tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTraveling East Ch. 02

Traveling East Ch. 02

byRob in AZ©

This second chapter is a continuation from chapter one but it contains flashbacks to the previous submission. The reader is strongly advised to read chapter one to get the most enjoyment from this tale. The characters have been developed in the Angels series also posted on my page. Again the reader is advised to read previous submissions prior to reading this chapter. As always all characters are at least 18 years old and I appreciate any and all feedback.


Jan and Sally and I were just finishing our breakfast when we heard sounds coming from the room adjoining ours.

'It sounds like our neighbors are stirring.' Said Sally. 'Do you suppose they'd like to join us?'

'I imagine they'll come around to check on us.' I replied. 'There are never any secrets between me and Sue. And I'm sure she knows that we're all curious about how they spent their night.'

'I heard noises off and on all night from there.' Sally told us.

'Are you sure that wasn't all the noise that you were making?' Jan asked.

'Oh, so you did hear us last night? We thought you were fast asleep.'

'Tired, yes; asleep, not a chance. I'm learning to love the sounds of sex again and you two were playing just loud enough.'

Moments later Sue stuck her head in the door.

'Good morning all you romance lovers. Did we have an enjoyable night?' she asked.

'We sure did!' Sally smiled. 'I'm liking this stud you brought up here from Arizona. I think you need to bring him back here more often!'

'Well he's the one who brought me actually, but after my night, I sure hope we can come back again! Nikki is a world class lover! I can see why Deb moved all the way across the country from LA so she could be with her. She could share my bed anytime! Hey, do you have coffee made already?'

'Of course,' I told her, 'come in and help yourself. Hey Sue, what's that on your leg?'

'What?' she asked as she looked down to check herself out.

'Come here. Look right there on the inside of your thigh.'

Sue bent her knee so she could see the inside of her thigh. As we all looked on she discovered a big bruise just below her vagina at the top of her leg. She looked up at us sheepishly.

'Oh my God, that's where Nikki was kissing me last night! She was driving me wild. I'm surprised I don't have another one on my clitoris. She's an animal!'

'Well you better get your coffee and then go back and show her what she did to you. But don't tell her to kiss it to make it better! That might be dangerous.'

We all laughed together and watched Sue as she walked over to the coffee pot and poured two cups. I love watching Sue when she's naked, especially her ass. She's so petite and so incredibly sexy. I felt my dick throbbing under the table. Fortunately it was out of sight from Jan and Sally, but they were also watching Sue. She's just that cute. Everybody loves her. She turned and winked at us all as she made her way back into her room to rejoin Nikki.

'So what should we do today?' I asked.

'We could stay here in the suite and fuck each other all day.' Jan suggested. 'That would be fun!'

'I think Rob wants to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Besides, I think we need to give him a rest.' Sally came to my rescue.

I nodded. 'I like the idea of more sex, but Sally's right, if you give me a bit of a rest, I'll be that much better tonight. I promise.'

'What about Sue and Nikki? Do you think they'll want to join us?'

'I guess we should ask them. After all, this is Nikki's town. She might have some ideas.'

I got up from the table and looked in on Nikki and Sue. Nikki was lying on her back with Sue between her legs, and she was talking on the phone while Sue was eating her pussy. I heard her talking.

'OK lover...yes you should come here as fast as you can. I want you to meet everyone. Hurry! I love you.'

She hung up the phone and looked at me.

'Hey, good morning big boy. This is the life! I get to talk to my lover on the phone while I have another one nibbling on my clit! Sue is amazing!'

'I know she is. But I'm glad you agree.' I looked down at Nikki's breasts as I approached their bed. Her nipples were getting hard as Sue continued to stimulate her. 'You look pretty happy right now.' I was holding my dick in my hand and I could tell that Nikki was eying it. When I reached the side of the bed, she reached out and touched me.

'Mmm, Rob this is nice. I still can't get over how considerate you were last night. I had the best orgasm. And I just told Deb all about it. She's on her way over here right now. I think she wants to meet you and see why I'm feeling so good this morning.'

'I'd have to guess that you're feeling so good because of what Sue's doing right now, rather than because of what I did last night.'

'Mmm, you might be right. Yeah Sue, right there! Oh yes, make me cum lover!'

