Training Ch. 05


"Before your wedding, Anthony took you here so that Dr. Moreland could test out your suitability for slave training. We strapped you to this table right here, and then he raped you. Twice. Once in your cunt and once in your mouth. And when he was done, he and I sat here and created the training program we gave to your husband." Her hands slid over Eileen's shoulders. "You came so many times! You even came again when we were talking about your program, without anyone touching you."

Fresh tears filled Eileen's eyes. " could you?"

"Oh, it was wonderful. The way you screamed when he raped you. And then you came so hard! You and I are a lot alike, you know. We complement each other. My yin to your yang."

"No! I'm nothing like you!"

"Oh, but you are! You're my match. My perfect opposite. I've read your file. The only way you can come is from being forced, isn't it? Even when you masturbate, you can't get off unless you're fantasizing about being raped. Is it true that you've never had even a single orgasm without it?"

"That's none of your business!" Eileen cried.

"Yes, it is. Do you know why you're my perfect match? Because you get off from being forced, and I..." She paused. Her soft hands slid back over Eileen's breasts. Her fingers stroked Eileen's swollen, sensitive nipples. "I get off from forcing women. That's why I'm here. That's why I let Dr. Moreland do the things he does to me. Most of his patients come to him willingly, of course. Lots of people have medical fetishes. Some of the women who come here have partners that like sending them here. Some of them don't have partners at all and come here because they love what he does to them. A couple of them are in boring vanilla marriages that don't give them any outlets for their more...unusual kinks. This becomes their outlet. They seek him out, and he provides a service. I am his nurse because it gives me the opportunity to play with them, and indulge my own particular kinks. But you..."

She smiled, and bent down to kiss Eileen's cheek. Eileen cringed in horror and tried to turn away. "You are a very special and very rare creature. With you, it has to be forced. That's the only thing that works for you. Anthony recognized that when you first started dating, and so he did a great deal of work to create a life that you could find sexually satisfying." Her fingernails dragged very lightly over Eileen's neck. She smiled when she saw goose bumps. "He is crazy about you. Absolutely crazy. Willing to move heaven and earth to give you whatever you need to be fulfilled."

"That's a lie!" Eileen spat. "He does it just to satisfy his own sick, perverted urges!"

"Oh, I'm sure that's true," she said. "But there are easier ways for him to get his rocks off. The things that he does to you aren't about him. They're about you. " She smiled again, this time with a hint of feral menace. "But right now, this is about me. Just me. The way I see it, there are a couple of ways this can go. I'm going to be unusually generous and give you a choice."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you heard the doctor. If I don't make you come, I get half an hour on the auto-sodomizer as punishment. Do you know what that is?"

Eileen shook her head.

"It's one of his inventions. Imagine a barber's chair, only with straps to hold you down. Once you're sitting in it, the whole thing tilts back so that your back is to the ground. There's a hole in the bottom of the chair. The hole lets the shaft go into your ass. There's a dildo on the end of the shaft that fucks you in the ass, and a motor on the other end of the shaft that makes it go. So you're strapped down, see, and it rams you, just like the machine that was used on you today, only in your ass, right? And there's a tube through it, that lets water flow into your ass, so that by the time it's done, you're so full you feel like you want to explode."

She grinned wider, baring her teeth. "I've been on it before. He loves to build things. He usually tests them out on me. It's one of, benefits of being his assistant." Her fingers pinched Eileen's nipples until she gasped. "Now, it might be that after what just happened to you, your body is just too spent. If that's true, and there's nothing I can do to make you come, I'm going to get strapped to the thing I just described for half an hour. Which, just in case you were wondering, is a very long time. So the way I see it, if you can't come and I'm going to be punished, I might as well make the time I spend with you worth the punishment."

"What..." Eileen felt fear clench her gut. "What are you going to do to me?"

"When I started fantasizing about you, I made a special tray, just for you." The nurse opened a cabinet and drew out an instrument tray wrapped in plastic. "See? So many lovely ways to make you scream." She unwrapped the tray and held up a pair of large clamps, tipped in black rubber, connected by a chain. "For your nipples. I bet they're very sensitive right now." She returned it to the tray and picked up another, smaller clamp. "This one goes on your clit." She held up a padded ring with a leather strap attached to each side. "I can put this in your mouth. It'll hold your mouth open, so you won't be able to talk, but you can still scream. And this..." She picked up a large, thick, rubbery-looking dildo, so wide her hands barely fit around it. "This should produce all kinds of wonderful noises, I think."

