tagBDSMTrapped, And Enjoying It

Trapped, And Enjoying It


It all started out innocently enough. I had arranged something special for, my wife, Barbara's forty-fifth birthday. Now I suspected that payback time might be near.

I knew what Barb really wanted because she keeps a personal journal/diary. Normally she keeps it locked in her small safe (we both have offices with safes for our individual businesses and keep very private, or valuable, items in them). One day, recently, she had become very distracted and had to go out on an emergency call. She works as a freelance "computer geek" and has saved many small companies bundles of money.

Anyway, she had to go out to the HWM Corporation and do an emergency repair. They do much of their business on the Internet. If it weren't for the Internet they probably wouldn't operate in the black. As luck would have it a janitor had plugged the old vacuum cleaner into the outlet of the UPS supply for the server, not knowing that such outlets are not for general use. In this particularly badly designed UPS all of the spike filtering was on the input side of the UPS. The spikes from the dirty brushes in the vacuum's motor fried the server's power supply. Not only did it damage the server, it took out the backup server as well. (Putting the main and backup server on the same UPS is a bad idea. It's being penny wise and pound foolish.) They were dead in the water. Not only would she have to install new power supplies, she would have to run full diagnostics on both machines to make sure that they would operate properly. After all, the people at HWM Corp would not be pleased if someone purchased their entire inventory for a mere $1.98 due to faulty hardware or software.

As she got ready to leave she told me not to wait up. She indicated that if she had not returned by breakfast that I should go ahead and eat without her. With that said she left to bail HWM Corp out of their emergency. After I was sure that she had left the driveway I locked the door and when to her study to turn the light out. It was then that I saw the journal sitting on her desk. I know that I shouldn't have snooped, but I am curious by nature. I started to read. What I read sort of shocked me and turned me on at the same time. Now, I should tell you that we are a conservative sort of family. We regularly attend our place of worship and try to abide with the rules of society and "the Good Book". Because of this I wasn't really ready for what I found out about her and what I found out about myself.

What I read can be summarized like this. She is clear in the journal that she loves me deeply and has never cheated on me. This makes me happy because I love her and have never cheated on her either. What came next was a bombshell. She said that one of her deepest fantasy has been to be surrounded by a small group of men and women who were friends, willing, and preferably the women were to be bisexual. She dreamed of being "molested" and "taken" in an evening of continuous pleasure and orgasms, without giving her verbal consent. She records the fact that she will never act out on this fantasy because she doesn't want to hurt me. I could go into more detail, but this is the gist of what she wrote. She repeatedly states that she doesn't want me to even suspect that she is not fully sexually satisfied. She also doesn't want me to know that she would be open to having a bisexual ogre, within limits.

I put the journal back on her desk exactly as I had found it. I made sure that there was no evidence I had been in her office except to turn out the light. I then went to my office and sat there mulling over what, if anything, I could do to help her with her fantasy. In some ways it shocked me that I was interested in seeing such a thing come to pass. It also shocked me that the mere thought of what she wanted made me excited.

We, as a family, are relatively private individuals. We both run our own businesses from our home. Our areas of expertise are significantly different so we seldom engage in shop talk. I started to inventory people we knew and trusted. We only have two other families that we are exceptionally close to, not counting relatives. I have known the Browns and Hamiltons for many years. As a side point of interest Jan Brown is Barb's sister. I know that my brother and his wife are on the guardedly experimental side. Now don't get me wrong, they're not part of the wild party set, but they like to get together for weekend parties with some of their closest friends. On more than one occasion I have been over to their house and seen X rated videos on the shelf near their DVD player. I've never commented on this since they are, in all other ways, quite discrete about their interests. As it turns out the two families we are close to are also close to my brother and his wife. In fact they have been their weekend party guests for the last few years.

I picked up the phone and called my brother.

"Hi John, this is Hank. Can you talk in private right now or is there a better time for me to either get together with you or call back?"

"Right now is just fine, you sound serious. Just how private a talk is this going to be, Hank?"

