tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTravel Nightmare

Travel Nightmare


Day 1.

My wife Pam is very pretty and has a nice figure. She is also quite timid and will avoid confrontation at almost any cost. I worried that would eventually get her into trouble, and while I was partly right about that, it turned out to be something totally unexpected that was the dominant factor. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For our 10th wedding anniversary we decided to take a Caribbean cruise. It was one of those packages where you fly down to San Juan and then cruise around the islands for a week on a big luxury cruise ship for six days. And everything went smoothly until we went through customs at the airport in San Juan. The customs officials cleared me but told my wife that she would need to step aside for a more detailed look at her luggage.

When I inquired they first brusquely told me to mind my own business. After I informed them that I was her husband they said that the drug sniffing dog had shown interest in her luggage. I told them it was a mistake, but they insisted that they had to check. I don't know why they think that anybody would want to smuggle drugs from the mainland INTO Puerto Rico.

The customs official, a large man in his 40's or 50's, led my wife to a curtained off area where another official, a younger man, was waiting with her luggage. This was in a roped off area so I couldn't follow them, but they didn't pull a curtain across the entry, so I could see what they were doing. Both men carefully went through all of her clothes, taking a long time with her swimwear and underwear I thought; too long really. They also inspected all her cosmetics and other other personal care products. When they were finished they called another young man to take her luggage away. They said it was all clear and could be loaded onto the bus with the rest.

I thought we were finished at that point, but I was wrong. Next they brought in the dog and had it sniff Pam. I heard the older official tell my wife, "The dog smells something. We need to have you remove your clothes for inspection."

Pam's look changed from annoyed to worried. She asked for a female official but was informed that none were currently available. She then asked when one would be available and the older man said, "In three or four hours."

My wife looked at me. She knew as well as I did that the cruise ship departed in two hours. I was angry that we would now miss our cruise. I wasn't sure if we would be able to catch up with it at St. Thomas or not. I was frowning thinking of the extra cost to charter another boat or small plane. I think Pam must have mistakenly thought that I was mad at her. It's the only reason I could think of for her next action. She sighed and said, "OK, let's get this over with."

I couldn't believe that she was going to strip for these two strange men. The older man pulled a curtain over the entryway where I was standing and watching. It didn't close all the way however, and left a three or four inch gap. I could clearly see Pam starting to unbutton her blouse and I tried to position myself so that I blocked the gap in the curtains. I couldn't completely block the view though, because I was about ten feet back behind the rope.

My wife removed her blouse and blushing, handed it to the older man who briefly looked at it before giving it to the younger man. As Pam was removing her shorts I noticed that there were other smaller gaps in the curtains at the corners. I didn't know if my wife had seen the gaps, but others had and a small crowd of gawkers were gathering around me trying to get a peek inside.

Pam was now standing there in her bra and cotton panties. She hesitated which caused the older man to tell her they didn't have all day. She seemed to come to a decision and reached around her back to unhook her bra. Then she slid it off her arms and handed it to the official. As far as I know this is the first time another man, except for her doctor, has seen my wife's bare breasts. They are a nice C-cup with very little sag and perky nipples that point slightly upward. I think they are incredibly sexy and judging by the smiles on the customs officials faces, I think they agreed.

Next came the cotton undies. She just pushed them down her smooth legs and stepped out of them. When she bent over to pick them up her tits dangled enticingly. Before we left she had gotten her first really daring bikini. A lot of pubic hair showed though, so I convinced her to get a Brazilian wax. I had no idea at that time that she would be showing off her bare pussy to some strange men at the airport. In fact, along with the customs officials inside the curtained area, at least a dozen other men and a couple of women could easily see my wife's naked body as well.

While Pam stood there nude, the older man snipped off a thread from the inside of her blouse and put it into a small vial of clear liquid. He shook it and the liquid turned pink. He said, "Your clothes are showing traces of cocaine. We need to do a cavity search."

