tagIncest/TabooTraining Ch. 21

Training Ch. 21


It was Tuesday and the day Bobby was scheduled to leave his mom's house and go next door to Bonnie's home for a few days to be with her. But that morning Bonnie called and told him not to bother coming over at all this week she was going to be busy. Bobby was sure she was with that big guy he saw in her back yard fucking her.

She told him: "Baby I'm sorry but I really need this time with my new friend James. He won't be in town after Friday and maybe we can be together next week."

Then she told Bobby: "Baby, it's OK. I am going to drip off a present for you and your mom. I'm sure you will both like it."

Bobby wondered what it was but Bonnie wouldn't tell him.

So after the phone call Bobby showered and came into the kitchen with his mom. As he ate his breakfast his mother gave him a nice slow blow job. "I'm sorry mom I don't have much time today for anything else but I'll make it up to you tonight when I get home. OK", he said as he saw her swallow and then wiped her mouth.

She smiled and kissed hi goodbye. Bobby could taste his cum on her lips and smell it on her breath as she whispered: "You young man, own me big and you will make it up to me tonight. Your pretty face will be buried between my legs licking me. Understand" she smiled as she whispered in his ear.

He smiled and told her it was a deal. Jane watched him walk to his car and drive way. She loved to please her son each morning and promised him that if he went to college in town instead of going away to school she would make sure his cock was well drained and milked every morning and again at night. She also told him she would do it any way he wanted depending on the time he had before class.

So off to class Bobby went and a few minutes later Bonnie was wrapping on her door. Jane opened it and saw Bonnie with her new man. His name was James and he was a huge man. Standing almost 6'4'"; and she guessed he was 250 if he was an ounce. But he was all muscles not fat.

They both came into the living room and began to talk to her. It seemed that Bonnie had met this guy about two weeks ago and they had now become lovers. She told her best friend that she still wanted Bobby when James was out of town. But, that wouldn't be until next week. Bonnie knew Bobby would be at Dhea's home next week and after that he would be back with his mom.

Bonnie knew this and she asked Jane to switch weeks with her so she could have Bobby again while James was gone away on business. James knew their arrangement and was OK with Bobby being with Bonnie and learning and being schooled in the ways of sexual pleasure by these matured women. "Actually he is a very lucky boy. I sure wish I have a woman like Bonnie or yourself Jane to teach and train me when I was his age", James told them both.

James eyed Jane like a piece of meat and she could see her liked what he saw. She smiled and told him: "Well I'm happy you and Bonnie are happy together."

She wanted to be sure he got the message there was no way he was going to have her too at last as long as Bonnie was with him. While they all drank coffee and talked about their arrangement Jane couldn't get over the size of the guy sitting next to her best friend. His hands and feet were huge. Jane couldn't help but think about his cock, was it as big as the rest of him? She was thinking: "If so Bonnie would hold on to this guy for a long time. Good for her she deserved to have a great sex life with a big guy."

After a short time Bonnie gave Jane the surprise she had. It was a DVD and Bonnie told her to watch it with her son. She was sure they would both love to see it. Before they left Bonnie made Jane promise she would wait until Bobby got home and then they should sit in the family room and watch the DVD. Bonnie knew that they would be as nude or almost nude like usual as they sat and watched the DVD. She also knew that they would be going wild on each other after a short time of watching it. Bonnie kissed Jane goodbye and again told her she wouldn't be sorry if she waited for Bobby.

Then the two loves left leaving Jane alone for a few hours. Jane bathed and put on a robe and waited for her son to come home. She was tempted to watch the DVD but she waited.

Bobby was right on time today and for that Jane was glad. As he came into the house Bobby saw Jane in her rob. It was one sure sign that she had showered and was super clean and super horny! She had been waiting for him to get home so he could have sex with her. He was glad because the smell of her perfume and the way she looked wearing nothing under the robe made him as horny and he wanted to fuck her badly.

Jane told him she had a surprise for him that Bonnie had dropped off. Bobby wanted to know what it was but she demanded that he clean up, shower and shave and when he came come he should be in his boxers as usual. They would eat dinner and then she would show him what the surprise was. He finally got out of her that it was a DVD and he was sure it was porn. His mom just laughed and told him: "You know Bonnie all to well baby. I'm sure it is too but we'll watch it together. OK? Now go shower and I'll fix diner. Hurry I want to see it as much as you do."

