tagLoving WivesTrick & Treat for Wifey Ch. 02

Trick & Treat for Wifey Ch. 02


My special treat for my wife was really shaping up. I was just finishing my glass of champagne and noticed Rod, our bellboy, watching my wife intently. She had pushed Officer Steele down on the bed and began to stroke his chest and stomach as she straddled his muscular legs. I could tell she was playfully rubbing him down and talking quietly to him as she hovered over him. I moved closer to them just as my wife began softly kissing Steele's chest. She was looking up at him as she kissed softly towards his six-pack abs.

Suzy stood up, looked at Rod and I and said "I'm ready for some more, how about you guys?"

I just nodded and watched as she bent over, sticking her sweet little ass out, and grabbed Steele's semi-hard cock. She leaned over and stuck her tongue out and began licking his cockhead. She was looking right at me and smiling as she swirled her hot little tongue around his stiffening head. Steele sat up on the edge of the bed and Suzy squatted down and started pumping her hand on his dick as it began to grow and harden.

I was starting to get excited again when my wife got down on her knees to make herself more comfortable to suck this black man's huge cock. She looked very wanton and horny, with her dress hiked up around her waist, her high-heels and stockings still on, and her mouth absolutely filled to the max with cock.

Suzy, slowly stood up, wiped the saliva off her mouth, and pushed Steele back on the bed with her hand. She then straddled him and put her right leg up on the bed next to his pelvis and held his boner up in the air and lowered herself slowly. She slowly waved Steele's dickhead back and forth against her pussy and clit. I was now standing behind her and began stroking my own cock as my wife stuck her ass out and looked over her shoulder at me and Rod and smiled wickedly.

Steele reached up and started rubbing my wife's tits and leaned up to try to lick her nipples. Suzy let go of Steele's cock and crawled up on all fours and lowered her little titties into his mouth. Suzy slid backward down rubbing her bald pussy against Steele's rock hard abs. Suzy's sweet little ass made contact with Steele's huge boner and forced it straight up against her ass and back.

"Hold on, baby," I said as I went to lend a helping hand. I was reaching for my wife's hips, thinking I'd help her line her pussy up with this huge cock, when Steele grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her up and thrusted his cock blindly toward her pussy. Steele missed a few times and was jabbing at my wife's pussy while he spread her cheeks. Since I was right there, I leaned forward and put my thumbs in her hot little pussy and spread her lips. The sight of her bald, gaping, wet little pussy and her ass cheeks being held and spread just inches above a gigantic black boner damn near drove me over the edge. I leaned forward and buried my tongue in her pussy and began just licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. Suzy let out a squeal of pleasure and Steele reached around and grabbed his stiff dick and held it straight up and got it out of my way so I could pleasure my wife completely.

"Stick it in there, man." I said as I pulled back and held my wife's pussy open for Steele. I watched intently as Steele rubbed his shiny hard cockhead against my wife's pussy as she propped herself up with her hands on his chest and lowered herself onto his big black cock.

He still had his big fist around the base of his cock as she sat down slowly making half of his cock disappear into her hot little pussy. She leaned way forward and a slicker, wetter black shaft re-appeared. The second time she did this Steele let go and she sat all the way down. Suzy just sat there, impaled on the biggest cock she has ever experienced, loving every second of it.

I reached out and rubbed my wife's tits and took one of her nipples in my mouth as she slowly rode Steele's huge black cock. Rod took my cue and started sucking on her other nipple and we held her steady as Steele slowly and expertly pumped his big dick in and out of her pussy.

"Ride that big black cock, baby." I muttered to my wife as she started to grind her wet pussy down on Steele' cock in rhythm with his thrusting.

"Do you like watching me ride this big black cock, baby?" Suzy asked me as I looked behind her to see that fat black cock stretching her little pussy.

I didn't have time to respond as Suzy then said "I love big black cocks!"

"Mmmm, yeah that feels sooo good." Suzy moaned.

I started rubbing my wife's ass and kissed the small of her back and her firm little ass cheeks as my wife continued to ride Steele's big dick. I got behind my wife, spread her ass cheeks and just watched her pussy being ravished by Steele's glistening chocolate colored cock. I leaned down and flicked my wet tongue over my wife's sweet little ass and caused her to squeal in delight. I held Suzy's ass still and licked her ass and stuck my wet tongue deeply into her ass as Steele continued to pump his cock slowly in and out of her dripping wet cunt.

