tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 15

Trapped and Trained Ch. 15


As I took my first steps forward, feeling the leather straps of my dress slide across my smooth skin, Miss Vicki placed a hand on my shoulder and spun me around to face her.

"Oops, with all of this excitement I almost forgot the most important thing of all. Now, let me fix your lipstick while I let you in on a little secret."

She reached into her bag and pulled out a black velvet bag. Reaching inside, she held a black tube of a deep red lipstick. She applied that as well as some strange looking lip gloss with what looked like bits of glitter in it. After she was done applying it, she put both items in a tiny black leather clutch and handed it to me as she let me in on this 'secret'.

"Now Candi - for the past two weeks you know that you've been taking quite a few pills to enhance your figure, from softening up your skin and helping to fill out that tight little ass to enlarging those wonderful breasts."

As she mentioned my breasts she let her hands wander to them, massaging them through the leather straps of my dress, which was quite easy given how exposed they were. Her fingers made their way up to my nipples, squeezing them gently in her hands as she continued. I licked my lips and swallowed a bit of the gloss, noticing that my lips were beginning to feel a bit strange, as was my throat as the gloss traveled down to my stomach.

"Mmmm, these are quite splendid, I'm very pleased with how they've turned out and look forward to how amazing they will be as you continue with that portion of your daily pills. But, what I meant to tell you was about that one red pill that has always been mixed in - you remember that one, don't you? It's a bit larger than the rest so you typically have to take it by itself, so I'm sure you know of the one I'm referring to."

I knew exactly which pill she was talking about. It was huge and was always a task to swallow down. I always felt a bit queasy after taking that one, but usually just chalked it up to the massive amounts of pills I was taking and the chemical imbalances it was causing in my body. I knew some of the pills were intended to reduce my testosterone output while others were depositing large amounts of estrogen into me, so I just figured it was another pill along that purpose.

"Well, that red pill is quite special and some perverted scientist friends of mine have been working to perfect it for years. You see, just taking it does nothing to you, but there is a special chemical in that lip gloss that activates the chemical coursing through your body from that big red pill. Now that you've already begun to ingest some of that lip gloss as I saw you licking your luscious lips a moment ago, I can let you in on the purpose of the red pill. You see, when that pill's chemical is activated, it sets off quite the reaction in your body. Within ten minutes, your throat and stomach will begin to burn as if there is acid inside of them. After another five minutes, that feeling will spread throughout your entire body. Five more minutes and you will begin to sweat profusely, like a crack addict going through withdrawals. In another five minutes you will experience the worst headache you can even imagine, joined by blurred vision. And if you last 30 whole minutes, then your body will begin to seize, leaving you completely helpless."

I was floored... why would she do such a thing to me? What could the purpose possibly be for such a pill? And why did she say the scientist friends of hers were perverted for creating it? They seemed more masochistic than perverted. Miss Vicki saw the panic and confusion running through my mind and continued.

"Oh, don't worry honey - there is an anecdote that I'll give you at the end of the party, if you make it that long. And, here's the best part. The pill's cycle can be reset quite simply by ingesting something containing a combination of citric acid, amino acids, potassium and zinc. Now, you could go get pills specific to all of these requirements, but you likely won't find any of that here. So, what is an alternative, you are likely wondering? Well, lucky for you, there is something that every man - every real man at least, not you anymore - produces that meets all of these requirements. Yes, sweetie... semen contains all of those chemicals needed to reset the cycle of the pill. However, as I said, the scientists are working to perfect the pill. One side effect is that it seems that the ingestion of semen orally is the only method that works, and that upon swallowing the semen, the cycle tends to quicken. So while at first it will take around ten minutes for the headache to set in, after a few resets it may only take five minutes - and by the end of the night, who knows... you may be begging for a repeat bukkake performance! Wouldn't that be sensational?! Anyhow, that's what I needed to let you know. And be sure to reapply your lipstick and lip gloss as needed - since you'll be needing to suck a lot of cocks tonight, it will be in your best interest to keep those big dick sucking lips of yours as attractive as possible! Off we go now."

