tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTranssexual Sisters Ch. 06

Transsexual Sisters Ch. 06


Part 6: A Party to Remember


After their tormentors were jailed, Michelle and Nicole felt relieved and happy for the first time in weeks. Whether from curiosity, respect or sympathy for their ordeal they became very popular around the USC campus. They were asked out often by women, mostly lesbians, and a few guys. Still a little skittish they would go for coffee, lunch or just hang out in the common areas. Once a trust was established they would take things to the next level.

The last thing they expected was a their seduction of a member of the faculty. David Dickinson, their math professor was just out of graduate school. The 24 year old was young,, brash and enjoyed challenges at every opportunity. He had sky dived, climbed mountains, scuba dived the great reef in Australia. He was captivated by Michelle and Nicole. They were among his best and brightest students. He knew their story and admired their bravery in facing and overcoming obstacles that would crush weaker individuals.

He bluntly admitted his bi-curiosity. As the term wore on he often fantasized about making love to the beautiful transsexuals and masturbated to intense orgasms dreaming what it be like to suck their dicks or fuck their ass.. He would think of them sucking his dick or allowing him to masturbate as the sucked of each other.

Michelle and Nicole suspected David's interest. They often caught is wandering eyes peeking at their crotch. They teased him by wearing short skirts with no panties, casually spreading their legs, or intentionally dropping the pencil and squatted while raising their skirts revealing their charms. David had to set behind his desk to hide his hardening dick.

He asked Michelle and Nicole to stay awhile after class intending to scold them.

Michelle and Nicole perched themselves on his desk, pulled their skirts back revealing their hardening cocks. "See anything you want professor," Nicole teased.

"It seems so," Michelle kidded. "The tent in your pants tells no lie."

David was caught with no escape and decided to come clean.

Yes, yes, yes!! I have lusted over the two of you since classes started. Your incredible beauty. Your charming personality and intelligence. You are everything I have dreamed about. I have often fanaticized about making love with you."

"Did you masturbate thinking about us?" Nicole teased again.

Did you cum hard?" Michelle asked.

David, a little embarrassed nodded yes tooth questions.

"I bet you dreamed about sucking our cocks," Nicole.

"Fucking our sweet asshole." Michelle.

"Or most of all the best blow job of your life." Nicole.

David lost control and took both cocks in his hand. Michelle and Nicole were equally turned on. David rushed to lock his class door. By the time he returned Michelle and Nicole had removed their clothing. They lay beside each other. Michelle's 9" cock and Nicole's 7" stood fully erect.

David quickly striped. The girls gasped when they saw his long night stick sized 11" rod.

"I want that first" Nicole pleaded. "It's just the right size for a good butt fuck.

"Take it Nicole," Michelle ordered.

Nicole motioned for David to lay on the desk. She grasped his hard cock and licked it's large purple circumcised head. Michelle held David's head over the side of the desk and fed him her 9 inch cock. His first cock. But what a cock it was. Thick, nicely veined musky scent great taste. He loved the fact that he as now confirmed bi-sexual. Michelle fed him gently at first feeding him all he could take, about 6 inches. David had seen blow jobs preformed in XXX rated movies. If he could not take Michelle deep he could practice some other tricks he had seen in the videos.. He drew his tongue as deep as possible and pushed it against and along her cock. Michelle loved it and began to plunge in faster.

Nicole took about 9 inches of his cock deep in her throat. She licked around his rod. He tasted of perfumed soap and salty perspiration. He had been aroused for an hour by the sweet transsexuals teasing soaking his briefs with sweat.

The three developed a nice rhythm. The stimulation of Nicole on his cock wetted his passion for Michelle amazing cock. Michelle and Nicole moved at the same pace. As Nicole moved her mouth down, Michelle plunged in.

"You like my big cock! Oh you suck good!!" Michelle moaned to David. "You beautiful man!! You stud!! Ready to taste my cum?"

He nodded up and down. Michelle felt her pre- orgasm throbbing in the head of her cock. It became harder and long thick hot streams of delicious cum shot one after the other into David's mouth, down his throat into his stomach. As more and more cum flowed from Michelle's cock David was forced too open wide and let it flow down his chin in onto his ripped hairy chest.

Michelle licked and sucked and fed David kissing his cum filled mouth in swirling it back in forth eventually swallowing a good portion of her cum.