"No!" Eileen's heart thudded. "It's too big! And I'm so sore! You can't put that in me. Not after...after what the machine did to me!"

"Oh, sweetmeat, it's not going there. No, this is for your ass."

"No! she cried. "No, it could never fit! Never!" More tears leaked from her eyes.

"Oh, you'd be surprised what we can fit up there with the right tools." She picked up another instrument. "This is an anal speculum. This should be just the thing to get it in there. It might not be too comfortable..."

Eileen broke down in sobs. "Please don't," she said.

"Well, like I said, that depends on you. If I can't make you come, then I might as well not even try. I'll just have fun with you, do whatever I want to you. Maybe I'll put on my strap-on and slap you around while I rape you. Get all of my money's worth out of it, you know? But, if you think you can come, even after everything you've just been through, then I can be nice and give you a good hard orgasm, and then I won't be punished. And if I'm not going to be punished, I won't have to make sure that what I do to you will be worth getting punished. So what do you think, sweetmeat? Do you think you can come for me?"

"I...I don't know," Eileen said softly, eyes downcast.

"Well, here's how it is. This starts with me sitting on your face and you licking all that come out of me, because frankly, I don't like how it feels inside me. And it's going to end with me evaluating how much you like being raped in the ass, just like Dr. Moreland said. The stuff that happens in between depends on you. Time to decide. Do you think you can come for me, or not?"

Eileen shook with shame and disgust. "I...I think so."

The nurse nodded. "Good! Actually, I kind of like the idea of making you come. But first I want you to make me come. With your tongue."

The thought sickened Eileen. "No! I...I can't. That...oh, God, no." She made a small choking sound in the back of her throat.

"Okay. Deal's off, then. If you don't want to do it willingly, we'll do it my way."

"No!" Eileen screamed. Her vice sounded hoarse and strained. "Please, no! I...I'll do what you want!"

"Oh?" The nurse raised an eyebrow. "Will you, now? I'm not convinced. Convince me. Say 'Nurse Bowes, please fuck me.'"

Eileen went limp in the straps, defeated. "Nurse Bowes, please fuck me." Her voice sounded mechanical and distant in her ears.

"That's not very convincing. I want you to convince me you want it. And look me in the eye when you're doing it. Tell me you will lick the come out of my cunt. Ask me to make you come."

"I can't!" Eileen wailed. Shame touched her face.

The nurse shrugged and picked up a tube of lubricant. "Okay. Let me just lube up the speculum. We'll do it my way."

"No!" Eileen said. Her cheeks flamed red. "Please! Nurse Bowes, please let..." Her throat closed. She looked away, then forced herself to look back. "Please let me lick...lick the..." Tears of shame leaked down her face. Her voice quavered. "The...the come out of your c...your c...your cunt." The word felt strange and harsh in her mouth. "Please don't hurt me. Please make me come."

The words, and the tears, made Samantha's pussy clench so tightly that for a split second she thought she would get off right there. Her face felt flush with arousal, and her nipples hardened. "Oh, God yes!" she said.

She climbed onto the table and knelt over Eileen's face. "Yes, you may lick the come out of me. You should thank me, you know. Licking a freshly-fucked pussy is one of life's wonderful little joys. And I say that as someone who doesn't even like men's come." She lowered herself until her labia, dripping with white creamy goo, touched Eileen's lips.

Eileen gagged and choked. The thought of licking a woman's sex repulsed her. Her hands clutched tightly at nothing and her heart hammered in her chest. She closed her eyes tightly and forced herself to extend her tongue. She shuddered when it touched warm flesh.

Samantha sighed. "Get your tongue up in there deep." She settled herself down on Eileen's face, felt Eileen's tongue slide into her. Small gagging sounds came from beneath her. She felt her orgasm rising quickly, and pushed it back down firmly; she wanted more time to enjoy this.

Step by step, move by move, she instructed Eileen how to lick her. Eileen was obedient, if reluctant. Samantha's hips rocked back and forth as Eileen's tongue moved inside her. The thick mixture of Samantha's juices and the doctor's semen dribbled down Eileen's tongue and flowed down her throat, making her choke and sputter. More wet goo coated her lips and face. The overpowering smell and taste of sex flooded Eileen's senses.