As they ate Jane told her son that Bonnie didn't want him over at all this week but he knew that already. She explained about Bonnie's new boyfriend and how big he was. Bobby reminded her by saying: "Yea we saw him in her back yard and if you remember he was huge in every department."

Jane held her hand to her mouth and laughed. She hadn't seen James cock but she was sure he was big down there too.

Bobby was scheduled to go to Dhea's house tonight so that meant he had the rest of the week to stay home with his mom and enjoy his time with her.

She told him how happy she was that they would have more time together and that she hoped he was happy about that too. Bobby told her: "I'm very happy mom. I love being with you and I can always see Bonnie some other time. So now can we watch the DVD?"

Jane smiled and told him: Sure baby. How about we turn on a fire and cuddle on the rug in the family room like we always do when we watch a movie?"

Bobby smiled knowing cuddle meant they would both be nude and making out which always turned into a fuck session. They hardly ever saw an end to a movie the first time. So when his mom stood and took her dishes to the sink he said: "Let's do the dishes later. I want to see what Bonnie gave us."

His mom took his hand and they walked into the family room. While Bobby loaded the DVD his mother turned on the fire and they she took off her robe dropping it where she stood. Fully nude Bobby watched her every move. "She is so damn hot", he said to himself.

As she turned around she saw Bobby lying on the rug and he too was fully nude and watching her. She walked towards him and slowly knelt in front of him. Then she laid down on her left side pushing the back of her body into his front.

Bobby put his arm under her head and she laid her head on it as she pressed her ass into his cock. She could feel him hardening already. God how she loved how his cock grew full in seconds, "Youth is so wonderful", she said to herself.

Bobby pressed play on toe DVD machine and the video started.

Bobby put his right arm over hers and let his finger lightly touch her right tit as the video stayed. It showed Bonnie taking off her robe revealing that she was completely nude under it. Swaying as she walked she moved to the bed where a long set of legs was showing in front of her. As she moved to the bed Jane and bobby cold both see the long set of legs belonged to Jane. She was lying on the bed fully nude.

Bonnie moved slowly up over Jane's body kissing and licking as she went. Bobby heard his mother take a deep breath and say: "Oh my, I didn't know she filmed us together. Maybe we shouldn't watch this Bobby. I was very nasty that day."

Bobby laughed and said: "No way am I turning this off. Relax mom just lay back and watch it with me. I like it so far."

As they watched Bonnie move over the bed and lay on top of Jane kissing and touching her everywhere, Bobby's cock grew quickly and his hands moved to his mother's breast. With both hands now Bobby cupped his mother's big right breast and squeezed it making the nipple stick out longer and begins to harden.

As they watched the movie of his mother and Bonnie making love he looked from the movie to his mother's nipple growing hard and long from his touch. Jane shook her head and said: "I never wanted you to see this Bobby. I mean I did everything with Bonnie that night. I just didn't know she was filming it."

Bobby whispered in her ear: "Well it's damn hot mom. I mean Bonnie and you are so good looking and now I see you making love!! WO! God she's sucking your nipples now and her fingers are playing with your pussy. It's wild!!! I love seeing you like this."

Jane surrendered just like she always did to her boy when it came to sex and pleasure. She stopped protesting and began to relax. Jane turned a little towards her son and moved her arm so she could run her fingers on his hair. He held her right breast and lowered his head down on her nipple.

She held his head and said: "OH Bobby you make me so hot. Yes baby suck it. Suck it like Bonnie did. Watch, watch her tongue baby. Move your tongue just like she is doing baby. Yes that's it. Just like that baby! It feels so good."

Bobby didn't release her nipple he looked up at the DVD running and watched as the camera moved in, zooming in on Bonnie's mouth and his mother's nipple. When Bonnie sucked Bobby sucked. When Bonnie flicked her tongue over Jane's hard nipple in the movie, Bobby did the same in real life. Jane held her son's head and pushed down on it making Bobby take as much of her big tit in his mouth as he could get. "Oh yes", she hissed as Bobby sucked and squeezed his mother's sensitive nipple and breast.

Bobby kept his eyes on the movie and his mouth on his mother's tit pleasing her just like her neighbor Bonnie had done with her mouth and hands on her tits. "That's it baby you got it. Suck, suck, suck baby. Suck mommy tittie. Suck and feed on it like you use to do. Suck it Bobby. God it feels so good baby", Jane moaned as her son nursed on her breast.

