tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTranssexual Sisters Ch. 04

Transsexual Sisters Ch. 04


Part 4: A date with men goes terribly wrong.

Note: this is part four in the series about Michelle and Nicole;

Michelle and Nicole first experience with males had been a revelation. They learned to accept lesbians and gay men as equally pleasurable though in obviously different ways. Dawn was the first to notice the change in their attitude toward males and supported them fully.

Cassie welcomed them into her bisexual world and actively engaged in marathon sex sessions with one or both. Her nursing school would end in December. It meant parting from the greatest love Dawn and her playmates Michelle and Nicole.

In a fateful day that showed so much promise Michelle and Nicole were to see another side of the male species. Cassie had befriended several males nurses enjoying great sex on numerous occasions. She had opened up her bisexuality and was accepted by the nursing students, her teachers and doctors. The 5-8" beauty's 36-22-35, figure captivated men and women both. She agreed with a date request from Randy Douglas a male nurse if he would find two gay dates for her friends Micelle and Nicole. He had trouble finding two gay men interested in women. He wanted Cassie so much that he ended up talking two very straight male students to accompany him with Cassie and her friends Michelle and Nicole.

The next morning Cassie found herself very pissed off at Randy and comforting Michelle and Nicole.

The evening started wonderfully. It was a clear crisp night in LA. The smog had lifted and a full moon brightened the clear sky. It was a night for lovers, Randy and Cassie, Curt and Nicole and Derrick and Michelle found themselves on a deserted beach. They all left there shoes in the car and strolled hand in hand along the wet beach sand occasionally running into the gentle surf to wash the sand from their feet. Randy wrapped his arm around Cassie shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. Cassie kissed him back fully on his lips. It was not long before the two were involved in a heavy make out session. They found a red wood lounge chair and were just starting to undress each other when they were interrupted by yelling and screaming from the surf area. They investigated and found Michelle and Nicole bloodied and bruised face down in the surf. Curt and Derrick were pushing their heads in and out of the water.

"What the hell?" Cassie yelled. As she and Randy pulled them out of the water. "Get your fucking hands off them. I thought gay men would enjoy some time with beautiful transsexuals"

"Gay!!! Who told you we are gay?" Curt spat, "Randy? You son of a bitch!"

"You lying bastard," Cassie screamed slapping Randy in the face. "Get the hell out of here.. Go you assholes!"

"OK we are leaving, but this is on you Cassie. You should have told me your friends were transsexuals?" Randy told her.

"You stupid shit! What did your think when I requested gay man? The answer was you thought only with your cock. Well think this mister big shot I will see to it that you never date a women I know. Now scram!!

She called 911 for an ambulance and went to her friends and lovers.

Michelle and Nicole were a mess. They were shivering in the wet clothing. Michelle had a cut lip and burses on her arms. "When Derrick touched my cock he backed off called me every name in the book." Michelle cried. He slapped me hard, grabbed my arms and threw me into the surf.

"I will never forget Curt's exact words, 'This bitch has a cock. I bet your bitch has one too.' Nicole said.

"I saw Curt rip off her dress exposing her cock." Michelle added. He actually punched her in her jaw. He grabbed her right arm and tossed her in the surf next to me. If you and Randy had not dragged us to shore they might have killed us.

Nicole's face was badly bruised and she was spitting out blood. The only thing Cassie could find to stop the bleeding was her panties. They would have to do until the ambulance arrived.

"Oh God, this is my fault. I should have been up front and told the full truth about you. I hope you can forgive me."

"Cassie don't punish yourself. If Randy listened to you with his brain instead of his cock we all would be having a great time right now." Michele told her.

"At least we are together," Nicole mumbled.

"Yea and look who got your panties." Michelle joked, bringing a smile to their faces.

Cassie recognized the paramedics. She had been friends with Jackie and Lewis for her entire time in nursing school. She had found them to be loving, caring wonderful people, perfectly suited to the medical field.

Jackie inspected Michelle. "You OK baby?" she asked. "You are shivering, Let me get your two blankets."

She returned with blankest and a first aid kit. Lewis bandaged her cut lip and applied an ice packs to her bruises.

Lewis looked over Nicole and removed Cassie's panties. Nodding at Cassie, "Very resourceful Cassie She has a bad cut. I'll pack it for now but she will need stitches at the hospital"

The paramedics carefully placed Nicole on a gurney. "Michelle can ride up front with me, Cassie, you stay with Jackie in back. "Don't worry. Your friend will be fine."

The ER stay was short. After patching up Nicole and checking Michelle thoroughly they were given ice packs. Jackie drove them home. Cassie hugged and kissed her friend, holding her in her arms tightly. "Thank you so much Jackie. 'I'll see you soon."

"That would be very nice Cassie," Jackie replied.

The pair found themselves saying at the same time, "I love you."

Although Michelle and Nicole completely recovered physically, the consequences to their psyche would bring personal pain and turmoil to the campus.

Word of the incident spread like wildfire across campus. Michelle and Nicole were supported by most women, honored by the lesbian and gay community but ridiculed buy most men. As often as they were consoled by lesbians and gays, they were laughed at by a few straight men and were the subject of cruel jokes. They had filled condoms tossed in their face, nasty letters in their mail box and crudely made posters showing two women supposedly resembling Michelle and Nicole with cocks instead of noses.

