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Trick Or Treat


As you walked through the door, you knew adventure was afoot. Like the cool October night you had just come in from, the house was mostly dark. Several candles were burning, providing enough illumination for you to see our massage table erected in the middle of the living room. A fire was ablaze in the wood stove and the temperature of the room was higher than usual. This reinforced the thought you'd already had, that you would very soon be separated from your clothing.

You saw me appear from the kitchen, goblets of white wine in hand. I sip from mine and set them down. Moving closer to you then, my hand caressed the side of your neck, gently bringing your lips to mine for a long and sweet, wine tinged kiss. As you say: "I so needed that." you see me putting my finger to my grinning lips and shaking my head "no" to request your silence. I hand you your wine. Giving me a quizzical look, you nonetheless stay silent and watch as I retrieve mine. I then guide you to the couch where we sit embracing, sipping our wine and watching the flames in the stove dance; the crackling wood being the only sound in the room.

The wine finished and helping to mellow the atmosphere even more than the fire and quiet already had, I stand up. You see that I wish you to do the same when I take you by a hand and gently pull you towards me. A kiss, my hand in your hair and then both my hands slide down your body and legs as I drop to a knee. You feel my fingers move back up your legs, under your sweater dress this time, to your waist. They then peel down your hose and panties; you step out of them as they reach the floor. As I stand I bring the hem of your dress up with me, then over your head and off. Underneath you have one of my white dress shirts on, I smile, we both know that ever since the first time I saw you wearing just my shirt, nothing else, it was a strong turn-on. As I begin to unfasten its buttons your hands move to my waist, working at the buttons of my jeans. I take your hands in mine and move them to your sides, slowly shaking my head "no" again. I return to the shirt and finish unbuttoning. It opens revealing creamy skin and the lush curves of your breasts still confined by your bra. I work the small clasp between them; loosing the cups and pushing the bra and shirt back off your shoulders to add them to the clothing already on the floor.

The heat you feel building inside joins with the fire's warmth. You notice how striking the flickering light appears as it plays on your now exposed body. You feel a little self-conscious; especially as I am still dressed as I stand there admiring you in the warm light. That anxiety passes as I take you in my arms. We hug and indulge in some deep kissing. Then, still in silence, my hand on the small of your back guides you to the massage table. You move onto it, laying face down as I've indicated. I then produce one of your scarves, folded to employ as a blindfold. It's placed across your eyes and tied at the back of your head. I stroke your hair for a few moments, and then begin to massage you, my fingers manipulating the skin and muscles of your neck and shoulders. As relaxed as you had become in the warmth and peacefulness of the room, now, as my hands knead and caress your body, moving down your back, you become happily more so. This calmness is only disturbed as you feel my hands on your rear and working the tops of your thighs. There is a strong measure of delicious tension as you feel the heat within you trigger your sweet juices. You to anticipate the moment my tongue will flick at your inflamed clit and when my fingers, and ultimately my cock will be sliding into your hot and silky sheath. But as the massage continues down your legs, away from your heat, you fall back into full relaxation. We both enjoy a prolonged tease, so all good things in their time.

You feel my hands at your feet, rubbing them. I work my thumbs along their soles from the heel to the toe, then back again. Moving to your toes, I give each recently painted toe a little pull to stretch and relax it. You feel soothed and happy but give a little jump and giggle as I unexpectedly lift your right leg and run my tongue around and between its toes. As I lower your leg to the table, you lie there in the silence, feeling the warmth of the room and the glow inside you. You hear me moving about the table, but unable to see, you wonder what is to happen next.

A slight touch at your neck, a soft but pronounced tickling... A feather! And then a second one which starts you squirming as I play them across your shoulders and try to reach those very sensitive spots under your arms. You giggle and pull your arms close to your body to keep me from them. I quickly move the feathers to your feet, tickling each one vigorously. You try not to laugh, to respect the silence that has been a partner in this evening, but it still happens. You don't speak, but your sweet laughter fills the room, your feet kicking from the knees to avoid the bedeviling quills. Then the feathers move on from your feet, upwards. They dally at the backs of your knees and you notice how the feeling there is more sensuous than ticklish. With that thought still in your mind, the feathers light touch seems to grow more insistent as they move higher. It's as if they were fingers on the soft skin of your thighs, urging them apart. Almost unconsciously, you do spread your legs wider to allow the feathers easier passage.

