Trailing Home Ch. 10


For the first time in weeks, Liam felt as if a weight had been lifted off of him, and somewhere in the back of his mind, there was a small glimmer of hope. He pulled her more firmly against him and kissed her again, enjoying the feeling of having her in his arms. Even though there was no reaction in his loins, the rest of his body, and more importantly his soul could take pleasure in holding her.

"Alright," he said when he finally raised his head. "We'll give it time. But no more flirting with other men, or I might have to tan your backside again."

Selena's grin was positively wicked. "Is that a promise?"

Their dinner that evening was quiet but companionable. Each of them was focused on their own thoughts, and only occasional conversation was exchanged. However, as they lay side by side on their pallet later that night, they both felt more at peace than they had in several weeks.

The next morning, Selena was surprised when she woke up to find that Liam had already gotten dressed and left the tent. By the time she emerged, he had almost finished tending to the animals. She swallowed back tears of joy as she set the coffee on to boil.

Over the next several days, things gradually improved. Bit by bit, she began to see glimpses of the old Liam. He started bathing and shaving again, and as he resumed his chores and started eating properly again, his body began to fill out once more and grow stronger. He gave up his pallet in the wagon and rode with her on the bench once again. He took over driving part of the time, although he still wasn't up to driving the full day yet. Each day, he drove for longer periods, as his stamina gradually increased, and they began to converse like before, swapping stories and such to pass the time.

At night, they slept side by side. Selena was careful not to pressure Liam, but she always gave him a goodnight kiss. He held her in his arms but his body stubbornly refused to rouse, so he didn't attempt to do anything else. He was still plagued by doubts, but they didn't hold the same power over him when he held her in the darkness.

It had been a week since their argument when Selena was driving the team down a particularly nasty incline. The trail was steep and the wagons tilted precariously as they made the descent. Liam noticed that Selena was straining to hold the reins tight enough, and when she gave a small squeak of panic, he quickly grabbed them from her grasp, leaning back heavily against her as he hauled back on the leather straps. They both held their breath until the wagon had leveled out once again.

Of a sudden, Liam noticed his position, lying halfway across Selena's lap. Her breasts were flattened against his back and arm, and her breath tickled his cheek. He turned to meet her gaze, and when he saw a hot blush crawl up her cheeks, he felt the tiniest stirring in his loins. It was faint, but definitely there, and his heart pounded in his chest.

"Sorry," he mumbled as he straightened. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, of course not. I was glad you helped. I felt like I was losing control there for a minute," she replied breathlessly.

She didn't know if he realized it, but she had nearly lost control over more than just the team. Her senses were leaping out of control from his nearness, and she could feel a distinct wetness between her thighs. It had, after all, been weeks since they had been intimate, and her body's needs were becoming increasingly strong.

Liam kept hold of the reins. "You'd better let me drive. The ground is pretty rough right here."

He drove for the rest of the day, but while his hands were busy with guiding the oxen, his mind was busy processing this new development. Hope flared even brighter than before, but he made no mention of it to Selena. He was afraid to get ahead of himself and disappoint them both.

That evening, they had finished dinner and were sitting back against a log relaxing. Liam saw a shooting star and reached to point. He turned to find Selena's face very close to his, her lips slightly parted and her gaze riveted on his mouth. Once again, he felt a familiar stirring, this time stronger than before. They both froze and their gazes locked. It seemed like an eternity before Liam cleared his throat and rose to his feet.

"I'd better go take a bath, it's getting late." He walked away without another word, leaving Selena staring after him.

She hadn't imagined his reaction, and as she looked at him, she noticed the tightness across the front of his breeches. Maybe...just maybe, she thought hopefully. She didn't want to rush him, but she still remembered the first time they had made love. Even though he had desired her, Liam had been reluctant to press her. She had been the one to take the initiative, and maybe it was time that she did so again. Selena washed the dishes and made out their pallet for the night. When Liam returned, she was still bustling around, getting things ready for the morning.

"Go on to bed. I'll be there in a while," she murmured, without looking at him.

Selena waited until Liam had undressed and settled in bed before she entered the tent. The only light inside was a thin stream of flickering orange from their campfire. Seemingly without intent, Selena stood in that narrow shaft of light to undress. She took her time undoing the buttons on her bodice. As she slid her chemise down over her breasts, she paused briefly with the material barely caught over her nipples. When she finally revealed the taut peaks, she heard a strangled groan from Liam, and she cast a surreptitious glance at him from beneath her lashes. She could see that she had his full attention, and she inwardly smiled. She leaned over to roll her stockings off, providing a clear silhouette of her dangling breasts and hardened nipples. Liam cleared his throat and squirmed a little on the pallet. Finally, she freed her long hair before she slid between the blankets.

