tagFetishTransformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 02

Transformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 02


Mrs. Matthew often pondered over her sensual shaving experience with Gregory ever since their spontaneous encounter nearly a month ago. The excitement of having a young, handsome barber tend to her in such a fine manner was impossible to forget. From the flicker of his generous tongue to the careful shearing of her silver-blond hair, the whole ordeal was the hottest she ever had.

The velvet-like pelt of silver had grown close to an inch now, very thick, shiny and healthy. She often touched it, thinking of Gregory. How she longed to have him drop by again and soon. They had only talked once at a local grocery store briefly, his charm still vibrant and enthusiastic. She wanted him, needed him again...

Gregory's barbershop was open most days during the week, only a half day on Mondays, which was a slower day. A day to relax and give a trim and shave to a few regulars. On this particular Monday, the few regular clients that frequented his shop decided to come in a bit early, leaving him with even more time to spare once they were done. Just as he finished sweeping up the remnants of hair strewn about the ivory-tiled floor, the front door chimes rang briskly. Sunlight spilled through the opening as a familiar and welcome face walked in. It was Mrs. Matthew. Gregory grinned.

"What a lovely surprise! I'm glad to see you, Mrs. Matthew," he greeted her, receiving a warm smile in response.

"Please, call me Wanda, Gregory," she requested. "I'm happy to see you as well, and thought I would drop by to say hello. Ever since, well, I hadn't seen you and-"

"I understand," he interrupted, softly pressing his index finger against her plump lips, glistening with gloss. She liked his touch, yearned for it. Why hadn't he stayed in touch?

"I meant to call you," Gregory continued. "Things have been busier than usual, and I've been negotiating another business opportunity lately. We'll have to wait and see..."

"There's no need to explain," Wanda assured him. "I just happened to be in this part of town and wanted to drop by..."

"Good timing."

"Really? I hope I'm not disturbing you. I don't see anyone else working with you today...surely you must have clients scheduled today?"

"Mondays are a bit slow, and my clients arrived a bit earlier than usual." Carefully, Gregory backed away from Wanda now, moving towards the front of his barbershop, drawing the horizontal blinds closed and posting an "out for lunch" sign at the door. The chimes rang once again, signalling the closure of the shop. Wanda watched in suspense, wanting to know what Gregory had in mind.

Sunlight slipped through the slits of the closed blinds, leaving just enough light to see where everything was. Wanda caught a quick glance of herself in the mirror, and fingered her grown out buzz cut now, growing moist between her legs as she did. Gregory slowed his pace as he approached her to observe this action, and as he did, a bulge emerged in his pants.

"Well, well, your hair sure did grow a little, didn't it? How long has it been? A month?"

"Yes...," she tilted her head back now, surrendering to his hands, now massaging her head, taking over from where her fingertips left off. He stood behind her now, working his way from her forehead and temples to the crown, around the ears and to the nape in circular strokes. Moaning, Wanda felt herself weaken, her knees began to shake. She had been facing one of the barber station mirrors all along, observing Gregory's magical touching every time she opened her eyes.

"Why don't you have a seat?" he asked, and just as Wanda reached for the barber chair, he quickly stopped her with a firm grip of his arm around the waist. She had been wearing a summery dress with a daisy print and yellow belt and wedge heels to match.

"You'll need to make a bit of an adjustment before you have a seat, Wanda," he teased, his hands now fumbling with her belt, undoing the strap and sending it to the floor. He stared her down now, with the look of mischief she enjoyed seeing. Next, each button in the front of the dress was released from their buttonholes, loosening the top of the dress so that it slipped down to Wanda's waist, revealing a pair of well shaped breasts, begging for Gregory's mouth. Grabbing the back of her neck, he went to work, circling his tongue around one, then the other. Her hands found their way to his velvet-like head of closely cropped hair, feeling its richness and wanting so much of him now. As he worked on her breasts, his hands gently slipped the dress further down to her ankles, revealing no panties underneath. He paused for a moment.

"So, you were just dropping by to say hello and that's it?" he teased with a wink. She slipped off the crumpled up dress, now fully nude and exposed before a fully clothed sexy barber. Just as she was about to slip off her shoes, Gregory stopped her.

