tagErotic HorrorTrick Or Tryst: Thing Under The Bed

Trick Or Tryst: Thing Under The Bed


Jenny looked once more at her tired face in the bathroom mirror then walked into the bedroom. As she went through the doorway, she flipped the bathroom light off. She padded barefoot across the carpet and crawled into bed next to her husband then reached over to the nightstand and turned off the bedroom light. The bedroom was plunged into darkness.

As she pulled the blankets up close under her chin Jenny whispered, "That's the last of Halloween for this year. Good night, darling." Jack was beyond hearing as he lay on his side. The sounds of his snores reverberated around the darkened room. Jenny rolled on her side, snuggled up next to Jack, and closed her eyes. Even after taking a deep breath, she was still too excited to sleep with images of the night's party still fresh in her mind.

The party had been a smashing success. The guests drank, chatted and danced in their costumes. Anita Martin came dressed as a streetwalker to everyone's delight while her husband, Bob, played his part dressed as a Keystone Cop sent to arrest her for selling her ass on the street. Of course, Anita propositioned everyone and was arrested time after time. Jenny smiled to herself as she thought there might even have been a "freebee" or two handed out by Anita during the evening if the rumpled bed in the guest room was any indication.

The biggest laugh of the evening had come when the next-door neighbor, Ken, a bachelor, showed up costumed as a giant tampon. Somewhere or other, he had found a piece of cardboard nearly seven feet long and made a tube out of it. After he had painted it white, he had cut out a large hole for his face and a hole on each side for his arms. The crowning glory was a long white cord that protruded from the top for a string. Everyone laughed until they cried when Ken tried to dance around the party room in his silly costume. Over and over he tripped and fell to the floor. Each time he fell, he needed aid to stand upright again to the delighted cheers and applause from the guests.

Jenny had worn a long black wig and matching dress cut down to her navel. Her "Morticia Addams" costume clung tightly to her hips and small waist. Even though she used double-sided tape, she had a problem keeping her ample boobs from popping out of her bodice. In fact, while she was dancing with tampon-Ken they had popped out. This happened late in the evening much to the delight of the well-oiled guests. When he saw what had happened, Jack, dressed as Gomez Addams, remarked, "Morticia, darling, I see the Mountains of the Moon." Everyone roared with laughter at that as Jenny, feeling completely embarrassed, stuffed her boobs back in her dress.

The alcohol flowed freely throughout the party and by eleven; the partiers were more than a little drunk. Everyone agreed they had had a great time and hugged Jenny in thanks as the party broke up. The last to leave was Ken who stayed to help clean up the mess. After he packed two garbage bags of trash out, even he left. Ken was so drunk Jack had to help him home. Together they weaved their way down the walk and across the front lawn to Ken's house. Jenny watched from the doorway as the two men staggered and sang at the top of their lungs.

A few minutes later Jack returned and kissed Jenny. Still staggering he started up the stairs saying, "Going to bed, love. You coming?"

Now that the party was over and it was only another Tuesday night. Both Jenny and Jack had to be back at work in the morning. Jenny smiled, snuggled closer to Jack and drifted off to sleep under the warm blankets.

The bed jiggled. Jenny opened her eyes for a moment. Then thinking the movement she felt was only a figment of a beginning dream closed them again. The bed jiggled again. This time Jenny was instantly wide-awake and sat upright in bed as she looked around at the darkness. She brushed her blonde hair from her face with her hand and shook Jack's shoulder roughly. "Jack. Something's in the room. Get up," she whispered

Jack rolled over on his back. "Wazzit?" he said rubbing his sleep eyes.

"Get up. Something wiggled the bed. Someone is in here."

Slowly, Jack sat up and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. He shuffled his feet around the floor by the bed searching for his slippers. "Damn it. Where are my slippers?" he said as he slid off the bed onto his knees to search. As he swept his hand under the bed, he felt something brush his arm. "Jesus. Shit. What was that?" Then after a moment he answered his own question, "A rat I think."

Jack bent over to peer under the bed. "Shit!" he screamed followed as the bed almost leaped into the air, followed by the sound of something scraping across the carpet.

"Jack?" Jenny whispered. There was no answer. Jenny tried again louder, "Jack? What do you see?" There still was no answer. Jenny moved to Jack's side of the bed and peered over the edge. There was nothing there. She leaned over farther to look under the bed.

