tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTrick or Treat

Trick or Treat


"Trick or treat?" they yelled as I opened the front door in my sexy witches outfit.

I love Halloween. I stock up on sweets and other goodies to give out to all the local children as they are escorted round the village by mums and dads, carrying little baskets to store all their hard-earned treats.

Sometimes children came alone, it was a quiet neighbourhood, with no risk of anything untoward happening, although I always stayed at home dishing out the sweeties as my hubby took our little one off to gather treats of their own. I loved the kids little faces when they came home and showed off what they had collected, their beaming smiles, so proud of themselves, and always sweet enough to offer mummy a few sweets after my own tireless work in giving back to the kids of the community.

And so it was, that as every year, I opened the door and greeted the visitors with a little witches cackle, which by the way my hubby looked forward to after all the kids were in bed each year too, and said:

"Hello there sweet little children, don't you look wonderful tonight?" before filling their baskets with jelly snakes or fizzy bugs, and sending them merrily on their way.

My husband, David, and our kids, Susan (aged 4) and Matthew (aged 6) were taking their time this particular Halloween. They were usually back before 9pm, but tonight they were obviously having a good night, and it was 9:30 already with no sign of their return.

As the latest trick or treaters headed off down the lane, I had a little look up and down the lane from my vantage point on the raised doorstep to our tranquil home, and decided that was probably it for tonight. I came back inside, took off my witches hat and my leather boots, and collapsed onto the sofa for some well-deserved relaxation before they arrived home. That was at 9 o' clock, so by half past, I felt it was quite safe to assume that trick or treating was over for another year, and that David and the kids would be home soon enough.

So confident in this fact was I, that I snuck off to the kitchen and brought the remaining sweeties back with me to the lounge, where I scoffed the lot in front of the scary movie playing on TV.

As I popped the final sweet into my mouth, the door bell rang. I looked at the clock. It was 9:45 now. It must be them I thought, bloody David forgetting his key. I popped my witches hat back on as I knew David would be disappointed not to get the full show when he arrived home, and headed back to the door excited to see what the kids had gathered.

As I swung the door back though, I was surprised to find another group of trick or treaters.

"Trick or Treat?" they shouted as I opened the door again, for the umpteenth time this evening.

They were not kids this time though, well not anymore anyway. I couldn't see their faces for their silly Halloween masks, but I could tell that these were older boys, maybe 18 or 19 years old.

It wasn't that unusual to get the older kids joining in of course, Halloween is for them too isn't it? After all, here I was in my 30's, dressing as a witch, and getting into it, and not just because I have kids. The little roleplays myself and David had every year after we had got the kids to bed were more than enough to step up my interest in the event!

I surveyed the collection of characters looking down at me -- first time I had been looked down at all evening, so I wasn't going to tell them how cute they looked in their costumes this time. There were five of them in total, and all had much more mature costumes than I had seen so far -- Freddie Kruger, Hannibal, Beetlejuice, a sinister looking clown, and a guy in one of those masks from the Scream films.

"Oh no," I said, "I'm afraid you're out of luck boys. I just gave my last sweeties away."

I felt instantly guilty for having scoffed the remaining treats, although to be fair there wouldn't have been enough for these five strapping young men anyway.

"We don't want sweeties, we're not six," the guy from Scream said in a sinister voice. Clever, I thought, a voice modification box, it must be so much fun to do Halloween with so much creativity and maturity. "Trick or Treat?" he said again.

I considered whether there was anything else I could give them.

"Ooh, I know," I said, and ran over to the table by the stairs to grab my purse. How much would boys of this age be happy with, I thought, and decided that a few bucks each was plenty. I grabbed a tenner, and said, "Here you go boys, split that between you, and share nicely. Night night now," handing it to Beetlejuice.

As I turned to go back inside and close the door, hoping that I hadn't missed too much of the film, and that the kids would be home soon with more treats for me to devour, I suddenly felt a hand grab hard on my wrist.

"What the hell," I started to say, before the door was pushed back swiftly hitting me between the eyes and sending me flying across the shiny wooden hallway floor and onto my backside.