At first my wife objected, but he told her that was the only way she was going to be allowed to leave. Otherwise he would have to arrest her! As I've said, my wife is quite timid and she quickly backed down and agreed to this new invasion of her privacy. He then pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke to someone briefly. A few minutes later a couple of armed guards stepped up and took positions on either side of me.

At first I thought it was to escort her to a more private location, but it quickly became obvious that they were there to restrain me if necessary. I say this because when the older man stepped up and ordered my wife to put her hands behind her head, I realized that he intended to perform the cavity search right there and I stepped forward to object. The guards put their hands up and informed me that if I interfered I could be arrested and detained. I backed off, but I was getting very angry.

The older man then circled around my wife. Reaching around her he started squeezing her tits. Pam objected to the fondling, pointing out correctly that her breasts were not "cavities". The customs official responded that they may be "fake" and he had to make sure. I noticed he took his time and even pulled on her nipples. No doubt making sure that they reacted like the real thing. They of course responded by getting hard. Then I noticed that was not the only thing getting hard. I was getting an erection watching these men abuse my wife in this way. What was wrong with me?

When the older man was finished with Pam's breasts he had the younger man take his turn. He was just as thorough. Then the older man pulled a latex glove on one hand and lubed up his fingers. He told my wife to move her feet further apart until her legs were well spread. Then he told her to stand still as he inserted first one, then two digits into her pussy. Once he had them in as far as possible, he made an act of feeling around inside her. I also noticed that he was palming her hairless labia and even rubbed her clit with his thumb at one point, making her jump slightly. Eventually he removed his fingers and let his younger partner have a turn.

When they were finished playing with her pussy, the customs officials had Pam bend over and they probed her ass as well. By now there was such a crowd trying to see the show they were putting on with my wife that the guards had to tell people to "move on". They made sure they got a good eyeful though. By the time they were finished with their "cavity search" my cock was throbbing and I was kind of ashamed of it.

When Pam asked for her clothes back the older official said, "We have sent them to the lab for analysis. We have requested suitable replacement clothes for you."

She had to stand there naked for the next five minutes while we waited for the replacement clothes. They didn't even offer her a robe. Obviously this entire strip and cavity search was a ruse just to give them a chance to get my wife naked and play with her body. When the replacement clothes finally arrived they were hardly "suitable". They consisted of a cheap peasant blouse and a short (above the knee) skirt. No bra or underwear. I could see that Pam wanted to object, but I think she just wanted to get out of there, so she slipped the skirt and blouse on quickly without saying a another word.

Finally Pam's purse and passport were returned to her and we hurried outside. Unfortunately the charter bus to the cruise ship had already left so we had to wait for a public bus. Since our luggage was on the charter bus, my wife was not able to change into something less revealing. It was obvious from the bounce of her breasts under the thin blouse that she was bra-less. And she would have to be careful how she sat down in that skirt if she didn't want to flash her bald pussy. It turned out that sitting would not be a problem; the bus was so crowded that we were forced to stand.

At the next stop people rushed off and on the bus, separating me from my wife. When it moved again it was even more crowded. I craned my neck around and spotted Pam, surrounded by people. It looked like they were pressed up against her as the bus jolted down the busy street. The next stop came up quickly and more people surged on and off the bus. I tried to get back to my wife, but was unsuccessful in the sea of people. I managed to spot her again. She was nearer the door and still surrounded by people pressed up against her. Only this time it appeared to be just young men in her immediate vicinity.

I could really only see her from the shoulders up. As the bus swayed down the street Pam's head suddenly snapped up, her eyes open wide in surprise. This turned into a kind of panicked look so I tried to press though the bodies between us to get to her. I made some progress and was now able to get a better picture of what was going on. Through the moving bodies I got glimpses of Pam's torso and I didn't like what I saw. It appeared that the young man in front and in back of her had their hands up her skirt. I also saw a hand in her blouse clearly fondling her breast. I think the hand belonged to yet another young man, but he was mostly hidden on the other side of my wife.