She spun me back around, facing the entrance to the party and again smacked me on the ass, prompting me to walk forward although I was in a daze in response to the information I'd just learned. Now I was going to be chemically required to ingest cum?? No, fuck that, I'll deal with a little headache or some mild discomfort - there was no way I was going to be begging for a repeat of that dreadful bukkake of two weeks ago. I still felt like there was dried cum buried in my skin from that night no matter how often or for how long I scrubbed my body clean. Once again I felt Miss Vicki stop me, though she didn't spin me around this time.

"Oh shoot, one last thing, I promise."

I felt my dress being lifted up in the back, followed by something cold at each of my hips. I heard a snip and then felt my sheer black thong fall to my the bottom of my ballet heels. She had cut it off! Now not only were my breasts exposed through the holes of this dress, but now my fake pussy and, most importantly, my pussy asshole was unprotected and on display as well. That fucking bitch - just to further my embarrassment she did that. She slid a finger deep inside of my fake pussy, making it to where the fleshy cover imprisoned my cock and began rubbing it up and down as she whispered into my ear.

"You're going to crave the *taste* of their cum too. I know you don't believe it, but each time you taste cum, you'll feel a craving for that taste again. By the end of the night you won't be able to control yourself and will be running from cock to cock, desperate to feel that slimy goo sloshing around in your mouth, savoring every last drop as you gulp it down and move on to the next."

That statement sent shivers through my body all the way to my core. It didn't help that she was arousing me by rubbing my trapped cock as she told me about how I was going to crave sucking the cocks of others. I felt like it made her think that I was getting hard at what she was telling me rather than just the fact that my severely neglected cock was getting some attention. I didn't have time to convince her otherwise, however, as this time she pushed me forward and followed me into the main room.

I swore my throat was starting to burn as we walked inside, but convinced myself that it was all mental - it had only been a few minutes since I had apparently activated the chemical inside of me. I could only imagine how widespread it was given that I'd been taking that red pill for two weeks now.

As I walked through the doors, I saw that we were in a room similar to just a massive living room. There were couches along three of the walls - I counted about 12 couches in all. All of the couches were facing a projection screen on the fourth wall and my face turned beet red as I saw that they were actually watching videos of my performance with Miss Vicki from two weeks ago. As I walked in the video was at the part where I was crouched doggy style on top of the teacher's desk with the fourth man fucking my pussy. As he pulled out and the summation of all of the cum that had been deposited inside of my by the four men came oozing out, I heard a collective "ooooo" from the people on the couches.

Of the 12 couches, there were 3 on each of the side walls and then five along the back wall, just to give you an idea of the size of the room. It could probably comfortably seat around 40 people, but there only seemed to be around 20 sitting on the couches or standing around talking while watching the video as it moved on to me lapping up the cum. I knew the bukkake scene was coming soon and tried to shield my eyes from watching. I turned my back to the screen, realizing that now I was giving everyone along the back wall a full frontal view of my breasts and puffy pussy lips peeking out through my dress. Their attention drifted from the TV and I now noticed everyone staring at me, putting together the puzzle that the 'girl' on the screen was now standing in front of them.

Of the 20 people I counted that roughly 5 of them were wearing black collars similar to Miss Vicki's, meaning that they were dominants. Eight of the people were wearing blue collars, signifying guests. There were three more red collars and I cursed all of them knowing that I could have been wearing one of those if I had lasted longer in that damn competition with the dildo machine. I hated the three slaves wearing the silver collars as well as they all stared at me with knowing grins - completely aware that they were at a higher stature than I was and that I was apparently at their mercy. There was one slave with a pink collar in this room, a woman who was completely naked facing the screen from a back couch, riding up and down on a stiff cock of one of the blue collared men while a woman, also wearing a blue collar, played with her nipples as she moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She turned and looked at me as she undoubtedly saw everyone's attention shift to me and I saw a devious smile cross her face. She had a gorgeous body and long flowing brown hair that was bouncing up and down as she rode the cock inside of her shaven pussy. Her beautiful C cup breasts that were being manipulated by the woman next to her looked all natural and very perky. How had she gotten in a situation similar to mine? And why was she looking at me like that?