"No...leave them on," he demanded, then guided her back onto the barber chair. The old leather against her bare skin made her shiver. As she adjusted herself to face the mirror before her, she noticed that this particular chair was different than the rest. There were two straps, one on either side of the arms, which Gregory promptly used to secure her wrists. Just as she was about to react, he quickly moved to the bottom of the chair to secure her ankles in the same fashion, on either side of the chair. She gasped, feeling the widening of her legs exposing her mound and its freshly grown stubble.

Gregory produced a cape now, though it was not any particular colour that Wanda had expected - it was sheer so that she could be seen beneath, a window to her vulnerability. She quivered as he snapped the cape around her neck, rustling her cropped mane after he did.

"Mrs. Matthew, I think it is time for your trim," he announced. "Normally, you should come every one to two weeks, to keep this sort of style looking crisp and sharp." Wanda nodded slowly, relishing his touch once again.

"Since you've let your hair grow a bit longer, I'm going to have to give you the special treatment." With that statement, Gregory produced the clippers and switched them on. Wanda's eyes widened. Just a second before he began she noticed one thing: there was no guard!

A gasp escaped her mouth as Gregory placed a firm hand on the crown of Wanda's head and began shearing her completely, mowing one path at a time, carefully, around each ear, temples and nape, adjusting her head from one side to the other, taking his time. Generous flakes of silver-blond hair fell effortlessly over the sheer cape, sliding down to the floor, over her naked body beneath.

Once he was complete, Wanda was tempted to reach up and feel her freshly sheared head, only to be reminded of her bondage. Gregory grinned manically at her discovery and slight look of worry. He smoothed her stubbly head now, kissing the crown with reassurance, remaining silent. Tilting her head, making her look at the mirror, he grazed her ears with his tongue, tracing the outline of her ear cartilage down to the lobes and across to the nape, sending tingles of arousal throughout her body. The leather seat of the barber chair was becoming coated with Wanda's vaginal juices. Her eyes fluttered back in ecstasy now, wanted Gregory to take her right then and there. Just fuck me, she thought. Pull these restraints off of me and take me now...

Gregory had other plans.

For a moment he disappeared to the back of the shop. Wanda felt concerned for a moment. She was steadily reaching to a climax, only to be left in suspense of what Gregory was about to do next. Before she had a chance to ask, he reappeared quickly with a towel and some other equipment, moving them swiftly out of sight to keep Wanda guessing. She had an idea though...

Pulling the neck of the cape, Gregory tucked in a small towel and poured a generous amount of lather onto his palm, working vigorously to cover her head in it. Thoroughly covering every inch of the stubble that the clippers left behind. Then slowly, he produced a shearing knife. Wanda bit her lip in apprehension and began to protest. Gregory could see the fear in her eyes, but that did not stop him.

"Now, I know this looks scary," he began. "...but I can assure you that I'm a professional and know how to use one of these properly." Wanda took a deep breath now, remaining silent yet somewhat concerned. Placing his fingertips firmly on her lathered head, he tilted her to one side now, carefully placing the blade on her head. Wanda swallowed hard, eyes widening in fear.

"Please hold absolutely still," Gregory instructed. He was so dominant now, so much in control of her. She could not reach him or protest now. She was at his complete mercy, and upon realizing this, she resigned herself to this fate by closing her eyes gently and surrendering willingly to the gentle scrapes of the blade, removing every sign of hair left on her head. With his firm hands guiding her head, she allowed herself to fall into his care, taking the chance that he would remove all of her hair safely and afraid of what she would look like when it was all done.

Firm and careful, the blade sheared one path after another around Wanda's head, and where the blade exposed her scalp beneath, Gregory placed his hand there to allow her to feel the sensation. Complete baldness and exposure. His fingers against her bare head, sending tingles down her back. She clenched her fists in response, feeling the surge of arousal. Eyes closed still, she suddenly felt no further touching or scraping. It was complete.

"Open your eyes and have a look," he asked. Slowly, gradually, Wanda did so, taking her time because she did not know what to expect, and then suddenly, her reflection stared back at her. Completely sheared, free of any hair, she noticed how pronounced her facial features were. A woman in her fifties, she aged beautifully, and the lack of hair drew attention to her well shaped jawline, large clear eyes and plump lips. Her nose, which she thought a bit too small, was perfectly sized in proportion. A tiny smile crept across her face...

"Do you like it?" Gregory questioned her. She nodded.

"Can I touch it?" she asked eagerly.

