enough. I want to hear you ask for it. Ask me to put my cock in your ass and fuck you," Bill taunted.

Dan's mind reeled. The more Bill violated him, the more he thought about fucking Michelle, and the more he found himself wanting, almost needing, Bill to take him. His ass felt empty and his cock had softened even though he wanted so desperately to come.

"Please Bill, fuck me. Fuck my ass," he heard his mouth betray him. His voice sounded hungry, supplicating. To his surprise and embarrassment he reached behind and grabbed his own ass cheeks, spreading them wide for Bill.

Bill chuckled. "In the end, they always come to you."

Without bothering to slip on a condom, Bill placed the head of his cock, a round, fleshy mushroom, against Dan's warm, loosened hole, and rubbed. Dan cooed, pushing back, trying to mount it. Bill grabbed Dan's hips and urged him forward so that he could climb up on the mattress behind him. In this position he was able to point his cock down so that when he entered, he would do so from above and at an angle, getting the maximum thrust and depth. He let his weight fall forward and felt his cock bury deep in Dan's ass.

The sound that resulted was a mixture of a scream, a moan, and a choked cry. Even as Bill pressed down Dan lifted his head and shoulders so far off the bed that it looked like he might bend in two.

Mark grunted and his cock erupted, errant streams splashing on Dan and Bill. A particularly strong stream hit Dan in the face, dappling his eyebrows, while another landed on his back.

Now all the way in, Bill held Dan's hips and pulled back out until just his cock head was in Dan's ass. With exaggerated force he drove down, making the bed shake, and Dan pressed his face into the bed. Bill ground his hips as his pelvis made contact, his cock snugly wedged inside, throbbing and swollen, making Dan claw at the bed.

Bill no longer kept track so he really couldn't rate Dan against the other guys he'd fucked, but without a doubt he was enjoying this ride. Dan was basically one big muscle; every part of his body was lean and firm. Now that he was getting into it, he was squeezing Bill's cock so hard that Bill knew he couldn't last much longer. If he fucked even half as well as he got fucked, Michelle was in for a treat.

It all finally got to be too much for Jeff. Reluctantly, he removed his pants and shorts, but for some reason left his socks and shirt on. Mesmerized, he played with his cock as Bill fucked Dan, drawn into the act even more than Mark had been.

In fact, he was so involved in what was going on on the bed that it took him a moment to realize that his wasn't the only hand in his crotch. Looking down, he saw Mark's hand cupping his ball sac, squeezing gently as he pumped his own cock. He reached down and covered Mark's hand, intending to remove it, but Mark brushed his fingers over Jeff's balls, distracting him. Emboldened, Mark moved his hand along Jeff's shaft, stroking it in time with Bill's thrusts. Jeff wanted to remove Mark's hand but it felt so good--in addition to pumping his hand up and down, Mark's fingers danced over his cock, teasing the head, the ridge, the slit, making Jeff drool.

On the bed, Bill maneuvered Dan's cock so that it trailed in back of him, hanging over the edge and rubbing against the side of the bed. A small puddle of precum dribbled out. Dan was moaning unabashedly now, and Bill was pounding into him as hard as he could.

"Oh Goddamn!" Dan roared as his cock began thrashed against the bed, thick streams of cum splashing along the side of the bed.

Across from them, Jeff whimpered as he came, with Mark tugging his cock hard, almost abusively. Mark was stroking his own again as well, his hand moving maniacally, coaxing out what little cum had built up as well.

The sounds of his friends all coming coupled with the viselike clenching of Dan's ass finally made Bill pop. With a brutal thrust he buried his cock in Dan's ass, holding on tightly as he emptied his load deep in him. Dan bucked and writhed trying to free himself even as another small orgasm was touched off by the torrent of cum filling him. Bill's hold was surprisingly strong; in truth, his grip was derived as much from passion as from any physical strength.

Spent, Bill gingerly removed his cock with an audible pop, and Dan crumpled against the bed. On wobbly legs he walked over to the cooler and fished out another beer.

He turned to face his friends. Dan was still on the bed moaning, a thin line of cum drooling out of the tip of cock. Jeff and Mark were slumped in their chairs, legs spread wide, chests rising and falling deeply.

"So who's up for steaks?" he asked, smiling at them. "I'm starving."



This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein are based on real people, either living or dead.

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