The two feathers meet at the apex of your legs, to work as one on the aroused folds of your pussy. The soft quills tease you, making you wish that something more substantial was pushing at your steamy opening. To make that known to me, you rest your forearms on the table and push your butt up and back. The thought had come to you that some of our most intense love making had been when I penetrate you from behind. That maybe by exposing yourself so wantonly to me, I'll do so now. But what you next feel is one of the feathers fluttering even more energetically along and between the lips of your pussy as the other begins stimulating the now exposed crinkle of your anus. A groan of frustration escapes your lips even as you begin to focus on how good this teasing feels. The quill at your pussy is touching and sliding just so, causing pleasure to fan out from the taut bud of your clitoris. And the sensation, well even just the naughtiness of the thought of the feather playing at your asshole is adding its own heat to the fire building between your legs. You can hardly believe all this is just from the feathers' light touch. And in the next moment you fly over that edge, you cum quickly and sharply. It's breathtaking and for a few precious moments your heart and pussy throb together strongly. As you return to earth, now back to lying flat on the table, I'm gently stroking my hand along your spine. I lean down and kiss you. Then breaking the silence for a moment, I whisper: "It's time to turn over Lover."

Even before you can get a word out, you feel my finger at your lips to prevent it. You say nothing, still allowing me to call the shots, but you also take my finger into your mouth to give it a few suggestive sucks as you turn onto your back. You also reach for and find the lump in my jeans, confirming that your spell is still upon me. But then a surprise as I take that hand and you feel me tie something silky about its wrist, then the same is done to your other wrist. You find your arms now tethered to the table, but not tightly so, you still have some limited range of movement. As you're still considering your bonds, I place stereo buds in your ears. Hypnotic, ambient groove is playing, which along with the blindfold, takes you further into your head and away from the surrounding room. Next you feel me bend your legs at the knees, sliding your feet back towards your rear until their soles are resting flat on the table. Once you're legs are so positioned, they are bound to their respective sides of the table with soft cloth ties at the ankles. The music wafts through your head at a comfortable volume, but high enough to cancel out any sounds in the room. The blindfold keeps you from seeing what I'm up to. Though your restraints are comfortable and fairly loose allowing some movement of your limbs, you are still restricted, secured to the table. You have enjoyed our previous adventures and do trust me, but still there is a kernel of apprehension within you at having been made so vulnerable. Regardless of that you feel how taut your nipples have grown and realize your pussy is still lubricating freely.

What's this? A feeling of something close to your face, warmth, a breath? You purse your lips and then mine are upon them. The kiss goes on into another and another. Though I'm not touching you elsewhere, you feel our kisses throughout your body. The overall effect, the music, the sensory deprivation, being restrained, it all adds up to an odd, out of place feeling. But the feeling is also liberating in a fashion, worrying having been made pointless. The kiss ends but you keep the feeling with you. You try to stay on the comfortable little cloud of care-free that this seems to be. You relax and let your thoughts drift, waiting for what is next. With the long-form and repetitive nature of the music, you find that even your perception of time is being distorted.

After a moment (or maybe it's been a half an hour), it's hard to discern at this point. You perk up at the sudden feeling of cool air flowing over your nude body. It feels about the same temperature as the night air outside had. Is a window open? The door? You wonder if I've forgotten something in my truck and have gone to retrieve it? Did I leave you there alone? Whatever is occurring you aren't overly concerned, you know I wouldn't put you in harm's way. Then another possibility to explain the chill occurs to you...

