tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 13

Trapped and Trained Ch. 13


The next two weeks were a blur. I had no idea what was going on, just short flashes of consciousness followed by blackness and confusion once again. The times I was awake I was still groggy as I must have been kept heavily sedated. I'd feel myself being shifted and moved from room to room periodically, bursts of extremely bright lights, fluids and pills pushed into me, bandages removed and replaced around my body. Then it'd be back to the darkness and confusion, wondering what was going on, panicking about all of the possibilities.

Finally I awoke one morning, finding myself completely alone in my bed. I had hoped that I'd awake to find my life back to normal, but as I rolled my head to the left and saw the pink walls with a large, poster-sized framed photo of me being dolled up in a pink dress, a massive cock balls deep inside of me, I knew that I was still in my own personal hell.

I tried to roll over only to find that my arms and legs were tied spread eagle to the bed. The white and pink comforter was pulled up to my neck, not allowing me to see anything I was wearing. I imagined it was some sort of negligee, so that didn't disappoint me too much. I squirmed a bit, trying to move the blanket around, but my range of motion was severely limited. On my pink pillow I could see blond locks of hair falling from my head all around me. Another wig, what else is new, I thought to myself.

Suddenly the door to my bedroom opened and, to my surprise, Brittany walked in. She was dressed down, just wearing some short pink shorts with a white tank top, showing off her impressive cleavage with her blond hair tied up into a messy ponytail. She broke out into a somewhat surprised smile as she saw that I was now awake.

"I thought I heard you in here Candi. Glad to see you're finally awake - you've had an eventful past two weeks! Now, let me explain a few things before I release you. You may not know it, but you were signed up for some extensive and expensive procedures a couple of weeks ago, so you may be a little shocked by all of the changes you're going to see when I remove this comforter. Don't fret, your pathetic little clitty is still in tact. For now, at least, from what I hear - I guess it all depends on how that Miss Vicki lady grades your behavior over the next couple months."

Procedures?! What procedures?! I squirmed violently against my restraints now, pulling as hard as I could against each of the cuffs, trying to break free. Brittany just giggled.

"I know, you're eager to see all of your improvements. Well, before I do the big unveiling of the new and mightily improved Candi, let me tell you what I'm doing here. It hasn't always been just me here, but I'd say I've done the lion's share of the work since I myself have had some work done on my body and know how to take care of everything. I've had some help from a few guys in getting you up and around, putting you in the tub to keep you washed up, changing your clothes, getting you up and around to prevent any kind of bed sores. I've also added my own little touch, something I thought would be super sexy, but I'll leave that as a surprise! Keep in mind that you're still being watched on cameras and you have your clitty ring back in place, so any disobedience and you know you're going to get zapped. Before I release you I'm going to blindfold you so that you can take it all in at once - don't you dare move to take that off. Now, nod your head if you're going to be a good girl and then I'll release you."

I stared at her in disbelief for a few minutes before tentatively nodding my head in confirmation. Brittany jumped up off the bed and grabbed a black blindfold, sliding it over my eyes before she moved around to each of my limbs, releasing the cuffs. I felt her pull the covers off of me and I resisted the urge to pull the blindfold off, knowing that I would receive a harsh punishment and that I would see what had happened to me shortly anyways. Brittany grasped my hand and pulled me to my feet. I felt the blond wig I was wearing tickle the tops of my shoulders as the hair fell down as I stood. I felt my feet on the ground completely, glad to know that I wasn't wearing any kind of high heels for once. I feared this would be my last good feeling in a long time as my nerves were alive in anticipation of seeing what these animals had done to me.

Brittany slowly led me away from the bed and in front of a full length mirror that I knew was on the wall by the door. As we walked I felt a very light material holding my breasts and sliding up my ass as well, but that was about it - the fake breasts must have still been on me, I figured - nothing new there. All in all I didn't feel too different, though my mouth did feel quite strange but I chalked it up to just being woozy from the sedation. She stopped me there in front of the mirror and spoke to me.

"Okay Candi - time for you to see the new, well, you!"

