tagIllustratedTrapped and Alone Ch. 05

Trapped and Alone Ch. 05


Thanks to all who have followed this story. As mentioned before this story is a collaborative effort between Rebeccasm and Sadkins116. Rebecca provides the art and Sadkins116 provides the story. All persons are of age and do not represent any persons living or dead.

We wish to thank SLWilde and Arilyn Writer for their help in editing this story. They were an immense help. We welcome all feedback and hope that you will vote. To better enjoy this chapter you should read the previous chapters to understand how we got where we are. Please be aware that this story contains non-consensual sex and forced slavery. If this is not your cup of tea please move on.


Nathalie followed the truck into the compound. 'God look at the size of this place, we're never getting out of here. No one knows where we are and I can't resist for much longer.' A tear ran down her cheek and dripped on her nipple. She watched as they were disconnected from the truck and led over to a small building. Inside was a man sitting at a desk. He called the first slave over to him and started to ask them to fill out some forms. Nathalie couldn't hear what was said, but whatever he said caused each of the other two slaves cringe and tremble. When the Arabian man finished with them they were led out of the room and Nathalie wasn't sure if she would ever see them again. The Arab called her over and suddenly she could hear him through her ear buds.

"Over here slave, stand in front of the desk. You are here for slave training and if you cooperate, things will go easier. If you don't, this will be the worst experience in your life. Now, my name is Master Abdulla and you will address me as such. All free persons, women or men, are your master or mistress and you will do as any one commands. If you hesitate or refuse you will be punished severely. Obey, and you can be rewarded. Now do you have any questions?" Abdulla said and looked up at her. He smiled as he watched her try to speak.

"Good, I like a slave that knows her place."

Nathalie tried to ask a question but with the gag filling her mouth it only came out as grunts and mumbles.

Abdulla stood and pulled Nathalie over to the side and grabbed a metal harness off the wall. He removed her collar and released her wrists. Nathalie didn't resist as there was no place to run. He slipped the harness around her neck and waist. Then pulled her hands behind her and locked on a set of cuffs. Nathalie was again helpless as she was accepting the constant messages filling her mind. The new harness only made her feel more like a slave than at any time since she was captured.

Abdulla took the next few minutes to fondle the new slave grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples. Nathalie groaned as her body reacted to his touch. In spite of his crude molestations, Nathalie's pussy was again juicing and a trickle of moisture leaked around her belt. The conditioning over the trip to the compound was doing its job. Nathalie found every touch arousing, and Abdulla's rough handling of her body was rapidly pushing her to an orgasm is spite of her efforts to resist. He roughly turned her around and grabbed her hips smacking them several times enjoying watching them jiggle with each smack. He loved his job and with each new delivery of trainees he always took the best looking one to train, and Nathalie fit the bill perfectly. He pulled her head close to his mouth and whispered in her ear, "You will never escape, your life is now a slave and you will never ever see anyone you know again. Your life is now to serve and we will train you how to please any man or woman for that matter."

He grabbed her harness and pulled her out the door and into the compound. Nathalie's eyes were flashing with fear. It seemed like each step pulled her further and further from freedom. She would be crying but there were no tears left. Even her ex-boyfriend would be a welcome reprieve.

Abdulla took particular pleasure in giving new slaves the tour of the facility. He knew that with each stop the slave's submission deepened.

The first stop was the pony girl corral. There were four slaves on the carousel bound and marching. He watched her reaction to the pointed toe thigh high boots, the bit gag, the collar attached by a chain to the arm pulling them in a circle, and the tight arm bindings. He smiled and whispered in her ears, "Aren't they sexy? Notice how high they keep their heads. These are new ponies. They are just learning what it means to be a pony girl. Watch this!" Abdulla reached over and turned a dial. The carousel sped up and forced the slaves to practically run to keep up.

"I wonder how long they can keep it up? If they fall they are sent to the punishment stall. I'll show that to you later, slave." Nathalie trembled watching the struggling slaves try to keep up while prancing around in a circle.

Nathalie tried to look away but Abdulla would not have it and forced her to watch. Don't worry slut, you'll have your chance here. All slaves spend time here, even the laborers.

Abdulla turned the dial back down and pulled Nathalie out of the corral and across the courtyard towards another building.

It didn't look like much, more like a small barn than anything else, but something bothered her and she knew she wouldn't like what was inside. Abdulla pulled her to the door and opened the top half. Inside was a naked woman, hogtied and lying on her belly. On her head was a headdress of some sort, her hair pulled up into a high ponytail. Abdulla smiled at the nervous slave and said, "She's about to have her head shaved. Don't worry she'll get her hair back; we'll make a tail for her to complete her pony conversion. Nathalie didn't react but followed her master on the tour.