As I pushed closer I could see she was biting her lip. This is something my wife does when she is trying to suppress her sexual arousal. Were these young men, groping her on a public bus, turning her on? My Pam? They all had shit-eating grins plastered to their faces. Just then the bus stopped again and I watched in horror as the three men got off the bus and swept my wife along with them. I tried to get to the door before the bus starting moving again, but I didn't make it in time. I was almost frantic by the time it stopped again and I literally flew out the door.

I got my bearings and ran down the street in the direction the bus had come. When I got near the spot where my wife had been pulled off the bus I looked around but didn't see her. With panic rising in the back of my throat I asked a couple of vendors if they had seen her. One nodded his head and pointed to a nearby alley. I dashed to the narrow alley and peered in. It was dark and foul smelling, but about halfway down I could see a small group of people. I quickly made my way towards them. When I got within about twenty feet my eyes had adjusted to the gloom enough to resolve the scene before me.

My wife Pam was being held by two of the young men up against the wall face first. Her blouse was up around her neck and each man had a hold of a breast. The third was standing behind Pam. He had his pants down around his ankles and was using one hand to hold her skirt up while he used the other one to guide his cock into her pussy. For a second I was mesmerized by the sight. I had never seen anybody else fucking my wife before and it was very erotic in a strange way.

Then I came to my senses and remembered what was going on and where we were. I sprinted forward to put a stop to the rape, but when I got close one of the men holding my wife lashed out with a vicious back kick to my stomach. This knocked the wind out of me and sent me to the ground. Someone put their shoe on my throat and told me to stay down in badly accented English. The next thing I know the three men run away and the police are arresting me and my wife. I tried to explain that we were the victims, but they ignored my pleas and took us to the police station anyway.

Pam and I were separated. I had to wait for several hours in a cell before they came and took me to a room for questioning. Somehow I had lost my wallet in the shuffle, but Pam still had her purse with our passports in it, so I could prove who I was. At first they accused me of trying to prostitute my wife to the three men in the alley. They could not understand why she was dressed that way otherwise. Nor could they understand why we were in a dirty ally in "that part of town" unless I was her "John" and she was a hooker. I explained the bogus strip search at the airport and the crowded public bus, but they didn't seem to believe me. I was returned to my cell for another hour.

Eventually they returned and took me to a room where I was reunited with my wife. She looked very out of sorts so I asked her if she was OK. She said, "I was just humiliated at the airport in front of dozens of people, molested on a public bus, and raped in an alley. What do you think?"

I told her I was sorry and stayed silent for a while. Then she explained, "They put me in a cell with a couple of street tough prostitutes. They thought I was trying to poach on their territories so they got nasty."

I looked for bruising to see if she was beat up, but I didn't see any. So I asked, "What did they do?"

Pam snapped, "I don't want to talk about it."

I remained silent for a minute, but I had to know. "Did they hurt you?"

She said, "They made me lick their dirty pussies. OK, happy now?"

I was stunned. "They made you?" I stammered.

"Yes. One held my arm behind my back and pushed my face between the legs of the other one. When she was satisfied they switched places. They said if I stayed in town I'd have to do that daily."

We sat in silence for another few minutes before a policeman entered the room. He introduced himself as Sargent Rodrigiz and apologized for making us wait. He said that they checked our "story" out with the airport and the local vendors near the alley and verified we were telling the truth. He apologized again for our treatment but said that prostitutes coming from the mainland were a big problem in his city. He then offered to call us a cab, but I told him I had no money or credit cards since I lost my wallet. He advised that I cancel my credit cards right away since my wallet was almost certainly in the hands of criminals by now.

It was only now that I had time to think about what were were going to do next. The cruise ship had already sailed by now. We had no money or credit cards with which to rent a hotel room for the night and I had no idea how we were going to catch up to the ship. In other words, we were up shit creek without a paddle. When I explained our difficulties with the Sargent he graciously offered to put us up at his place for the night. He also told us that his brother had a boat that could take us to St. Thomas in the morning so that we could catch up with our cruise. I said, "Thank you for your generous offer, but you know I don't have any money."

He said cheerfully, "Don't worry about that, we'll work something out. I get off in an hour. In the meantime you can wait here and I'll have some food sent in."

