tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 10

Trapped and Trained Ch. 10


I moved the material around in my hands... it was so... so... small. There was just nothing to it, it felt like I was just holding a small red string. Britney saw the combination of shock and confusion coursing through my face.

"It's called a 'monokini', Candi. It might be a tad bit small, but don't worry, that'll just make it more fun!"

She grabbed it and laid it out on the table in front of me and finally I saw the material take shape in how it was supposedly supposed to fit on my body. This was impossible - there was no way I could get into that thing. In the front it basically made a 'Y' shape, where the pieces that were to go over my breasts got just a bit wider and the gap in the string was filled with a tiny sliver of satin outlined in silver rhinestones. There were small metal O rings that would line up at the top of my shoulders that the string fed into. The Y in the front came together just below my belly button where the two strings met in another O ring. There was another sliver of rhinestone lined satin that went down the crotch, looking just barely wide enough to cover the lips of my faux pussy.

The back of the outfit looked like absolute hell. The string from the shoulders created another 'Y' in the back, both stretching down to reach to another metal O ring that would be at the small of my back. The material that would run over my crotch came back from the sliver down into a tiny string again that would obviously run between my ass cheeks. Uncomfortable didn't even begin to express the feeling this outfit appeared to have on the poor soul that had to wear it... that poor soul apparently being me.

Brittany tossed me my clutch and told me to clean the cum off of my face and then reapply my makeup. I took out some of the wet wipes and went to work. It felt like I was nearly rubbing the skin away as I tried to clean off all traces of the cum from my face - not for Brittany, but rather for my own peace of mind. Even in this state I didn't want to see any traces of male semen anywhere on me, so I went over the same spots on my face repeatedly until it was void of all cum. Only then did I go about reapplying the makeup, trying to make it look as it had before and, for the most part at least, succeeding. My lips were still large and luscious - I was ashamed at how inviting they appeared as I stroked the deep red lipstick over them, making them all the more attractive to anyone who saw them. There was no doubt what the purpose behind lips such as those I was sporting. I straightened back up and, by force of habit, pursed and pouted my lips... sadly I was mildly pleased with how well I had done as I turned to face my female captor.

Without warning Brittany's hands went to work. She quickly and effortlessly pulled the window dress off of me, leaving me standing in the middle of this makeshift dressing room in nothing but my black and red lace bra, my garter straining to hold up my slightly torn stockings and my cum soaked black thong that was now starting to dry and also becoming very uncomfortable itself as it rubbed roughly between my cheeks. She pulled out some small keys and unlocked the heels on my shoes, giving me a stare that made me shiver, obviously a warning not to even think about running. Where would I go? If I ran out of there like that I had no doubt that many of the men would take that as an invitation to force themselves upon me. I was trapped and we both knew it, so I stood there like a statue as she pulled my red heels off of my feet. It was such a strange feeling to have my entire foot on the ground, like a small moment of pleasure wrapped around this never ending terror of a night... hell, of nearly a month now. Quickly Brittany finished off removing the rest of my clothing before locking me back into the torturous heels. The moments of pleasure never seem to last for long.

She picked up the monokini and held it low for me to step into. I'm sure she could have held it lower but she seemed to enjoy watching me try to balance myself on the 6" heels. I nearly fell over a few times but eventually managed to get both of my legs inside the wide openings. She pulled the monokini up my legs and I felt it begin to slide snugly between my ass cheeks. She continued to pull upwards on the shoulder straps and I winced as the thong was nestling deep within my ass, causing quite a bit of discomfort to go along with the sensor shocks that were again beginning to pick up their intensity. I shuddered as I was reminded of the lengths I went to just a short while ago to make the shocks stop, begging for a man to come and fuck me as I was bent over a bed. Surely it wouldn't get to that point again.