"You little shits! I'm calling the police," I blurted out as I tried to get up from the floor, rubbing my bruised arse cheeks from my fall.

"You chose trick!" the scream mask guy announced with his sinister voice gurgling at me.

"Oh well haha very funny," I responded. "Glad you have had your fun. Now get out of my house!"

But I felt a crack on the back of my head, and everything went dark.

When I finally stirred, I felt a cold fear running over my body. A light shining brightly in my eyes up close blinded me, I could sense that I was not in my home any longer. I was naked, I could feel cold hard metal on my wrists and on my ankles, chains stretching my body, suspending me up in the air somehow. I looked up at the chains wrapped tightly around my wrists, the reddened skin as they chafed against them.

My nipples hurt. I looked down to see more chains, pincers squashing my nipples and stretching them out in front of me. I looked down further to see yet more chains, clipped to the lips of my exposed pussy, again pulling them tightly apart, at the bar between my legs pushing my legs apart as wide as they have ever been.

The light still burnt into my skull right in front of me, it was a video camera, filming my naked abused body. The light moved down tracing my glances as I surveyed the torture that was being inflicted on me.

A new sensation now, as I felt more metal, cold and solid but smooth, pushing against my anus. I tried to look behind me, but couldn't twist enough to see as I felt the large metal object invading my virgin asshole.

I tried to scream out, but my mouth was gagged, a ball of steel filling it, strapped tightly around my head. I tried to struggle, but as I did, the pain soared through me, as the clamps on my nipples and my cunt pulled tighter.

I looked around the room now properly for the first time. Hannibal, Freddie Kruger, Clown, Beetlejuice and Scream masks all looking back at me. I looked closer, they were naked except for their masks, each displaying their huge cocks, bigger than I had expected in boys of this age, much bigger than David's.

Each was different in form, shaven or not shaven, cut and not cut, long and thick, straight and curved. I could tell immediately that all the boys were black, and since our village was still very much the abode of the white middle-classes, I knew they were not from round here.

I felt a sharp stinging sensation on the cheeks of my butt and a snapping noise, as a crop of some sort was struck against them. Again, and again. The pain at first sharp and quick, now becoming ever-more present, as they continued my assault. I struggled and moaned, but again only made matters worse as the pain seared through my body. It felt like it was everywhere, all over me.

"Are you going to be a good little witch now?" one of them said in that disgusting voice echoing around the room, bouncing off the bare brick walls.

I tried to nod, as the cracks against my ass continued, I could feel them glowing red, the heat generating from them.

Clown-guy came up close and gave the chains on my nipples a sharp tweak pulling the clamps clean off, before giving a dark, sinister laugh. He unclasped the ball gag from my mouth. My saliva leaking out and tumbling down my naked body uncontrollably.

I opened and closed my mouth, trying to get rid of the discomfort I felt. Next my hands were being unchained from the ceiling and cuffed behind my back tightly. The bar between my legs removed and now connected to the chains on my wrists so that I was no confined to a kneeling position in the center of the room, my kneecaps grinding on the harsh concrete floor.

"We are going to fuck your mouth, and you are going to let us," announced Hannibal.

"You put your cock in my mouth and you will lose it!" I snapped back at him.

"I don't think you will," he retorted, "not if you value the lives of your husband and your sweet little children."

"What have you done to them you bastards!" I screamed, trying in vain to get up to my feet before falling on to my side, bruising my ribs.

"They are safe, for now. But wondering where you are at home I would say. We can always go and check on them when we are done here, unless you would prefer to co-operate."

"Okay, okay, do what you want, just leave them alone. Please!"

"You will do what we want bitch! And you will enjoy it! If we don't think you are enjoying it enough, we will go and pay them a visit."

"We heard you like it rough, that's what we heard. Isn't that so?"

"Fuck you!" I shouted.

"Okay guys, let's get going. Seems like we need to show this bitch we mean business."

They started to grab clothes, and ready themselves to leave. To go pay a visit to my family home, to do god knows what to them.

"No, no please. I'm sorry. Please. Don't go."

"You don't want us to go then answer the question bitch. Do you like it rough? And think carefully about what you think the right answer might be."