I stood there and watched as Sue brought Nikki over the edge. Her eyes rolled back and her hips began to move uncontrollably. Sue held on tight and drank up Nikki's cum while Nikki thrashed about on the bed. She made enough noise that Jan and Sally came in from the next room to watch too.

Once Nikki's crying and moaning came to an end she looked around at all of us. 'Wow,' she said, 'what a way to wake up!'

Sue looked up and grinned. Her face was wet and slimy but her eyes were bright and sparkling. 'Ooo,' she said, 'breakfast of champions!'

We all laughed together.

'Nikki,' Sally asked, 'we were wondering if you could suggest something for us to do today besides, staying in bed and fucking each others' brains out?'

Nikki thought for a moment. 'Well, staying in bed and fucking does sound nice, but it's supposed to be a pretty day, and so we really ought to get out and at least see the falls. I don't mind playing tourist today.'

There was a knock on the door. We all glanced at each other and I got up to answer it, realizing that we were all naked and Sue was still nuzzling Nikki's crotch.

I opened the door and froze for a moment. The girl in the hallway was absolutely stunning. She was tall and blonde. In her high clunky shoes she was as tall as me. I gathered a look at her from her head to her toes and then back up again. Her long legs were covered at the top by a short denim mini skirt. She wore a tight tank top that betrayed her braless breasts and full areoles topped by firm nipples. Her shoulder length hair gave way to a broad smile and bright blue eyes.

She looked a little stunned too at first, perhaps because she was staring at a naked stranger. But her shock soon passed.

'You must be Rob.' She said as she stepped in the doorway. 'I'm Deb. I see you're expecting me.' She joked as she looked down at my semi hard penis. She walked past me and into the room.

I turned to see Nikki's eyes brighten.

'Deb! You got here so fast. Come in baby.'

Deb walked over and bent down to give Nikki a good morning kiss. It was long and their mouths were open. I eyed Deb's legs as she bent forward and exposed the bottom of her ass beneath the short skirt. I couldn't tell if she wore a thong or if she just skipped panties like Sue. But her ass looked hot and firm to me.

When she stood up and looked around at us all she said, 'I can see I'm over dressed.'

'Deb, let me introduce you.' Nikki began. 'You've already met Rob.'

'Mmm yes, but I'd like to get to know him better.'

'This is Rob's sister Jan.' Jan put her hand out and Deb took it and then leaned closer and gave Jan a quick kiss on her mouth.

'And this is her friend Sally.' Deb did the same. Sally reached up and hugged her neck.

'And this is Sue.' Nikki said, looking down her body at Sue, who was still nestled up against Nikki's puss. Deb bent over again, exposing her backside to my watchful eye, and gave Sue a deep wet kiss.

As she stood back up she smiled, 'Oh I recognize that taste! You bad girl, you!' She looked around. 'Do we have coffee here?'

I jumped up and went next door. 'How do you like it?' I called out.

'Black and sweet.' Came her reply.

I prepared the cup and returned.

'Why thank you.' Deb smiled sweetly.

'So Deb,' I asked, 'we were just asking Nikki what we should do today. Would you two like to be our guides? You could show us the sights around Niagara Falls and let us get to know you better.'

'From the looks of things, you guys have gotten to know Nikki pretty well. Did you want to get to know me that way too?'

I nodded enthusiastically. 'Oh yeah, I'd like that very much!' I glanced around to see Jan and Sally agreeing.

'Well we might be able to do some of that too. I think I'd enjoy getting to know you all better. What do you think Nikki? Would I like Sue or Jan or Sally...or Rob?'

Nikki grinned. 'Yeah baby, I think you would. I sure do!'

'OK, but if we're going to take these people out on the streets, you're all going to have to put some clothes on!'

That got everybody chuckling. I stood up again to go use the shower. I left them all there to go about getting up and ready.

I took a quick shower and came out to the vanity to shave. I was standing in front of the mirror, still nude, and spreading lather on my face when I saw Deb watching me in the mirror.

'Like what you see?' I asked.

'Yeah, it's been a long time since I watched a guy do the morning shower and shave routine.'

'Do you miss it?'

'Not really, but it's fun to watch. And besides, you've got a cute ass.'

'Thanks. You've got a nice one too.'

'You got x-ray vision?'

'No, but I confess, I was looking up your skirt when you kissed Nikki before.'

'Why you dirty old voyeur! What did you see?'

'I saw the bottom of a nice firm butt. But I couldn't tell if you're wearing a thong or going commando.'