Suddenly you feel a warm liquid drizzled along one arm and then across your chest to your other arm. Mmm, slippery and smelling of spices, the oil feels wonderful on your skin. Two hands begin to massage your left arm and seconds later two more hands begin to rub your right one. Your body tenses up as you have a moment of panic realizing someone else has entered the situation and is now seeing you nude, tied up and at their mercy. You notice that our hands have stopped moving on you. We are waiting as your mind works through this development, waiting for your decision. You remember our past adventures and the times I've been open to your ideas, times in which we've taken risks and been in each others hands. We have faith and trust in one another. You know that I would never allow you to be hurt on purpose. But you do wonder, is this individual a male or a female?

Being sure that it is me on your left, you reach out to your right trying to feel for some identifying feature. Who could this be, a friend of ours or possibly a complete stranger? Alas, the restraints and the person gently controlling your searching hand prevent any details from being discovered. As you begin to resign yourself to the moment, some of the tension leaves you and our four hands begin to slowly stroke along your arms again. You of course remain very curious, but begin to feel more comfortable as the stress is rubbed from your arms and shoulders. By the time the massage has progressed from your shoulders to your chest, your generous breasts, you've found your way back to that comfy cloud again. Our twenty fingers caress and knead the curvaceous pillows that your tits are, and as we gently pinch and stretch your nipples, you feel that familiar heat intensifying in your lower body. When you had tensed up moments ago your knees had flown together, an attempt at some modesty due to the new arrival in the room. Now, as your arousal grows, as your pussy becomes wet with fresh juices, your actions speak louder than unnecessary words. You allow your knees to fall apart from each other, exposing the sweet flower between your legs to me and to the other person with us. You had thought to yourself and considered the circumstances of being naked, vulnerable and very aroused before two people whom obviously want to pleasure you. You had come to a conclusion. You were going to trust us, to allow us to have our way with your mind and body. You want us to bring your flower to a full orgasmic bloom. You feel each of us continue to play at your tits with one hand even as we began to meander down your body, towards your heated desire with the others.

You try hard to focus on just being in the moment, to experience only the feelings our hands are imparting to your body. But since the music masks the sounds in the room, you can't help but wonder if the stranger and I are having any conversation? Are we talking about you? Are we commenting on your bountiful tits? Or why it is your landing strip of pubes are dyed a bright electric blue? Am I telling this person about how delicious your pussy tastes? Or about our other experiences? You can't decide if you like the idea of that or not, but as our massage has now reached your lush thighs, as fingers begin to flicker over your clit and slip along your slick labia, you find yourself quickly falling back into the moment. But just as quickly you know that my co-conspirator and I must be communicating as our hands leave your body at the same time. You show dissatisfaction with your characteristic pout and a low frustrated groan. Your hips writhe and push upwards seeking further stimulation. You get what you seek as our hands return to you. With one hand each, we begin to pleasure your body again. Our other hands each take and guide one of yours to our torsos. In a moment your hands have found that we're now as naked as you are and that the additional hands plying your body belong to a female. From your actions it seems that your thoughts are uncertain about this. With familiarity you palm my scrotum, tugging gently at the piercing there. Then your hand grasps my hardening shaft and greets it with some friendly strokes.

Your other hand is a little less energetic, lightly grazing over the belly and closely trimmed pubic hair of our guest. You are a little unsure of how to proceed, or even if you want to. Besides the occasional playful kiss, or a mutual groping of breasts, you have little experience with other women. As you ponder that and also imagine in your mind's eye the image of yourself, nude, restrained and being touched intimately by us, you feel our focus on you build. As my left hand continues its exploration of your belly and silky inner thighs, my right hand slides back upwards along your arm to caress your shoulder and then onward to your delicious neck. I move it to your hair, smoothing its softness. Then I gently trace your ear and smooth cheek with my fingertips. I touch my thumb to your lips and you suck it into your mouth seductively as your fingers curl in a in a tight squeeze on my cock.

