tagFetishTraining Him to Take Dick Ch. 03

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 03


As soon as I drove home couldn't wait to try on my new dick! Going to the bedroom I strapped "cock" viewing myself in my full length mirror. The end inside my vagina felt so good inside me stimulating all the right places especially my G-Spot. As soon as I turned on the vibe I came. I was so horny I didn't hear the door open and Michael walk in on me. His jaw hit the floor and he grabbed for his dick in his jeans readjusting his crotch because he was already getting hard. That was a good sign for me so I ordered him to go give himself an enema and shower because he was about to get the fucking of his life. I learned quickly how to talk to him in a way that if I told him to jump off a cliff he would. I watched him prance to the bath like a kid after candy. I told myself I was going to fuck him so good with my new dildo he will never want my pussy again. I secretly dedicated my "cock" to female domination and meditated on the thoughts of opening up my boyfriend to a new level of penetration and submission. I would dedicate this ass fucking and perform sex magic to control and dominate Michael in a new exciting way.

I waited for Michael on the bed stroking my all night dick like a horny stud. I enjoyed fucking myself with the dildo turning on the vibe so the head could buzz my G-Spot driving me crazy with lust. Giving up fucking cock was going to be a problem but with my new dildo it sure is a great compromise. Michael came out of the bath with a smile on his face and a huge erection. Apparently the first ass fucking I gave him turned him on so much he was more than willing to trust me for another one. I decided to just be candid with him, honestly telling him that I wanted to test his obedience and curiosity to his training. As Michael stood next to the bed willing and curious with lust, I told him that I needed a sperm sample from him to fill the balls of my new cock. I suspected he was masturbating in the shower because he looked just about ready to shoot. Michael began stroking, inquisitively asking me where to shoot his wad? I handed him a crystal shot glass ordering him to fill it. He came as soon as I told him to fill it, pumping the ritual urn full of white gooey sticky come.

I nastily told him to get on all fours on the bed. I promised him an even more erotic fuck than the other night. I believe that fucking a man doggy style was perfect training for full submission. I also reminded Michael that if he did not adhere to my rigorous training of anal penetration he would never feel the silky inside of my pussy again. Actually it would be rare event even when he finally give me what I desired; which was bending over for a real cock as I watched him take dick on command for me. It makes my pussy itch to think that he was going to suck cock for me and take it in the ass just because it pleases me. Of course I didn't want to scare him away from bisexuality. I just concentrated on Michael getting used to anal penetration. He would have a real dick later after he got used to the dildo.

Grabbing the KY jelly I quickly greased up my "cock" telling him to concentrate on relaxing because this dildo was a lot bigger than the other one. My boyfriend was one little slut he grabbed the bars on the headboard raising h is ass in the air with his legs wide open giving me full access to his asshole. He was open for me but I was wondering how willing he would be when a stud came into the room with a huge erection wanting to fuck his ass. Soon we will see I promised myself. Sticking the head of the dildo into his asshole Michael moaned in response. Giving him a minute to think about it I took the time to load the balls with his fresh semen. I couldn't believe how much he came; his come actually filled the reservoir. This would be more than enough to pump his butt full of come for the first time and I was looking forward to it.

Grabbing his sexy asscheeks I pulled them apart farther so that I could slide the dildo in without giving him much pain. I slowly began to press forward watching Michael's fists grab the bars tighter on the brass headboard. He seemed to have a bigger asshole than my tight little ass and the dildo was going inside him easier than when Claire fucked me. Already I was 5in. inside of him but I could tell Michael was a little strained because of the larger girth of the dildo which was stretching his anus to the max. He was taking it like a good boy and I was looking forward to actually fucking him with this monster cock. I promised myself if he actually comes from me fucking him I was going to whip his butt and give him some real pain.

I asked my Michael how he was feeling with only 4in. to go. I could tell his heart was racing and he was out of breath but his attitude was for me to go for it and continue to impale him on the huge dildo. Leaning forward grabbing his shoulders, and digging in with my fingernails, I gave my hips one hard shift forward driving the dildo all the way into his asshole. Michael stiffened up as if his whole backbone was replaced by my dildo. As soon as he realized what had happened Michael let out a loud guttural moan deep within inside himself. I knew I had taken away his manhood for good. During my meditation I saw him giving up himself for me. Michael would never have any use for his erection again. The only uses of his penis would be for urination and the surrendering of his semen for ritual purposes.