'Do you like looking at women's underwear?'

'Yeah, if it's on a pretty woman.'

Deb stepped over and stood beside me. I was about halfway through my shave and she seemed to be watching my face closely. Our eyes met in the mirror. Then she looked downward towards my cock. It was hanging freely in a semi hard state. I watched her hands move to the hem of her skirt. Slowly she lifted it. Our eyes met again as they were shifting up and down. Deb held the skirt hem at the top of her legs, knowing that another inch would give me an answer to my question. I felt my dick throb in anticipation. I know that Deb saw the movement too.

She lifted her skirt even higher and exposed the front of her pink satin thong panty. There was an appliqué of a set of red lips on the front and I could see a wet spot below. Deb knew I could see it too.

'Mmm,' I said, 'I like the looks of that!'

'Now you know my secret.' she said, 'You like to look...I like to show.'

She let go of the skirt with one hand and rubbed the front of her thong. I could tell that she was rubbing her clit by the wanton look on her face. Once again I felt my dick throb. It was bigger now. And Deb noticed too.

'Glad to see you're enjoying it. Keep your eyes open today. You never know when the show might start again.' She winked at me and dropped her skirt. Then she reached over and touched the end of my cock. There was a drop of pre-cum there and she dabbed it with her finger. Then, looking in the mirror, she seductively put her finger in her mouth and sucked the droplet away with a sly smile. Then she put her finger on my chin and swiped at the remaining shave lather.

'You missed a spot!' she grinned as she turned and walked through the door back to Sue and Nikki's room.

I thought to myself, 'What a tease!' and smiled as I looked forward to a day with five hot women. I wondered what Deb might have in store for me...or for us all.

I finished up at the sink and got dressed. I decided on jeans since if I wore loose shorts I knew these girls would be trying to get me hard and it's easier to conceal in tight denim than baggy shorts. The girls were all wearing tops that teased either due to the tightness of the tanks, or the open buttons of the blouses. They all skipped bras in favor of showing as much bare skin as they could. Jan and Sue and Nikki wore jeans while Deb and Sally had on short skirts. As we opened the door to the hallway I felt like I was floating out of the room with these five hot beauties on my arms.

Heads were turning as we made our way through the lobby and out into the sunshine. It was a beautiful sunny day... almost as pretty as a day in Sedona. The valet brought my car up and I watched him as he held the door for the girls to pile in. He got more than an eyeful of tits and asses and he grinned widely when I tipped him and got in to drive away. The girls were all giggling about the show they had just given the guy.

'I can tell this is going to be a great day to show off!' Sue said as I pulled out onto the street.

'Oh yeah!' Deb laughed. 'Go to the light and turn left Rob.' Deb was taking charge. I was glad that she felt so at ease with us all. She directed me towards the border and we actually crossed over into Canada. The customs officer got a nice peek up Deb's skirt as he questioned us all at the checkpoint. I noticed him eyeing all of the nipples too. Finally he let us through and Deb gave me directions to a big new Casino. Once again the girls put on a show for the valet as they piled out of the Hummer.

As we walked to the door Deb grabbed my arm and stood facing me very closely. She grabbed the top of my jeans and pulled my belt buckle towards her. I looked down and saw a flash of pink as she stuffed her hand down into my pants.

'I want these back.' She said, while fondling my cock and wrapping it in her thong. 'But I expect it to be covered with your cum. Let me know if you need any help.' Then she leaned closer and gave me a gentle kiss. Now I knew that she was bare under her skirt and I knew I'd be watching closely.

We walked through the casino and Nikki lead us out to a sunny patio that had a gorgeous view of the river and the falls. We found a table in the sun and sat ourselves down. After the waitress took our drink orders I watched the girls make adjustments to their clothing to take advantage of the warm sunshine.

Sue slipped the spaghetti straps of her tank top off of her shoulders and tucked them down into the shirt turning her tank into a tube. She pulled the top edge down so that it just covered her nipples. She doesn't have a lot of cleavage, but she was maximizing it now. Deb was watching her and did the same with her top. Nikki and Jan were wearing button up blouses and I watched as they each unbuttoned one more button. Then Nikki pulled up the tails of her shirt and tied them underneath her breasts so that her midriff was now bare and the fullness of her tits was clearly in view. I had a nice side view of Jan's open blouse and could see her entire left breast as the shirt gaped open. Sally was sitting beside me and she pulled the bottom of her tank top up to expose her midriff. Had she dropped the straps as Deb and Sue had done, it probably would have fallen down since her breasts are so small. But she pulled the top down and forward, so it fell open when she leaned toward me and gave me a totally unblocked down blouse view. Then she hiked her skirt up as she crossed her legs and gave me a sneaky upskirt shot of her silky thong panty. The busboy took his time filling our water glasses and the ladies all pretended not to notice.