In the mean time, our guest is also intensifying her efforts. You can feel the tips of her fingers tapping and slipping around the top of your wet slit, seeking out your tender little bud. This as she begins to nibble and suck at your erect nipples. As her mouth moves on and about them, you also feel the soft brush of her hair over your breasts. The image of what all this looks like appears in your mind adding an additional layer of eroticism to the physical sensations you're already feeling. You feel your right hand taken into our guest's free hand. She isn't subtle and brings it right to the juncture of her legs. She curls her fingers over yours, pressing them on her warm mound, opening her legs wider as she does. Her other hand works more feverishly on your pussy, her fingers playing as she would have yours do. This leaves little room for my playing there, so taking advantage of your copious lubrication; my digits go lower, sliding to the crease between your buttocks. Any lingering trepidation about this situation has left your head. You want to believe that is all due to the trust that you have in me, but inside your head you hear an echo of the thought you had before. "You're tied up, naked and you're as horny as you've ever been. You have your lover and someone you don't even know as horny for you, wanting to make you feel very very good. Relax and let them, you have no responsibility here. Relax and accept all the pleasures they're giving you without any guilt."

After that it was as if a wall had fallen down, a wall that had been standing between you and the bliss that you knew you could feel. You also knew, could feel that very shortly your body would be pulsing in an amazing orgasm. But for the moment a feeling of complete liberation from all the usual worries and doubts flows through your being. As you continue to play with my cock, you also began to more fully explore the velvet soft pussy belonging to our guest. As you open her, begin pressing your fingers into her, you can feel the groan she emits as it vibrates through her teeth and lips and into your nipple. You slowly churn her hot wet core with your fingers, feeling her hips move in an erotic dance with them. You find yourself enjoying that you could affect her so. But your actions weren't so distracting that it took her away from the attention that she was giving your tits and pussy. Our guest had sensed the change in you, felt your tension yield. She takes the opportunity to slide her fingers more deeply into you, then, after allowing you to adjust to that, she began finger fucking you more vigorously, her thumb working your clit as her fingers delve in and out of your hungry, hot opening. Now it is your body rocking with her manipulations, your groans escaping with a quickened breath. The moment was very near, the increasing tremors you felt in your belly, along the muscles of your thighs and the electric like jolts arcing through your nipples told you so.

My fingers had been playing along your taint and the split between your buttocks. Now, slick with the juices that were flowing from your enflamed pussy, you feel them at your tight rear hole, slowly circling it, teasing it. Your mind flashes back to the earlier sensation of the feather there, and the arousal it had brought you. My touch brings a similar sensation, but it also signals that it seeks entry. As your tight aperture gradually yields to a single finger, a long low moan escapes your lips. In slow motion, compared to the fingering your other lover is giving you, my middle finger slides slowly and deeply into your rear, pauses and then begins to slowly piston back and forth within your snug anus. You emit a short cry as a second finger joins the first. Then after adjusting to the added intrusion, you concentrate on the growing erotic feeling. As my fingers methodically play in your ass, you can feel them meeting and rubbing against the more swiftly moving fingers of our friend's, that there's only a thin wall of your flesh separating them. Your mind dreamily contemplates it for a moment, her fingers and my fingers, fast and slow and outrageous. A humorous thought flashes through your mind; it's that of an image of the woman and me shaking hands within you. You almost giggle at that and the thought that you're even thinking that thought at such a moment. Then you focus back on the pleasure you're feeling. Your breath becomes even faster and more ragged now. The intense feelings that are coursing outward from your pussy and ass flow into those being generated above as our friend is still feasting on your tits, sucking and biting your pebble hard nipples as her vagina moves against your hand, dancing on the fingers you have within her.

Our tongues are flicking at each others' in a frenzied kiss when the brilliance of your orgasm dazzles you. You break the kiss in order to breathe and to moan as it radiates through you and takes over your consciousness. As your sexy sounds are muffled to you by the music, they are much louder than usual. In denying any visual stimuli, the blindfold allows you to fully experience the vividness of the explosion within you. Your orgasm seems a hot and brilliant silver light, blooming out and morphing into a rainbow of rich colors. The muscles of your limbs are tensing, your back arching as the strong pulsations within your pelvis squeeze at the fingers within your furnace hot channels. The myriad of sensations racing about your body and mind are too many to know individually. Regular consciousness falls away and you feel and become the heat and perfect vivid colors that are blossoming throughout you.

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