As time went on Jane had turned completely around and was now lying on her back and Bobby was sucking from one tit to the other and then back again. His thigh was between his mother's thighs and his hard cock lay on her pussy. She could feel it and she loved knowing he was ready to fuck her when she was ready.

They watched as the two women in the movie made out and made love. It was slow and easy and very loving between Jane and Bonnie. Bobby could see how good his next door neighbor was making his mom feel with her hands and mouth. "It was so good Bobby. My first time with her and she knew exactly what to do to me to make me want more. God Bobby I'm so wet just watching this", she told him.

As Bonnie moved Jane around on the bed the DVD now showed Jane's thighs opened wide and Bonnie's hand and fingers stroking and rubbing between them as she now worked on Jane's pussy as she sucked her breasts.

Bobby broke his hold on his mother's nipples and they both watched as Bonnie's hands and finger began to work his mother's cunt. Again the camera zoomed in and Bobby and his mother could see very clearly how wet and open Jane's pussy was. They could also see Bonnie working Jane's pussy with her fingers.

Bonnie again sighed as she felt her son's fingers move down her flat belly and over her pelvis and then down between his mother's open legs. Bobby felt his mom spread her legs wider for him giving him full access to her heat.

"Yes baby! Touch me! See how Bonnie uses her finger tips to spread my pussy lips and rub the pink insides? Do that baby! Do what Bonnie is doing to my pussy."

Bobby moaned as he felt his mother slit part and her lips opened like a butterfly as he used his fingers just like Bonnie was doing, separating his mother out pussy lips. Then as Bonnie inserted a finger so did Bonnie. He inserted his fingers as deep as he could into his mom's wet hot cunt hole.

When Bonnie fingered his mother's hole fast Bobby did too. When Bonnie slowed down and gently fingered Jane's cunt so did her son. It was such a great learning session for Bobby. Watching another woman make love to his mother's body was wonderful and erotic. "Who knows better how to please a woman's body better than another woman. "No one", he said to himself.

Jane began to rock on his hand as they watched Bonnie doing that to her in the movie. Jane was cumming in the mo vie and now she was cumming in real life. Jane was in sort of a dream world as her son made her feel so good. "Muum baby! Your fingers feel wonderful! You make mommy love to be touched that way. Look, look how Bonnie uses two hands now", she moaned as she watched him play with her body

Bobby watched as Bonnie knelt between his mother's open thighs and the camera was now looking down between them. They could see Jane's pussy and Bonnie's hands and what she was doing with them.

Bonnie worked his mother's pussy with both hands now. One was working in her cunt hole and the other played with the clit and its hood. Bobby moved down his mother body licking and kissing her as he went. Then he spread his mother's legs even wider and began to work on her pussy just like Bonnie was doing!

His mother moaned and arched up and Bobby began to gently jerk her clit hood back and forth with his index and thumb. He rubbed it with one finger on each sides of the hood. He was masturbating the clit hood squeezing it very gently as he stoked it just like Bonnie was doing in the movie. Jane moaned and sighed from time to time as Bobby watched the DVD and then did what Bonnie was doing.

Meanwhile Bobby used his other hand now taking two fingers and inserting them into in his mother pussy hole. He pushed them deep and moved them in and out gently, very gently. He could hear his mother's appreciation in her sighs and moans. Again he began to masturbate her there too just like Bonnie was doing to her.

Again and again he could feel his mother jerk and lift and cry out as his work stimulated her until her clit was full exposed from under the hood. It was throbbing and she was humping and fucking his hands. Bobby looked at the movie and saw that his mom was doing the same thing in the movie from Bonnie working on her the same way. "Yes! God yes Bobby! You're so good. Better than Bonnie and she was fantastic. Now baby! Put you mouth on me please! Eat me! Eat me please! Lick me until I cum."

Bobby smiled and bent forward covering his mother's cunt with his mouth. He looked up one last time to see Bonnie eating his mother's pussy too. Bobby didn't need any directions for this. The three women in his life had taught him how to do this very well. Bobby began to lap and lick and suck on Jane's clit as he kept fingering her cunt hole. Again and again he felt his mother cum and her body stiffened and arch and then hump and hump and hump as she climaxed on her son's talented mouth.