"Well, I can only talk now because Barb is out on a field call at HWM Corp. She may not even be back tonight, so I'm relatively sure that she won't walk in on me."

"That sounds serious. You don't keep many secrets between the two of you, do you?"

"No John, and you are right it is touchy and serious. I need your promise that what we will talk about tonight cannot be shared unless I tell you that it is o.k. and I'll also tell you who you may share it with. Can you live with that?"

"Knowing you, Hank I will agree without knowing ahead of time what we are going to talk about. However, I want your assurances that if touchy subjects come up that you also will be silent unless I tell you that you can speak regarding whatever we discuss. Can you live with that?"

It seemed only fair to me, because I was going to do a bit of prying into my brother's private life.

"Yeah, John, I can live with that."

"O.k., Hank, what's on your mind?"

So I brought up the subject of seeing the X rated videos at his place after some of his weekend parties. I asked him if they only watched or if they turned their interests into action. There was a long pause.

"Hank, you really know how to put a guy in a bad spot. Are you sure you want answers to that question?"

"John, I couldn't be more serious. I desperately need that answer and will explain why if you answer in the way I hope you may answer."

"When we started out watching those videos a few years back we just watched them and joked about how contrived and stupid they were. However, a few months after we started it became obvious that we all wanted to do some experimenting. It started out by us watching the videos in the nude. Boy was that fun. After the girls saw how excited we became (after all an erection is a hard thing to hide when you are nude) we decided that we needed to play around a bit. We have progressed since then. Now, don't get me wrong, we aren't going behind each other's back cheating on each other. We keep all of our extra curricular activities within our very small group, and we have promised each other to keep it quiet and to keep it limited to this group only. There are too many reputations to damage if this leaks out."

"Thank you John, Let me ask a yes or no question. I will ask it in a way so that you can answer without directly breaking any confidences. Well you'll probably be bending them but not breaking them. Are you willing to answer such a question?"

"Since it's you Hank, I'll answer."

"John, would you be lying if you told me that the Browns and the Hamiltons were not fully involved with your parties?"

"Yes Hank, I would be lying. Now where is this going."

At that point I reminded him that the Browns and Hamiltons were our closest friends. Then I told him the gist of Barbara's journal entries. I added that I wanted to do something to help her fulfill her fantasies.

"Now I understand. Hank, you've sure gone far out on a limb for her, haven't you? If something can be arranged, can you live with the results?"

"I think I can. If I can't I'll just have to never comment on it. You know that I used to work for the government, you will never hear me talk about what I did for them. I know how to keep secrets."

"O.k. Hank, what do you have in mind?"

I then told him my plan.

The following day I told Barbara that we had been invited to my brother's house for a dinner party. I also told her that since it might be a late party we should bring robes and toiletries. She asked what the occasion was and I said that I thought it was possibly an early surprise birthday party. She wanted to know if it would only be the four of us and I told her that the Browns and Hamiltons would be there as well. She agreed to go. And that meant that I had to let John know so that the necessary equipment and toys would be available.

When we arrived we were met at the door by my brother's wife, Sue. She led us in and we were almost immediately ushered into the dining room for a wonderful meal.

After the main meal we were all sitting around the dining room table enjoying our dessert. My wife sensed that something wasn't completely normal. My wife is nobody's fool. She asked what was really going on. It became very quiet.

I broke the silence. "Barb, this is an early birthday present that is at the limits of anything you can imagine."

Barb broke in, "I don't know about that last part, I have a pretty good imagination."

"Barb, this is going to be a shock, so I need to set the stage. Unless I ask a question, please do not interrupt. This is important. Don't break into what is to be said. Can you do that for me?"


Do you remember the emergency work that you had to do for HWM Corp, a month or so ago?"

"Yes, what of it?"

"You left your journal on your desk and my curiosity got the better of me and I read it. I shouldn't have, but I did."

Barb's face suddenly became very red. Before she could speak I told her to just wait and hear what was cooking. I asked John to fill her in.

