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Transport Ship Arrowhead


The light coming from Beta Romol was almost unbearable, even with the solar filters. As Endira Vas looked at the red super giant, she couldn't help but think about how deadly this star truly was.

The radiation pouring from it could cook her in an instant if not for the spaceport's shielding. Of course, the fact that the star would go supernova in just a few short centuries didn't ease her mind either. Vas couldn't figure out why this station was in orbit around such an unstable stellar body, and no one could give her a satisfactory answer.

Vas looked at her wrist chronometer. Her ride would be there any moment, and then she would be returning to her home planet, Muldax Prime. Vas had been part of a cultural exchange between her world and the planet Dorrin on the galactic fringe. She had spent the better part of three years among a people who had just recently achieved faster than light travel.

She still remembered her first encounter with the Dorrinites. They had never seen a female before; the Dorrinites are a unisex race, and Vas's curvy figure and prominent breasts made her stand out more than her purple skin, pointed ears, and dark black hair did.

Vas had grown very fond of the Dorrinites. They were a young people in terms of technological development, and Vas found the childlike wonder with which they saw the cosmos to be very refreshing. But it was good to be returning home.

A Dorrinite transport had brought her to the Starlane Spaceport in orbit around Beta Romol, and an Earth cargo transport called the Arrowhead would take her back to Muldaxian space. The fact that an Earth ship had been charted to take her home instead of a Muldaxian star cruiser bothered her; nothing against the humans, they were long time allies of the Muldaxian Commonwealth, but human technology was only a few centuries ahead of the Dorrinites. Why ask them for transport?

"Attention Endira Vas," a voice speaking Interlingual, the so called interstellar language, said over the loud speakers in the viewing area. "The Arrowhead has docked at bay 42 and is ready to be boarded. Repeat, the Arrowhead has docked at bay 42 and is ready to be boarded."

When Vas arrived at bay 42, she wasn't so much disappointed when she saw the Arrowhead as she was profoundly unimpressed. It was an older civilian transport; a small, triangular shaped vessel that lived up to its name in regards to its shape.

The crew compartment was in the forward bow, and it had a pair of sublight engines jutting out of the aft section. The Arrowhead didn't seem to have much in the way of armaments; two plasma pulse emitters in each wing a torpedo tube under the nose, and one between the sublight engines. The ship was so small that it looked like there was hardly enough room for one person, let alone a whole crew.

She was met at the airlock by a human male with closely cropped brown hair; much shorter than Vas's own. He was the same height as she was, but had much broader shoulders. His blue eyes caught her off guard; her people generally only had gold eyes, or silver eyes like her own. Vas had never seen that eye color before, nor had she seen a skin tone that pale. The Dorrinites were a pale blue, but the human's skin tone seemed truly alien to her.

"I'm Captain James Barret of the Arrowhead, Miss Endira" he said in flawless Muldaxian. "If you'll come aboard, we'll get underway."

Vas was quite pleasantly surprised by this. She could see why he was sent to take her home. "Thank you, Captain James," she replied in Interlingual.

The captain chuckled. "It's Captain Barret, ma'am. My people put the individual's name before the family name."

Vas's eyes grew wide with embarrassment. "I am so sorry, Captain, I meant no offense!"

Captain Barret just smiled. "None taken. Come on, let's get you settled in so we can lift off."

The Arrowhead's crew compartment was bigger than the exterior would suggest. There were two chairs facing the exterior view ports. The seat to the left, the pilot's seat, was surrounded by a bank of navigation controls. There were buttons and switches as opposed to touch screens. It seemed that Captain Barret seemed more comfortable working physical controls than holograms and lights on a panel. "Arrowhead to Starlane Control," Barret said into the communicator. "Preflight prep is complete and we are awaiting launch clearance."

"Copy that, Arrowhead," came the reply. "Dock is depressurized, the doors are open, and you are cleared for launch. Have a good flight, James."

"Thanks, Control, Arrowhead out." Barret turned to his passenger. "Ready to go?" Vas nodded in the affirmative. Barret's hands deftly worked the controls and, seemingly without effort, the aging Earth ship lifted off from the ground, performed a flawless one hundred and eighty degree turn, and exited the spaceport. Within seconds, Beta Romol was retreating in the rear view monitors. "Course set for interstellar space," the onboard computer said in a monotone voice. "Faster than light drive will be engaged upon reaching gravitational boundary. Estimated flight time to Muldax Prime is five galactic standard days."

