tagRomanceTransforming Genevieve Ch. 15

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 15


I awoke to the sound of running water, the smell of brewing coffee and a tiny sliver of brilliant sunshine beaming through the minuscule opening in our bedroom drapes. I normally would have pulled the comforter up over my head and gone back to sleep but this Saturday was different. My lover had slept over he was showering and had started a pot of coffee. I wanted to be in his arms first thing today.

I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. Quickly removing the white stockings I'd slept in I stood up and made my way to the bath room. Bill had left the door slightly ajar remembering my episode of sudden fear the week before when I thought he'd left during the night.

Through the crack in the doorway I could see his body. Tanned and toned his muscles while not cut like a body builder still clearly showed as he moved. His thick curly chest hair had a tint of grey beginning to show, as did the hair just at his temples, but like a forest when the leaves had only just begun to change the different hint of color enhanced the appearance. I love running my fingers through his thick chest hair. Gazing down toward his flaccid cock I studied how it hung from him when soft. How it rested against his scrotum and amazingly how he touched it when not sexually aroused. I watched my incredible lover as he entered the shower and pulled the curtain closed.

Quietly opening the bathroom door just enough so I could slip through I stood outside the shower for a moment wondering how long his flaccid cock would remain after I joined Bill in the shower.

I reached for the curtain and slowly slid it back. Bill was standing in the stream of water letting it run over his body.

He looked at me and grinned before he said, "Good Morning baby, I was just thinking about you."

"Oh really, and what kind of thoughts were on your mind baby?" I asked.

His instant reply was, "Dirty thoughts Gen!"

I stepped in the shower and moved behind him, circling his wet body with my hands and reaching for his cock with my soft delicate hands.

"Funny thing about dirty thoughts babe, is that they usually lead to dirty deeds." I whispered as my hand began stroking his swelling cock.

I stroked the length of his shaft and ran my fingers around the soft corona at the base of the head. Bills beautiful cock surged to nearly a full erection. I pressed my naked body against his rubbing my tits into his wet back. My nipples responded by instantly becoming as hard as his gorgeous cock.

"What dirty deed can I do first Bill?" I whispered in his ear.

Bill turned around, and stepped back letting the stream of water cascade over my tits. I kept my hand slowly moving up and down on his hard shaft and smiled widely waiting for him to decide what he wanted most.

"Suck it baby." He exclaimed.

I removed one hand from his swollen cock and grabbed a bar of soap bringing it to his cock. Lathering it fully my hand moved up and down cleaning him as I crouched before my lover and soaped his balls.

"Rinse it off baby." I said.

Bill reached up and removed the shower head from its holder and sprayed my hands and his pulsing cock with warm water.

"Now soak my face and hair Bill." I suggested.

Bill carefully sprayed warm water over my face. As he soaked my hair the tight ringlets I'd curled into my hair for our bridal lovemaking the night before disappeared from my long tresses. I could feel my hair sliding wet and long down toward my ass as the water soaked in.

My fingers explored every inch of his cock. Tracing the blood filled veins along the shaft, circling the soft bulge of his wide corona and up to the deep purple colored tip of his cock head. I dropped the bar of soap and used that hand to gently massage his balls inside their sack eliciting a sensual moan from his throat. Holding his cock shaft up I leaned forward and sucked one ball between my lips rolling it around on my warm tongue.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm..." Bill moaned as my oral warmth replaced the warm shower water.

As I released his ball I said, "Keep my face glistening with shower water baby."

Bill smiled and passed the stream of water quickly across my face. As he did I opened my mouth and let it fill with water.

Pulling his shaft down I pressed the tip of his beautiful cock against my closed lips.

"Oh god." Bill whispered knowing his cock was about to be engulfed in a warm oral bath.

My lips slipped over his head keeping a tight seal on it as he entered my full mouth. Once the corona passed my lips I let him soak in my mouth full of warm water.

"Oh fuck!" He exclaimed feeling the sensation of warm water and hot flesh surrounding his cock head.

I swallowed the water and opened my lips wide. Bill moved the shower head across my face again as I pressed my mouth over him. His squeaky clean cock slid in an out of my wet mouth as I sucked and licked at him.

Bill dropped the shower head and moved his hands to either side of my head grasping twin handfuls of wet jet black hair.