Sue stood up to walk over to the rail and get a closer look at the Horseshoe Falls. There was a mist in the air. We were that close to the rushing waters. As she leaned on the rail, Jan walked over to join her. Watching their asses in their tight jeans caused a little stir in my pants. Deb took advantage of the vacant seat beside me and propped up her legs on the chair. As she raised her knees she gave me a hot look up her legs to her ass and her bare vaginal lips. What a tease! She grinned at me and batted her eyes. Then she glanced over at Nikki who was watching the whole thing.

Nikki smiled and sarcastically noted, 'Deb you are such a slut! How come I love you so much?' 'That's exactly why you love me, and you know it! Besides, you're flashing a lot of tit there. Show me your nipple.'

Nikki put her fingers on the opening of her blouse and shamelessly tugged it to the side, exposing her full breast. Deb licked her lips and formed a kiss that she blew into the air. Then she winked at me and said 'Doesn't Nikki have great tits? I could suck on them all night long!'

I nodded in agreement. 'I'd love to do that too.'

'Rob I've got something else for you to suck on.' She spread her legs open with her hand and used her fingers to expose her clit to my watchful eyes. 'I'll have Nikki show you just how I like her to nibble on my clitty and then I want to feel your face in my pussy. Would you do that for me?'

Now I was sure that Deb wasn't just teasing, and that by tonight, I would be tasting her nectar and lapping at her womanhood. And since she had already shown an interest in my cock, I was reasonably certain that she'd be getting some of that too. I felt it stiffening in my jeans.

'I'd be delighted Deb. I've had some experience and I think I can give you what you want.' I winked at her and she grinned back.

Sally, sitting on my other side, was taking it all in and she offered, 'Deb, I can vouch for his experience and expertise. I always thought my husband was pretty good at making me cum with his tongue, but last night Rob took me to a whole new level. His wife Trish is one very lucky lady! I can't believe that she would let him go off on his own on a trip like this! And according to Jan, she knows pretty much everything that he's doing right now! Can you believe it?'

'Rob, Nikki has told me a few things about you.' Deb went on. 'She says you're married to an amazing woman and that you have two of the sexiest daughters she has ever heard or read about. Is it true that you and your daughters enjoy sex together?'

Sally's eyes opened wide. This was the first she had heard of this.

'Well Deb, you have to know Tracy and Teri, and it would help to know Trish, my wife. She really is the most amazing woman I have ever met, and she has raised two children who are a gift from heaven. They're good students, they're well socialized, they're beautiful and sexy, and they're not shy.' I turned to face Sally as I continued. 'Yes, we have a totally open relationship. Nudity is normal in our home, and we have no secrets about sex. Trish has been careful to teach the girls about the beauty of a loving relationship and the joys of sexual enhancements to love and life.'

'Oh my God!' said Sally, 'Does Jan know about this?'

'Not yet.' I admitted. 'We've been out of touch for too long. This week has been a real eye opener for us both. And there's more for her to learn, as you now know.'

'So I assume that they're all bisexual?' Sally asked.

'I guess so. We don't really think of it that way. We're just all sexual beings and we enjoy others who feel that way.'

'Does that mean that you approve of all of their sexual activities?' Deb asked.

'So far, I guess. Again, we've tried to be good teachers and good examples. They're very grown up for their ages and we trust them to make good decisions.'

We were interrupted by the waitress as she returned to take our orders. We made our breakfast selections. Sue and Jan rejoined us at the table and ordered as well. They arrived at the tale end of my discussion about my family.

When the waitress left Jan spoke up.

'Rob I heard you saying that Teri and Tracy are very grown up. Sue was telling me that you have a rather unusual household. Can you share some more?'

'Well Jan, what can I say? Trish has never been ashamed about having sex with me in the company of her daughters. So naturally they have asked questions and learned first hand what sex and love are all about. And we have experimented together.' I observed a slightly shocked look on my sister's face.

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