They didn't stay long as Abdulla wanted to show the next room, it was his favorite. He pulled Nathalie down to the next door and laughed. "I can't wait until you disobey and you will disobey, because here is where you'll end up. This is where we punish disobedient slaves." He opened the door and pulled her inside.

It took Nathalie a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dim light, but when they did she wished they hadn't. In front of her were three women, each in a different form of torture. There was a man standing off to the side with some sort of probe in his hand. The blonde woman on the left was standing on her toes on a small pedestal. Her arms bound behind her, and a strange collar locked around her neck. The collar had a metal attachment mounted vertically with sharp points on each end, forcing her to keep her head up and looking at the ceiling.

Abdulla noticed Nathalie staring at her and explained, "That slave didn't keep her posture while out in the corral. This will teach her to maintain her posture. If her heels drop my friend here gives her a shock with the cattle prod. She needs to learn to stay on her toes with her head raised. After a few days in here she'll never forget again."

Nathalie groaned and looked at the second woman. She too had a bit gag and arms bound behind her back. But her legs were chained to the floor spreading them wide giving total access to her cunt. Nathalie looked at the contraption between the slaves legs. It had a motor and a long pole with a dildo mounted on top. It was buried deep inside the slave and was moving up and down constantly fucking the slave. She was sweating profusely eyes were glossed over. Her body was trembling as it was obvious that she was about to orgasm. As the slave started to groan, the man with the probe touched her cunt and pulled the trigger. The slave screamed and almost collapsed. The man stepped back and waited to make sure the orgasm was gone before he went back to sit down until the next time he was needed.

The third slave was suspended from a board. Her hands cuffed above her head. Her legs were attached behind her leaving her to hang over a bracket with a dildo attached. As long as the slave could hold her weight the dildo was barely inside her dripping cunt. But as the fatigue grew she slowly dropped down on the large dildo. When her arms finally gave way, the dildo was buried almost a foot inside her core. They watched as the slave struggled to keep from impaling her body on the large probe. Each time she pulled herself up and off the dildo her strength gave way and she dropped back down. The pain must have been intense as the slave screamed each time and struggled to pull herself up.

Abdulla pinched Nathalie's left nipple and said, "After a couple of hours here she will never refuse a command again."

The third room Abdulla took her to was some kind of holding cell. The first thing she noticed was the first slave she saw hogtied was now standing inside the cell. Her head completely shaved with a metal harness locked on her body. It looked very uncomfortable. It started on her head, completely surrounding her face, gagging her and limiting any sight except straight ahead. Her mouth was gagged and continued down to and around her neck. This effectively eliminated any movement of her head. From there a metal strip down between her tits and between her legs and through her ass crack. To keep it in place, another band with cuffs went around her waist and locked her hands in front of her. Nathalie could see the defeat in her eyes and wondered if she would ever recover.

The other slave was shackled with her hands above her head to the bars of the cage. She was wearing a set of delicate gold chains that draped around her naked tits and down her body. They continued around her waist and hips and between her legs. Nathalie looked at her eyes and saw nothing, it didn't look like she even knew they were there. Nathalie couldn't take her eyes off her face. When Abdulla leaned into her and whispered in her ear, Nathalie's legs gave out on her and she dropped to her knees.

"I see you like her. She's finished her training and her new master will be picking her up shortly. I have to give her credit, she struggled mightily, but in the end she stood no chance. Once you enter here there is no escape. Your fate is sealed!"

Abdulla knew what to do next; he needed to push the new slave deeper into submission. To do that he had to push her to the brink of insanity, to push her so far that the rest of the training was preferable to the pit.

Abdulla dragged Nathalie back from the cage and to a large pit in the middle of the floor. He nodded to another man who flipped a switch and lowered a harness down from the ceiling. It took Abdulla only a minute before he had Nathalie locked into the harness and suspended above the pit. He motioned to the other man and he slowly dropped the scared slave down the pit.

Abdulla was kneeling beside her as she slowly dropped into the darkness. Just before her head dropped below the floor he said. "Enjoy your time in the pit slave. Don't worry about any of the pets, they don't bite much."

Nathalie eyes were filled with fear as the world disappeared above her. Down she went further and further till the opening was far above her. When the two men pulled a cover over the opening all light was gone and she was enveloped in total darkness.

Nathalie was panicking as the darkness was all consuming. All her other senses were heightened and every noise caused her fear to explode. At first she tried to get out of the harness but she soon was exhausted and still trapped. Still suspended she tried to relax and drift off into her mind. She had no idea of how long she was there, when water started to pour over her. Locked as she was she couldn't get away from it and breathing was difficult as it poured over her head. On and on it went when she realized the pit was filling up. Nathalie again started to struggle as the water was now up to her waist and rising fast. In minutes it was up to her neck and soon would be above her head. Not being able to see only increased her fear of drowning when the water stopped. It was right at her mouth and unless she tilted her head back she couldn't breathe. Nathalie's mind was out of control and all she could think of was when death would arrive.