The nurse moaned and moved her hips faster. "Oh, God, that feels good." Eileen's tongue found the hard nub of her clit, and she gasped. "Oh! Oh! OOOOH!" At last, she could not hold it back any more, and the orgasm ripped through her. She screamed her pleasure and pressed herself roughly against Eileen's face. Her hard contractions forced a deluge of come into Eileen's mouth; her gagging sound became a wet liquid burble and her stomach lurched. Eileen flashed to the alley in London, kneeling in the mud while Anthony forced himself into her mouth, and a hot tight wave of unexpected arousal clawed at her.

When it passed, Samantha climbed off of the table panting. "Oh, my God! Oh, sweetmeat, you are good with your tongue." Her fingers wandered down Eileen's captive body. "It looks like licking pussy turns you on."

Eileen curled inwardly in shame. Of all the things her mother had told her about sex, the most dire warnings were saved for the corrupting deviancy of getting naked with another woman. "It will turn you queer," she had said, with a wrinkle of her nose at the word. "It's sick and perverted. Once you even look at some other woman's body in that way, there are no depths of depravity you won't sink to. That's how they get you, you know. They flaunt their bodies in front of you to corrupt your mind."

And now she had been forced to give pleasure to another woman. She could still feel the wetness on her face, taste the awful thick stuff in her mouth, and it made her abused pussy moisten with a fresh wave of intense arousal. What did it mean? Was she corrupted beyond redemption, destined to a life of perverted filth?

Samantha's hands caressed Eileen's bound body. She savored the naked emotions on her face, the shock and disgust mixed with arousal, the look of horror when she realized her own hunger. "Yes, that's right, sweetmeat," she said. Her soft hands fondled Eileen's breasts. "You like it. You can't help it."

Eileen closed her eyes and whimpered. "No," she said softly, not even believing it herself. Her breasts pressed into the nurse's hands with each breath. Samantha felt tiny shudders pass through her body.

"Yes. That's right. Don't fight it." Her hands traveled lower. "You love being raped. It gets you off." She caressed Eileen's inner thighs. "You want me to make you come."

"I...I don't, I..." Eileen stammered. She was afraid to say that she didn't want it, for fear of what the nurse might do to her, how she might hurt her...but the thought of admitting to her own arousal horrified her.

"Yes, you do. You said so before. Your body is saying so now." Teeth raked gently against her thigh. "I'm going to give you what you want, sweetmeat."

Eileen felt warm breath between her legs. Fingers parted her folds. A tongue flicked lightly against her clit. She spasmed and moaned. "No!"

The tongue pressed harder. Samantha's fingers explored Eileen's pussy, probing very lightly, not quite penetrating. Samantha felt her own body respond to the protest; the cry of "No" sent shivers through her. She swirled her tongue in small circles around Eileen's hard clit and was rewarded with another moan.

The thought of letting the nurse have her this way was suddenly too much to take. Nothing that the nurse could possibly do to her, in that moment, seemed worse than making her come. "No! I changed my mind!" Eileen said. "Please stop! Please don't do this to me!"

Samantha's fingers stretched her open and probed more deeply. Eileen begged and pleaded with her to stop even while the tension built inside her. The nurse's tongue moved nimbly, tracing tiny figures around Eileen's clit. Her fingers found a sensitive spot inside Eileen, causing her to twitch and tighten.

The nurse pressed deeper. Another finger stretched Eileen open. Her knuckles rolled past the tight entrance to her sex. Eileen's scream became a gasp as the nurse's hand slid inside her. She felt pain, and pleasure, and an incredible sense of fullness.

"I know," Samantha said. "Nice, isn't it?" Her hand rotated slightly inside Eileen. Knuckles pressed against the sore spot within her. Eileen screamed as the orgasm blaze through her.

As it gripped her, she thought again to her mother's words warning of the dangers in being around a naked woman, and something shifted in the landscape of her mind. If these things were true, and she really had been corrupted by the taint of another woman's touch, then there was no saving her any more. The last tattered scraps of her decency were gone, taken by men who were not her husband and by the touch of another woman, so what point was there now to saving herself? Why not, with all that had happened, accept her role?

She felt tears well up, but these were different, cleansing. Soon, her body shook with cathartic sobs. Her pussy twitched around the nurse's hand. "Thank you," she gasped, "thank you, thank you..."

The hand moved inside her. Eileen felt a sense of stretching, a quick flash of pain, and then sudden emptiness. Soft lips pressed against hers. Samantha stroked sides her gently. "Oh, Eileen, you are so lovely," she said. She kissed the sobbing woman with exquisite tenderness. Her fingers wiped the tears from her cheeks. Eileen shook and squirmed helplessly against the straps.