I thanked him again for his generosity and he left. A few minutes later another officer brought in some sandwiches and coffee. Neither was very good, but we were both quite hungry by that time so we didn't care. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say.

True to his word the Sargent returned in an hour in civilian clothes and led us to his little car. I sat in front and Pam squeezed in back making her skirt bunch up and briefly exposing her pussy. She quickly pulled it down, but I think the Sargent got an eyeful anyway. It was twilight and some of the streets we traversed were not well lit, but Sargent Rodrigiz obviously knew his way around because he drove at frighting speeds considering the conditions. I was glad when we finally arrived at his house. It was modest sized, but it looked like a nice neighborhood. I imagine that's the most he could afford on his policeman's salary.

He let us in and cooked some sort of local dish for us. While we were waiting another man arrived. He was larger (fatter) than the Sargent, but the family resemblance was obvious. Sargent Rodrigiz explained that he lived with his brother who scratched out a living chartering out his boat to tourists. We then told our sad story to the Sargent's brother.

Dinner was a little too spicy for me, but it washed down easily with the local beer. Pam complimented him on his cooking and even accepted a beer herself, which is unusual. But then, it had been an unusual day. After dinner the Sargent's brother agreed to take us to St. Thomas in the morning on his boat. I told him that I could pay him after I got back to the cruise ship and got my traveler's checks replaced. That's when he said, "That won't do. I need payment in advance."

"But you know I don't have any money," I said.

"I know. But I would be willing to exchange a night with your fine wife for a ride to St. Thomas on my boat."

"Now just a minute, " I shouted, "My wife is not for sale."

The Sargent went nuts. "How dare you shout at my brother in my house after I vouched for you at the station and took you into my house when you had nowhere to go. I even cooked for you! Who do you think you are that you can just spit on our hospitality like that? I should just throw you into the street and let the gangs have your wife. They will not be as nice as the young men this afternoon, I can tell you that."

Pam shook her head no and said, "Please don't do that. My husband didn't mean to offend you. We just have different customs where we're from. I agree to your terms."

I was shocked and said, "Pam?"

My wife just looked at me with pleading eyes. She wanted me to go along with this, but how could I?

The Sargent said, "No, no. He obviously intends to continue to insult me."

Pam looked at me and said, "Tell him you are sorry."

While I was considering what to do, Sargent Rodrigiz replied, "Don't bother. I won't believe him anyway."

I began to see that our situation was precarious. Then my wife asked, "How about if I sleep with you too? Just to show we really are grateful for your help?"

The Sargent seemed to consider that for a moment and then turned to me. "Is this what you want? For your wife to sleep with me and my brother?"

I saw no way out and Pam appeared to have made up her mind already, so I just nodded yes. The Sargent and his brother got a triumphant look on their faces and I felt like I had "sucker" written across my forehead. I guess they didn't want to waste any time because I was given a pillow and a blanket and shown the couch. My wife and the two Rodrigiz brothers retired to a bedroom in the back of the small house.

As I laid on the uncomfortable couch I was initially upset with my wife. Then as I thought more about it I realized that we didn't really have any other options. Sargent Rodrigiz had taken advantage of our situation and maneuvered us into a corner. What he was doing was illegal, of course, but there's no way I could get charges to stick to him. I didn't want to stick around to press the matter in court in any event.

My thoughts were now interrupted by the sounds of laughter from the bedroom. The walls must not be very thick. A few minutes later a steady thump, thump, thump against the wall began. I listened carefully and could discern moaning; both male and female. This went on for some time. I tried to ignore my raging hard on, but the first time I heard my wife cry out in apparent orgasm I started stroking myself through my jeans. The second time Pam cried out I pulled my dick out of my pants and started seriously stroking it. I shot my load onto my stomach less than a minute later as I imagined the men fucking my wife over and over. A couple of minutes later the thumping rate suddenly increased. From the sound of it he was really giving it to her. Shortly after that I heard a man bellow something unintelligible and then the thumping stopped.

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