I pondered for a moment what was about to happen. To be fair I did like it rough. I always encouraged David to be more rough with me, but he was always too nice. I had fantasies of being taken by force, to have David creep up on me unexpectedly when not at home, and fuck me hard. But I knew he would never be into that. But this wasn't like that at all. My family was at stake here. The family I adored and cherished.

These young boys, not long out of college, with thick hard cocks wanted to fuck my mouth, and who knows what else. They wanted to abuse me, and use me as a slut for their pleasure. My concern now was that perhaps I would enjoy it, maybe I wouldn't be able to help myself. I always have found it hard not to get sexually aroused in inappropriate situations, and maybe this was another of those. How guilty would I feel if whilst my family were in danger, I was to be cumming like a fully-fledged slut being pounded by a gang of young men.

"Yes I like it rough." I said, with some hesitation in my voice.

"Not good enough. Say it and mean it like the slut you are," said Clown face.

"I like it fucking rough!" I said loudly and more assertive this time.


"I like it fucking rough, in every fucking hole, like a fucking little whore, you fucking piece of shit!" I shouted. I couldn't believe that had just come out of my mouth.

"Woah! Hubby was right huh?" said Freddie.

I looked confused at him.

"Yeah that's right. We got talking to your hubby in a bar a few weeks ago. He said you were a fucking slut. Damn bitch!"

"Yeah slut. Your hubby was telling us all about how you love the whole idea of being forced. It was him who set this all up weren't it. He wants you to get a proper good fucking on Halloween, not just some roleplay shit like most years. So come on slut, you enjoy this."

"I don't believe you," I said, "David's not like that."

"Sure he is. Why do you think he gave us your home video camera?"

I looked up, sure enough it was our video camera. But they could have stolen it from our house when I was unconsciousness.

"He wants to watch the whole thing later and jack his little piddly dick off over it."

"He even paid us. Here look, look at all this cash he gave us. There's 200 here. "

"So why did you threaten my family?"

"Ah come on, it's roleplay. You like roleplay right? You want to be fucked by us and you know it. You can go home afterwards with the video tape, and your hubby will want to see how much you loved his Halloween present for you."

"So, let's try again. You like it in every hole right?"

Again, I paused. My family weren't in danger. Maybe this was a treat from David. He did know how much I loved the idea of being used and abused like this. He was the only one who did know. We have roleplayed stuff like this on Halloween for years, and again only he would know that. He wanted me to get properly fucked and fulfil my fantasies, and that's exactly what I was going to do.

"I fucking love being fucked in every fucking hole!" I shouted, and opened my mouth wide, sticking my tongue out to the camera.

"I love you David." I mouthed as it focused on my face, before Clown face began to plunge his thick black cock into my mouth, pressing my cheeks outwards from the inside, as I looked deeply at the camera.

This was another fantasy he knew about -- being a porn star. We had watched porn together many times, and I knew all the looks to give the camera, all the sounds to make. Now I knew what was happening, I was going to give David a real treat.

As Clown face's cock continued to press into my mouth, I was lifted up to a bowing position, my ankles now unlinked from my wrists, as Clown face was now face on and able to push his cock deep into my throat.

Soon the metal object that had been stuffed in my ass earlier, had been pulled out sharply, and was replaced by another cock. The first time my ass had been fucked, another fantasy being fulfilled on film. I pulled away from Clown's cock and looked back at Freddie pumping into my ass, before shouting "Oh fuck yes, I love your cock in my ass!" and smiling back at the camera. It didn't last long though, as Clown grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my head back down onto his cock.

He began to thrust hard, pushing my head down further, pushing his cock right up back into my throat. I could feel myself gagging, and tried to push back, but he held me in place for a while longer, before he allowed me to emerge and spit the mix of saliva and pre-cum out onto the floor beneath. Meanwhile, my ass was being split further and further, and Freddie's cock going as deep as it could. The pain in my ass overwhelming, but strangely exciting.

Clown face pulled out not long before he was going to cum, and the camera was repositioned for what they call the "money shot" as his cum flew onto my face, dripping from my forehead, my nose, my lips and my chin. I licked my lips and smiled sweetly into the camera again, as I was straightened up right, and Clown face was replaced by Scream face who immediately went to work on thrusting his cock into my married cunt.

