tagInterracial LoveTransformation of a Husband Ch. 01

Transformation of a Husband Ch. 01


Linda pulled the car up in front of the building. This was a bad section of town. Lots of closed up stores, boarded up buildings. Only a handful of businesses remained including the store that she and Terry were about to visit. She pulled the keys out of the ignition and looked over at her husband Terry.

"Are you ready to do this?"

Terry sniffled. He knew it had been coming for weeks now. If only he could turn the clock back. Things would be different than they were today.

"Terry. Are you crying again even after we had our little talk last night?"

Terry wiped his nose then replied. "No Mommy. I'm fine."

Linda sighed almost in disgust. "Terry. I just wish you would stop acting like a child and act more like a grown man."

Terry started forming tears around the bottom of his eyes again. Linda sighed again only she felt sorry for her husband this time. She reached out for a Kleenex tissue from the dash and wiped the tears away from Terry's eyes.

"There honey. Momma is right here. Everything will be fine in a short while."

Terry sniffled again taking the tissue out of Linda's hand and said. "OK. I'm ready now."

Linda got out of the car first adjusting the hem of her short skirt. She walked around the car as Terry was getting out. Terry saw those long beautiful legs of Linda's in those high heels at eye level as he stood up and shut the car door. Linda was much taller than Terry when she wore her five inch pumps. Terry was only five-six and barely stood any taller than her full gorgeous large breasts.

Terry looked up almost pleadingly at Linda taking a deep breath the moment he laid eyes on her gorgeous breasts. Linda always wore a low cut blouse or dress. She dressed was much like Erin Brockovich and today was no exception.

Linda took Terry's hand like he was her boy. Well. He certainly acted like one. She opened the door to the store they were visiting. It smelled musty and like sex inside. A faint smell of cherry aroma seemed to be covering most of the musty smell. The place was packed with merchandise. Terry's eyes wandered around the store which was filled with adult novelties. Mostly bondage gear and some items looking rather scary. They walked up to the counter where a skinny woman sat on a stool smacking gum.

Linda spoke. "Excuse me Miss? Is Roger here?"

The woman replied. "Yeah. He's here. He's in the back room." She screamed out loud. "HEY ROGER. SOMEONE IS HERE TO SEE YAH."

Linda waited as she held Terry's hand. A moment later an elderly gentleman walked through a curtain from the back room.

"Can I help you?"

Linda replied. "Yes. I'm Linda and this is my husband, Terry. I spoke to you on the phone this morning."

"Oh yes. Come on back with me and I'll get you fixed up."

Linda pulled Terry by the hand as she followed the old man to a back counter at the rear of the showroom.

There was a long glass case filled with all sorts of adult oriented toys. The old man unlocked a sliding door at the back of the showcase and slid it open. Terry watched the old man pick out a small plastic item he wasn't familiar with and placed it on the counter.

"This should fit him perfectly. It's our smaller sized model designed to fit a five inch cock."

Terry watched the old man curiously as the man fiddled with the small plastic device. Linda leaned in closer as the old man started to demist rate the little object.

"Here you can see it has it's own little padlock. This little plastic circle fits around the ball sack and clamps shut. It can be worn twenty four hours a day for long periods of time. As you can see it has a slight curve where the cock fits in with holes around the sides allowing the person to pee without having to take it off."

Linda looked very curios and took the device in her own hands to examine it herself. She cracked a little smile as she held it near her face getting a closer look.

"Looks rather simple and light. I see the plastic strap has a piece of wire running through it?"

The old man replied. "Yes. That gives you more security where the little padlock fits on so it doesn't break or he can't tamper with it."

Linda smiled. "Interesting. You told me on the phone it's sixty-nine dollars?"

"That's right and we do have more advanced chastity models to choose from like out metal tubes that you see down on the bottom shelf. This is a great model to start with and the least expensive."

Terry was extremely nervous now. Now he knew what that little thing was used for. He watched Linda examine the chastity thing.

The old man added. "It comes with a DVD you can watch that shows you how to put it on your man or slave."

Terry's eyes widened when he heard the old man say , Slave!

Linda sat it back on the counter saying. "I'll take this one. It looks rather simple to use."

The old man replied. "Great. I'm sure it will provide you the right security for a beginner." The old man paused than when on to say. "Now you told me on the phone you were joining the Stallions Stable."

Linda replied. "Yes, that's right."

The old man said. "Great. I'll be able to help you out with any future items you may require as you get acquainted with those men. Some of those guys get rather kinky in their demands and I'll be able to help you with any request you might get from one of the gentlemen you entertain."

Terry looked at Linda totally confused. He never heard anything about any of this!

Linda replied. "I'm sure you will be able to help me out and I appreciate your help."

The old man pointed up at a shelf up near the ceiling. "We even stock crates in different sizes. Some large enough they even have their own mattress.

Linda looked puzzled. "They look like dog crates." then laughed.

The old man chucked too and said. "I told you those men demand certain things from their members. I'm not sure what your preference in men are but there is one guy down there named Jim. A tall muscular black guy with a bald head that enjoys having the man crated in the same bedroom while the wife entertains."

Linda looked a little embarrassed as she replied. "Well. I don't know.....I really haven't thought about it much. I have my first introductory meeting this Friday. The chastity device is the only thing they told me about so far."

"I see. Well, as you can see around the shop we have everything you can imagine. Even full bondage gear if you decide it's something you want to consider in the future. We're here to help."

Linda paid for the item. The man placed it into a box and than a brown bag. She thanked the man for his help taking Terry by the hand again as they walked out to the car. Terry got in first as Linda walked around. As soon as she sat down in the drivers seat, Terry began his questions.

"Momma? What's going on? I never heard you mention anything about joining a club before? What kind of club is it?"

Linda sighed as she started the car. "Listen. May I remind you that none of this would have ever happened in the first place. You were a bad boy and if I recall you made the statement that you wanted to become my cuckold." Linda looked straight into Terry's eyes waiting for a reply.

"Yes Momma. I did say that but what does this club have to do with any of that?"

Linda shook her head in frustration as she pulled away from the curb and into traffic.

"We'll talk about this at home. I don't want to hear another world while I'm driving."

Terry kept quiet for the rest of the trip home. He did close his eyes thinking back to that dreadful day last summer.

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