Seeing cum always turned Nicole hotter and she drove harder and faster at David's joy stick. She sucked hard, She gripped his cock with her lips and tongue. In his considerable experience David had never received any where near the pleasure as Nicole's incredible mouth. Jolts of tiny electric shots coursed throughout his body. His balls released a tremendous load of cum and David shot rope after rope after rope of cum. Nicole took in as much as she could. released his cock as more and more cum blasted out completely covering her sweet face. Still more coved her neck and between her breasts. By the time David stopped, Nicole looked like a cum pop cycle.

Michelle and David raced to clean up the missive cum load and shared it equally. The three cum sluts rested, dressed kissed each other and made plans meet again at the apartment they shaded with Dawn and the dynamo Pixie. "You will love our roommates pussies." Nicole promised.


Michelle and Nicole talked a great deal about the incredible professor his looks, incredible built and talented mouth. "And his cock is made for butt fucking" Michelle claimed.

The date was set for Saturday evening. David called and asked if could bring a friend. "By all means. Six is much better than five." Nicole agreed.

The four girls dressed in the sexiest outfits from their extensive wardrobes. Dawn wore a pure white baby doll satin slip covering her from he nicely expose cleavage to mid thigh.

Pixie, who had just moved in, chose a pink bustier and matching hug hipper panties.

Michelle and Nicole dressed alike in strapless push up bras and matching thongs.

They all covered up in shear pink night shirts.

The door bell chimed and Michelle and Nicole greeted the visitors, Dave's guest was beautiful young girl. Misty, 25 was really hot. She wore a light jacket. Nicole agreed to hang it up for her. Less her jacket Misty wore a skin tight blue latex body suit on her 5-8 frame It outlined her 37" breasts, her 22" waist and her camel toe exposed 36" hips. Her auburn hair was very long reaching just above her glorious ass outlined perfectly in blue latex.

David wore a tight USC T shirt and snug jeans.

Introduction's were made. There was a fair amount of small talk waiting for someone to break the ice. The four roommates were aroused by Misty.

"How long have you known David?" Michelle asked.

"Oh for about for years, We run into each other from time to time." Misty replied. "We first met in Boston. David was attending Harvard at the time."

"So I take you get around some." Dawn asked.

"David?" Misty looked at him carefully. "Sure" he replied.

"Truth is, I am a professional exhort. When I met David I was a common hooker. I was addicted to sex and saw it a good way to make a few bucks doing what I love."

"The first time I met with David we went to his place. I started to undress. David stopped me saying he just wanted to talk to me. I thought he was gay or a freak. I started to leave. He begged me to stay to show me a better more profitably way of life."

'As you can see, Misty is a beautiful well built lady that anyone would be attracted to." David went on.

"We posted my information, pricing and some provocative photos on a escorts web site. I hired an ex boxer as a body guard and applied for a frequent flier card with several airlines. I have traveled all over the US and Europe.

"I gross about 500 thousand a year plus 50,000 in tips. After paying my bodyguard 10% and expenses I clear a good 250 thousand a year."

'Thanks to my knowledge of math." David grinned.

"Don't be modest David. You saved my life for which I will always love you. You promised me some fun tonight so lets get it one!!"

"Pick a partner," Dawn ordered.

Misty and Dawn paired off. David embraced Michelle.

That left Nicole and Pixie.

The excitement of making love to a new partner thrilled Dawn, Misty, Nicole and Pixie.

Nicole and Pixie embraced. They kissed deeply. Nicole remembered Pixie's incredible body from the night at Loving Angels.

"Since the first time I saw you and sucked your magnificent breasts, I have longed for this night." Nicole said,

"This is funny, Pixie replied. "When I saw you leave the Brandy and Marty, I told Dawn that your dates had cocks. When Dawn told me you and Michelle had cocks as well. I wanted this day also."

"Come to my bed my sweet little darling,"

Pixie followed loosing her bustier and hip hugger panties on the way. She then undressed Nicole.

Pixie jumped and wrapped her legs around Nicole's waist. Nicole turned her upside down meshing her face into Pixie's shaved cunt. Pixie gripped Nicole's ass with both hands and engulfed her 7:" cock They fell on to the bed. Her hands tightly holding Pixie's lovely ass, Nicole tongued her pussy and her clit. Pixie loved Nicole's cock. It fit perfectly in her throat. Pixie bobbed up and down from 2 inches below her head to her shaved crotch. Nicole loved the feeling of her cock constantly in contact with Pixie's throat. The sensitive head sparked off light stinging feelings throughout body. It engulfed Nicole and a body heat that drew perspiration from every pore in her body. She absolutely glowed in the soft room lights. Pixie pressed her body to the warm Nicole. They squirmed and wiggled slipping around each other. In the bedlam Nicole lost Pixie's pussy. Somehow Pixie never lost control of Nicole's cock finally stopped with her pussy pressed against Nicole's face.

