Trapped Ch. 2


I quickly stripped off my clothes.

“Everything!” She pointed at my watch and ring.

“Where do I put my -- ” I started to say when she
interrupted me.

“Just lay everything over on that chair.” She pointed at a beat up old chair sitting next to the door.

“Lets go!” She told me and I followed her into the house.

We entered into a kitchen. Marble floor … cherry cabinets … double sided extra large black refrigerator … a breakfast bar … and a table and chairs and nearby was a 26” console TV. The kitchen was large. From there we went up what appeared to be a back stairway. I followed Tina – getting a very nice view of her panty-covered ass. She had changed into 3” high heels, white stockings, and a black leather panty and bustier set. We stepped into the bathroom – she told me to shave my face while she fills the whirlpool tub with water.

I see a razor and shaving cream sitting near the sink, but begin explaining to her “I just used an electric razor before meeting you for the night, and if you’ll let me – I can run out to the trunk of the car and get my bag. It has my stuff in it.”

From out of nowhere she slapped my ass hard with a quirt. “I don’t remember asking if you wanted to shave. Nor do I remember asking if you wanted to use your electric razor. It doesn’t do a very good job. Now pick up that can and razor and get busy.”

My cock had deflated quickly after she smacked my ass – and I thought it was best not to argue the point – she OBVIOUSLY does not like hairy men. If I press my luck – she may end up shaving the hair on my head just like her husbands. While I was shaving I enjoyed the view she offered me in the mirror as she was bending over at the waist to stir up the bubbles in the tub.

When I finished she checked my face “This is much better. Now hop in that tub so I can bathe you.”

“Aren’t you going to join me?” I asked.

“No that will not be necessary. I want to get you all cleaned up for my special surprise.” Tina told me

“What’s the surprise?” I naturally asked

“You will see soon enough.” She reminded me.

I got an erection while her hands glided over my flesh. She soaped the palms of her hands and used them to glide across my body.

“Stand up so I can wash all of you” She saw my flesh pointing toward the ceiling and remarked “So, I see that this makes Donny Boy all excited.” Then she looked me square in the eye “I thought you said you were 6 inches.”
“I AM!!” I sheepishly exclaimed. “I have a nice big cock” I figured if you keep repeating it – other people will believe it too.

“Carlos’s cock is 6 inches too --- but that is when is soft and hanging between his legs. You are about his height and maybe a bit more weight --- and when you told me online that it was 6 inches, I just assumed it was soft.”

Talk about being an ego buster --- a ripe woman compares your hard dick to her husbands’ soft one – and is disappointed. I had to think of something that would save my ego.

“Dolly Parton has big breasts. Much larger than yours or even most women – but I like yours!” I tried to reason with her.

“You met my husband – he doesn’t appear to have a big cock – But Yes, I can see your point somewhat – but when you are fucked by a 9 ½ inch long, maybe 2 inch thick cock – over and over – you just expect that from all the guys. By the way – what did you think of my husband?”

“You want me to tell you the truth?”

“Yes” She answered.

“I think he was arrogant and cocky.” I replied bluntly

“You are right – he is cocky” She smiled at her own joke “He has a lot more meat hanging between his legs – obviously compared to you. As far as arrogant – he could NEVER let me shave him. He would never stand for me to be stronger than him. He’s arrogant because he knows what he’s got and he knows how to use it. That is why it is so very important that I get to do what I want with you. If you let me shave you – and you let me cuff you to the bed and then you let me FUCK you over and over. Occasionally stopping to eat me out or be punished for coming before I allowed it. Then this is what I need. Its what I want to be able to have an affair – even for a week. I needed something different. I could pick up any guy and he could fuck me. But you are special. You are a submissive male who deserves nothing less than to be shown how submissive you really are. Once you are put into your place – it is like the alignment of the stars – it is what is right for you. What is right for Carlos is being dominant. Having a huge dick and knowing that you could never have me. It is the law of the jungle… the powerful rule and the weak humble themselves for the sake of the ruler.” She told me. “Maybe it will help when I shave you.”

“You can sit on the edge of the tub while I lather you up.” She told me.

The shaving cream felt nice on my skin, after all this is one place I had never used it. Once the gel was rubbed to a full lather, she began swiping away my hair with a straight razor. My cock, which was pulsating and hard as it could get – was now limp as a noodle. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by her.

“My oh my – if you little wiener gets much smaller – I may mistakenly cut it off.” She taunted me.

Minutes later my front was denuded. “Now for the backside” She told me. “Turn around and bend WAY OVER.”

I said just one word to her “PLEASE” and she looked into my eyes and said in a comforting way “Do it – just do what I say. I am going to get rid of the rest of this. But you are right – your chest hair is nice, smooth and exceptionally sexy – IF you are really submissive and obedient – I MIGHT LET YOU KEEP IT.” She stroked my cheek and leaned way down and kissed the end of my cock. Then looked back up at me – “Now do it --- turn around and bend over”

I complied with her request while she squirted the gel into my ass crack, then went about lathering it all up.

“Grip your ass cheeks with both hands and spread it apart so I can see your butt hole.” I obeyed. “Now just hold it like that – DON’T move. I would hate to ruin the night because I sliced your butt open”

Moments later I was hairless there too. Although I couldn’t see – it felt very odd. I ran my fingers across my hairless skin and I felt like I was 12 again. “I thought it would help – but it doesn’t really does it?” She told me very sympathetically

I got out of the tub; she toweled me off and led me to her bed.

“Lie down – face up.” She climbed on my chest and slid her leather covered crotch just millimeters from my face. “Now – see these? They’re Velcro manacles. See --- they pull apart just like this <<>> so you are not really bound to my bed. It is all for fun. Are you ready to let me take you? Are you ready for the fucking of your life?”
Of course I was, and she knew it.