Cassie made it her mission to keep the pair happy at home. Michelle could suck Nicole's cock but her sister could not return the favor until he stitches were removed. Cassie returned from another brutal day at work. Men and women she had dated rudely ignored her and were curt in conversations. What were once smiles were now frowns. It was an unbearable shift. She needed some soothing sex with Dawn in the worst way. Dawn was not home so she looked in on Michele and Nicole. Michelle had Nicole's cock deep in her throat and was trying but not succeeding very well to beat off her cock. She needed her sisters mouth which was for no off limits.

"Cassie!! I have never been so happy to see you." Michelle gushed. My mouth is off limits and Nicole needs a blow job really bad. I have not been able to suck her cock all week."

"Gladly. If you only knew how much I needed some hot sex today." Cassie replied. "Spread out and make some room for me."

Michelle laid back on several pillows, running her hands through Nicole's hair as she bobbed up and down on her 9 inch throbbing cock. Cassie pushed under Nicole and gently caresses her hard 7" cock. She licked her purple head up and down. She easily took her hanging balls into her mouth and gave them her special hum job. Nicole had a lot of cum waiting a longtime for release. She felt the pre orgasmic surge.

"Cassie take it now. I going to cum!!

As soon as Cassie wrapped her lips around Nicole's head, she was greeted by a continuous flow of hot cum. Cassie took all she could and removed her mouth. Nicole's cum continued and splashed all over Cassie's face and breasts.

Michelle seeing all the cum, turned on her famous control, and blasted rope after rope. Into Nicole's mouth. Nicole and Cassie kissed deeply enjoying Micelle's load. Cassie licked up her cum from Nicole and shared it.

An hour later Dawn came home. It was obvious to her lovers that she was fighting to control he temper.

"Look as this shit!!" she demanded. She placed a letter in Cassie's hand. "The more she read the madder she got"

"From: concerned students.

"To: Dawn Washington and her pack of sluts.

"You are not wanted here. Your dick girls are a disgrace.

"Your cunt eating dick swallowing girl bitch calls herself a nurse. Well nurse this: a drawing of a pile of shit."

"If your dick girls do not leave they will be stripped. hog tied and carried to the Mexican border."

To their credit all four ignored most of the threats for what they were, a lot of hot air.

Michelle and Nicole's days on campus were a strange brew of friendlily understanding and obvious contempt.

They were humiliated, yes! ridiculed, yes! But they remained strong and they took it all with a determination that gained some respect, but not nearly enough for Dawn.

Dawn called her friend at the campus newspaper/

"Hello. This is Nancy, may I help you?"

"Nancy it's Dawn"

"I had a hunch I would be hearing from you. It's about your roommates right?"

"So you know all the crap going around. I need a forum."

"You got it. Front page OK?"

"You are fantastic. No wonder I love you girl!"

"In due time dearest." Nancy promised.

The next day Dawn's letter appeared on the front page with a head shot photo. Dawn's penetrating eyes let the readers know this serious.

The text:


"I direct this letter specifically to a small but frightening minority so filled with hate they would gladly trample on individual liberties protected by the US Constitution. It is a wake up call. I urge all students, faculty, and student government to discuss and debate my thoughts. I do not pretend to have all the answers. This comes more from my heart than my mind..

"At this time our university is facing a challenge that threatens the fabric of out nation. Liberty and freedom and pursuit of happiness for all mankind. These basic core values our under challenges that will make or break the unity that is USC. A culture of hate is palpable and disturbing. In my homeland hate brought on genocide. .I urge you who hate to please and take a moment to look inward. If you do not like what you see., there is hope. Seek counseling to better your life and those around you. I urge with all my heart that all of you fill your life with love. Love fills your soul. Hate destroys your soul.

"Many of you probably know the specifics of the issues we face. For those of you who do not, I am talking about my roommates Michelle and Nicole. These beautiful, caring, sensitive, loving women are under a senseless brutal attack because they happen to be different. They were born transsexuals to loving parents who nurtured and instilled in them a love for each other and a love for their fellow human beings.

"Now please tell me, if you can, one good reason why these lovely ladies should not be treated with the respect and dignity most of us take for granted. Why must we treat them badly because they happen to be physically different.

"This difference was discovered by two hateful male dates last week They both were beaten and almost drowned. The physical injuries healed fine. To compound this brutality they are now suffering even more pain psychologically. These wounds to their soul will not heal easily.

"Some of you might consider the jokes and posters funny. Nothing is funny unless we can all share in the laughter. If it brings grief to one we should all feel sorrow. By the way some of you clowns need anatomy lessons.

"Know this my fellow students: This abuse will stop now!! If you doubt my demand prepare for a large peaceful demonstration by the vast majority who believe in equal rights for all people. We can and will shut down this university.

Look at my photo. Do my eyes lie?!"

Dawn's letter ignite a media blitz. Reporters and camera crews descended on the campus. It was chaos. Dawn, Cassie, Michelle and Nicole refused interviews. Only those seeking their 15 minutes of fame talked to reporters. It was painfully obvious that the media hogs did not have a clue of the issues involved. A written press release by the school president was short and concise and sent the reporters packing.

"The administration is investigating the allegation made by Miss Washington. We support human rights regardless of race, religious belief or sexual orientation. I assure that the haters she mentioned will found and promptly expelled."

The president reviewed his statement with Dawn and was assured there would be no protest movement.

Michelle and Nicole were greeted continuously in and between classes. They gracefully accepted apologies. They turned down advances by men and women alike contented to share love with each others, Dawn and Cassie.

To be continued...

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