tagGroup SexTrained to Perform

Trained to Perform

bysteve w©

“She’s perfect, man. Where do ya find them?”

He smirked. Where indeed? Where do you go to find a young girl, willing to become a submissive little slut at your beck and call? To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure. This new girl, Kelly, was a long way from being his first. He was thirty two now – old enough to know better, young enough to get off on it – and Kelly must have been his eighth or ninth “victim”. Sometimes his unorthodox way with women recommended itself – one girlfriend recommended him to another girl. He’d had cute girls just turn up at his door. But not this one.

Kelly was finishing up in the bathroom. She’d be naked when she walked in the room. He liked that. Liked the look on his buddies’ faces when his next little slut walked in to perform for the first time. These “opening nights” brought him friends he never knew he had. Because word had gotten round that when he had a new girl, she’d be up for just about anything. He was a one-man party girl machine.

He’d been screwing Kelly for about four weeks. In and around fucking the other girls he knew. She didn’t know anything about them, of course, and he saw no reason to disabuse her of the notion that she was his one and only. Frankly, she had the right to expect that, because she was about to stun the three other guys in the room. Five foot six, one hundred and ten pounds of ex-gymnast. Light brown hair to her shoulders, small but firm tits, and an ass men would crawl through enemy fire just to look at, let alone enter. But he was screwing around on her, with anything between three and five girls. He liked to have plenty of fresh meat lined up because – well, because he just liked fresh meat.

He’d noticed that many of his friends wanted women their own age – as they got older, they wanted women in their twenties, then their thirties. Oh sure, they’d whistle and holler at a teenager, but what they wanted to be with was someone their own age, with the same memories of films and music. He’d got stuck at eighteen. He wanted an eighteen-year-old at eighteen, and fourteen years later, he still wanted that.

It had taken him about an hour talking to Kelly to line her up as his next. She’d heard a little about him from one of her friends. How he could make you cum all night, how he was hung, and loaded, all that shit. It was a rep he was keen to big up on any occasion he could. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy after a while, and he relished the gleam in a new girl’s eye when she met him for the first time, and knew what he was about. It made it ridiculously easy to lay them for the first time. After that, he was used to moulding them into the kind of slut he and his buddies could enjoy. A porno chick in 3-D was what he wanted to create.

The novelty generally wore off after a few weeks. Once they’d had a few parties, and filmed a couple of things, he tended to get bored with her. Whoever she was. Then it was time to find the next one. Down to the local college to check out the fresh ones arriving for the new semester. Sometimes it occurred to him that this wasn’t really the actions of a mature man. That there should be a little more to life than “corrupting” a perky teenager and turning her into a slut. But those kind of qualms didn’t last very long. About as long as it took him to open a Bud, look around the room, and see some girl grinding her ass around on the dance floor. Then, somehow, any pangs of conscience seemed to disappear into his growing erection. Funny that.

Kelly emerged from the bathroom, and the guys fell quiet. She was indeed naked, except for a pair of black stilettos, and a gold ankle chain. She moved in a poised, elegant way, her firm muscles rippling slightly as she walked. She reminded him of a horse in her sleek beauty. Her head was held high, her balance immaculate. His friends held their breath, then whistled softly. She looked at the three of them on the couch, staring at her. She smiled at their reaction. She hadn’t realised how much she relished the power their attention made her feel. The control she exerted over them from her beauty, and her willingness to perform. Just one of a number of things she’d learned over the past few weeks.

He watched his buddies. He didn’t need to watch her. He’d already fucked her damn near inside out. And she was a sensational fuck. She could move around on your cock for seemingly hours, squeezing you off at the base of your cock with her cunt, keeping you on the boil for the longest time. At least she could, once he’d trained her that way. Some sluts took a while to learn what she’d accumulated in days. He considered her a stupid little rich bitch in most other ways, but she was a fast-learning little whore, no doubt about that.

“Kelly, meet Andy, Brian, and Rick. They’ll be fucking you, just like I told you. Guys, this little cunt will do anything you want. Slap her, choke her, abuse her, it’s all good. Right, slut?”

Kelly smiled slightly as she looked at him, and sank slowly to her knees in front of Andy. He held his breath as she took his cock out. She rubbed it against her face as she smiled at him, eyes boring into his. She winked at him, and he winked back. The other two were taking out their dicks, as she kissed the tip of Andy’s cock, then slowly slid her lips over the head. She held it there, flicking at his piss-hole with her tongue. She slid her palms either side of his cock-head and delicately pulled his piss-hole open, so her tongue could delve into it. Then she drooled on his cock, and followed the spit down with her lips, taking him deep into her mouth until she rested with her lips against his balls.

Brian and Rick were now kneeling either side of her, sliding a finger each into her pussy and asshole. She shifted slightly to allow them better access to her firm young body. She wiggled her butt to encourage another finger. Brian obliged, and the two guys built up a slow, steady rhythm of finger-fucking her tight holes. She started to buck gently against their fingers, as she continued to slide her lips up and down Andy’s cock.