“Tell you what I want you to do – Kiss and try to lick through the leather of my crotch while I wrap these around your wrists, and get you all ready for me.”

While I was busy kissing and licking her leather covered crotch; Tina fitted the cuffs in place and using some bungy cord – fastened my arms to her headboard. She swung around and pushed her butt toward my face as she put some manacles on my legs as well. When she was satisfied I wasn’t going anywhere; she climbed down off of me and went to the closet for a moment. When she returned she had an unusual assortment of items: a small envelope, a rather large candle, and some matches. But the one thing that really looked odd was a small cupcake.

She pondered what she needed to do to make things just right. When I went to say something – she just pressed her finger to my lips and said “Shhhhh – I have very little time to finish this surprise” I shut up – knowing that the surprise must have something to do with me – perhaps the best way to fuck me.

After a few moments – Tina’s eyes lit up – “I’ve got it. I just need to fix a few things first.”

I just smiled a knowing grin.

Tina untied the rope that held my manacled ankles to the bottom of the bed. Then by leaving the rope still attached she pulled it toward the head of the bed … raising my legs up in the air at the same time. Moments later she had tied that end off … and I found myself with my shaved ass exposed – my legs spread wider than my shoulders – and me staring at my shaved crotch and small appearing dick.

I thought to myself – how in the hell is she going to be fucking me – if my cock is staring ME in the face?

Then she lit the candle and smashed it into the top of the cupcake. She ran out of the room and rushed back with a large Christmas bow, which she peeled off the paper to expose the adhesive, and pressed the bow to the top of my forehead. Pulling my ass cheeks apart she inserted the thin end of the envelope and then released them. “Don’t let this drop.” She warned me.

“What are you doing? This is weird.” I started to complain.

“Aaaaahhh Ahh Ahhhhh” She pointed her finger at me – “Keep quiet.” Then she stuffed the bottom of the cupcake into my mouth. My eyes showed their surprise as I was now on my back, tied to the bed. My arms and legs were tied over my head. I had a bow on my forehead an envelope being held in place by my ass, and now a cupcake shoved in my mouth with a lit candle at the other end tilting toward my chest – dripping candle wax all over the place.

“Ahhhhhh done at last!” She exclaimed. “Don’t go anywhere – and whatever you do – DON’T move your head or the candle might catch everything on fire --- and with you being tied up – we wouldn’t want that!” Then she left the room

She was gone 3 or 4 minutes but it seemed so much longer to me. I could see her figure enter the room again. I couldn’t call out --- and I was afraid to spit out the cupcake lest I burn the place down. But I could at least see a figure moving beside the bed.

It was then I got the shock of my life. The figure next to the bed was Carlos. He took the envelope from my ass and tore it open. Then he started to read

“Happy birthday my dear husband. I didn’t know what to get the man who has everything (including me) so then it dawned on me – you have never had a male slave. So SURPRISE – here is your birthday present. Your very own boy!” Love Tina.

She was now by his side – and he kissed her. “You’re the best sweetheart” Carlos told Tina. Then he started asking – how she did this – and did I have anything to do with the planning. “Was I a male stripper?”

“No honey, Make a wish, blow out your candle before he burns the house down and I will explain everything” Tina told him

Carlos got an evil grin – then huffed and puffed and blew a whole bunch of candle wax onto my forehead.

Tina explained to Carlos “I met him on the Internet. His wife – divorced him and left for another woman.” Then she used one finger to lift up my shriveled cock and added “Look at the boy – can you blame her?”

Carlos chuckled. “So what good is he to me with that?”

“Well, let me finish. I met him – without your knowing last week just to check him out.” Tina stated.

“You fucked this worthless pencil dick?” Carlos exclaimed in disbelief.

“No, silly – I just checked him out – remember the bar last week. The Raider fan – well here he is. I just wanted to see what he looked like --- if you were bigger and better --- which of course you are. Then I got him shaved and tied with his ass in the air – so you could show him what a real man is like.” Tina was pleased with herself.

“You haven’t been with this guy at all – right?” Carlos asked her again.

“No. He is YOUR birthday present. You get to break him in. You get to train him to suck your cock. You get to fuck his virgin ass whenever you feel like it. YOU get to show him who a real man is. I shaved his cock and balls because I thought it would make him look more inferior – how was I to know he already had a little boys’ cock between his legs. He is submissive, obedient and most of all – he is NOT Gay. He doesn’t have any disease. He is your TOY. I know how much you love to show off. To put a guy down and keep him there. You’re strong. He’s so weak it isn’t even funny. Remember the superior male always wins. He thought he was going to get to fuck me. I never once lied to him I kept telling him that if he would let me do what I want to him tonight, I promised he would be fucked – and fucked well the rest of the week.”

“Week --- how long do I get to keep him?” Carlos asked.

“10 days from now – he is suppose to go back to work. He is on vacation right now. But don’t worry if he is not as obedient as you and I want – we may just have him ‘call in sick’ for a few more days.” She smartly replied.

“You think it is going to take me more than 10 days to break him?” Carlos sneered

“Of course not dear, I think it will take you less than 2 days – and you will have him begging for your cock, kneeling on the floor beside our bed at night just waiting to lick your jizz from my snatch. Or squirting that little boy cock off as you rape his ass.” Tina countered.

“Just think – breaking him in is half the fun!” Tina continued putting ideas into his head. “We can tie him up and whip him. We can put clothespins on his nipples. We can put a lock on his cock so he can’t shoot off.” Then she ushered him toward the closet. “Now go put on your leather outfit and let’s have some fun. I’ll keep little Donny Boy busy while you’re getting ready for him.

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