Feeling his hands tighten and pull my hair I released his cock from my oral grasp and said, "Fuck my mouth baby, drive this glorious cock down my hot throat."

I opened my mouth wide offering it as his morning fuck hole. Bill moved forward and slid his cock head between my wide spread lips.

"You look so sexy baby." He said as his cock head disappeared inside my mouth. He pressed forward until the tip was resting against the back of my mouth at the tight entrance to my throat.

"Ahuh." I moaned relaxing my throat muscles preparing for his invasion.

Bill moved slowly forward pressing the tip through the tightest part of my throat. I groaned in ecstasy as it slipped through. No sooner had he pressed his cock meat into my throat he withdrew again. I slid my hands up his legs and spread my fingers on each ass cheek. Grasping his flesh I pulled his hips toward me, taking a deep breathe just before his cock again impaled my throat cutting off the airway to my lungs. I pulled him deeper inside swallowing every swollen inch of him in one quick deep throat thrust.

"Fucking A!" Bill exclaimed as my nose pressed into his curly pubic hair and my lower lips slid onto his scrotum. I love having his cock imbedded down my throat. I loved keeping eye contact with him as he soaks in the wet heat of my cock sucking throat.

His hands still grasping my hair tried to pull me even tighter on his cock. I swallow letting my throat muscles convulse along his pulsing cock shaft.

Bill moaned deeply and pulled me back an inch or two then drew my oral fuck tunnel tightly over his cock again.

My eyes widened letting him know I loved the sensation. He gave my throat a series of short thrusts fucking me deep down my throat. Each time he thrust in I swallowed letting my muscles work their magic on his shaft.

My pussy tingled and I moved a hand between my thighs to harshly massage my hardened clit.

Bills eyes never left mine, or the image of his cock buried in my mouth. His hands guided my mouth back and forth as his incredible throat fucking intensified. Every few strokes he would withdraw enough so I could quickly exhale and again fill my lungs with life sustaining oxygen.

"God damn Gen, you really do love having me fuck your throat." He said. I just moved my head up and down in agreement as he filled my throat once again with his throbbing beautiful cock.

My fingers were working feverishly on my hot pussy, causing that incredible tingling sensation that precedes the title wave of climatic ecstasy. Bill wanted to delay his own orgasm and began slowing his assault on my oral fuck tunnel. Withdrawing almost completely before slowly slipping his throbbing cock back to the depths of my throat.

I moaned deeply as my fingers worked their magic and I began feeling the waves of self induced orgasm begin crashing over my body.

"Yeah baby, cum for me. Cum while I fuck your throat." Bill exclaimed as he realized I'd brought myself to climax.

My muscles tensed as my orgasm built. A flood of juices filled my pussy as the spears of ecstasy shot up my spine piercing my brain. That incredible numb feeling swirled from my loins as I fingered myself to extend this awesome climax.

Just as it began to subside Bill withdrew his pulsing cock and said, "Stand up and turn around baby, let me fuck that hot twitching pussy NOW!"

His strong hands pulled me to a standing position and I quickly turned grabbing the chrome towel rod at the back of the shower. His hands slid down my back and spread me open.

His cock head touched my swollen lips, and in an instant he impaled my pussy completely with one mighty deep thrust.

"Oh yeah!" I squealed as his cock filled me. I grabbed the towel bar and held on tightly knowing his assault on my twitching hot fuck hole would be fast, furious and brutal. His hips proved me right as they slammed into me with more force than I'd ever felt before. A combination of my deep throat blow job and the passion of an early morning fuck driving my discreet lover onward. This was no passionate lovemaking session there'd be no hours of sensual foreplay. No this was a deep throat induced assault on my pussy. This was a morning fuck session hard fast deep and with the intensity we both wanted.

I screamed as he bludgeoned my loins with his rock hard cock. His balls slapped against me as hard as his thighs.

"Yes baby, fuck me hard. Give me that god damn cock hard and deep." I exclaimed loudly.

Bill reached for my shoulders and gathered my long hair pulling my head back and using my tresses as reins as he fucked me like a stallion fucks his mare. Even his deep guttural groans took on the sound of a snorting stallion as he slammed into me over and over again. I could do nothing more then hold on to the chrome rod and bask in the intensity of his assault. My pussy twitched spasm and swelled as he used me to satisfy his morning lust for sexual gratification. My hot fuck flesh grasped at his stud like cock wanting to squeeze the cum that had to be boiling up from his balls out of him.