Nicole's talented lips kissed Pixie's clit and her tongue rapidly flicked at the sensitive head. Nicole rammed two fingers in her pussy and moved her hard digits in and out twisting them around and around. Pixie's tight pussy opened more allowing Nicole's hand to saw in and out.

Pixie paused in sucking Nicole's cock urging her on. Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck my clit. Fuck my pussy. Fist it deep." she bellowed, quickly engulfing her cock again,

Nicole closed her hand and pushed in wrist deep. Pixie sucked for all she was worth on Nicole's cock. She cupped her balls and fondled them gently. She imagined the cum boiling inside, reaching the pressure point and blowing out Nicole's cock into her waiting mouth. A steady stream of her pre-cum coated Pixie's tongue. She felt Nicole's cock grow notably larger.

Nicole felt the usual pre-orgasmic rush stiffen he entire body. She relaxed and unleashed a continuous stream of hot juicily sweet cum into Pixie's mouth. She swallowed fast, Choking she removed her mouth from Nicole's tasty cum covered cock. More of Nicole's cum coved her sweet face and her huge tits. Nicole licked the cum of one breast while Pixie lifted the other to her mouth and sucked up almost all of the cum. Nicole lapped up the reaming breast coasted cum then slowly licked it off Pixie's face. They shared it in a passionate opened mouth kiss.

Nicole's hand remained in Pixie's pussy. She kissed her lips softly and moved to her clit. Her fist softly stroked Pixie's G-spot. Pixie immediately gushed spurts of her female ejaculate. Nicole caught most in her mouth. Some reached Pixie's mouth. They both savored the taste.

Nicole started sucking on Pixies pussy while stroking her clit with her thumb. Pixie screamed. "Yaaaahhhhhhaaaaa!!! Iiiimmmmmmm Cuming!

Nicole enclosed her pussy and gobbled up all of Pixies sweet cum. They shared in it in sweet kiss and rested in each other's arms. Nicole could not resist and rested he hand on one of Pixie's magnificent breasts. Pixie could not resist and rested her hand on Nicole's cock. It was very comfortable way to acknowledge the part of their anatomy they loved the most. It was too tender to become aroused.

Pixie was thankful to live and make love with her roommates She knew that Dawn, Nicole and Michelle would soon begin a new chapter in their life. She had rebuffed many offers from her lesbian fiends at Loving Angels. Eventually her wish was granted and she moved with Marylyn. They eventually married.


The past few years were a living dream for Misty. Her website averaged over 1500 hits a day. Almost all were web surfers. Her answering service averaged around 150 serious calls. Of those Misty chose those she could meet in one day. Those needing just an hour or two she met in the afternoon. The few who needed a entire evening were required to wine and dine Misty before going to bed. The best customers were male and female athletes. They often paid for five hours of pleasure, had incredible stamina and tipped generously.

In all this time she had never serviced a black women. She was drawn to Dawn for many reasons other than her skin color. She admired her gorgeous body and fell under the spell of her penetrating eyes. Her eyes seemed to bore into her soul. She realized that making love with Dawn would be far more than sexually fulfilling . It would be like sex with an old trusted friend.

Dawn and Misty became life long friends. Their strength of character and will were mutually attractive. Sex with each other was like recharging their batteries.

Misty was drawn into the loving arms of Dawn. They hugged until it felt right to kiss. Passions rose. Misty pulled out of her body suit. Dawn's pure white slip followed. Her, 5-7, 37-23-36 body molded perfectly with Misty's 5-8. 37-22-36 body.

Dawn's bedroom was occupied by Nicole and Pixie. David and Michelle occupied her and Nicole's room. So Dawn pulled out a large snow white fluffy rug sewn over a soft Styrofoam pad. It look like the beautiful coat of a polar bear. It was actually softer than the beds and so easy to wash that the girls used it often. Misty asked Dawn to lay face up. She began to explore Dawn's body, She started at her toes, sucking them one a time like a tiny cocks. She licked the underside of her feet tickling her until both were laughing loudly. Misty kissed up each calve stopping to tongued around her knee cap.. She kissed up each thigh coming tantalizing close but not touching her very damp pussy. She licked her belly up and down placing her hands softly on Dawn's beautiful breasts. She gently kissed each breast lovingly sucking on one, tweaking the other between he forefinger and thumb.