"Of course you can," he replied. Expecting him to release her hands from the restraints, she was surprised to see him instead move towards the shaving equipment once again. "...you can feel your head as soon as I'm finished..." Finished what? She wondered, concerned again.

He stood directly behind her and with a hand placed on either side of her head, he tilted her back to stare directly at him above. How submissive, he thought.

"Close your eyes, again." A smaller blade from a razor could now be felt moving across where her eyebrows were, removing them as well. Once this was done, a warm towel engulfed her entire head, dabbing her face and forehead. Wanda relished this comforting warmth along with the touch of Gregory's strong hands. When he was complete, she opened her eyes slowly to find a denuded head staring back at her. Gregory's hands returned to the sides of her head now, smoothing the sides of her scalp tenderly, massaging her temples, moving towards the crown and down towards the nape. She grew so wet between her thighs.

As if he sensed her arousal, Gregory's hand snapped off the cape and towel, and made a dive up Wanda's dress. To his surprise, she wore no panties, and was gooey wet by the time his fingers arrived. Moaning with desire, she tried spreading her legs, but was reminded once again of the restraints. Gregory quickly remedied this by untying her ankles and swinging one leg over each arm of the chair, forcing Mrs. Matthew to slide down to the edge of the seat. Her mound fully exposed for Gregory to admire, touch and caress.

Moving to the front of her now, Gregory knelt down to inspect her further, pulling apart her labia with his thumb and fingers. She shuddered in response.

"You like that, don't you, Mrs. Matthew?" he asked. "Well, I love your pussy, but I think she needs the same pampering as your head..." As quickly as he stated this, he inserted his tongue between the folds of her vagina, swirling vigorously, probing inside and back up again, teasing the clitoris. Sucking, pulling on it. Quivers became shakes, giving way to quaking until she erupted all over the chair and Gregory's face. An abundance of lubrication gave him an idea. He wiped it all over her mound, covering her pubic hair. Producing a small razor, he began to carefully remove the grown out stubble, remembering all too well how much he enjoyed doing this a month ago.

Still vulnerably aroused from her orgasm, Wanda felt herself quickly climbing to the peak of another climax. The careful positioning of her clitoris and lips, moving them from one side to the other, shaving around them, drove her crazy.

"Please...sit still," Gregory demanded. After making her pussy smooth, he moved down to her anus, probing it gently with his finger before using her juices to lather and shave the remaining bits of hair. Once again, a warm towel was brought to clean off any strays, and sooth her smooth pussy, making her hot for more...

Gregory unzipped his pants, sliding them off effortlessly and to the floor, exposing a freshly shaved and erect cock, ready for insertion. His shirt was just as easily slipped off to reveal a muscular chest and arms. Unstrapping Wanda's remaining restraints on her wrists, he took her now, almost forcefully, bending her over the chair to face to opposite side of the barbershop. With her dress discarded on the floor, she could now see her fully denuded body appear in several of the rectangular mirrors in front of their stations on the other side. Gregory stood behind her now, pulling her hips firmly to push his cock inside of her, pumping slowly at first, increasing with speed as she lubricated him more and more.

Fucking harder, Wanda relished his roughness. The slaps of Gregory's strong, bare hands across her plump ass, both cheeks now bearing stinging red marks from each strike. Her cries for more only pushed him further, sliding his hands up her back and neck, to rub her smooth head. Keeping one hand on her head, he slipped the other one down around her throat and bouncing breasts, feeling her vulnerability. This turned him on so much. He took his time, ensuring she felt his hands over every inch of her body...and then he ejaculated. Gushing inside and over her, spraying cum generously over her head and back, letting it run down to her anus.

The warmth of Gregory's ejaculate was wonderful. Wanda enjoyed it, as she did his embrace after. Both of them enjoyed the privacy of having the shop all to themselves for the next hour. When Wanda was ready to leave, she became aware of her bald head once again, touching it self-consciously. Gregory stood behind her once again...

"You look beautiful," he assured her, touching her smooth scalp. "Don't worry what anyone thinks. If anyone can wear this style, it's you." Reaching into her purse, Wanda pulled out a pair of large silver hoop earrings to wear. Just before she left, the two lovers kissed.

"Don't forget to come back for your weekly trim, Mrs. Matthew," Gregory reminded her, as she left. "There will be a nice surprise for you next time..."

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