Travel Nurse


I showered as quickly as I could, then pulled out some shorts, a T-shirt and my boots. Before I left, I called Tracy's cell, and she answered sounding excited to hear my voice. I told her I was on my way, and she said she'd start breakfast then.

When I got to the apartment, I rang the doorbell and this time when Callie answered the door she threw it open and welcomed me with a big smile. I could smell bacon frying and a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Callie said as we shared a hug of greeting. "Tracy never stops talking about you."

"My pleasure as well," I said with a little half smile.

"Pat, look, I'm sorry about last night," she said, placing a hand on my arm. "We were ... right there ... and it was so unexpected. Neither one of us ever dreamed you'd come up here."

"Well, I was pretty hurt," I said. "But we worked it out."

I looked her up and down, and it was pretty easy to see why she'd been so hard to resist. She was a little taller than Tracy, and very pretty. Her tits were a little fuller than Tracy's and capped with pink nipples that her thin white blouse did a poor job of hiding. She had reddish-blonde hair that fell straight over her shoulders and soft seductive eyes.

I went into the kitchen then and gave Tracy a kiss before getting a cup of coffee. Callie went upstairs so I took Tracy aside and really kissed her this time.

"Well, did you tell her about my conditions?" I asked when we broke our lip lock.

"I did," Tracy said. "And she's excited about it. She's very bisexual and we talk about cocks all the time. Her only thing is she wants to make sure it's all right with George – that's her husband – before she does anything. But I think he'll be agreeable. They have a lot of phone sex and she tells him all about what we do."

"Hmmmm, is that so?" I said, feeling my cock lurch at the possibilities. Tracy just nodded, then she got a serious look on her face.

"Pat, I really am sorry I didn't say something to you earlier," she said. "I know we promised a long time ago not to keep any secrets, but this ... I just couldn't find a way to tell you."

"Well, you live and learn," I said. "Look, we've talked it out, and made an agreement. Let's just enjoy each other while I'm here. As far as I'm concerned, it's in the past, and the subject is closed. I've forgiven you – pending the consummation of our deal – and that's the end of it. OK?"

"I love you so very much," Tracy said, wrapping her arms around my neck and bringing me in for a hot kiss that was all tongue.

During breakfast, I got to know a little bit about Callie. She was 38 and had been traveling for six years. Her husband was an insurance agent in Fresno and was a bit older than we were. They had both been married before, and divorced. She had never wanted children, and had made sure she didn't.

After breakfast, Tracy and I went out and explored the area, and my opinion about northern Idaho changed in a hurry. It's a beautiful part of the country, and the best part of the day was spending it with the woman I love.

Later, I grilled steaks while Callie made up a salad and Tracy handled vegetables. I don't usually drink, especially when I know sex is in the cards, but the girls put a nice dent in a bottle of wine.

After clearing the dinner dishes, we retired to the small living room. I slipped off my shoes and sat back in an easy chair while Callie and Tracy messed around upstairs.

I was starting to get a trifle impatient when I heard them giggling as they bounded down the stairs. When I saw them, I understood why they had taken so long. My mouth was dry as I drank in a very delicious sight.

Callie was in a pink translucent top with spaghetti straps and a matching thong; Tracy was in a black and purple baby doll negligee, also with a matching thong. They were both quite alluringly made up, with heavy eyeshadow and glossy lipstick – hot pink for Callie and ruby red for Tracy.

They wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders and struck a sexy pose.

"You like?" Tracy said, with a huge smile on her face. I just nodded numbly. This was like something out of a porn movie, and I could feel my pants getting tight.

"Then you'll love this," she said, and turned toward Callie. Their mouths met in a hot, tongue-drenched kiss, their hands roaming over each other's body.

They kissed for a minute or two then looked at each other and smiled. Turning to me, they strutted to where I was sitting and stood over me. Callie reached over and pulled my T-shirt off and Tracy knelt at my feet and undid my shorts, pulling my boxers off with them.

My cock bounced free, hard and already dripping from the tip. I lay back naked as Callie leaned over me and offered me her mouth. It felt a little weird to be kissing a woman other than Tracy in such an intimate way, especially with my wife looking on eagerly.

But I lost myself in Callie's soft lips and hard tongue, as she swept a hand over my chest. My cock was a blue-diamond rod capable of cutting steel as Tracy lightly stroked it. She swirled the pre-cum over the crown with her index finger, getting it all slick and shiny.

Callie broke our kiss, knelt next to Tracy and slid her mouth down my chest. Tracy joined her and they each worked one of my nipples, lightly flicking their tongues over my pebble-like nips.

As they licked my chest, I took note of Callie's hand replacing Tracy's hand on my cock. She softly stroked me up and down, then slipped her hand over my balls, squeezing them lightly.

As they softly massaged my cock, I could feel the warm wetness of their lips and tongues as the worked their mouths down my chest and stomach until they were both kneeling between my widespread legs.