I was brought back to reality by Brittany still tugging at the shoulder straps to get them high enough for me to fit into the outfit. For a fleeting moment I thought that maybe this outfit just wouldn't fit and she would have to find something else - surely anything would be more comfortable and covering than this one. That hope was dashed as she had me kneel a bit, then felt the straps straining to slip over my shoulders and into place. Brittany stepped back and smacked me hard on the ass, causing me to straighten up and then yelp as the thong dug even deeper. It felt like it was right up against the bone and was cutting my penis in half, even buried under the pussy paste. I was impressed, but also disappointed, to see that the paste was still holding firm, not even cracking the slightest. I thought that maybe that would be my way out of this night, so that everyone could see that I was really a man, not some cock-hungry bimbo named Candi, but just a man dressed in drag.

I heard the crowd go quiet from outside the stage, but could not see what was going on from underneath. Finally I heard the sound of Kevin's voice, speaking into a microphone as everyone throughout the club listened.

"Quiet please - ladies and gentlemen, if you would please give me the floor. I assure you I will make this time worth your silence. Thank you. Now, as some of you have surely noticed, I brought with me a spicy little sub tonight, and I intend to make her services available to anyone interested. Throughout the night there have been some club associates going around selling tickets - to those of you who purchased them, you will all have the chance to come up here and put Candi to use as we call your number out. We'll bring her out here to the stage momentarily and, with the help of the lovely Brittany, give a small sample of what she has to offer. Please enjoy and don't hold back - she likes it rough!"

Brittany's eyes were on me throughout the entire announcement, watching as the tears welled in my eyes. Kevin came down the stairs and walked over towards me, eying me up and down, nodding in approval apparently of how I looked in my outfit. He walked behind me and I felt a rough squeeze on my ass cheeks, then his hands wandered up to my breasts with another squeeze, causing a small cry to come from my mouth. He held on tightly as I felt his breath by my ear.

"Oh Candi - you didn't think I was going to pay all that money for a night with you and then not attempt to exploit your abilities in order to make a little of it back, did you? How do you think I became such a successful business man? You always have to use your assets to their fullest, and that's exactly what I intend to do. And, so help me, if you disappoint a single customer up on that stage I'll make you walk the entire way back home, through the rough gang-infested neighborhoods in your cute little outfit with a ring gag locked into your mouth to ensure that everyone knew what your true purpose was. I'm sure some lucky gangster would stumble upon you, maybe make you his whore and pimp you out to his friends. Of course, maybe you'd like that."

At the end of his last sentence I felt his warm tongue slide inside of my ear, causing me to jerk away, which in turn caused the thong of my skimpy monokini to again adjust and grind against my pelvis. Kevin just laughed and pushed me forward towards the steps leading up to the stage. I took a deep breath, sighed and began up the stairs. As I made it onto the stage the crowd cheered and my breath was taken away by what I saw.

There on the stage was a full camera crew. There must have been a dozen cameras, some hanging from the ceiling, some on wires to pan across the stage, and three men standing behind cameras on wheels to where they'd be able to get right up and close on the action taking place on the stage. One camera was right in front of me, zoomed in on my body and I could see the image his camera was taking in on some of the screens that were drawn down around the club. Another camera must have been behind me because I saw a zoomed in image of my tramp stamp filling a few of the other screens, to the delight of the crowd. At the top of one of the walls of the club I saw some tinted windows where the production crew must have been watching from as the cameras zipped across the stage.

Brittany walked behind me and pushed me in different directions, leading me around to each corner of the stage. At each corner she would stop me and have me bend over for the crowd which was always answered with a loud cheer and many whistles from those in attendance. The cameras repeatedly zoomed in on my lips as Brittany told me to shape them into an O. Just by quickly scanning the crowd I could see a few men stroking their cocks as they watched the massive screens throughout the clubs. My body shook as I imagined what they were thinking as they looked at my body. I wanted to scream at them that I was a man and that I was being held against my will, but Kevin's words echoed in my mind. He was perverted enough to put me through all of this - what reasoning did I have to not believe that he would follow through with the threat? As bad as this was, at least I could see the small glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. Who knows what would happen if he unleashed me out into the streets dressed as I was with a ring gag holding my mouth open in that perfect O shape.