As I watched her ride the man until he was obviously cumming inside of her, she stayed mounted on top of him and motioned for me to come over to her. I acted as if I didn't see her and continued to scan the room, seeing out of the corner of my eye that the video was at the point where the first group of men was stroking their cocks around my face. I closed my eyes and looked away as I heard the female slave.

"Bitch! Get over here NOW!"

She knew she had my attention and now everyone in the room had heard her order. I heard Miss Vicki chuckle behind me as I had forgotten she was there, then felt her nudge me in the direction of the woman. I stumbled my way over there and stood behind her, smelling the mixture of her pussy juices and the man's semen mixing together inside her pussy. My throat was now definitely starting to burn, letting me know that what Miss Vicki had told me was very real... they had drugged me and the only available solution was semen. You had to be fucking kidding me. I looked pleadingly at the woman as she sat there, straddling the man on the couch, halfway turned around and eying me up and down.

"Get on your fucking knees and clean me and this nice man up."

Having no other options available too me, I knelt down, feeling my tight black leggings run across the black carpet and scooting forward until I was right up next to the couch cushion. I didn't see how I was going to be able to clean them off with her still mounted on the man, but that didn't mean that they were going to wait apparently. The woman who had been molesting the female slave's breasts turned her attention to mine. She seemed to like that she could grab my breasts through my dress and took advantage of the opportunity, grabbing my nipples and pulling me downward until my face was now even with the female slave's pussy, inhaling the smell of the semen trapped inside of her. Her legs were completely spread apart and she pulled the man's legs apart some too, leaving just enough room for me to fit my head between them. The woman guest continued to pinch and tug on my nipples, directing me on where to go. Finally she stopped and I saw her standing up out of the corner of my eye. I felt her walking behind me and then felt her grasp the back of my head and shove me forward, forcing my face into the female slave's pussy and the base of the man's cock. She held me there, waiting for me to start cleaning them both up.

This must have turned the female on as she started slowly bouncing up and down on the man's cock once again. He was getting hard again as I reached my tongue out and began to lick the female's clit, moving my head with her as she bounced. She began to moan, but to my surprise moved my head down and kept it in place right at the base of the man's cock. I was now forced to lick the man's cock until the woman came down and fully impaled herself on it, at which point I would lick her pussy lips as they expanded to house the thick cock she was riding. I tasted traces of semen but mostly her juices as my throat and stomach continued to burn.

The woman behind me was now fingering my pussy while also examining my fake pussy. I felt her put three fingers inside of my lubed hole and groaned in response, but it was muffled by the cock and pussy that were directly in front of me. They were picking up the pace now as the female slave was holding my head in place as she bounced up and down. I felt more and more juices trickling out of her pussy and down the man's cock as I continued to lap them up. Finally she stopped, fully impaled as her body convulsed into a massive orgasm, multiplied no doubt by me licking all around her pussy lips. The man let out a deep groan as well and I felt his cock twitching inside of her pussy, undoubtedly filling her up even more with his seed.

After sitting there for a minute, she lifted herself up, placing her hand over her pussy and rolling off to the open seat of the couch. The woman behind me let her fingers out of my pussy and again moved to my head, directing it over the man's cock. It was completely flaccid now and wreaked of pussy and cum. I went to take it in my mouth before feeling the woman behind me slap me, telling me to just use my tongue first. I swallowed and began to lick all around his cock and balls, tasting the traces of cum but it was obviously not enough to satisfy the necessary amount to reset my chemically induced cycle while I felt the burning sensation starting to spread throughout my body.