I began grinding my hips so the new dildo would slowly open Michael's asshole so that I could successfully fuck it into submission. Projecting myself as a man I kept telling him how good his asshole felt and how tight he was around my cock. I wanted him to know that he could pleasure a cock with his asshole. Soon his asshole was relaxed enough for me to begin fucking him. I pulled almost all the way out of him; taking the KY jelly I squirted it all over the shaft of my dildo so that it was well lubricated to fuck him. Being a little reluctant Michael was begging me to go slow. Giving him several sharp slaps across both asscheeks I warned him just to trust me, relax, and enjoy all the new sensations.

I was so comfortable with a dick sometimes I wish I had a real one. I loved fucking my lover Claire and several of my girlfriends at school whenever they got horny and needed some special attention. Claire and I were the dildo service girls of the wild group of girls we ran around with. They could always depend on us for a hot fuck. We always encourage them with a nice spanking afterwards just let them know who was boss. Claire and I loved fucking the girls side by side so we could kiss each other as we screwed their wet pussies.

Pushing the dildo slowly back into Michael's asshole I could see him grip the brass headboard more tightly moaning nervously as I pressed into him. I reminded him of the many times he had fucked me in the ass and how much it hurt me but I still allowed him to do it. I gave him a loud swat on the butt ordering him to relax and give me his asshole so I can pleasure myself. Sensing he was ready and just nervous I kept fucking him with slow deep thrusts of my hips driving the dildo like a piston in his butthole. Every time I thrust forward Michael bellowed like an animal that was taken captive and could not get away. I was using psychic magic to kidnap his body and transcend him into bisexuality. With each penetration Michael released his ego giving in to the magic.

I was so relaxed and it felt so good I fucked Michael for 45 minutes. We both were tired, sweaty, and quite turned on as I slowed the pace down to try my next ploy. I reached below and could feel that he was rock hard again; a definite positive response to my fucking. I began stroking him to make him come in my hand. I wanted rub his semen into his mouth forcing him to eat it. Letting out a loud moan Michael released his seed to me filling the palm of my hand. I pushed the dildo all the way up his ass and grabbed his pony tail pulling his mouth closer so I could wipe his come into his mouth. Ordering him to open wide I covered my come filled palm over his lips and told him to lick it clean. I felt some hesitation but his tongue began to tickle my palm and I could feel his throat begin to gargle with his own come. My clit was itching as I felt him lick his come clean from my hand.

Reversing the belt on my strapon and buckling it around Michael's waist I was able to fuck myself on my side of the double dildo with the other end secured in his well fucked asshole. Using Michael's asshole as an anchor for the dildo enabled me to thrust the way I liked to fuck myself in a more desirable manner. Each time I pushed forward on the dildo it drove Michael's end into his ass pounding his hole just a little more to add to his torture. I was literally drilling into his emotional psyche the idea that his asshole was mine to use for my own pleasure. I took my time to build up my own orgasmic pleasure. It turned me on watching Michael squirm and moan as I used his body. I was so hot it did not take long and no matter what I did I had to come. I drove my pussy deep on the dildo and let loose. I began to squirt and my liquid come shot all over Michael's crack. I grabbed the balls of my silicone cock and began to squeeze his come into his devirginized asshole. The dildo actually shoots a sharp squirt which made it easy for Michael to feel the ejaculation. I was goading him on as I shot his asshole full of come reminding him of the many times my own ass drooled with his sticky mess.

Unbuckling the harness from Michael's waist I carefully pulled the giant dildo from his dilated asshole. His asshole remained open for several minutes tempting me to actually stick my arm all the way inside of him pulling out his ego but I figured I'd save that for later. Already humiliated I could see on Michael's face he was begging for some kind of pleasure. When he rolled over I couldn't believe it that he was hard again. Almost giving in to temptation I wanted to sit on his cock and fuck him hard. But I remember the main goal was to get him interested in fucking another stud instead of me. Grabbing the shaft of his cock I took the head into my mouth biting down with my front teeth until Michael cried out losing his erection. I told him he had already come twice today and that was enough. I reminded him that because he was such a good boy and took the dicking so well that I was obligated to give him a good whipping.