Nathalie didn't know how long the water stayed in the pit. Her concentration was just to breathe. But she noticed that it seemed to be receding. The feeling of relief was immense as the water steadily dropped. When it finally was down around her ankles Nathalie thought she might survive.

Time stood still for the frightened slave as the longer she endured the pit the more her mind accepted her fate. Finally she dozed off and slept. The welcomed sleep was short lived, however. Abdulla was in the control room and was watching the slave struggle to maintain her sanity. He let her doze off and waited for a few minutes before he reached over and pushed a button. Unknown to Nathalie several small doors opened near the bottom of the pit and out scampered three dozen rats. The rats fell into the remaining water and scampered to the only thing they could use to climb out of the water: Nathalie's legs.

Nathalie woke with a start as she felt several creatures start climbing up her legs. She had no idea what they were but the darkness only multiplied her fear. When the first rat made it to her shoulders and started to nuzzle her face Nathalie lost it and started to thrash about trying to shake the creatures off her body. What she didn't know was the rats couldn't bite her as their mouths had been sewn shut. But with several rats on the board around her face, being unable to see them was too much to bear and she passed out.

Nathalie had no idea of how long she was unconscious. She woke with a start on a cold concrete floor in a cell. Her arms were bound behind her back and attached to her ankles. She thrashed around on the floor until she realized that she wasn't in the pit any longer and started to calm down. The only thing filling her mind was to obey, she didn't think she could survive another bout with the pit. It was several hours before someone came to get her. But all he did was bring in a bowl with some kind of gruel and sat it in front of her face.

"Eat slave." Was all he said before he walked out of the cell and disappeared.

Nathalie no longer cared what it was, she was so hungry that she would have eaten anything and this hardly qualified as anything. When she finished eating she fell back into a deep sleep, exhausted.

Nathalie had no idea of how long she was in the cell. Every so often someone would come get her and take her to a new area of torture. The first day she was locked into a small cage and suspended above the pit. The cage was so small that she couldn't stand or move at all. Her hands were cuffed behind her and she had little movement. Every so often a man would walk in and play with the switch lowering her slightly down towards the pit. Nathalie panicked each time begging to do anything to stay out, knowing that she would do literally anything.

Food, lights, and the cage came at odd intervals. Nathalie lost all track of time and followed any instructions. Her routine changed to where she was placed in a box and sucked cocks for hours on end. Soon a new activity was added and her duties now included fucking any man that came into her cage. Her time was filled with cage, cocks, fucking, and slop for food.

One day, a man decided to force his cock into her ass without any preparation of lubricant. Nathalie screamed and kicked him in the nuts. As soon as she felt her foot touch is balls she panicked.

"Oh god, please forgive me, it was an accident, please I'm sorry, take my ass please."

But it was too late. He grabbed her by her harness and pulled her down the hall to a room she'd never seen before. The entire way she begged for mercy. She promised the world and everything in it. But he never slowed down and pushed her into the dark room. Inside were two steel poles mounted to the floor. They must have been almost seven feet tall with a shackle on top of each one. The man picked up Nathalie like she was nothing and soon had her hanging by her wrists, her feet dangling above the floor. She was scared and didn't know what to expect when he grabbed her chin and growled. "Kick me in the nuts bitch and you will pay now, tomorrow, and every day after that until you're shipped out of here." He smacked her cheek and stepped back.

Nathalie hadn't noticed the other man standing in the shadows until he stood in front of her. He was naked from the waist up but still was wearing the traditional Arabic head dress, but what she noticed more was the long whip dragging behind him. She closed her eyes and waited for him to begin.

The first lash landed across her thighs, leaving a long red welt. The second landed across her exposed tits. The whip felt like fire each time it landed on her body. Nathalie was trying to be strong but the pain was so intense her screams lasted from one lash to the next. Finally her mind shut down and her bladder released.

The man was a master with the whip. Each stroke was only an inch away from the last. He continued until her chest, stomach, back and legs were covered with red welts. When he finally finished and release her wrists, she fell to the floor a blubbering mass of female flesh.

Nathalie was returned to her cell and bound as before. She fell into a fitful sleep as the pain was constant. Nathalie had no idea how long they left her in the cell. She knew they'd fed her a few times and released her to empty her bowels in the commode.

On what she guessed was the third day, a man came and took her to a new room. He locked her in her harness and growled, "Now we finally have fun."

Nathalie really didn't care any longer. Her body was stiff and sore, but the welts had mostly healed. You could see them, but you had to really look. As soon as they entered the room Nathalie started to tremble. He pulled her to a board sticking out of the wall with brackets mounted above it.

He pushed her on the seat and strapped her hands above her head. She looked at him but saw nothing in his eyes. It was as if there wasn't a person inside. When he grabbed her right leg and pulled it up above her head the fear boiled up from deep inside her and consumed all thoughts.

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