I wanted his seed in me. I wanted to again experience the explosion of hot cum he was about to flood me with. I craved the sensation of his searing hot juice bathing my pussy burning the hot wet flesh inside my fuck tunnel. My body begged for him to drive me over the peak of sexual pleasure and onto an incredible plateau of orgasmic delight.

"Give it to me baby!" I screamed. "Give me every drop of your thick cum deep in my hot little pussy." I added hoarsely.

Bills cock swelled to climatic proportions as he slammed it into me with long deep thrusts. My internal muscles clamped onto him as I climaxed harder than I had earlier when I fingered myself to orgasm. Spears of pleasure shot up into my brain and my loins went numb as he exploded into me.

He slammed into me pumping my pussy full of hot thick sticky cum. Its heat searing every part of my pussy, filling me with what I craved most. Bill's deep sexy groan acknowledging that he was having another intense orgasm as he clawed at me trying to extend our mutual climax.

Our bodies melted together, coupled at our loins. His strong hands holding my hips firmly against his as we twitched and spasm together in beautiful orgasmic ecstasy.

"What an incredible fuck!" Bill exclaimed as his cock pumped the last drop of cum deep inside my flooded pussy. I straightened up causing him to slip from inside me and turned to crouch down and lick at his cock. Sucking and licking the combined fuck juices from every part of my lovers cock.

Bill reached down and pulled me to a standing position and roughly kissed me on the mouth his tongue surging into my oral cavity as deeply as his cock had surged into my hot pussy only a moment before. His hands roamed every part of my body, handling me roughly as we shared the taste of our sex coating my tongue.

"Hmmmmm...that tastes incredible babe." Bill said

His hands slid down and squeezed my ass checks as he pulled my hips against his. I slid a hand between us and lifted his cock so I could hump it between our bodies Bill moaned deeply into my mouth as my slippery flesh slid along the length of his still sensitive cock.

"Baby when do you have to leave this morning?" I asked.

He grinned at me before answering, "I'm in no rush Gen."

"That's great Bill. Let's dry off and have some tea and coffee." I suggested.

"That sounds good to me babe." Bill said.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself with a large fluffy bath towel as Bill turned the water off. Grabbing a second towel I patted him dry after he had stepped from the tub. With his damp towel tightly tucked in at his waist I sent him off to the kitchen to pour his coffee while I squeezed as much water from my long hair as possible and dried my body. I then wrapped the towel around my waist and joined him in the kitchen with my naked upper body exposed for him to gaze at.

Bill smiled widely as I walked toward him my tits swaying seductively as I approached. I love when he gazes at my body. His eyes move about examining every detail from the lush soft cleavage to the erect nipples his eyes roamed over my naked flesh.

"Pour your coffee baby then take a seat over there." I said directing him to the large overstuffed chair at one end of my couch. I watched him pour a large mug of hot black coffee and walk across in front of me toward the living room. As he passed I grabbed his towel and pulled it from his waist.

"You won't need this babe." I said as I tossed it aside.

Bill smiled as he walked over to the comfortable chair and sat down. He watched me intently as I poured boiling water over my tea bag and added a spoon of sugar.

Anticipation truly is a great aphrodisiac because in the time it took me to pour my tea Bill's cock had already begun to swell.

I walked to where my lover was seated and standing between his knees I slowly removed my own towel. His eyes moved over my sexy naked body like it was the first time he'd every seen it. I moved my hips from side to side causing his cock to spring upward several times. Each time it became a little harder and a little longer.

Bending at the waist so my tits swung seductively just in front of his lustful gaze I said, "Bill I want some of your special cream for my tea."

He smiled knowing exactly what I was planning.

As I knelt between his knees I placed my steaming cup of tea on the table beside him.

"Enjoy your coffee while I work on getting some special cream for my tea baby." I said.

Bill gave me a devilish grin as I settled between his thighs and made sure my still moist hair was completely behind my shoulders. "You have to be the hottest woman on the face of the earth Gen." Bill whispered as I licked my lips in anticipation going down on his swelling cock once again.

