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Trained Wife


As we walked down the hotel hallway, my wife nervously clutched my hand. I glanced over at her and could tell she was very apprehensive with what was about to take place. She looked exquisite in her short black dress trimmed in lace. She wore a strand of pearls around her neck that hung perfectly into her cleavage. I had picked her outfit when we had agreed to this little arrangement. I couldn’t believe the night was finally here. I had hardly been able to work all week knowing what lay in store. It was a mixed emotion of jealousy, excitement and extreme lust.

Nicky and I have been married 12 years and have three kids. We have always enjoyed a good sex life, but it has definitely never been what you would call too wild and kinky. I am the only man that she has ever been with even though she had had some close boyfriends. She had been raised in a religious background and had therefore never really experimented sexually. The first few nights after we had been married had been very awkward due to her inexperience. She didn’t want me to see her naked and just lay there almost motionless as she experienced intercourse for the first time. I have had some luck trying to coax her into trying new things but it has usually ended in a fight. I will suggest some new technique and she will look at me as if I’m crazy and perverted. Finally she will give in, but act as if this is the stupidest thing she has ever done. By this time the moment has passed and I have lost the passion for whatever I had hoped would increase our sexual satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, she means well but the problem really boils down to not wanting to give into “lust” and not knowing how to act to turn a man on.

This brings us to our current situation. After years of trial and error, mostly error, in the sexual experimentation arena, I started talking to a fellow on the Internet that had had the same difficulties with his wife as well. The more we talked, the more I realized I was not alone. He finally told me what he had done to change it all. He had been introduced to a man who specialized in bringing out wives inhibitions. He had at one time been a sexual counselor but had been constantly questioned on his “unusual” techniques so he had left the field. He now worked with men such as myself who found sex with their wives less then expected.

After tons of questions, and finding myself satisfied with my friend’s results, I contacted this man. He turned out to be very pleasant over the phone and so I agreed to meet with him at a local hotel lounge. I felt like some sort of private eye as I walked into the lounge late on a Saturday night, went to the bar and ordered a drink and quickly drank it down to calm my nerves. While waiting for my second drink, I spotted him in the corner. He wasn’t real handsome like I had expected for some reason. He looked as if he were in his 50’s, slightly over weight, and dressed very plain.

I walked over to his table and introduced myself. To make a long story short, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. Most husbands can’t take watching what he would do, but explained that if I did, I would have the wife that I had always dreamed of. I would be able to watch but only participate when asked. If I interfered, the night would be over, he would pack his bags, and he would never see us again. I numbly shook my head in the positive as I realized how excited I had become listening to some of the things my wife would experience. We agreed on a date and a hotel. I was to pay for the room and leave a key at the desk for him to arrive early and prepare.

I went home that night extremely excited for the prospect of a new sex life but worried as to how to convince Nicky to feel the same way I did. My ace in the hole was knowing that we were very much in love but in agreement that the sex was not what it could be.

The next night, after a routine night of passion, I put my ideas to work. I asked if she thought the sex was as good as it could be. She immediately put on her “We’re not going to have this conversation again” face and asked me what I expected. I told her that I was tired of always doing the pushing and having her reluctantly agree. She was not creative at all in the marital bed and so it was always up to me and she knew this. I then told her about a friend of mine who had gone to see a counselor with his wife. They had done what this counselor had asked and they were no longer having problems the way we were. She immediately agreed but I went on, knowing that she didn’t have a grasp of the whole story yet. I told her he was not your run of the mill counselor. We would meet in a hotel room. There would be some counseling but mostly training. He would show her how to enjoy sex more by demonstration. I told her I had already paid a lot of money to him to acquire his services and it was non refundable. I could tell she was quite confused but I reminded her that if we were to truly be happy, she would do this for me.