She lifted the blindfold off of my face. I guess the first thing I noticed was that my entire body was now extremely tan. Brittany noticed this as well and smiled.

"You see, while you've been out I figured now would be a great time to work on those tan lines. I've had the guys come in and put you in that tanning bed you have a couple times a day for the past two weeks. I've always made sure to have you in a sexy little thong and bra to get you some cute tan lines - guys love that thong tan line, you know."

I was wearing one of the outfits she must have been talking about. A light pink wicked weasel bikini was barely containing my bulging pussy lips and fake breasts. The breasts seemed to feel a bit different and their shape wasn't the same as I remembered, but I figured it was just a different style that was glued on me now. My body was still as smooth as the morning I had shaved. My lips seemed a bit fuller and I saw the blond wig I was wearing was much longer than I thought. The hair was straightened and went down to the tops of my breasts. It was blond, but there were darker highlights towards the bottom and also mixed into the bangs.

I looked confusingly towards Brittany. She looked at my reflection in the mirror and then went through everything.

"I know - it's hard to tell what's changed, huh sweetie? Well - those breasts aren't glued on for starters."

With my jaw halfway open, she untied the back of the bikini top at my neck and back, letting it fall to the ground as my breasts bounced. I slowly moved my hands to them, recoiling as I felt my hands moving across the mounds of flesh now atop my chest. Everywhere was still a darkened bronze except for where the bikini had been, that skin still as white as it had been the last day I remembered. The thin tan line extended up over my neck and around my back, almost as if I was permanently wearing a bikini top now. Brittany stood in front of me and placed her hands on my chest as I still looked at her dumbfoundedly. She ran her fingers over my new light pink aureoles before taking my pencil eraser erect nipples in her fingers and twisting them. No longer did I feel a response from underneath fake breasts gripping my real nipples - these were my real nipples and the sensation was felt immediately. Brittany just smiled and slapped them, watching them bounce naturally.

"Wonderful shape to them, don't ya think? They have that natural pendulous look. They wanted to push you up to an E cup but I talked them into a full D. But don't worry, we've had you on a steady dose of estrogen so soon you'll be up into that double D cup range, which will just be fabulous as they jiggle while you're riding a cock with them bouncing up and down. Aren't they just magnificent?"

Brittany was behind me now, her hands reached around me caressing my breasts. She whispered more changes to my body in my ear.

"Oh, and that hair - that's not a wig sweetie. That's for real too. They took advantage of a radical new implant procedure and basically planted synthetic hairs into your scalp. Your body doesn't know the difference and will latch onto it just like a normal hair follicle, allowing it to grow just like your natural hair. We'll have to keep it colored periodically, but that will be so fun. We'll have a girls night and I'll come over to color your hair and style it while we watch some of your porn films and talk about all the guys you've sucked and fucked!"

I moved my hands up to my hair and gave it a tug, feeling the roots tugging in response from underneath my scalp. I moved closer to the mirror, pulling up the bangs to look at the root of the hairs, dumbfounded as I saw it disappearing underneath my scalp. Brittany again moved into me, again placing her hands on my breasts, again pinching my now overly sensitive nipples making me jump before moving her hands up to my face, placing one of her fingers inside of my mouth.

"And those lips - they went with a heavier and more permanent dose of collagen than I suggested, but Miss Vicki knew what she wanted and I must say that they turned out perfect. I mean, fuck, look at those things. Just looking at them makes me wish I had a cock just so I could feel it slide in between them and a shoot a load all over them."

Her finger moved in and out of my mouth a few times before her hands moved down my body, cupping my smooth ass in her hands.

"You've also had your body hair laser removed, so you can kiss it goodbye for a long, long time. You should be happy about that one, no more messing with that silly cream or those messy razors. This is really the way to go - and now your skin is so silky smooth. Combined with the hormone pills you're taking which is already starting to soften it up, you're going to be able to drive men wild while you slide up and down on their cocks during those sexy lap dances you'll learn to love to give. No more worrying about your hair stubble turning them off, now you can slide up and down all night long!"