I could see Michael's face frowned and his demeanor turned sad. I reminded him He would never feel my pussy around his cock again if he didn't strictly adhere to my training program. And part of the program was abstinence from fucking female pussy.

I told him that the first time that he sucks a male cock and swallows his come I will fuck his brains out. I would also reward him with the best suck of his life the first time he bends over and takes a dick up his asshole. Otherwise I warned him that my mouth and pussy were off limits until he finished his training. I ordered him to go get the strap because we were not finished with his discipline today. I didn't want to let him know how horny I was and inside I did feel bad about not being able to fuck his cock especially when he handed me the leather strap. I would have preferred to fuck his hard cock then ordering him instead to get on all fours and take the strapping. Michael was a very obedient soul willing to do anything I asked, including taking a whipping. He got up on the bed and just waited for me not knowing I was going to give him the strapping of his life. A half an hour later Michael was out of breath crying in tears with blistered asscheeks. He was shaking and begging for mercy. I actually enjoyed getting him to this altered state because I really did want him to fear me knowing I have the power over him. My only promise was that after his asscheeks healed I was going to take him to the beach and give him a nice long caning.

I couldn't wait to call up Claire to tell her I tried out my new dildo on Michael's asshole. Telling her every nasty detail she immediately wanted to get started on fucking her boyfriend Carl. Together we plotted our seduction over the phone. We were going to fuck Carl's asshole over the weekend whether he wanted to or not.

Friday night I am gave Michael the task of cleaning my entire apartment which would keep him busy most the night setting me free to go play with Claire and Carl. I was looking forward to watching Carl lose his asshole to Claire's giant dildo. We had to trick Carl promising him a hot ménage a trios. Little did he know he was going to be tied to the headboard of the bed and fucked in the ass? Claire and I promised each other that Carl would not leave the bedroom without losing his anal cherry.

Claire talked Carl into getting into the shower with us. We had hidden the enema bag around the corner so we could stick the nozzle into his butthole when we had him preoccupied with sex. While Claire French kissed Carl I was busy soaping his back, ass, and legs. Thinking we were going to just wash him and fuck his huge dick all night Carl was happy. Little did he know our pussies would never slide on his pole for a long time? Claire knelt down in the tub and began sucking Carl's cock. I began to slowly work my finger up and down his ass crack and into his asshole. With Claire sucking his big knob I pushed into his ass finding his prostate gland and began massaging it like crazy to get him to come. When Claire gave me the signal she worked her way down to his balls swallowing them biting down on the sensitive chords attached to his body. When I knew she had him literally by the balls I found the nozzle to the enema bag and pushed it into his butthole. Carl began to protest but I told him Claire had swallowed his balls and if he wanted them intact he had better just breathe deeply and allow the solution to flow without a fight.

Carl let out a sigh and bent over so the fluids could flow more freely. Clair kept chewing on his balls causing just enough discomfort to persuade Carl to continue obeying us. When the enema finally emptied into his bowels he was feeling quite a lot of discomfort, complaining of stomach cramps and the need to relieve himself. Claire gave him a hard swat on both his asscheeks handed him the empty enema bag and told him to go to the toilet.

When Carl was finished we dragged him back into the shower for a god soaping, making sure he was squeaky clean before we took him to bed. Carl's dick was rock hard; we knew he was thinking that he was going to get it sucked and fucked all night long. We didn't let on that he was never going to even get his cock scratched let alone fucked .Locking the door behind us we promised Carl that he would be a different person once we were finished with him. Carl was suspicious but more than willing to put up with our kinky sexual escapades. He had made love to both of us so many times he oblivious to anything out of the ordinary happening. Smiling at each other, we knew that this macho man was going to experience something really out of the ordinary; getting ridden on the receiving end of a huge strapon dildo. We had already successfully broken in Michael, so the next step in our devious plan was to train Carl to willingly bend over for both and taking an ass fucking. Having screwed both of us in the ass we thought it was only appropriate for both of us to fuck his ass too. Keeping the same promise that he would never feel either of our mouths or our pussies around his dick ever again if Carl did not obey and take the training, Claire and I both swore an oath to each other before we started today.