Selena waited for Liam to extend his arm, and she cuddled against his side, her head cradled on his shoulder. She could feel his heart thumping beneath her palm, and she wiggled to get even closer to him, bringing one knee up over his groin. She felt his manhood against her inner thigh, only partially engorged but definitely firmer than in recent days.

Rising up onto one elbow, she gave him a sultry smile. "What's that?" she questioned softly, sliding her hand slowly over his stomach, feeling the muscles of his abdomen twitch beneath her questing fingers. She grasped him in her palm, biting her bottom lip when she felt his flesh growing even firmer in her hand.

Liam sucked in a breath and his body tensed. "Selena, I don't know if I can...I mean I'm not sure if..." he broke off on a groan as she fondled him boldly.

Beneath her stroking fingers, he gradually grew firmer and hotter. Selena bent to kiss him, letting her breasts tease his chest. Her lips were moist and greedy, plucking at his senses as she explored his mouth. She trailed hot kisses down his neck, tracing his earlobe with her tongue before moving to his chest, where she suckled his flat nipples. She smiled against his chest when she heard his sharp intake of air.

Obviously, he enjoyed her attention to his nipples, so she kept it up, alternately licking and suckling the tiny buds. All the while, her hand continued to stroke his manhood, teasing and caressing, firmly enfolding him as he lengthened beneath her touch.

Liam felt as if his breath was locked in his chest as her kisses drifted even lower. She nipped at his well-muscled belly and explored his navel with her hot little tongue as she slid her body down between his legs. Liam watched in fascination as his throbbing penis slid between her pale breasts. Hearing his breath hitch, Selena squeezed her breasts together to cradle his penis more securely between them as she moved her breasts up and down along his rigid length. She smiled wickedly up at him as she used her breasts to massage him until he was as hard as oak, and the tiny slit was beginning to ooze.

Working entirely on instinct, Selena slid further down until her face was at his groin. She remembered the feelings he had evoked in her when he had kissed her so intimately, and she hoped he might have a similar reaction. Selena rubbed her cheek against his erection, which by now was twitching in her palm. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the musky smell of him as she trailed her fingers down his length. The skin was velvety smooth, surprisingly so since it encased such strength. Tentatively, she licked him, growing bolder with each stroke as she explored the ridges and folds with her tongue, enjoying the salty taste of him.

When she took him into the sweet, hot cavity of her mouth, Liam thought he might die. His hands clenched into the blanket as she loved him, using her lips and tongue to send wave after wave of mind numbing pleasure through his belly and chest. Her silky hair fell over his stomach and thighs, teasing him like feathers on his skin, but it did little to distract him from her mouth. Selena cradled his balls in one hand while using the other to pull back the delicate skin on his erection to bare the sensitive tip. Then she worshipped it.

His mind reeled as she used her delicious lips and tongue to circle and dip into every crevice as Liam fought to keep from crying out. Time and again she took him deep inside her mouth only to withdraw and tease, lap and suckle. It was the sweetest torture imaginable, and he couldn't resist the urge to grip the sides of her head and press even deeper into her velvety heat. She was enacting his most secret fantasies, the ones he had never dared to voice, the ones he had never imagined his wife might fulfill. He trembled beneath her, squeezing his eyes tightly shut to focus on the sensations.

When his tension was coiled so tight in his belly that he could barely keep from spilling himself into her mouth, he fisted his hands in her hair and tried to lift her head away from him. "No more," he managed to whisper hoarsely through gritted teeth.

Selena ignored him and kept sucking until he shot his seed down her throat. She swallowed convulsively as wave after wave of his hot juice flowed into her mouth. When she had gotten the last few drops, she slid upward, letting every inch of her heated skin brush over his softened erection until she was laying full length on top of him. She framed his face with her hands and gave him a scorching kiss.

Liam could taste his own musky flavor on her lips and tongue, and he groaned as he kissed her. She was temptation incarnate, calling forth his most primitive desires. He grasped her buttocks in his palms. He kneaded the smooth globes before sliding his hands further down to meet at the backs of her inner thighs. She opened her legs before his searching fingers and when he explored her folds, she moaned into his mouth.

Her flesh was hot and swollen, her curls dripping with her musky dew. If he hadn't already known how much she wanted him, her welcoming moisture would have told him. He fondled her boldly, feeling his cock beginning to harden again as he probed her pussy with his fingers. When he was once more throbbing, and she was panting and writhing on top of him, he grasped her hips and lifted her until she was sitting astride him.

Selena sat up and watched him from beneath heavy lids as she guided him to her entrance and sank down, impaling herself on his length with excruciating slowness. When he was finally seated deeply inside her, they both groaned and her eyes dropped fully closed. It had been much too long. Although the night air was frigid, neither of them felt the cold, as heat welled between them and around them.