She looped her thumbs into the sides of my pink thong and, in one swift motion, slid them to the ground. Again I saw a blatant tan line amidst my now evenly tanned crotch and ass, the thing strings of the tan line sliding up over my hips seductively. At my crotch was no longer the pussy paste, but instead something different, with a skin like feel as I moved my hands over it.

"That's your new pussy sweetie - feels and looks real, doesn't it? It's a prosthetic pussy, custom made for you by a company over in France, SUPER expensive because of how realistic they are - guys can't even tell the difference. Your pathetic little clit is inside of a sheath on the inside of it and it's glued very securely to your crotch. There's a catheter inside of your clit with a tube leading to the tip of the pussy, making you pee just like a real girl. As your crotch will undoubtedly sweat being trapped like that, the moisture will run down another opening and give the effect of a wet and horny pussy. The lips are always puffy and swollen, ready to be fucked. You can take a small cock in there, but it is still mostly just for show or to be fingered while you're being fucked. Your clit is stroked through the skin inside of it whenever someone plays with it, so I'd imagine it will still drive you wild. They wanted you to keep your testicles so that you would still create a small amount of testosterone, allowing you to still become wildly horny like most men. However, over time, instead of wanting to shove your little clit into something, you'll now want to ride a long, stiff cock. Plus, since the estrogen has been so effective, your already tiny clit has now shrunk even further. I played with it the other day and it only came up to about 2" in length."

She laughed hysterically at her last comment as I immediately became lightheaded from all of this information. The room began to spin and I felt faint, stumbling backwards as I fell onto the bed. I must have gone unconscious as this was just too much for me to handle. The room went black as I faded out of consciousness.

When I awoke again I was back in the bed, under the covers, seeing that it was dark out. I must have been out for some time. I climbed out of the bed, seeing that I was again back in the wicked weasel bikini and that I smelled of a tanning solution. Great, the bitch put me back in that tanning bed, further enhancing my already blatant tan lines.

The bedroom door was unlocked and open, so I wandered out into the living room. All of the doors were unlocked and open, but no one was there with me - I was finally alone. I walked back to the bedroom and took another look in the mirror, allowing my hands to explore all of these new modifications. It was uncanny how perfect everything looked, from the amazing tits that I had in my hands down to the realistic appearing pussy that I felt through my thong. I had the urge to pee and went to the bathroom, remembering that I had to sit just to pee now, which was humiliating in itself as I felt the stream flow through the catheter, through the pussy lips and down into the toilet. I instinctively grabbed a piece of toilet paper and wiped my vagina clean from front to back, silently yelling at myself in my mind. As I sat there I looked at my legs - they were so tan and smooth, and so soft to the touch. Such a strange feeling to have this soft of skin all of a sudden, with not a hair to be found anywhere.

I walked to the closet to try and find something masculine to wear, but everything was fit for a stylish female. There weren't any t-shirts, no jeans, no boxer briefs, nothing. I went through every closet and every drawer, occasionally scoffing at the scant pieces of clothing I'd find. Crotchless panties, skirts with the ass completely cut out, dresses with more material missing than was there to actually cover the body, stockings of all different colors and material, more slutty costumes than I'd ever thought actually existed.

Not wanting to give everyone currently tuned in and viewing me on my web site a free peep show, I just grabbed something off of a hanger and threw it on. It turned out to be a turquoise, metallic looking minidress that zipped up the front. Thing spaghetti straps went over my shoulders and it had black lace up detail on both sides, with the laces ending just before the bottom of each cup. I zipped it on and adjusted my new breasts, wincing as I felt my nipples rubbing against the padding on the inside of the dress, which was a completely new feeling. I winced again as I pinched and pushed my breasts down inside the dress, staring down at the valley of cleavage I was now showing as a result. I sighed and walked out of the closet and back into my bedroom, pulling out a matching turquoise metallic thong with black trim and sliding it up my legs as well and into place between my cheeks.