"Barb, for the last few years the Browns, the Hamiltons and we have gotten together for weekend parties here. Those party's involve watching some X rated videos. We watch them in the nude and then get involved in some heavy playing. You may have noticed that the house temperature has become very warm. Our thermostat has just kicked the temperature to 82 degrees F. That temperature is approximately the temperature that feels comfortable for a nude body. Hank has asked us to fulfill your fantasy tonight. You will not be judged, because this is sort of what we all do once a month. Only the people in this room know about what we do on those weekends. Only we are involved. We have all had at least one check for STDs but don't need to do any others because we only get involved with each other. You have remained totally faithful to Hank and he to you so you don't need to be checked. Only in the last few days have all of us been told what you would like to have done. We would consider it an honor to help you with your fantasy. To do that, the girls are going undress you after they have stripped. The guys will strip at the same time. The DVD player is already set up for the first movie. Your journal, Hank says, you wanted to be "molested" and "taken". We are going to be extremely gentle as we do exactly that!"

With that we all got up from the table and Jan Brown and Jen Hamilton quickly shed their clothes. They turned to Barb, who looked a bit like a dear caught in the headlights, and then they started to undress her. As this was going on we three fellows were peeling off our clothes.

I have to admit that I found it difficult to shed my clothes and became embarrassed because of the almost instant erection that "popped up" when I realized I was in the presence of three desireable women who were now nude.

Moments later we moved to the living room and my wife sat down between me and Jan Brown. The movie was started. The one that was picked involved several scenes with all sorts of action and it ended with a major orgie. During one of the scenes where two very pretty women were making out, Jan put an arm around Barb's shoulders and used her other hand to gently massage one of Barb's breasts. I was massaging her pubic mound at the same time. John came around behind Barb and started to play with her other breast and kiss her on the back of her neck. At the same time Bill Hamilton came over and started to kiss his way up the inside of her leg, starting at her ankle. As he was kissing his way up her leg my sister-in-law, Sue, was sucking on his cock. Barb was soon moaning and panting. As Bill got to the inside of her thigh I removed my hand and let him continue to kiss her all the way up to her pussy lips. Then he switched to licking her. It was obvious that Bill was an expert at eating a woman. As he started licking her Jan turned so that she could start sucking and licking one of Barb's breasts while Jan also played with the other one. It wasn't long before Barb reached the first of many intense orgasms that night.

By the time we all headed to the super king sized bed in the master bed room we were all exhausted. Barb had a broad grin on her face. She slept with Sue, her sister, behind her holding her breasts and me with my head between her legs kissing her clit.

The rest of the weekend went very well. We were all much more comfortable with each other by the end of the first night. It wasn't until we were close to leaving that I noticed that the four women were huddled together in the kitchen. There were significant giggles and some quick glances in my direction. When I asked John what was going on, he shrugged his shoulders and said that I shouldn't worry about it. That's exactly when I really started to worry. What was going on?

My birthday, which is only six weeks after Barb's, was fast approaching. My wife started to ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I quickly told her I would like to stay home and have a nice intimate dinner with her, and then go to bed. She thought about that for a moment and said, "fine, that's what we'll do!" The look on her face made me a bit anxious. I can tell when there are sub-currents of thought going on in her head. She starts to get a little bit of a smug "you don't know what I know" smile. I was wary about what the plans really were.

My birthday was on the following Friday night. Barb had made one of my favorite meals; Bratwurst, German potato salad, and saurkraut. It was delicious. What made it even better was the wonderful dark amber Yuengling lager beer. We finished our meal, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and Barb suggested that I take a nice hot bath so that I would be relaxed for a good night's sleep. The idea sounded good, and within a few minutes I showered and then filled the tub for a nice good soak. While I was showering Barb had put some of my favorite music on the stereo and hit the switch so that the bathroom sounded like a concert hall. (What I hadn't realized was that she had also bumped the thermostat up to 82 degrees F.) I was really relaxed. After a while, Barb stuck her head in the door and told me she was tired and would see me in bed.