I told her that she had always said she didn’t know what I wanted and was always frustrated trying to figure out how to please me. This would be the solution. I reminded her again that I really wanted this and to trust me. She hesitantly agreed but wanted all the details. I just told her that she was to do as Rod asked and not question any of it. I had agreed to everything he said and would be right there for her. I knew that she was naive enough not to truly grasp what was in store for her, but she agreed. I told her we were on for next week. I would buy her some new cloths and some sexy lingerie. This brought another inquisitive look but I just told her to trust me. If we were going to put this frustration behind us, we needed to take major steps.

Friday night finally arrived. Earlier that day I had paid for the room and left a key at the front desk for Rod. I rushed home with a bag full of clothes. The type of which Nicky had never worn before. I walked into the house and found the kids at my mother-in-law’s house as we had decided. I felt a little relief knowing that Nicky was going along with the plan so far. I found her upstairs just getting out of the shower. I laid the bags on the bed and told he it was time. She looked very nervous and asked me if we were actually going to do this. I reminded he how important it was to me. She smiled and looked in the bags. Once again she looked at me like I was a pervert but now it was different. I wasn’t going to feel stupid because I knew what was waiting.

The outfit consisted of black hose and garters, black panties and pushup bra, a short black mini, 3 inch pumps and a strand of pearls. When she walked out of the room I couldn’t believe my eyes. Never before had I seen my wife look so sexy. This was working out already. She looked at me and could tell from my expression that I was impressed.

“You really think this looks good?” she asked.

I could honestly say she never looked better. I felt like throwing her on the couch and doing her right there, but thought better of it. We hadn’t had sex in some time and I wanted her to be able to be good and aroused. She gets very excited after we haven’t done it for a while. We hopped in the car and headed off. The whole time she kept trying to pull her dress down to cover the tops of her stockings. She thought it looked ridiculous but I was in heaven.

We had a valet park the car and headed towards the elevators. We arrived on the 32nd floor and headed down the hall. This is where she took my hand and gave it a tight squeeze out of nervousness and anticipation. We arrived at room 3209 and slowly slid the key card into the slot. The lights were dim but I could make out some sort of leather table in the middle of the room. Nicky saw it and squeezed my hand even tighter. I didn’t see Rod but noticed a note on the bed with a rose on it. I handed the rose to Nicky and read the note.

It said to place the blindfold on Nicky and for her to stand in the middle of the room with her arms at her sides. I was to have a seat in the large chair in the corner and enjoy the show. Rod would join us shortly. As I tied the blindfold on Nicky, she gave me a nervous smile and I reminded her to do everything she was asked. She just shook her head in approval as I tied the blindfold to her lovely head of long blond hair. The note also said that there would be a video made to insure that this was all consensual, at least on my part. I stepped back and looked at my innocent wife standing there blindfolded and felt like the luckiest man alive.

I turned and sat down as Rod came in from out on the balcony. He nodded at me and then proceeded to circle Nicky like a predator sizing up its defenseless prey.

“Hello Nicky,” was all he said. She half smiled back and said hello, little realizing that this wasn’t going to be normal friendship.

“Just relax and I think you will enjoy this.” Rod reached onto the counter and took off a rather large looking belt. He began to fasten it around he waist and she jumped with the contact.

“This seems kind of strange counseling using a blindfold, don’t you think?” said Nicky as Rod cinched up the belt. A nervous laugh escaped her lips but Rod said nothing. He then took her wrist and placed it in what looked like a smaller belt attached to the main loop.

“I don’t think I feel comfortable with my wrist restrained,” she said as he took her other arm and secured it like the first. She sort of pulled at both restraints as if to verify that she was trapped. He told her to just relax. She asked for me and I answered that I was right there and just try and enjoy all of this. This seemed to calm her as Rod once again stepped back to savor the sight of my wife at his mercy. He placed his hands on her waist and had her walk back to the edge of the table I had seen earlier. He then knelt down and secured each of her ankles to straps attached to the legs. In this position she was fairly immobile but could just rest her ass on the edge but not sit down.

I had a front row seat as Rod stepped away and I saw my wife standing facing me, blindfolded, arms secured to her waist, and her legs slightly apart held to the bottom of the table. I now realized that I was completely hard and shaking from the excitement. My hands were cold and clammy and my stomach had a twinge in it but man was I revving to go. At last my wife was going to be ravished like I had always wanted.