I walked out into the living room and began looking around. Finally, in the upper right hand corner of the room, I saw something that gave me hope. There was s small black box with a small antenna poking out of it - I figured it had to be some kind of a wireless receiver, which would most likely be connected to all of the contraptions in the apartment. Maybe, I thought, if I can just disable that thing, the doors would unlock and my cock ring would be unusable as well. Then I would just have to get out of here as fast as possible as I was sure people would race to the apartment - but as long as I stayed out of their signal range, I'd be just fine. I could be free!

I started looking around for something to hit the receiver with, but was running out of luck. Finally I thought of throwing some water on it - electronic devices hate water. So I sauntered over to the kitchen, pulling out a large glass and filling it with water as if I were just thirsty - nothing out of the ordinary. I took a sip as I wandered over to the corner of the room, then suddenly threw the entire contents of the cup at the receiver. I saw a spark fly out of it, then a small puff of smoke trickle out. To my left I heard the sound of the front door unlocking - it had worked!

I ran to the door and flung it open, still in my bare feet but not caring. I'd figure everything else out later, for now I just had to get as far away from here as possible. I turned toward the parking lot, remembering now that my car was still at Miss Vicki's store. Cursing under my breath I began to panic. I ran to my neighbor's door and began pounding on it, begging for her to help me. She flung the door open, standing there in a short tank top and some black spandex shorts - she must have just finished working out, I figured. She immediately saw it was me - well, not "me" me, but this "Candi" girl who she apparently didn't like... girls like her hated the slutty girls. She eyed me up and down as I rambled a million words a minute at her.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - slow down. What do YOU want?"

I slowed down what I was saying, trying to speak slowly and deliberately.

"I'm your neighbor, Andy. I know it doesn't look like it, and it's a really, really long story that I promise to explain. I was kidnapped and basically held hostage in my apartment for the past two months. They've been doing terrible, terrible things to me and I need your help. Please, PLEASE, you've got to believe me and you've got to help me get away from here. They'll be here soon. Please!"

She stared at me for a minute, then got a very surprised look on her face.

"Andy?! That's really you?! Holy shit - what's going on? We've got to call the cops! Come inside, let me get my phone!"

I stopped her and pleaded with her to just grab her keys and to let us get in her car, explaining that they had taken mine. We could call the cops on the way, but we just had to get out of here NOW. She was flustered but complied, grabbing her keys and locking her door behind her. I ran out to her car in the parking lot with her just behind me, asking me question after question to which I kept answering that I'd tell her later and that we just needed to focus on leaving this place right now. We jumped in her car and buckled our seat belts as she started it up and threw it in reverse.

Before she could back up even a foot, I her tires skid to a halt behind us. I turned around and saw a black SUV with tinted out windows and chromed out rims. Three huge men exited the back of the SUV and the passenger door, then I saw him... my "Master" was driving, and he did not look happy at all. As Samantha honked her horn and then looked at me to ask who they were, my entire body went stiff in shock as my cock ring was activated at full force. Unable to move I watched as my Master and another man threw open the driver side door and picked her up out of the seat, carrying her back into her apartment. The other two picked me up out of my seat and carried me back to my prison, standing guard by the door after they laid me down on the couch, my cock ring still zapping me consistently, causing me to stay right on the edge of consciousness until the blackness consumed me and I was out.

I awoke what must have been an hour or so later. All four men were in my apartment now. Two of them were reinstalling a new wireless receiver in the corner of the room, bolting in a steel casing over it with just the antenna's tip sticking out to prevent any more of my tampering. My Master walked over to me, sitting next to me on the couch. He didn't look as angry any longer - it was more of a disappointed expression on his face.

"Candi - I really didn't want you to get anyone else involved in this, but you just had to go fucking around and getting your neighbor tied up in all of this, didn't you? Well, not to worry. She had been taken care of. She's perfectly healthy and has been told that she will stay that way as long as she doesn't say a word of this to anyone. She is staying in an undisclosed hotel for the next few days while my associates work on relocating her somewhere far away from here. She'll start a new life there and will be well taken care of as long as she cooperates. And, if she doesn't, well... she'll just have to be relocated to a more permanent location."

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