He watched the four of them at play. These three guys were new “buddies”, but they worked in finance and he wanted to impress them enough to get a loan for a speedboat. He didn’t really deserve that degree of financial credit, but he figured the best way to grease the wheels was to offer them a nasty little slut to play with. A couple of cums in Kelly’s tight little asshole, the chance to watch her choke on the end of your dick, was bound to sweeten the deal. He could almost picture that Scarab waiting in the marina, courtesy of a disposable eighteen year old. Plenty more where that came from. Thank God for America’s university system.

Kelly climbed up onto Andy’s lap and slid her sexy little cunt onto his dick. She was already wet – he could see Andy’s cock glistening, and it wasn’t all from her drool-filled blowjob. Brian and Rick walked around the other side of the sofa, and offered her their dicks to suck. She alternated, deep throating each in turn, and then licking their balls, as she rode Andy.

From where he sat, he could see Kelly’s tight little ass winking at him as she fucked, calling to him. She’d cried the first time he’d fucked her there, but he’d kept her underneath him until she’d become used to it. Now he was sure she could take him easily, even with another dick inside her. Her ass swayed slightly as she rode Andy, as if beckoning him on, but she carried on her dual cocksucking. He figured now would be a good time to fuck her in the ass again. Maybe pull her hair and slap her, just to get himself hot, or shove her face into one of the guys, until she choked on him. He pulled his dick from his pants. It was already hard, and he fisted the pre-cum across the head as he prepared himself.

Kelly had her lips all the way down on Rick’s cock, when Brian tapped her on the shoulder. She pulled away from Rick, and glanced behind her.

“Look guys, my Master has his cock out. I think he’s getting off on watching me fuck three guys. I think he’s getting ready to shove it in my tight little ass. Look at his cock. Look how small it is.”

He flinched. What did she say? Had he heard that bitch right? She’d said WHAT?

“You heard me…..Master. Your small little cock, that doesn’t know how to please a girl.”

He stared at her, as if she was going to apologise, crawl across to him and beg forgiveness. Or say she deserved to be punished, and wait for him to abuse her like she deserved. But she didn’t. She kept sliding her cunt up and down Andy’s cock, and she smirked at him while she did it.

She nodded, and the two guys raced across and pinned him down by the arms. He fought, oh God he fought, but they were strong, and they had him held down good. His kicks only met fresh air, and he wasn’t going anywhere. Still Kelly kept up her slow, rhythmic fucking of Andy’s cock. She stared at him as she reached back and slid a finger into her ass.

“Mmmmm, feels good in there, Master. But then you know that, don’t you Master? You know that from when you held me down and shoved your cock in, even when I begged you not to. You weren’t to know that was an act, were you, Master?”

His heart was fluttering. He could feel himself starting to panic. His breathing was shallow and his pulse throbbed. He tried to kick out again, to get some leverage, but the two guys held him fast. All kinds of scenarios went through his mind. Cops? Unlikely. They’d have just thrown the book at him. It flashed through his mind that she might be underage. Could he claim ignorance? Or would it be a stat rape charge? One that couldn’t be bribed away this time? Or was he being shaken down, in preparation for some blackmail demand? That wouldn’t work. He actually owned jack shit.

Kelly took her finger from her ass and sucked on it.

“What you did wasn’t nice, Master. What you did with your little dick and your shitty attitude wasn’t nice at all.”

She climbed off Andy’s dick and stood in front of him, sensibly just out of kicking range. Although he suspected that if he did anything now, the guys would beat him to a messy pulp. And he was far too pretty to take a beating, wasn’t he? He’d cooled down slightly, and was now quickly racing through the odds. He went to speak, but she put a finger to her lips.

“You might think this is bad, Master, but as we speak, Daddy’s bankers are planting Mob money into your account. And then they’ll e-mail the Mob, and the IRS. They can race to see who fucks you up first. My money’s on the Mob, ‘coz they have less paperwork to get through….Master.”

She giggled in an overly-girly way, and then wiggled her cute ass over to Andy, and sank to her knees again. He held his cock for her, and she began to swoop over and over on his dick, relishing every inch as she sucked it to the root. She’d clearly done that before, and his heart sank as he realised the whole story. A fucking set-up, from day one. The eager little slut, the friendly guys at the country club, the whole fucking deal.

Andy stifled a roar as he unloaded into Kelly’s mouth. She lapped up every drop of his cum, and opened her mouth to show him she still had his cum, and hadn’t swallowed. She stood and walked behind him, standing over his head as he struggled in vain to break free. Andy put his cock back in his pants and strolled over.

“The moral is, shit-for-brains, be nice to women. In fact, be nice to everyone.”

Andy nodded, and Kelly let the cum dribble onto his face. He was held by the hair so that every last drop fell onto his face, completing his humiliation. It dripped down his face. A man’s fucking cum spat onto his face. He choked back the tears of disgust. Kelly leaned closer, still smiling.

“Oh, and Master. Start….fucking….running.”

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