I love sucking his cock seizing every opportunity to feel him become totally erect in my mouth. Bill took a sip from his cup and placed it next to mine on the table. His arms came to rest on the overstuffed chair arms and he slid his hips toward me until his balls dangled over the front edge of the seat.

I slowly slid my hands along the inside of his thighs until I reached his dangling balls. Pressing one finger along the shaft of his cock I lifted it pulling his scrotum and balls up slightly as my other hand captured both beautiful cream producing orbs in one hand.

I leaned forward and traced a figure eight pattern around them with the tip of my wet tongue. After several trips around his glorious balls I slowly slid my tongue tip up the length of his urethra pausing my ascend to press my tongue tip against the sensitive spot where his wide corona molds into the shaft. I continued with a spiraling motion around his corona several times and then let the spirals grow smaller and smaller as I circled his pulsing cock head to the very tip.

My lover moaned his absolute approval and groaned deeply as I opened my mouth and exhaled hot breath over the engorged head of his now fully erect cock.

"Deep throat me Gen, take every fucking inch of my cock NOW!" Bill almost screamed. Slipping one finger around his shaft near the base I pulled his cock toward me. I opened my lips wider and began taking him inside my hot wet mouth. The head and flaring corona slipped past my lips. Closing my lips around the shaft I began sucking and pressing him deeper and deeper toward my tight throat. As the tip neared the narrow opening to the hot flesh of my throat I relaxed my muscles and impaled myself on my lovers beautiful rock hard pulsing cock. In an instant his cock head was down my throat and my nose was pressing against his pubic mound.

Bill groaned deeply as my hot flesh burned at his cock. I love the sensation of the first time his cock slides into my throat. The feeling of my flesh stretching to accept his throbbing cock head, the slight twinge of pain as I force his widest part, the flaring corona of his cock head through the narrowest part of my throat, the absolute incredible feeling of his twitching cock completely impaled in my oral fuck tunnel. Since my transformation months earlier I've enjoyed sucking a man's cock more than any other part. And I've become an incredible cock sucker. I'm able to take every inch Bill has to offer without the slightest urge to gag or even pause as I drive him home deep in my throat.

This most intimate of sexual unions is something that both Bill and I revel in and I have to believe it will always be not only a huge part of our foreplay, but also the way he'll most enjoy climaxing.

Bill's hand slid from the arms of his chair to my shoulders and then to the back of my skull. He grabbed handfuls of moist hair and lifted my mouth off his pulsing cock far enough that I was able to exhale around his shaft and suck life sustaining oxygen into my lungs. Once my lungs were filled Bill pressed my head back down driving his swollen cock back to the depths of my throat. I clenched my muscles around him and tried to swallow him even deeper.

"Yes Gen, that's the way I love it. Fuck that cock with your sweet throat!" Bill exclaimed.

His hands continued resting on my head, but he didn't use them to control the tempo of my deep throat blow job. Rather he let me lift off him a few inches and then impale myself on his cock again. Every dozen or so times I'd lift enough to breath. And every couple breaths I'd let his raging cock slip from my hot wet mouth to verbalize just how much I love using his cock to throat fuck myself.

"I love how your cock surges when it's at the deepest down my throat." I said.

I swallowed his beautiful cock again, and repeated the whole process before letting him slip from my mouth.

"Bill it feels so good when the head slides through that tight spot in the back of my throat!" I whispered.

Bill watched in an almost disbelieving stare as over and over again I impaled my oral cavity and throat on his incredible cock.

My passionate lover resisted the urge to thrust his hips upward for as long as he could, but eventually the pleasure my throat was giving him took control and he started meeting my plunges onto his beautiful erection with short upward thrusts into my mouth. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and said, "Baby I'm going to stroke you slowly until you cum I want every drop in my tea."

Bill leaned back and relaxed in the overstuffed chair as my delicate hand began stroking his rock hard erection slowly from the very base up over his flaring corona to the tip of his cock head. I moved my other hand to softly cradle his swollen balls in that hand and massaged them gently.

"Goddamn Gen that feels so fucking good." Bill whispered.

I moved my eyes from his cock to his eyes watching his expression change as my soft hands worked their magic. Up and down the pulsing shaft my fingers traveled. Round and round the other worked his balls eliciting a deep sensual moan from my discreet lover.

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