The bed seemed to leap upwards then crash back to the floor. Jenny jumped out of bed and ran towards the bedroom door. She grabbed the doorknob and jerked. Nothing happened. The door would not open. Frantically, Jenny tore at the knob and shook the door but it held immovable.

Then a strong hand closed over Jenny's mouth from behind. She tried to scream but the hand stifled all sounds. A second arm encircled her chest. It crushed the wind out of her and pressed her hard against a strong chest. She was jerked off her feet and dragged back across the room to the bed where Jenny was thrown face down across the footboard. The hand across her mouth was released only to force her wrist behind her back. A noose was slipped over her wrist and pulled tight. Then her other hand was forced behind her back and tied to the first.

Jenny struggled to free herself, but her face was pushed hard against the mattress. A hand grabbed the neck of her nightgown and jerked. The thin fabric tore and was pulled away leaving Jenny naked. She screamed just as a cloth bag was placed over her head followed by a gag cinched tight holding the bag in place and preventing any more noise.

The hands moved over the bar skin of her back and round ass. Then two more hands joined in. All four hands moved slowly over her. Fingers prodded her ass and pussy. Tears of horror streamed down Jenny's face as she struggled to get free. A slick tongue licked at her ass causing her to flinch.

Then her legs were forced wide apart and she felt a throbbing cock rubbing against her pussy. Up and down her slit it went trying to wet itself on her dry opening. The cock was replaced by a tongue again that licked furiously between her pussy lips. Then the tongue withdrew and the cock returned feeling slippery. The cock buried itself deep in Jenny's cunt. She tried again to scream behind the gag as the cock withdrew and plunged deeper into her again and again.

A strong, arm encircled her waist picking her up off the floor and impaled her on the cock. The arm moved Jenny's body up and down on the shaft while the fingers of the other pair of hands and a tongue probed her ass spreading her wide. The fingers slid into her asshole. Again, Jenny tried to scream, this time in pain.

Jenny was pulled off the cock and thrown on her face on top of another body on the bed. Big hands clutched her waist as a cock began thrusting toward her pussy opening. She arched her back to deflect the cock but two more hands grabbed her ass and pressed it down onto the throbbing shaft. This cock pounded her cunt harder and faster than the last one with long, deep strokes. Then with a loud growl, the fingers nails of the hands dug painfully into the skin of her sides and she could feel hot cum splashing inside her.

The body under her seemed to collapse but the hands holding her ass were pulling her hips up where a cock impaled her asshole. The pain was exquisite as the cock slid deep into her. The cock moved smoothly in and out of her tight asshole as the hands of the body beneath her crushed her 36D tits in a vice like grip. Jenny wanted to scream in horror but her body was reacting differently. Involuntarily her body moved in unison with the cock as it thrust deep into her. Then the cock beneath her was probing her pussy again and slid inside. Both bodies growled as they heaved their cocks in and out of Jenny's holes in a mind blowing double penetration.

Jenny's head swam with the feeling of fullness from the two cocks. She rode them both as she forced them ever deeper into her. Until finally her orgasm crashed down and shook her very soul. Jenny's body was wracked with wave after wave of orgasmic contractions. The orgasm ended with a great squirting gush of her cum. Then both cocks together throbbed hard one last time as hot jism spewed into both her holes and ran down her legs.

After a moment, the lights came on and the ties, gag and sack were removed. There stood Jack and Ken. Their cocks were still hard and throbbed with the beat of their hearts. "Did you like our little Halloween surprise, Jenn?" Jack asked with a big grin.

Jenny stared scowling at the two men a moment then said, "You bastards. You planned this? Do you know you scared the shit out of me?"

Jack moved to sit on the edge of the bed next to his wife, "Yes. This has always been your fantasy. Ken and I planned this weeks ago."

Ken walked around the other side of the bed and sat. After a moment, he said frowning, "I suppose you're going to just be mad."

Jenny glared first at Jack then at Ken. Finally, she asked in a raging voice, "Whose idea was this?"

Feeling somewhat foolish Jack raised his hand and replied, "Mine."

Jenny sat upright and glared at her husband for a moment more then rolled over to Ken. She looked over her shoulder at Jack and smiled. "Then you can just sit there and watch while I take care of business." With that, she took a surprised Ken's cock in her hand. "Come on, Ken. It's time to teach Jack a lesson. Now fuck me like I've never been fucked before."

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