"OH fuck yes!", Jane cried out in the movie and seconds later she cried out in real life as Bobby pushed three fingers deep into her hole as his mouth sucked and his tongue stroked her clit.

All of a sudden Jane screamed and lifted up off the rug and sort of hung in the air as her body began to fuck his hand like she was having a fit or spell. His mom couldn't stop herself. She continued to fuck his hand and mouth as Bobby lifted her ass up a little higher and jammed his fingers into her hole.

His face was flooded with his mother's juices and he could taste the bitter sweet taste of her cum and smell the sexual musk her body was giving off. Jane was going wild fucking herself on her son's hands and mouth!

Finally her ass fell back to the rug and she was panting and trying to catch her breath. Bobby came up and held her and kissed her over and over again. As she began to recover he held his mother and she could feel his very hard cock pressing against her body between them. They watched as Bonnie finally moved her face out from between Jane's open legs and she moved off the bed and stood up. Bobby smiled thinking: Fuck! What a body these two woman had. Just look at those tits and asses,"

Jane and her son both turned towards the DVD now and as he held her they watched as Bonnie began to put on a big cock strap on. It had to be 8 inches long and thick. Bobby held his mother close to him and whispered: "Was it good mom? Did you like that big dick? Did it stretch you?"

She smiled and kissed him and said: "Just watch baby."

They watched as the DVD exposed just how much Jane loved that big dick. She was about to be fucked by Bonnie and the biggest cock Jane had ever taken. As Bonnie moved over Jane's body and again knelt between her open thighs she asked: "Would you like this Jane? Would you like me to fuck you with this big dick?"

Bobby saw Bonnie smiled down at Jane as she wiggled the big fake cock in her hand and rubbed it on his mother's cunt and then pointed it at her wet open hole.

Jane smiled back and said; "You're going to kill me one day with that thing. Yes. I want it! I want it all! Shove it in my cunt and fuck me until I cum again. Then I'll do you sweetie."

Bobby watched and from what his mother said he knew this wasn't the first time she had been fucked by this fake cock. It might have been the first time she was with another woman who licked her pussy but his mom had been fucked before with this cock. Bobby pictured his mother and Bonnie using the dildo to fuck each other or maybe they used it alone just a woman with her toy. He wasn't sure.

Bonnie moved up between Jane's open legs until the head of the big strap on dildo was touching her wet pussy lips. As Bobby and his mom watched the head on the toy entered his mother cunt hole and disappear they both heard Jane moaned. Soon the long fake cock was moving in and more and more of it disappeared inside his mother's tunnel.

Bobby was still stroking his mother's pussy with his fingers and Jane still had her legs wide open for him. Jane looked at her son and kissed him. Then she said: "Now this is where it gets better Bobby. Now I can have a real cock, your cock, instead of that fake one. Put your young hard cock inside me and make love to me, fuck me with love baby. Fuck me baby Fuck your momma just like Bonnie is doing but with love baby, with love. Put your cock inside me baby and fuck me. Give me your love Bobby."

Bobby moved quickly between his mother's legs and placed his cock at her wet hot opening. He pushed and she thrust and soon he was fucking her gently and easy. Not like Bonnie was doing in the DVD Bob by was taking his time and making sire his mother enjoyed it. Again the camera zoomed in and as Bobby slowly fucked his mother they both watched Bonnie fucking Jane with the strap on.

Grunts and moans were heard in the movie and on the rug. Bobby was giving his mom what she needed what she wanted right now, his hard cock, a real cock making slow love to her pussy. And she was milking it and pleasing her son as they made love.

Kissing and fucking and with a love they both felt Jane wrapped her legs around her son and lifted up taking him as deep as he could get in inside her.

In the DVD Jane was doing the same thing but with lust and a need to cum badly. She was fucking Bonnie back like an animal. And Bonnie was fucking her hard and fast and with no love at all just lust. Both women were filled with lust and Bonnie was now in charged. Her hips moved and moved and Jane moaned and lifted up taking all of the big fake cock into her hole. "Yes! Fuck yes! Give it to me. F U C K MEEEEE", Jane cried out as Bonnie rammed the cock into her cunt. They were fucking hard and fast and you could hear the sounds of the bodies slapping together as they met.

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