His cock and balls were clean now, completely covered in my saliva and left with me panting over them, licking the same places over and over. Satisfied, the woman behind me now pulled me by my hair over to the female slave, who was laying on her back, obviously exhausted. Upon seeing me come over to her she smiled that same devious smile as before and stood up, her hand still covering her pussy, trapping the massive amount of semen inside of her. The blue collared woman spun me around and sat me against the couch, leaning my head back on the cushion. The slave climbed onto the couch, her front facing the back wall and her knees on either side of my head. I looked up and could only see her hand covered pussy above me as it slowly lowered down onto me, my nose snuggling into her ass.

First I had to lick her fingers which were now covered in her pussy juice and a small bit of cum that was running up against them. When she was satisfied with how clean her fingers were I felt her slide them away, then lowering her pussy onto me. I felt the entire weight of her body on top of me now and felt her now fingering her clit from above me. The woman guest was now back to playing with my nipples roughly through my dress as I screamed into the slave's pussy. Just as I was screaming a big glob of semen flooded out of her pussy and into my mouth, creating more of a gargling sound as it went directly down my throat. As it slid down it felt like the burning sensation was subsiding, which was the only positive spin I could put on this situation as more and more of the cum left her pussy and entered my mouth. As it went to my stomach the burning left there as well, followed by slow relief coming throughout my body while I continued to swallow more and more, all the time licking her pussy as well. She was now starting to ride my face, obviously approaching yet another orgasm. How many times could this bitch get off, I wondered. Apparently at least three times as she pulled my head deep into her pussy, nearly drowning me as more of her cum left her pussy mixed with the small amount of the man's cum that was left inside of her.

Satisfied, she rolled off of me, my face now covered in a mixture of sweat and both of their cum. She moved down and began to lick all around my face before interlocking in a passionate kiss with me, her tongue exchanging everything she had collected with mine, staying inside of my mouth until I had swallowed it all down. She then let go of our kiss, opened up my black clutch and reapplied my lipstick and lip gloss.. that god damn lip gloss.

The female guest was now sitting on the couch with her short tight black dress ridden up over her hips, playing with her pussy. Thinking I was going to have to eat her out as well, I turned around, preparing to go through another licking process. I felt the female slave pull me away, to my surprise.

"No, no bitch. That's for me. You are to go to the room next door and see if they can use your services. Off you go."

She smacked me on the ass as I struggled to my feet, balancing myself on my ballet heels before slowly beginning to walk out of the side door, not sure what was awaiting me in the adjoining room. As I left the room I glanced to the movie screen, seeing that the bukkake had just ended and there was a close up of my face completely covered in semen, my eyes shut tightly, my breasts also dripping cum. All I could do was tell myself that tonight wouldn't end in a similar fashion. It couldn't.

The next room I entered was larger than the first... I guess it had to be to hold six beds inside of it. The beds were in two rows of three and there were various 'activities' going on in five of them. A sixth on the far side of the room was completely empty.

The first bed I saw consisted of a man in a blue collar being face fucked by a man in a black collar, while a red collared slave was actually fucking the guest from behind. For some reason, it made me almost happy to see that a slave could be ordered to fuck someone of a higher party status. That gave me hope that maybe I wouldn't be on the receiving end all night long.. maybe someone would even have the decency to order me to rip this fake vagina off and get to fuck that hot woman slave from the room I had just been in. I'd put a pounding on her and wipe that fucking smile right off her face.

My vivid thoughts of grasping that bitch's hair from behind and shoving my cock inside of her were interrupted by a group of people entering the room from the door on the opposite end, right next to the open bed. There were two black collared dominants, a male and a female, as well as two red collared male slaves completely nude along with a pink collared female, wearing only a tight black miniskirt.

I tried to make myself as small as possible and hide behind the group of men fucking on the bed in front of me, but the female dominant caught view of me before I could get behind them and immediately called me over. The female slave looked delighted to see me, knowing that she had just moved up a rung in this group that she likely was about to be gang fucked by before I came along. I slowly made my way over to them, trying to drown out the noises of sex surrounding me until I was finally standing in front of all five people. The female seemed to be the one in control as she spoke with dominance in her voice.

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