I was led to the middle of the stage where there was a glass table. The table came up to my waist, but instead of being a traditional square, the edge furthest from me had the middle cut out, turning the table into more of a 'Y' shape. My legs were cuffed to the legs closest to me and then Brittany shoved me over the table, positioning my arms on each branch of the 'Y' before cuffing them down as well. This all resulted in me being held down bent over this table, my arms outstretched in front of me with my breasts dangling underneath me, barely being contained within the tiny material of the monokini. I saw the wheels of the camera circling around me, giving the crowd a splendid view of my predicament. The crowd turned to a small roar and I could feel the anticipation in the air - those with tickets must have been looking ahead to their opportunity to use me as they wanted.

During all of this parading and being bound to the table, the sensors near my pussy were nearing the same intensity that had driven me to beg to be fucked earlier. I was determined to hold off this time around - I'd sooner pass out than go through that all over again and give Brittany the idea that I wanted this. Every fifteen seconds my entire body would tense up as the surge would shoot through my entire body. Maybe passing out in this situation wouldn't be so bad. I could wake up and find myself back in my cozy bed, all of this a distant memory as I tried to find some kind of normalcy in my life... and as I would surely being looking up the nearest laser tattoo removal service.

My daydreaming was interrupted as the crowd broke out into a frenzy. I strained my neck to look up at one of the monitors on the wall in front of me. It was difficult through my blond locks that were now covering my eyes, but I could see Brittany now walking out onto the stage in a matching monokini with Kevin next to her in just some tight black boxer briefs. Brittany's monokini was identical to mine aside from being black rather than red... and there was also a massive black dildo jutting out from a strap-on that she had slipped on over it. She walked in between my arms to where I could see her black stiletto heels and the tip of the cock hanging down in front of me. She took the cock and rubbed it around my face and over my lips as the cameras zoomed in to show the traces of my lipstick now smeared on it. Finally she moved it away and knelt down next to me, whispering in my ear.

"I want you to beg for it, sweetie. Beg for it like you begged for that man's hard on in the room before. Beg for Kev to shove his cock in that stretched out cunt of yours like the slut we both know you are."

I vigorously shook my head from side to side and told her no as another surge of electricity shot through my body. It was now beyond the point that forced me to plead for a fucking earlier, but I was steadfast in my denial to give in again. Brittany softened her voice and began to lick and suck on my ear as she again spoke into my ear for only me to hear.

"Just accept it, baby. It'll feel soooooo good, I promise. By the fortieth or fiftieth cock you'll be in pure ecstasy. But the people want to hear that this is what YOU want. They want to hear the words from your filthy little mouth that you want your holes filled with all those cocks and dildos in the crowd. They'll think that's so fucking hot. Now come on, tell me how bad you want it."

I again shook my head to decline, but the shocks were now coming at a near constant rate. I felt Kevin behind me, pressing his engorged cock up against my ass as it strained against the confines of his underwear. Brittany reached under the table and took my breasts in her hands, twisting my nipples through the thin material covering them as I let out a soft, low groan for mercy. Brittany was turning angry as she was at my ear one more time.

"Last chance, Candi. You beg for cock this second or this is going to happen anyways and then it'll be out to the streets for you, bitch. It's up to you, but this is the last time I ask nicely."

This was her asking nicely? Something tripped in the sensors and the electricity was now constantly ripping through me. I was beginning to get dizzy from the pain and finally gave in to what Brittany and everyone else but myself apparently wanted. Quietly, I consented.

"Please, Brittany... please fuck me."

That wasn't enough for Brittany. She twisted my nipples hard and whispered for me to say it louder, to tell me exactly what I needed the people to do to me. What I needed them to do "for" me. The intensity in the electricity again increased as stars began to enter my sight. I was nearing unconsciousness. For a last gasp I reached into the depths of every dirty movie I'd ever watched and unleashed the foulest request I'd never dreamed of hearing, let alone saying.

"Please, PLEASE Brittany. Fuck this dirty cunt with that beautiful black cock of yours, I NEED your cock inside me. Mister Kevin, I so desperately need your massive load shot deep into my pussy before you fulfill my fantasy and unleash the rest of the club on my fuck holes. PLEASE!!! FUCK!!! ME!!!"

The crowd was silent for a moment before erupting in applause, then slowly morphing into a chant. It took a few times for me to make out what they were saying, until finally it came together.