Vas groaned at that. A Commonwealth ship would have made the trip in half that time.

"Can't be helped, Miss Endira," Barret said in a matter of fact tone. "A lot's been going on since you've been on Dorrin. Once we're FTL and you're all settled, I'll tell you all about it."

When Vas had assumed that the Arrowhead wasn't big enough for a crew, she was right. Most of the ship's interior space was taken up by an antiquated antimatter/ion drive and a rather spacious cargo hold. There was only enough room for a small mess hall and two rooms that served as crew quarters. Captain Barret flew alone. The guest quarters Vas had been provided with were smaller than any accommodations she had ever seen. It had a single bed, a night stand, and a small desk. There was no room for a chair, so she had to sit on the bed in order to actually use the desk. On the plus side, it did have its own bathroom.

The so called mess hall wasn't that much bigger; a small table, two chairs, and a food replicator built into the bulkhead. Even though it was replicated Muldaxian food and not the genuine article, Vas relished her meal; after three years of dried food and Dorrinite cuisine, a replicated meal was almost as good as the real thing.

Barret gave her an amused look. He knew what it was like to sample home cooking after so long a time. "I was asked to bring you home by High Chancellor Dismer," he said. "The Commonwealth is in a border dispute with the Verokk Imperium."

"That's impossible," Vas said. She had insisted on speaking Interlingual since she was on an Earth ship and she didn't know Terran. It was only polite. "The Imperium is five thousand light years away. Our borders are nowhere near each other. Besides, I would have been told about this in my weekly communiques with home!"

"And how regular have these weekly communiques been?"

"Not quite weekly in recent months," she relented. "I was told that all was well, so I didn't worry. I only got concerned when I found out an off worlder would be taking me home." Vas noticed the incredulous look Barret was giving her. She found it kind of charming the way he arched his right eyebrow when annoyed. "No offense."

Barret let out an exasperated sigh. "The Imperium is trying to annex Commonwealth territory. We don't know why. The chancellor and the president of the Planetary Coalition have filed numerous complaints with the Imperium, but they haven't done any good. All Commonwealth ships have been ordered to stay in close proximity to the homeworld in the event of a full scale invasion; in case the planet needs to be evacuated."

Vas pushed her plate away. Her appetite was gone. "Is that why you were hired to bring me home?"

"That, and because Bor wanted me to bring him a shipment of spice whiskey," Barret said.

"Bor?" Vas mused. "Dismer Bor? You know the chancellor?"

"His sister, Alu, was my host when I was stationed on Muldax Prime." Barret's face gained an almost sad look. "He's an....... old friend."

That explained why Barret could speak Vas's language and was familiar with her world's cuisine. "What happens now?" she asked.

Barret stood up and grabbed the plates. Neither of them were in the mood to eat anymore. "We continue on to Muldax Prime. If we get stopped or otherwise engaged by the Imperium, we get you somewhere safe." The plates were broken back down into their component atoms in the replicator. "Before you ask, it's not just you. All Muldaxians currently off world are being ferried home in the same manner. It's to keep you all safe." He sat back down and took her hand.

Vas looked into those blue, alien eyes and felt safe. "Thank you, Captain."

"James," he said. "You can call me James."

"Only if you call me Vas," she smiled.

The Arrowhead was much quieter in FTL than Vas would have thought. She had been sure the hull would buckle and groan under the stresses of trans luminal flight, but the ship made no structural noises. All she heard was the steady hum of the ship's systems. Captain Barret, it seemed, kept his ship in good running order. Vas was a little taken with him. He had been on Muldax Prime so he understood her people. And he was damn sexy.

Vas had long fantasized about having sex with an alien. Because the Dorrinites were so physically different, she didn't have that opportunity while she was on their planet; they had both male and female genitalia, which were situated on their chests. But the human was definitely....... compatible. And he was damn sexy. Vas hoped her three years of celibacy would end tonight.

Other races would think that, given what was happening on her home planet, Vas's lust was inappropriate, but Muldaxians are a very passionate people. They have no concept of, or even a word for, monogamy.

