tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTransman Meets Transwoman Ch. 01

Transman Meets Transwoman Ch. 01


I'm a transman. That means that when I was born, they said "It's a girl!", but later in life I figured out that they were wrong and that I'm really a boy, well, now a man. You see, taking testosterone has made me extra horny to the point that sometimes I masturbate more than three times a day. Testosterone also made my cock (or what you may call a clit) bigger. Not big enough for penetration, but a perfect size for a nice suck. Along with my enlarged clit, I still have a hole that gets nice and wet and another hole in the back that loves to be played with. All transmen are different, some are okay with some things being played with and others are not okay with certain things being touched. So, for anyone who is reading this story... If you're interested in fooling around with a transman, an important thing is to be respectful and ask him what he is and isn't comfortable with. Not just with what can or cannot be touched but also words. A transman might not want his parts to be called a cunt or a pussy. And remember, transmen are men and not women.

I'm staying at an expensive hotel and am expecting a visit from an internet friend that I haven't met in person yet. I have only seen pictures of her. She is a beautiful pre-operative transwoman. She is tall, at six feet, and has black hair with red streaks. Her breasts are small, but that's how I like them. Oh yeah and unlike most girls, she also has a 5 inch cock that is also fully functioning. She usually dresses in black. She passes as female well and most people probably wouldn't think that she is a trans. To prepare for her visit, I take a shower. In the shower, I start to think about her. All the pictures I have seen of her are flashing through my mind. I keep getting images in my head of things I hope to do with her; I have been getting them all day. Sucking and biting her nipples..mmm.Kissing and biting her all over..oh man..I'm getting so turned on..

I get hard and want to touch myself but stop because I know I should save my sexual energy for later. I get out of the shower and spray on my best cologne. I put on my strap with my 6 inch packy and a tight pair of jeans. I can feel my tiny cock throbbing for attention. I put on a black A-shirt over my flat chest with my U scars. I go out of the bathroom, sit on the bed, and turn on the TV as I nervously wait to hear a knock on the door.

She knocks and I feel my heart jump and then my heart starts to beat really fast. I take a deep breath and then I open the door with a smile. She looks even hotter than her pictures and I want to kiss her sooo badly right away but am way too shy and nervous. We both sit on the bed and I ask if she wants to watch a movie. She just smiles, so I continue to flip through the channels. I can feel the sexual tension going on between us. We both know we want each other badly. I try not to look her straight in the eyes because I don't want her to be able to tell I'm nervous..but she must know.I keep my eyes glued to the TV until she places her hand on my thigh and smiles.

She then kisses my cheek and tells me that I'm just as cute as the pictures that I have shown her online. She then asks if I'm still up for what we planned for originally. You see, our original plan was to meet and to screw around. My biggest fantasy is to be with a transwoman but I've never had the opportunity until today. She also hasn't been with a transman before. I just nodded to her question and she mentions that I seem a little more submissive than she thought I would be. I apologize but then she tells me that there is no reason to be sorry and that she actually kind of likes it. She starts to kiss my lips while again moving her hand toward my crotch. She notices that I'm packing and smiles.

"You won't be needing this hun for what I have in mind," she says.

"What exactly do you have in mind then?" I ask.

To be Continued If I Get Comments From People Who Are Interested!

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by Anonymous03/27/18

Good Start

You should totally continue it. I like it!! There isn’t enough trans with trans stories.

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