Promising Carl a hot prostate massage and an ass licking I was easily able to persuade Carl to volunteer to be tied to the bed on all fours just like we had done him last week. Quickly Claire and I tied his wrists with nylons to the brass headboard and using a wooden spreader bar we tied his ankles far apart enabling Claire easy access to his virgin asshole. Once Carl was secure Claire gave Carl the surprise of his life by strapping on her huge dildo. Having watched videos of women fucking guys with strapon dildos Carl finally put two plus two together, figuring out that he was going to get it next. Claire stood next to the bed stroking her huge erect dildo just as if she was ready to fuck and unwilling asshole.

Having already been fucked in the ass by Claire my own asshole puckered at the thought of getting fucked in the ass again. I was so glad that was Carl's turn get pierced by her silicon secret weapon. Claire picked up her black riding crop giving it a quick snap across Carl's bare ass cheeks making him cry out and test his bonds which he found held him fast to the bed. Quickly Carl fell into a submissive demeanor which kind of startled both of us because we thought he would be fighting us through the whole nasty ordeal. I had noticed that Carl's cock was getting even larger partially because he enjoyed bondage but also because he could feel my hands stroking his dick as I began licking the top or his crack keeping my promised to perform analictus before Claire split him in two. Finding his tiny rosy squeaky clean asshole I began drilling Carl with my long tongue. I wanted him to get him nice and relaxed as much as possible before Claire began pushing her huge dildo into virgin asshole. Licking him like a slut in heat to make Claire jealous, I began drooling a judicious amount of spit into his now relaxed anus providing lubrication for the inevitable. I rarely licked Michael's asshole because he was always in such a hurry to stick his dick into me whenever he got a hard on. I don't think he understood what he was missing out on. Carl was always more than willing to wait if I offered to give him an ass eating.

Threatening to fuck my ass instead Claire began shoving me aside impatient to begin her assault. With the video camera already running Claire formally made sure that Carl gave his permission for his premier butt fucking. I never thought in a million years I would hear Carl begging to have his asshole fucked. It took a little persuasion with the riding crop before he actually began beg. After 30 hard licks of the crop Carl's asscheeks were red with welts; shaking in defeat he gave in. I think the promise of having both of our pussies helped a little bit; but of course only when he finished his training. I think Carl was willing to do just about any kind of training to get into our pussies again. Once we have ours studs collared it will a rare occasion for either Michael or Carl to ever have sex with either of us again unless we needed their semen inside of us for ritual purposes.

Claire looked like a woman on a mission. Kneeling behind Carl she began pouring liquid KY jelly into his butt crack until she was satisfied he was well lubricated. Kneeling beside Claire I encouraged her to go slow giving her stud something he will never forget. Working the plum size glans into his anus Carl was already squirming anticipating the worst. Threatening him with another whipping Claire ordered him to settle down or suffer the consequences. I began stroking his face and hair encouraging him to just relax and let nature take her course. I reminded him that if he has a good boy I would fuck him whenever Claire allowed it. This seemed to calm him down as he fantasized about the last time he fucked me in the ass. I remembered to and it wasn't half as bad as fucking I got from Claire with the new dildo. Carl was in for one big surprise!

Claire was a pro at strapon fucking. I prefer to be fucked by her that any guy. Knowing my body well she has me wired for orgasmic explosions whenever she takes my orifices. Carl has watched Claire fuck me and every time he had a huge erection and was foaming at the mouth as he watched like a voyeur in heat. I think he had confidence in Claire that she would fuck him good. So did I, having been taken by the same rod already. Taking a loose nylon, Claire tied Carl's balls, tightening up his huge full sack pulling it away from his body which helps control ejaculation. Taking the second nylon she tied it around the engorged base of his cock just tight enough to close off his tube to keep him from shooting his wad prematurely. Claire told him that she wanted Carl good and horny while she takes his virginity. I was already learning some good pointers.

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