When her tears subsided, Samantha kissed her forehead lightly. "Before I can untie you, you know that I still have to anally rape you for Dr. Moreland."

Eileen nodded silently.

Samantha operated the controls on the exam table. Machinery whirred, and it descended toward the floor. When it was as low as it could go, she pressed another button to cause the front part to rise, until Eileen was seated, still strapped down.

Samantha pulled a chair to the foot of the table. "I'm going to make myself come while I do this," she said. She picked up the same long, double-ended dildo she'd used before and slicked it up with lube. "You don't have to come if you don't want to."

She sat in the chair with her legs spread wide. Eileen felt pressure against her anus, then the head of the dildo penetrating her slowly. She closed her eyes at the violation and gasped.

"Open your eyes," Samantha said. "Look at me."

Eileen opened her eyes and watched as Samantha penetrated herself with the other end of the dildo. One of her hands slid up to fondle her breasts. "Ohhh..." She gripped the dildo firmly and started to move it. Eileen felt it sliding in her ass and shuddered.

"Don't look away!" Samantha commanded. "I want you to watch me come." She felt herself clamp around the dildo inside her in a sudden sharp spasm at the look of shock on Eileen's face. Her nipple swelled under her hand.

Eileen closed her eyes, unable to watch. "Oh, no, you don't," the nurse said. "Open your eyes! Look at me when I'm raping you!"

She began masturbating hard and fast. Every thrust assaulted Eileen's ass. Eileen's eyes, wide with abhorrence and shame, locked on hers. She squeezed her breast tightly and moved the dildo faster, feeling the hot glowing tension of her own building orgasm. "Oh! Oh, God!" she cried. "Look at me! Watch me come!"

Eileen struggled uselessly, helpless to stop the rough assault of the dildo inside her. She saw the nurse's nipples harden, watched as she threw her head back and screamed in pleasure. "Onnngh!" Feelings of degradation and embarrassment at being used this way flooded her. Her pussy twitched and wetness flowed.

Samantha panted on the chair, one hand still on her breast, until her heartbeat slowed. After she had recovered, she slid the dildo from herself, then withdrew it from Eileen's ass "Oh," she said, "you take it in the ass so nicely. I put together the kit your husband used on you on your honeymoon. I have fantasized so many times about those probes going up into you. Did you scream when he used them on you?"

Eileen looked away. "Yes," she whispered softly.

"Oh!" Samantha said. Her cheeks flushed with excitement. Her hands slid over her body, cupped both breasts. "Did you come with the probes up your ass?"

Eileen nodded wordlessly.

"Oh, God," Samantha said. "You're making me want to come again." Eileen flushed. Samantha looked at her with sympathy. "Don't worry, I'm done playing with you for now. I seem to have made you a mess, though. Let me help you with that."

She turned away from Eileen and moved to the sink. Eileen watched powerlessly while she filled a bowl with warm water. When she was done, she turned back to her captive.

Eileen twisted helplessly against the straps while the nurse gave her a thorough, efficient sponge bath. The feel of the sponge on her skin reminded her how Anthony had cleaned her after all the men had used her, and she whimpered, ashamed all over again.

After she was finished, Samantha stood and opened a drawer. "I have a surprise for you," she said. She pulled on a pair of gloves and showed Eileen a small, unmarked tube, identical to the one that Anthony had had in London. "Do you know what this is?"

Eileen's eyes opened wide in fright. "No! Please!"

"Ah, I guess you do." The nurse squeezed some white cream onto her fingers and began rubbing it in to one of Eileen's nipples. The burning ache faded. "Dr. Moreland developed this stuff. It's basically just a mild Benzocaine cream with some special additions." She squeezed out some more and rubbed it in to Eileen's other nipple. "He mixes in encapsulated capsaicin, ginger oil, and menthol. Those start to get released at about the same time as the anesthetic starts to wear off."

Her fingers parted Eileen's labia. She ran a long ribbon of cream directly over her clit. "The capsaicin causes the tingling feeling. The ginger oil makes the burning sensation and increases blood flow, which makes you more sensitive. The menthol is what gives you that itch. It took him a while to get the formulation right. He did all of his experimentation on me. The first few batches were way too strong. I was strapped to that table, right where you are now, screaming, while he wrote in that damn notebook of his."

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