When I licked my thumb and thrust it into my wife's wet ass, I heard a muffled groan and looked up to see her sucking Rod's cock. I fucked her ass with my thumb and could feel Steele's boner sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. I got up and put my cock in my wife's face and she alternated between sucking and licking my fat cock and Rod's long, slender cock. I saw Rod eyeballing my wife's sweet ass while she concentrated on sucking our cocks.

"Rod wants to fuck your ass, honey." I said to my wife. She was in such a state of bliss that all she did was moan and suck on my dick faster.

"Fuck my wife's ass, dude." I said as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and forced her to lie down on Steele's chest.

Steele pulled his dick almost all the way out of her pussy, spread her ass cheeks and started nibbling and sucking on her neck. Rod got up on top of the bed and lowered his wet cock toward my wife's hot, wet, virgin ass. Rod let a big wad of saliva fall out of his mouth and it landed in my wife's ass crack and he forced the spit into her ass with his finger as he put his dick head against her slick hole. Rod slowly forced his dick into my wife's ass, making her groan in pleasure/pain.

Suzy looked up at me and said, "oh fuck" through clenched teeth as Rod's dick slipped all the way into her ass.

Rod just leaned down on my wife's ass and had his cock buried in her ass to the hilt when Steele grabbed his big black cock by the base and started forcing it into my wife's wet pussy. My wife just groaned and kept saying "fuck" over and over as Steele started fucking her faster and Rod ground his cock further into her ass.

"Yeah, fuck me, fuck me" my wife moaned as Rod and Steele began alternating forcing their cocks into her.

"Oh, shit. Shit!" Rod said as he broke the rhythm and just started fucking my wife's ass faster and faster. I could tell he was pumping loads of cum into my wife's ass because globs of cum were dripping and bubbling out of her ass with each stroke. A string of cum stretched from Rod's cock to my wife's gaping red asshole when he abruptly pulled out and fell onto the bed.

I saw my wife's ass gaping open, with cum smeared all over her ass crack, dripping down from her ass to her pussy and onto Steele's shiny fat shaft. I just had to fuck that ass. I got behind her and for the first time ever, shoved my cock straight into my wife's ass. I forced my cock into my wife's slick ass and could not believe how tight her ass was. I finally just buried my cock in her ass and gripped her ass with my thighs and moved her back and forth on Steele's thrusting cock.

"Yeah, baby, fuck my ass . . . fuck my ass" Suzy said as Steele continued to piston his huge cock in and out of her quivering pussy as I slowly fucked her tight ass.

The friction from Steele's cock through the thin skin separating our boners was too much. I was in absolute bliss when it hit me.

"Hold on a second . . . hold still . . . Oh Shit! I'm going to cummmmmm!" I said as I realized I was past the point of no return. I felt the biggest orgasm take hold of me and I pumped load after load of cum into my wife's hot ass.

"Are you ready for my cum, baby?" Steele yelled as he dug his fingers into my wife's ass cheeks and buried his huge cock deep into her pussy.

I could actually feel Steele's huge cock getting harder and then felt what seemed like quarts of cum pumping up his shaft and into my wife's cunt. I was fucking her ass faster now and cum began bubbling out her ass. Suzy's pussy and ass were making slurping noises as we rammed our cocks in and out of her.

"Don't stop, I'm going to cum!" Suzy said as she started to back into Steele's cock with abandon. I just buried my into my wife's ass and pulled her back and forth onto Steele's still hard throbbing cock.

Suzy's body began to quiver, I could feel her ass tighten and her pussy convulse. Suzy squealed and whimpered as she experienced her second orgasm in less than 5 minutes. Steele slowly pumped his cock in and out of her pussy as I ground my shrinking dick into her ass and held her hips still. I pulled out and watched globs of white cum ooze out of my wife's ass as she collapsed on top of Steele. Steele pulled his cum covered cock out of her pussy and rubbed his huge dickhead against her foamy wet pussy. With each pass over her clit, my wife's whole body convulsed.

Suzy rolled off of Steele and I wiped the sweat off her forehead and moved a few strands of hair out of her beautiful face. I kissed her softly and really didn't know what to say.

Suzy said, "Hey, what are you guys doing next weekend?"

We all looked at each other and started laughing. I just had to shake my head in amazement at how damn sexy my wife is.

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