Dawn was in ecstasy. Her head rocked side to side. Her hands clawed at the furry carpet. Misty asked Dawn to roll over. She started at her angles moved up each calve pausing to kiss and lick the sensitive tissue back of he knee again hearing a tickling laugh. Misty licked and kissed Dawn's thighs than moved to her back. She then licked up and down her back.

"Oh sweet. Soooo sweet!! That feels so nice. Ahhhhhhh!!!" Dawn moaned.

Misty than concentrated on her incredible ass. She kissed and licked all over both plump cheeks, then running her tongue up and down the tight crack, carefully and slowly spreading her cheeks. When she found sufficient space she opened wide and pressed he lips around Dawn's anal ring. When Misty licked her asshole Dawn's ecstatic scream was muffled in the furry carpet.

Misty whispered, "Please roll over and spread your legs my dear Dawn. I so need to eat your juicy pussy."

Misty started by kissing her navel then licked strait down to her mound, She opened wide surrounding Dawn's pussy with her lips and licked her prominent outer lips. As they opened she gently ran her tongue over the sheath protecting her clit. Dawn began to leak more and more pussy juices and softly pulled Misty's long hair covering her chest. She wrapped her hands around her hair and moved gently raking it hand over hand.

Misty ran her tongue over her clit to the pink inner lips and began to probe deep. She began slowly at first but soon was tonguing in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Dawn's cunt was on fire and her juices flowed like a river. Misty softly palmed her clit and Dawn came and came over and over in a multi orgasmic wave. Misty drank every drop and licked her dry as Dawn calmed down.

"Where did you learn to make such sweet love a women?" Dawn asked.

"I had been servicing men only for about three months when I met my first woman. I had never even touched a pussy other than my own. Her name was Melissa. She was 22 and a senior colligate basketball player, 6 ft tall, beautiful long legs, beautiful breasts, shaved pussy, a real beauty. I was upfront and told her I had never made love with a women and if she was not satisfied she did not have to pay me.

"Melissa told me she had her first pussy on her 18th birthday from a long time friend and current partner. She told me they made love at least five times a week. She agreed to show me every technique she and her lover used.

"As it ended up I met with her and her lover everyday for a full week. It thrilled me to no end the day I gave them each multiple orgasms. We meet often. Sometimes she invited other lesbian friends for marathon sessions. We celebrated her 22nd birth day with a 9 lesbians and two bisexuals.

"I booked the presidential suite for the weekend. It was an incredible orgy. We switched off each other all day. The sound of continual orgasms washed over the room, The sweet sexual smell of womanly cum permeated the entire room.

"The next day the bisexuals invited two male African American basketball players. I'll never forget one. His name was Steve and he had biggest cock I have ever seen a full hard 12 inches."

"Wow." Dawn exclaimed. "I definitely want to have an orgy someday."

Dawn was so turned on by Misty's story she made one of the most concentrated efforts of her life to give her a day she would remember

She could not get over her long hair. As she kissed Misty she ran her fingers through her hair. Finally her hands rested on her ass. They both found immense pleasure in the prolonged French kisses and the feelings they shared with Dawn's hands on Misty's lovely ass.

Dawn rubbed and squeezed her buns and ran her fingers up and down her ass crack. She felt the juices running down Misty's legs and allowed her hand to become saturated giving Misty a taste of her own juices.

Dawn gently rolled Misty on her back. She kissed Misty passionately opening her mouth, sucking in her tongue. Misty opened more to allow her to suck in Dawn's tongue. The two frantically swirled tongues around each other and in and out. Dawn then kissed her ear lobe. She moved to her neck, lifting her hair so she could kiss completely around her neck stopping at the sensitive frontal crevice. Dawn kissed and licked down her chest. Her hands engulfed her tits gently squeezing and pinching her nipples.

Dawn rested one tit in each hand and sucked back in forth. Misty pinched the nipple not being sucked. Dawn moved from one to the other as Misty moved her hand from one to the other. It became a lustful game that increased the shared electric passion.

Misty was enraptured with the beautiful black lesbian and never wanted to stop.

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