Bond mates, the closest thing Muldaxians have to married couples, are expected and encouraged to have multiple sex partners. It was said that a Muldaxian who wasn't horny was either sick or dead. And this Muldaxian was very, very horny. She had masturbated several times a day every day while on Dorrin. Her fingers just didn't do it anymore. She needed a cock and she needed it bad.

Vas was standing outside Barret's quarters, wearing only a thin white robe that barely went passed her ass. Her pussy was so wet she could smell it. She pressed the door chime. Seconds later, the door slid open to reveal a nearly nude James Barret.

Vas had never seen a human this exposed before. His well muscled chest and belly were covered in light brown hair. She wasn't ready for that, since the only hair her people had was on their heads. She glanced down and saw a bulge forming in his tight fitting boxer briefs. "Good evening, James," she said in a sultry voice. "May I enter?"

Barret immediately knew what she wanted. "You sure you want to do this, Vas?"

Vas licked her lips when she saw the bulge get bigger. "I haven't had sex in over three years. I need it, James. And I need you to give it to me."

James stepped aside and Vas sauntered in, her robe offering brief glimpses of her ass as she walked. "Holy shit," Barret muttered under his breath.

Barret's quarters were bigger than Vas's, as was his bed; it could easily accommodate two. Vas let the robe fall, revealing herself to Barret. Her green nipples stood at attention on her cantaloup sized breasts.

Barret responded by dropping his shorts, revealing an eight inch cock. "Goddesses be praised," Vas sighed in Muldaxian.

Vas laid back on the bed and spread her legs. The skin of her glistening slit was a darker shade of green than her nipples. Barret laid down next to her and captured her mouth with his own. Their tongues battled wildly as their hands explored each other's bodies. Vas couldn't help but run her fingers through his chest hair while Barret gently pinched her nipples, sending surges of pleasure from her tits through her whole body. Her clit was starting to pulse with desire.

Vas pulled away from the searing kiss so she could look down at and grab Barret's member. Human penises were much different from their Muldaxian counterparts. While they were roughly the same size and shape ,this one had an upwards curve, ridges, and a bulbous head. Muldaxian cocks, on the other hand, were smooth. Even the hole at the top was a different shape; a vertical slit for the human instead of two horizontal slits for the Muldaxian. It was dripping a clear fluid. "You didn't already?" she asked.

"Never been with a human before, have you?" Vas just squeezed his dick. "That's just a precursor," he said.

For the first time since she entered his quarters, Vas looked nervous. "Is it true that human males..... eat.... the clitorises of their women?"

Barret gently caressed her cheek. "It's an expression," he said softly. "Lay back and I'll show you."

Barret kissed his way down her body until he reached her pussy. He gently spread her wet lips apart and took in her scent; it was slightly musky with a hint of cinnamon. He gently ran his tongue up her slit from her opening to her clit. When his tongue reached her swollen nub, Vas shuddered. "It only gets better." He continued lightly running his tongue over her womanhood. He knew what he needed to do to get her to relax. For as sexual a people as the Muldaxians are, they had no knowledge of oral sex. Vas wasn't the first of her kind he'd done this for.

Vas was moaning lightly. Barret picked up the pace and sucked her clit into his mouth. Vas nearly jumped as she let out a loud squeal. Barret vigorously flicked his tongue on her clit as she squirmed against him. He released her long enough to slip a finger inside her. Soon he was sucking and licking her clit while he finger fucked her.

Vas was going crazy. She had lapsed into her native language and was alternating between asking her people's creator goddesses for strength and thanking them for what Barret was doing to her. His finger in her, his mouth on her, and his tongue.... by the Goddesses his tongue! The pleasure that had been building finally reached its breaking point. Vas screamed as her body convulsed. Barret had kept his eyes on her this whole time, and saw that her skin had blanched lavender; Muldaxians change color at orgasm.

Vas's coloring returned to normal as she finished cumming. Barret climbed up next to her with a sly grin on his face. "And that is what it means to have your pussy eaten." Vas grabbed his face and kissed hum hungrily, savoring the taste of her own juices.

She finally nudged Barret onto his back and straddled him. "Before we do this," she said, "there's something you should know."

Barret put his finger to her lips. "I know," he said softly. "I've been with a Muldaxian woman before. Trust me."