Suddenly the underwear encased cock grinding against my pussy had a different feel. It was not free of its confines and was grinding skin to skin, separating my cheeks and rubbing up against the red thong that was nested deep down inside of me. Brittany smiled, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then stood in front of me. I felt her hands take my hair in her hands and tie it back into a ponytail, then a tug on the new ponytail to raise my head up. Immediately as my face was lifted I saw the black snake in front of me, coming towards my lips. Having no options I parted them and saw in my peripheral vision on the monitors that a camera was zoomed in on my lips sliding along the cock, leaving a red trail of lipstick mixed with saliva as the crowd came to a hush. A microphone must have been placed underneath me as I could hear my sucking and gagging noises fill up the space of the club through the sound system.

Kevin was unsuccessfully attempting to pull the thong away from my pussy from behind me. He was pulling so hard that it was becoming painful as the strings dug into my shoulders, mixing with the now sensational pain from the sensors coursing through every muscle of my body. I couldn't believe it but I was becoming impatient with him, wishing he would just get it over with and fuck me already. Finally I felt the entire outfit go limp and fall to the sides of my body, signaling that he had grown so frustrated that he had cut the back string of the outfit and I was now essentially naked in front of all of these people. Brittany paused from her assault on my mouth long enough to grip the monokini and slide it out from underneath me, leaving me completely naked on the table, my breasts now free and swaying underneath me.

Finally (what do I mean, finally?) I felt my pussy start to wrap around Kevin's cock from behind me. He pushed it in just an inch before pulling it back out, eliciting a loud boo from the crowd as he laughed. Again he pressed it against me only to remove it after an inch. One more time he repeated the tease. I couldn't stand the electricity anymore and would do anything to make it stop. Once the strapon was momentarily removed from my mouth I screamed at the top of my lungs.

"Please just fuck me already!"

The crowd cheered loudly and I could hear Brittany clapping above me as she slid the black cock back inside my mouth and to the back of my throat. Before she could pull it out I felt Kevin's cock in its entirety quickly and roughly shove deep down inside of me with a force I'd never felt before, pinning me hard into the glass table's edge and making me yell painfully into the dildo in my mouth as the crowd again started to go wild. Kevin and Brittany quickly settled into a rhythm as I finally felt the relieving double shock from the sensor in my pussy. Little did I know that, before this night was through, I would be yearning for the feeling of the constant buzz of electricity that I had been feeling as a result of my pussy not being used... it was in for a long night.

Kevin was angrily fucking me from behind and Brittany was answering his every thrust with an equally aggressive one in my mouth. I had grown talented at deepthroating but this cock was larger than any I had ever taken and was being thrust so hard that it felt like someone was repeatedly punching the back of my throat as hard as they could. The crowd had again gone quiet, listening intently to the sounds of the see saw fucking going on in front of them on the massive stage. The cameras were continuously panning around us, zooming in and out to give those without a good view a wonderful show on the huge monitors around the club. I would later learn that they even had small screens going in the bathrooms and garage that were displaying the show so that, regardless of where you were in the club, you could see me getting fucked at both ends.

Kevin began roughly squeezing my hips and then periodically smacking my ass hard, causing me to wince and squeal. I began to feel the signature twitch and then felt him press all the way inside of me, his tensed body now pressing up against my ass and thighs. He let out a loud moan as I felt the cum begin to gush inside of me and, from looking at the monitor I could barely make out, I saw the white substance start to drip out of me as he pulled his semi-erect cock out of my pussy. Finally Brittany squeezed on the balls of her dildo and another gush of cum rushed out of the dildo and into my mouth, catching me by surprise as I didn't expect it to be an ejaculating dildo (silly me). It was such a surprise that only a portion stayed in my mouth and the rest leaked out the sides. It was then that I heard a metallic sound underneath me, keeping pace with the drips out of my mouth. I looked down and noticed that there was a small semi-circle cut out the floor underneath me where a metal bowl had been placed. The cum was collecting in the bowl as I saw another bowl behind me collecting the semen that was now flowing out of my pussy as it made it's way back down and out of me. The crowd again erupted as I looked to the stairway leading up to the stage.

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