Rod then began to undo the buttons on the front of her dress. She at once realized what he was doing and started to twist to stop his progress. He stepped back and looked at me and told me to tell my wife to hold still. I did so and she said that this was not part of any counseling she wanted. Rod then told her to listen to her husband or she would have to be spanked. He told her he had a belt just for such needs and asked her if she wanted him to use it. I told her to just do what he said and she quickly calmed down. He returned his belt to the dresser and proceeded to undo the remaining buttons of her dress. He then pulled it over her shoulders and down as far as the waist restraint would allow. She shivered as he did so and from even where I was sitting could see her hard nipples sticking out proudly from under her sheer bra.

“Very nice,” he said as he starred hungrily at her breasts in the black push up bra. He lightly started to massage them through her bra and once again she tried to avoid him even though it was quite a halfhearted attempt compared to earlier. He quickly went over to the desk, grabbed the belt and brought it down sharply on her backside. She gasped and he told her not to resist him again.

“Do you understand?” he said. She nodded her head and once again he replaced the strap to the dresser. As if nothing had happened he proceeded to lightly touch the exposed areas of her breasts. He did this for a few moments as if deeply admiring a piece of art. He then walked over and stood against the dresser.

“Nicky, do you know what those are for?” he questioned leaning against the dresser with his arms folded in front of him.

“What?” Nicky asked in a slightly tearful voice.

“Where I was just touching you. What are those for?”

“My breasts are for feeding my children,” she said.

“You are wrong on two counts. First, they are tits, not breasts. Second, if they were to just feed your children, they wouldn’t need to be large like yours. You could feed a child just as easily if they were small. Have you ever seen a monkey with tits?” Rod asked.

“No.” was her response.

“So therefore, your tits are purely for the pleasure of your husband. Now repeat after me, ‘My tits are for the pleasure of my husband.’”

Nicky slowly repeated it and he turned and smiled at me. He then told her that since she understood that principle, he was going to show her various ways that a man would enjoy of woman’s tits. He also explained to her that she was now going to begin to experience intense pleasures and pains. She was not to resist and she nodded that she understood. He also explained that she was not to fall to the floor or fall back on the table. She was to remain standing at all times. If she did fall back or forward he would have a reward for her.

“Have you ever sucked your husbands cock?” he asked.

“Only occasionally, but yes I do,” she responded.

“Have you ever swallowed his come?”

“No, I find that rather disgusting and distasteful.”

“Well it seems like we have other areas to work in also. But be warned, if you fall down, I will immediately proceed to that lesson and fuck you face.”

I don’t think Nicky really realized what he had meant by “fuck her face” because she had given me the occasional blowjob but it was more licking then sucking and never to the point where I would come in her mouth.

“Do you understand,” he asked.

Nicky didn’t respond, I think because she was trying to understand what he meant by “fucking” her face. Rod picked up a large pair of scissors and snipped her bra off of her. As her tits swung free, he softly took one into his hand and massaged it. Nicky swayed just slightly and he reminded her not to move or fall down. After he set the scissors on the floor he reach up with both hands and started to roughly squeeze both of her breasts. She complained that it hurt and not to squeeze so hard.

“This is for my pleasure, no yours Nicky,” was all he said.

He then took both hands and squeezed her left tit out hard. Nicky whimpered slightly but said nothing. He squeezed hard with both hands and then took her nipple into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. She gasped and screamed but he continued to suck. It was as if he were trying to suck her nipple off. Tears now formed in her eyes and she bit her bottom lip. After what seemed like forever he released her nipple and it popped out of this mouth wet and hard. It was longer then I had ever seen it. He then did the same thing to her other tit. After finishing with that one, he took out a little white box and began poking through it. He pulled out a gold ring and pushed it over the end of her nipple. This was also repeated on the other side.

“These are to keep your nipples hard, once again for the pleasure of me and your husband.”