Callie was on my right and Tracy on my left as they brought their faces close to my cock. Callie traced wet circles of pre-cum all over the crown and she stared at me in a very disconcerting way.

"Go on, sweetheart, take a taste," Tracy whispered to Callie.

Callie's tongue slithered out and I felt her licking the shaft of my cock, and seconds later, Tracy joined her. I had two tongues doing an arpeggio on my cock, but they were being extra careful not to take it too fast.

Still, I was ready for more, and finally on one of her swipes up my shaft, Callie kept right on going, opened her mouth and drew me in. She sucked just the head in at first, but quickly began taking more and more with each up and down motion of her head.

I looked down at my wife, and Tracy's eyes were sparkling with lust as she gently held my cock at the base for her girlfriend to suck.

After awhile, Callie pulled her lips away, took the base away from Tracy and pointed my cock to my wife's mouth. Tracy didn't mess around, but vacuumed my cock, taking two-thirds of it on the first suck. I just groaned in sweet agony as Tracy gave me every bit of her cocksucking prowess.

Within seconds, I could feel something flicking over my balls, and opened my eyes to see Callie working her tongue over the hanging sac. Callie sucked each of my nuts into her mouth, one after the other, then tried to fit both of them in her mouth, but that hurt, so she quit.

And, besides, it was time for her to suck, as Tracy surrendered my cock. Callie slid my length into her mouth and into her throat, taking every bit of it. She worked her mouth hard up and down for about a minute then gave my cock back to Tracy.

After Tracy had worked my cock for a minute or two, she pulled her mouth off and slid her lips down the shaft, inviting Callie to join her. Together, they worked their lips and tongues up and down my cock, causing some of the most delicious sensations I've ever experienced.

In fact, I had to find something to keep my mind off the impending explosion in my scrotum. Quantum physics came to mind, as did the infield fly rule. That helped, but after another round of shared cocksucking I finally had to tell the girls to give me a break.

"I want to watch you two do your thing," I said. "Let me see those nice bodies."

They each gave me a wicked grin as they stood up and embraced. Their mouths met and I could tell their tongues were working as they fed on each other.

Tracy made the first move, pulling the straps of Callie's little top down and exposing her lush breasts. I stared, softly stroking my cock as my wife bent down and licked Callie's nipples. Callie's head was thrown back and her mouth was slightly open as Tracy nursed her tits.

At length, Tracy pulled the top off, tossed it aside then returned to the task at hand, er, mouth. She licked down Callie's stomach over her abdomen, then knelt in front of her girlfriend, reached up to pull her panties off her butt and pressed her face to Callie's crotch.

Callie's panties were stretched between her knees as Tracy scrunched herself under Callie's crotch as licked up the proffered cunt. Callie was turned just so that I could see everything Tracy was doing.

I stared goggle-eyed and squeezed my cock hard to keep from spewing at the sight of my wife licking on Callie's pussy. I watched as Callie let her panties drop to the floor and as she spread her legs a little wider and began to hump Tracy's face.

I could see that Callie was getting close to a meltdown and I guess Tracy sensed it as well, because she abruptly leaned back and stood up. It was her turn, and Callie didn't hesitate. She pulled Tracy's baby doll off and clamped her mouth on Tracy's tits, sucking, licking, even nibbling a little.

As she suckled Tracy's breasts, I could see one hand working between Tracy's legs, and a couple of fingers sliding into her panties. I had managed to get myself under control somewhat, but I was still sitting on a powderkeg of lust.

Callie soon had her fill of Tracy's tits and knelt in front of my wife. Tracy stared at me in unrepentant lust as she lifted her left leg, wrapped it around Callie's shoulder and invited her girlfriend to munch on her pussy.

Callie pulled the crotch of Tracy's panties away from her cunt, and I could see just how wet Tracy was, or at least I could for a couple of seconds until my view was obscured by Callie's head.

I could hear Tracy groaning in lust, and I could hear the slurping of Callie's mouth on Tracy's pussy. Tracy was rolling her hips around to get as much of her steaming box on Callie's mouth as humanly possible.

My cock was super slick with the combination of the remnants of the girls' saliva and the copious flow of my pre-cum, and I didn't need to do much to keep it at full readiness.

After a few minutes, Callie pulled back and I could see a wordless communication of lust pass between the two of them. Tracy slid her panties to the floor and kicked them aside then lay on the floor naked.

Her legs were spread open as wide as possible and Callie quickly moved her naked body into position. She straddled Tracy's head, and I had a good view of her dropping her pussy onto my wife's mouth.

I groaned in lust as I watched Tracy's tongue part the folds of Callie's wet pussy, and she quickly brought her lips to bear. Callie bent over, reached under Tracy's butt, pulled her up slightly and dropped her face to my wife's dripping cunt.

In seconds, the room was filled with the incredible sounds as Callie and Tracy feasted on each other's sex. There were wet, sloppy sounds of mouths on cunts and the groans of mounting lust. I had always believed that watching two women in a 69 would be hot, but nothing could have prepared me for just how hot it was.