Vas did trust him. She trusted him to get her home, she trusted him to keep her safe in case the Imperium tried to stop them, and she trusted him with her body; she let him stick his face where no one else ever had, after all! She grabbed hold of his throbbing cock, wetted it against her slick pussy, and eased it into her. "You feel so good," she groaned as she slid down his length. Barret just closed his eyes and enjoyed her tightness.

She rode him slowly, letting him stretch her out. She leaned forward and braced herself on his chest. Barret gently massaged her tits. Vas started to pick up the pace. She sat up, took Barret's hands and placed them on her ass. "Yes," she moaned. "Give it to me.... give it to me good!"

Barret dug his fingers into her hips and pressed her harder against him. She yelped in pleasure. She moved faster, and it was all Barret could do to keep up with her gyrations. "Damn, Vas," he groaned. " I almost forgot how intense you Muldaxian ladies could be."

Vas chuckled between moans. "You're keeping up well." She laid down on him and kissed him deeply. Barret rolled himself on top of her. Vas wrapped her legs around his waste and ground against him. "Now shut up and fuck me!"

Barret pumped into her with abandon, pushing her up the bed with each thrust. Vas had to brace herself against the wall to keep from hitting her head on it. Barret's thrusts became faster and more intense. Without warning, Vas's skin went lavender, her pussy tightened, and her back arched. She almost forced Barret out of her, but he held on. Her body shook violently as she came.

The last wave or orgasm had just washed over her when she felt Barret pull out, followed by the feeling of globs of something hot and wet landing on her tits and stomach. When Vas opened her eyes, she saw Barret jerking himself off while milky white cum erupted from his dick. As soon as the last bit dribbled onto her smooth mound, he fell back on the bed, breathing heavily. Vas looked at her exhausted captain, and then down at her chest at the offering he had made to their desire, and smiled. "You really have been with Muldaxian women before."

In Muldaxian tradition only a woman's bond mate was allowed to cum inside her, and only a man's bond mate was allowed to accept his seed. Ejaculation for regular sex partners had to be external. Barret, having caught his breath, got off the bed and went into the bathroom. When he came back out, he saw Vas looking intently at a glob of his cum that she had scooped up. "I've never seen white semen before," she said, almost to herself.

Barret threw her a towel to clean herself off with. "Your people have black cum, I know." He laid down next to her on the bed. "And I've only been with one other Muldaxian woman before. Since you asked."

Vas dropped the used towel on the floor. "The chancellor's sister?"

"Alu was my host, like I said. She taught me everything she could about your people." Berret figured that Vas would be staying the night, so he dimmed the lights and pulled the covers over them. Vas snuggled up next to him.

"I remember when she died," Vas said softly. "It happened so suddenly. But that's how Clathe's disease works." Clathe's disease attacks the circulatory system. Victims don't live much longer than a year after the diagnosis. "It must have been hard for you."

"She was my bond mate."

Vas sat up and looked him in the eyes. "Oh, James. I am so sorry." She held him close and started stroking his hair. "If me being here is difficult, then..."

Barret silenced her with a kiss. "I want you here, Vas. And if you even think of apologizing for the sex....."

Vas smiled and rested her head on his chest. "My people never apologize for a good fuck. Especially the hot, steamy, toe curling variety."

Over the next couple of days, Vas and Barret settled into a routine. They would eat together, Vas would keep Barret company in the cockpit, they would have sex and then fall asleep together; Vas had even moved her bags to Barret's quarters, her own quarters going unused.

The only thing they didn't do together was bathe, and that was only because the showers were too small for more than one person. Vas was getting very comfortable with her human companion. He was kind, engaging, and amazing in bed. Before she met Barret, Vas thought she was pretty adventurous. He opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

He ate her out every night, and took her in different positions. He had cum on her tits, her stomach, her back and her ass. Vas even gave him what he called a "blowjob;" a name that confused her since she was sucking his cock and not blowing on it. Having him in her mouth, stroking his length, and then letting him spray his cum all over her face had been a huge turn on.

Towards then end of that particular encounter she had been tempted to ask Berret to cum inside of her, to become her bond mate. There were those who would say that four days was too short a time to fall in love, but those same people had never met Vas's parents. They had known each other for only a day when they bonded, and that was three children and twenty five years ago.

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