The sensation of having a cock in my asshole and my pussy at the same time was one I had always wondered about, but nothing could compare to the feelings I was having. Like the two cocks were pressing against one another inside me, penetrating right through my inner-walls, thrusting deep into places no man had ever gone.

Clownie now was standing to the side of me, as the two cocks continued their assault on my ass and cunt, and replaced the clamps back on my nipples, the pain this time delicious and egging me on to my first orgasm. As I moaned, and screamed, again I tried to look at the camera, willing David to be watching this. But the two cocks weren't finished and just kept on going.

Next I was laid down on the floor, Freddie on top thrusting deep in my asshole, Screamo underneath pushing his dick up inside me. Soon Beetlejuice's cock was in my mouth too, and I looked deeply into the camera as every hole was filled for the first time with hot sticky cum.

As the three of them pulled away, Hannibal gave them some sort of signal, and five became one. Hannibal, obviously revealed now as the leader of the group placed the camera on a tripod pointing towards us, and paced around my naked, cum-filled body.

"You don't deserve my cock in you," he said, "I don't screw filthy whores like you, do you know what I do to filthy whores like you?"

"No, but I'd like to find out," I said, again looking up at the camera.

"Stick at your tongue, and take what I give you," he said forcefully, as he stood above me with his fantastic cock in hand.

"I want you to pleasure yourself as I piss on you, you skanky whore!"

This was another fantasy. David was not into this. He thought it was disgusting. But I had wanted him to piss on me for so long. I grinned, as I traced my fingers down to my enthralled clit, and began to massage myself. The golden jet of piss firing it's way between my fingers giving me an extra sensation. He slowly raised the angle of the steaming jet of liquid, slowly falling up my belly, on to my still clamped nipples.

I opened my mouth in anticipation and looked even deeper into the camera, I wanted David to see me taste it. He teased me, moving his aim around so I had to move my mouth to catch more. And still it came as my mouth overflowed with liquid.

Up he went again splashing onto my face, into my hair, as I began to rub my clit faster and harder. Still it poured over me, as I began to moan loudly.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I screamed!

As my orgasm subsided, so did the warm spray from his glorious cock, and I began to rub the delicious lubricant all over my naked body, still smiling, knowing David would be shocked at my behaviour.

"Good slut!" Hannibal said, "Now for one final money shot, then time for you to go home and show hubby what a whore you have become!"

He stood over me, pumping his cock with his fist. My eyes betraying my desire to taste his cum.

"Close your mouth slut! This is going all over your pretty little face."

And then he unleashed it, cum, gallons of cum. I thought he was never going to stop, my eyes closed tightly as I felt a layer of cream building on my face.

After he had completely covered me, he grabbed my sopping wet hair and pulled me up to my feet, pushing my face right up to the camera.

"What have you got to say to your husband?" he said.

"Happy Halloween David. I love you!" I said.

I'm not sure exactly what happened next. I don't recall. I just remember being woken up. The sound of a key being inserted into a lock, a door opening. I looked up at the clock on the living room wall, 9:45 it said.

"Damn, I must have dropped off to sleep," I thought, "it was all a dream." A very nice dream I thought, and the dampness between my legs made me want to tell David all about it right away, and go fuck him silly.

I heard a voice coming from inside the room.

"Happy Halloween slut!"

I looked up at the TV screen to see the images of Scream, Clown face, Freddie, Hannibal and Beetlejuice looking back at me.

"Time to show hubby what you have been up to whilst he's been out. Oh yeah, should have said, he knew nothing about this. We lied."

They cackled and wailed in laughter, and their faces faded from the screen and were replaced with an image of me, hanging from the ceiling, naked, chains everywhere.

"It was real," I thought, before I suddenly remembered that David and the kids were home when I could here them taking their coats off in the hallway.

I grabbed the remote control, and tried to turn off to TV. It wouldn't go off. Maybe the remote had run out of batteries again.

I ran over to the TV itself and tried to change the channel manually. The same thing on every channel.

Panicking now, I pulled the socket from the wall just as the door opened and David shouted out:

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