In another ten minutes I drained the water from the tub, dried off and plodded into the master bedroom. I noticed right away that my wife had the small t.v. on in our room. She motioned me over to the bed and turned on an X rated tape. This tape was a BDSM tape where a guy is captured by a group of horny women who tied him down and drove him wild. I was really getting into the movie when John and Sue along with the Browns and Hamiltons all came into the room. Not a stitch of clothing on any of them. They were not empty handed however. They had several lengths of soft nylon rope, some padded wrist and ankle straps, and an assortment of toys. It was only then that I realized that it was my turn!

With relatively rapid speed what happened seemed to be this: The women swarmed me one put my dick in her mouth, one kneeled over my head so that my mouth was at her pussy and one was on all fours dragging her wonderful boobs across my chest. I was having such an overwhelming good time that I didn't notice the cuffs on my wrists until my arms were already being pulled up and out so that they made me look like a capital Y. As I was moving against these bindings I felt my ankles pulled down and apart so that I now looked like a capital X laid out on my own bed. I was spread eagled! The girls were still working on me so I was enjoying what was going on. They got me so hot that one of them, Jan Brown lifted herself and placed my hardon at the opening of her vagina. She slowly wiggled down on it. While that was happening Jen Hamilton continued to keep her pussy lips at my mouth. My wife had moved so that her breasts were no longer brushing my chest since there was no longer enough room for her. It was several minutes before I knew what she was doing.

The women suddenly moved aside. Joe Brown and Bill Hamilton got on either side of me and lifted my butt off the bed while John shoved three big pillows under it. It was a bit uncomfortable laying there with my butt up in the air and my head and feet down on the bed. Then the guys got off the bed. (As I found out later they spent their time pleasureing the girls who were busy working on me.)

My wife came over to the bed and kissed me deeply on the mouth while she ran her hands over my balls. It was wonderful. It was when she climbed up on the bed that I saw the strapon. The harness held a relatively thin five inch gel dildo in day glow orange. She had a tube of K-Y jelly with her. She said that she was going to be the first to screw my ass. It was the word "first" that got me to look around. Jan and Jen were putting the finishing touches on their strapons. Each of the strapons had an extension that went into their vaginas so that as they fucked me they in turn would be fucked. What got my attention though was that Jan's dildo looked to be about eight inches long and had to be at least an inch and a half in diameter. Jen's dildo had to be ten inches long and a good two inches in diameter. Jen came over and crawled onto the bed and started kissing me while dragging her tits across my chest. It was during this period that I felt Barb coating my inner thighs and ass with K-Y jelly. That felt pretty good, but started to feel strange when she put a latex gloved finger into my ass and started to play proctologist. After a short while it started to feel good. That changed when she switched to two and then three fingers. That was quite a stretch. At that moment Jen stopped kissing me and moved her breasts up so that they sort of lay at my face. As I moved my head back and forth I nuzzled one or the other. Then she moved one so that its nipple was in my mouth. It was wonderful. It was then that Barb started to screw my ass. It took a few moments to get used to the idea of what was happening. Fortunately it didn't take too long before Barb started to tire out from this intense exercise. She had really been going at it. She suddenly stopped pounding my ass, but Jen continued to let me suckle her nipple . Then I felt the sudden push as Jan shoved in her 8" dildo. At first it was uncomfortable but in time it also became not too bad. Jen moved her breast away from my face and she was replaced with my wife who started deeply kissing me. I'm not sure how long it was before Jan stopped thrusting into my ass. It was, however only a brief moment before Jen shoved the ten incher into me. Before I could react Sue had put my cock into her mouth and started to give me head. I cannot describe the feelings that I had at that instant. To say that I was in ecstasy would be an understatement. It was only later that I was informed that whichever gal was pounding my ass was being pleasured by Sue. Each of the other gals were getting the pleasure from either the other two guys cocks, hands, or tongues.

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