I could see the sweat forming on Callie's back, and the undulations that signaled she was approaching an orgasm. I was so riveted by the sight that for a second I failed to see the motion from Tracy. But I quickly looked and saw her beckoning me with her fingers to come on and join them.

I eagerly clambered off the chair and knelt behind Callie, and my cock was pointing the way like a dousing rod that had found the motherlode. I gripped my dick with one hand, put the other on Callie's butt and slid the head past the gates of her cunt.

Callie kind of started as I sank my cock into her juicy pie in one long hard thrust, and I couldn't help myself.

"Pretend I'm your husband," I growled, using the same line on her that she'd used on Tracy several weeks earlier.

"Un-huh," she panted, then she went back to the task of licking my wife's smoking hot pussy.

I have to say, Callie had a very nice pussy, hot, wet and very fuckable. She wasn't quite as tight as Tracy, but she seemed to have a little more muscle control of her vagina. It was almost like she was massaging my cock with her pussy.

I gritted my teeth as I slowly but steadily fucked Callie's hot clenching hole. I could actually feel Tracy as she was licking Callie's clit, then I almost jumped out of my skin as she licked my pistoning cock. Tracy's lips and tongue were everywhere – over the shaft of my cock, on Callie's clit – stoking our fire to a white-hot intensity.

Groans and gasps filled the room as I felt Callie trembling with the onset of her climax, and I could hear Tracy warming up as well as Callie brought her close to a frothing orgasm. I was fucking Callie harder and faster, trying to hold off my own orgasm as long as possible.

I don't know how long Tracy had been exhorting me, but I suddenly heard her urging me on.

"Come on, baby, fuck her good," Tracy panted. "Give her that wonderful cock. Show her you're the best. Come on, baby, do it for me. Come for me. Fill up that hot pussy with your fuck cream. Do it! Do it! Do it!"

As I felt Callie's body go into orgasmic shuddered, I couldn't hold back any more. With a choking cry, I gripped Callie's hips hard, lunged forward and let it all out. I spewed a rapid-fire burst of explosive cumshots that filled Callie's twitching cunt to overflowing with steaming-hot semen.

The second my balls were drained, I slumped forward and that's when Tracy showed me just how nasty she could be. She ripped my cock from Callie, clamped her mouth on the dripping cunt hovering over her head and sucked out every drop of my cum.

Tracy probably would have been content to keep her mouth on Callie's pussy all night, but Callie finally slumped forward, pulling her super-sensitive cunt from Tracy's mouth.

But Tracy wasn't quite done yet. Having cleaned out her girlfriend's pussy, she turned her attention to me. She grabbed my wilted cock and sucked it all into her mouth, cleaning me of the slime that covered it.

Finally, I too had to pull away as my soft dick was thoroughly clean and totally sated. Tracy rolled over onto her stomach then, climbed up on her knees, pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard. I could taste Callie's essence and my cum on my wife's lips, and it reminded me of just why I'd fallen in love with this woman.

"I love you," Tracy whispered. "You are the man."

After a brief respite, we adjourned to the bedroom and proceeded to fuck each other's brains out.

I got to watch Callie fuck Tracy with a strap-on cock. I got to feel their mouths working my cock until I painted their faces with cum. I got to fuck Callie's ass while Tracy fucked her pussy with the strap-on. And, yes, I got to feel what it was like to have my ass fucked, as Callie used a dildo on me while I fucked Tracy's ass.

By the time I left Coeur d'Alene on Thursday, I was a fucked-out, exhausted wreck, but I was a happy fucked-out, exhausted wreck.

After I got home, Tracy and I established a phone routine. Some nights she and I would have phone sex, masturbating together until we came; other nights she would simply leave the phone on and let me listen to them having sex. It made the ensuing weeks until her return quite a bit more tolerable.

When she got home, we couldn't get enough of each other. We fucked every night for a week before settling into a little more of a routine.

I'm still not completely happy with the way I found about how Tracy was getting through the night while she was in Idaho, but she and Callie did make it up to me, and then some, so I can live with it.

But I think before I send Tracy off on another six-month travel nursing assignment, I'm going to plan on traveling with her.

Who knows, maybe we'll meet someone else like Callie.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/13/18

Imagine how sad it would be if you'd be so mentally ill that you'd find this erotic.

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by Anonymous06/13/18


and he's still going to allow her to be a traveling nurse and only maybe traveling with her. stupid.

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by Anonymous05/29/18

In a very minor way, having a cheating wife cheat with a woman rather then a man is not as bad but cheating is cheating!!! At the very least she should have TALKED TO HER HUSBAND before the action!!! Thenmore...

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by Anonymous04/16/18


Definitely nailed the erotica.

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by Anonymous03/12/18

Not for me

Cheating is cheating. 1 star. That's not a reconciliation or revenge story, just, not for me.

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