Liam's eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, and he watched her as she rode him with sensuous, undulating strokes. She used her body to show her adoration, bracing her hands on his chest and rising on her knees only to sink down again, tilting her hips at the very last to take him that tiny bit deeper. She flowered for him so sweetly that he thought he might lose his mind, her softness opening to gladly receive his hard thrusts. Her breasts were heavy golden orbs in the firelight, wantonly bouncing with her movements, her nipples standing proudly erect. Liam reached up to cup their fullness, to squeeze and twist their tempting pink tips, and she arched her back, pressing them into his palms, wordlessly offering them for his enjoyment.

Her generosity slew him. Every slow, sinuous movement was designed to maximize his pleasure, increase his awareness, fan the flames of his passion. She seemed to know his every wish, his every desire, and without his asking, she granted them, eagerly, joyfully. Her movements were not those of a practiced courtesan but of a woman in love, intent on satisfying her lover's every wish.

She bent forward with one hand on either side of his head, dangling her breasts above him and he feasted, suckling so hard on her nipples that she cried out. She urged him on, grinding her loins against his and clutching his face closer against her breast as she stroked his hair. When he tugged her nipple sharply with his teeth, she opened her knees even wider, whispering encouragement in his ear and kissing his brow. He fed ravenously on her bounty until her breasts were aching, the nipples throbbing, but each time he would have stopped, she incited him to do more, take more, satisfy himself more, and in so doing, he knew he was satisfying her. Her ever increasing wetness was testimony to the effect he was having on her, and he wallowed in her slick heat.

Possessed by a sudden urgency, Liam rolled to pin Selena beneath him and plunged into her. Every male instinct he possessed cried out in triumph as he plundered her softness, exalting in her eager response as he felt her legs encircle his waist and her hips tilt to take him even deeper. With every stroke, she clasped lovingly around him, gasping as an overwhelming tide of intense pleasure pulsed through her body. At last, she cried out, raking his back with her nails, and his own hoarse cry blended with hers as he followed her over the edge, drifting with her through the mindless, weightless peace that only lovers know.

They lay still joined, his weight heavy but pleasurable on Selena for several minutes before Liam had the strength or inclination to lift onto his elbows. His eyes melded with hers, clinging, searching, reaffirming.

"Thank you," he said, bending to give her a tender kiss.

Selena smiled, tracing his lips with her finger, her eyes glowing with adoration. "That was most definitely my pleasure, Mr. McKenzie. I love you."

His heart swelled with joy, knowing that she had always had faith in him, in both of them as husband and wife. "I know," he whispered, reaching to kiss her once more. "I love you too."

Selena giggled and bit her bottom lip. She toyed with the hair at his temples, raising a teasing brow. "Aren't you glad now that I didn't decide to dump you and get a new husband?"

Scowling fiercely and giving a mock growl, Liam grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head, holding them down easily with one of his hands. In that position, her breasts pressed impudently toward him, and his gaze was drawn to their creamy perfection. Liam's voice was a husky whisper as he scanned her tempting nakedness.

"Suffice to say, Selena, that should you ever entertain the thought, I would be forced to take drastic measures."

"Really?" Selena asked, giggling again as she squirmed sensuously beneath him, causing her full breasts to bounce. "Like what?"

"Like this," he replied, running his fingers ever so slowly down her arm, his eyes alight with a wicked light.

Selena's eyes popped wide open, guessing his intent. She spoke sternly. "No, Liam. Don't you dare!" She struggled for all she was worth, but she couldn't budge him, and his hand continued its leisurely descent of her arm. "Liam McKenzie, don't you dare tickle me!"

His hand reached her armpit and she squealed. Luckily he was prepared for her reaction, and he caught the sound in his mouth as he kissed her. He tortured her for a few minutes, until she was breathless and weak with laughter, his own chuckles blending with hers in the kiss. He enjoyed the feel of her soft body beneath him, squirming and jiggling in all the right places, pure feminine enticement. By the time he relented, her bosom was heaving against his chest, and he rose up on his elbows once more to enjoy the sight. He still held her prisoner, her wrists pinned above her head, the weight of his body nestled between her outstretched thighs.

He traced the swells and valleys of her breasts, circling the nipples with lazy swirls as he watched how they tightened into firm buds in response to his touch. She shivered. He was still inside her, and he was delighted to feel his cock stiffening once more as he toyed with the luscious mounds. He fondled them boldly, feeling her woman's flesh tighten around him as he teased the impudent tips with the pad of his thumb and bent to nibble their softness. Her eyes were limpid pools of amethyst as she panted beneath him, her breasts quivering against his palm.

"Liam!" she said breathlessly, giving him a deliciously flirtatious grin. "Again?"

"Um hum," he murmured, taking one nipple deep into his mouth, suckling hard and making her gasp as she arched beneath him. When he spoke, the words were muffled against her breast. "I'm making up for lost time."

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