tagErotic HorrorTricked or Treated?

Tricked or Treated?

byBlack Tulip©

I like to thank the members of the Challenge Club for their advice and Edward Teach for editing this story.

The gently rolling hills dream under the wisps of mist and the early morning light adds a pearly quality to the landscape. The crisp air smells of earth and leaves, invigorating the woman walking along the path that follows the ridge. Her wrap is the color of ripe blackberries, making her a part of the autumn scenery.

Where the path dips down into the valley someone had fashioned a seat from a fallen log. Coming upon it, the woman sits, welcoming the opportunity to rest for a while. She smiles a bit wistfully as she looks out over the countryside. It looks so peaceful now, so innocent.

As the sun climbs in the sky, the mist clears away and it actually begins to get warm, just as it did on that day. For a minute she feels as if everything is like it was ten years ago. She had not planned it this way, but as memories catch up to her, she stays seated on the crest of the hill, the deep purple wrap pooled around her on the wood of the log. Maybe it's better to relive the past now, before going on.

* * *

At the foot of the hill is the light depression, the hollow bowl rimmed with thorn bushes and hazel trees. It is late afternoon and she feels excited, a bit scared too. They will celebrate Samhain tonight. For the first time they will come together as a true coven, establishing their own rituals. They have decided that they will start their life as members of the same assembly by honoring their ancestors.

As Una starts down the hill she recounts to herself how it all started. They were just a bunch of students, interested in preserving nature. In the months before they have been talking endlessly. At first a bit embarrassed, but gradually more and more serious about committing themselves to a life of serving the earth. From there it was only another step to serving the Goddess. They decided to create a coven, transforming themselves into witches to dedicate their life to serving Gaia, mother Earth.

And tonight, tonight they will embark on their new life. Tonight is Samhain, the eve of November, the start of winter when the veil between the worlds is so thin that it is possible to contact the dead. It was Coyle's idea, to start their life as a coven by asking their ancestors for their blessing, but they all agreed it was a brilliant plan.

The past weeks they spent a lot of time in developing some kind of ritual, but none of them really knew a lot about being a witch or witchcraft. In fact Coyle seemed to know the most. Coyle and Tara. But then, Tara was very good at researching and she had done a lot of digging in the library.

Una circles the natural depression, checking for unwanted trash but nothing seems to mar the place they have chosen. On impulse she has gathered stones on her way over and she wonders where the idea has come from. For now she has the perfect use for them, laying the smooth stones in a circular pattern, almost like sealing off a space.

She knows it's her way of making sure she is useful. The way Tara has been making herself indispensable is definitely irritating. Una smiles as she prepares the spot for their very first ceremony. Coyle will be pleased with her efforts, she's sure of it. Even if the first goal of this assembly were a very noble one, she would be a fool to let an opportunity like this go by unused. In love and war anything goes, and she's convinced Tara will do all she can to snare Coyle.

Next she lays out a small pentagram in the middle, using more rocks. They have no real knowledge of what they are doing, so she uses the five points of the pentacle to place symbols of the five elements. What do they know? When she is done, she steps back to admire her handiwork, very pleased with her cleverness and properly impressed with the way the place looks. Hopefully Coyle will be equally impressed.

She doesn't have to wait too long before the others show up. Most of them arrive in pairs, as they are already couples in everyday life. Aidan and Doreen are the first. Followed by Darren and Kyna, arguing as usual. They always do and Una suspects they like making up so much, they constantly look for an excuse to fight.

Fergus and Bebhinn are almost the opposite. Fergus hardly ever says anything and Bebhinn merely adores him, no matter what. Una likes Bebhinn, but she sometimes wishes she would have a bit more personality. She is so sweet; it is a bit nauseous at times.

Eamon and Seorus come together, with Leitis and Edana following close behind them. The last to arrive are Coyle and Tara. And for a moment Una wonders if it is coincidence. She knows Tara has a crush on Coyle. Well, so does she if she is honest. But up till a few days ago, Coyle seemed reluctant to chose between them. Una thought he was starting to show an interest in her, but it could just as well be a case of wishful thinking.

Finally they are all there and almost automatically Coyle takes command of their little group. It's nearly sundown and he wants them all to change into their robes. They all agreed it would be proper to dress in something untainted by chemicals. So Bebhinn and Doreen made them all a robe from thin unbleached chambray.

Edana and Leitis giggle a bit as the girls withdraw behind the bushes. They decided to forego all modern amenities for the ritual, which means no underwear. The men are changing on the other side of the hollow and Una can't help wondering if the others are just as excited as she is; not only from the stimulating plans they have, but just as much or maybe even more so from the fact that she is naked beneath the thin robe.

There have been jokes about witches who celebrated their sabbath in the nude, with a lot of sexual activities, but that was only in jest. Wasn't it? Deep down Una has to admit the thought of having sex with Coyle is very rousing. And she remembers vaguely that there were references to heightening the level of energy by sexual activities.

Once all of them are garbed in the simple robes they find themselves a bit uncertain. They suddenly look unfamiliar and the atmosphere turns solemn. Coyle however, has a satisfied look on his face as he motions them to form a circle. He opens his mouth to start the actual ritual, when Tara interrupts.

"Please remember to stay inside the circle. It was very good of you to build one, Una. It will protect us from harmful spirits."

"Harmful spirits?" Doreen sounds a bit scornful. "I thought there was no such thing as good or evil beings in this witchcraft business. Only intent on keeping the balance."