Both of her nipples stood out quite far and were red and angry. He then took a Q-tip and rubbed something on each nipple. He explained that this would make them more sensitive to the touch. After this was done, he attached a clamp and some sort of weight to each nipple. Once again, Nicky winced in pain as the weights pulled down hard on her nipples and tits. He had her bend forward at the waist, which caused her tits to be pulled down distended towards the floor. He then motioned for me to come over and feel her tits. They were stretched tight and it really turned me on feeling them in such a distorted state. He told me to push the weights and sway them. Nicky again winced, and it gave me a weird sort of pleasure in knowing that it was her husband who was now increasing this sensation.

Rod then took out a small riding crop and handed it to me. He instructed me to lightly start slapping her outstretched tit. I began slowly and each time she would wince in pain. After a few slaps, Rod took out another and started to do the same thing to her other tit. He started to slap harder and harder and I did the same being caught up in the ecstasy of the moment. She started to try and stand upright but Rod grabbed the top of her head and held her in place.

“Now this is what your tits are for Nicky, to bring pleasure to men.” Nicky began to sway slightly and then fell to her knees. Rod released his grip on her head and motioned for me to give back the riding crop. I handed it to him and headed back to my chair knowing that Nicky was to now be taught lesson two. He put the crops away and undid the weights on her tits. Her nipples stayed hard due to the rings around each one. Nicky tried to tell him she was sorry and would stand back up. He didn’t say a word, but lifted her to the standing position and then pushed her back onto the table. She couldn’t lie back completely with her legs together so he pulled each knee around the corner of the table. This allowed her to lie all the way back and opened her legs quite exquisitely. I’m sure Nicky wasn’t quite sure what was going on this whole time. After she was on her back on the table and her legs were spread, Rod fastened her waist belt to hooks that were on the sides of the table. She was now completely secured to the table. The table wasn’t long enough for her head so she had to support it up herself.

Rod walked to the other end of the table where her head was and told her to open her mouth. She refused and so he went over to the dresser and pulled out a little black box with wires attached to it that looked like a cell phone. There was a pouch on the belt which he slid the box into. He then stretched out two wires and attached each to a different nipple. He then reached over and turned a knob on the box and Nicky arched her back high off of the table. Obviously he was shocking her nipples. He quickly turned it off and then did it again. Once again she arched off the table. Again he immediately turned it off. He calmly walked to the end of the table, pulled down his pants and out sprung a rather plain cock.

He asked her to open her mouth and this time she did. He told her to suck his cock the way she did for me. She slowly began to lick more then suck and swirled her tongue around the outside. This went on for several minutes until he stopped her and told her he was now going to show her what men want. He was going to fuck her face. He told her to relax and breath out her nose, that she wouldn’t be able to breath at times but to continue to suck.

He then reached up and grabbed a hold of each tit and began to slide his cock into her mouth. Her head was tilted back and allowed him great access to her throat. He began slowing at first then started to push in all the way. She began to gag and shake her head but he held her firmly in place. He was really thrusting into her mouth and using her tits as leverage. She continued to gag but after a while the gags became more infrequent. It was as if she was getting used to it. He continued at a steady pace, innnn, outtttt, innnn, ottttt, innnn and so on. This went on for a few minutes until he started to hold in longer and longer. He would push in and then hold it. You could tell by the look on his face he was about to come and his pace quickened. He grabbed her tits hard and furiously pushed in and out of her mouth. In the heat of the moment he reached down and once again turned on the box, but this time he left in on. Nicky withered with the sensation and Rod even commented how he could feel the electricity in his pecker. He said it was an awesome feeling. Finally he shoved in all the way, squeezed each tit hard and half lay across her body. He had her totally pinned to the table as he shook with each load of sperm he shot down her throat. He shuddered 7 or 8 times and Nicky struggled the whole time, unable to breath. At last he released his grip on her tits, turned off the box, and slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth. She gasped for air, as just a little cum dribbled out the side of her mouth.

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