Kyna jumps in as usual. "True, Doreen, but the intent can be evil. Not everybody will be striving for maintaining the balance. But we won't have to face that tonight, will we?" She laughs and turns to Darren, as if daring him to disagree.

Leitis giggles and snuggles up to Eamon. Una sees her nipples clearly defined beneath the thin fabric of her robe, telling her she is not the only one who finds it exciting to be naked save for the robe.

The others snicker a bit. They all know Kyna is referring to a different kind of balancing and when Darren smacks her butt they all cheer. Edana even adjusts Seorus' robe, taking the opportunity to smooth the fabric over his thighs, accidentally touching the small tenting that's beginning to show.

Coyle shakes his head. "Really, you're just a bunch of horny devils." He chuckles. "Maybe you want to turn this into a medieval orgy after all?"

"Wait!" Tara's voice cuts through the laughter. "We said we were serious about this." She softens her voice a bit. "I don't want to let my research go to waste. Please, I really want to do this in a proper way."

Everybody sobers up a bit and most of the guys shrug their shoulders. Una frowns a bit. Something in Tara's voice sounded oddly angry for a moment. But there is no time to think on it. Coyle takes her hand in his, grabbing Tara with his other hand to start the circle.

For a few seconds Una is feeling uncomfortable with the fact they are with thirteen. Tara told them it was just a stupid old superstition, a coven could have any number of witches up to thirteen, but something about it is still bothering her. Then Coyle's voice takes all of her attention.

"We are gathered here to dedicate ourselves to a life of serving the Goddess, trying to live by her rules, striving to maintain and if possible restore the balance of all life. We pledge ourselves by the five elements presented to us as part of the pentacle in our midst."

Una feels proud that she thought to include the symbols for all the elements.

Coyle's voice continues. "The salt for the earth to ensure our stability as a coven and to keep us practical. The bell symbolizes air, which we need to communicate and which gives us intellect and understanding. Next is the chalice with water to make sure we are in touch with our emotions and to give us the power of regeneration. The element of spirit is represented by the quartz to give us balance and illumination for eternity. And last, the element of fire."

Tara breaks the circle and steps forward to light the small candle as Coyle finishes.

"The element of fire, needed to give us the will, the power and the life-force. And maybe, one day we will be worthy of a true transmutation."

Instead of stepping back into the circle, Tara stays in the middle and pulls forth a ritual knife, an athame. It's only an old-fashioned bread knife with a bone handle, but in the shadows and the hushed atmosphere it takes on a different aura.

Probably without conscious thought Aidan closes the gap in the circle. Sealing Tara inside. Una tries to remember if they really wrote this part of the ritual. She can't remember. Surely she would have objected? After all, Tara broke the circle before they were done. It doesn't feel right. Still frowning Una feels it should have been Coyle standing in the middle of the circle during the whole ritual. Coyle lighting the candle. She opens her mouth to say something but Tara is faster.

"I know we did not rehearse this. But I found out something I think is important to us." She smiles at Coyle, ignoring the rest of them. "Gathering together at Samhain, we really can call forth the power of our ancestors to aid us in this world. I mean literally, not in some metaphorical way."

Without waiting for a reaction from any of them, Tara raises her arms, the athame pointing upwards. Her dark hair reaches below her shoulders, making her look like an ancient witch for a moment, instead of a nicely curved if bitchy psychology student.

"Spirits in this world and the next, please hear our pledge. To serve and uphold, we will do all in our power, but we need your blessing."

Una feels Coyle's hand tightening. A swift look to his face shows his eyes are glued to Tara, his expression a mixture of anger, doubt and confusion. Una knows he hates to be delegated to the sideline. Tara has made a major mistake here. Una can't help but feel a bit triumphant as she realizes it.

In the next second Una feels her mouth drop open. With a swift movement of the knife, Tara has cut her robe in half. A wriggle of her shoulders is enough to let the cloth slither down her body, pooling around her feet. Tara looks beautiful in the flickering light of the lone candle. The shadows dancing over her shapely legs and round hips, her breasts almost hidden in darkness, only the undersides clearly visible.

"Go on, all of you. Don't pretend you don't want to. You were all more than willing just a minute ago. Besides, we do need the sexual energy to accomplish something. Coyle, why don't you set an example? I would really love to see your body." Tara's voice ends in a throaty laugh.

Una feels her lips tighten in anger. There is no doubt in her mind Tara is doing it on purpose, not to further their cause but to get Coyle. She has merely upped her bet. Una feels like Tara is really challenging her. Two bitches fighting over the leader of the pack. She tries to scorn herself for reacting so primordial, but the feelings are strong, stronger than she would have guessed. And with a growl she rips off her own robe, fully aware that she is competing with Tara's body.

She sees Coyle raise his eyebrows as he looks from one to the other. For a moment she wonders if he is actually comparing them; Tara's dark haired, softly rounded form to her blond and long legged slimness. As he winks at her, she feels herself relaxing, breathing out with a sigh. She never even realized she was holding her breath.

Coyle yanks his robe over his head, tossing the fabric behind him, outside the circle. It only takes a few moments before the rest of them follow suit. The air is filled with nervous giggles. They never gathered like this before. Sure, they have been to parties, seen each other make out, but that was different.

Tara wears a smug look on her face and she places her hands on her hips as she stands in the middle of the pentagram, pushing her breasts out. Una watches her and has to admit that Tara looks gorgeous, sexy and confident, somehow in control, although Una has no idea what she could be in control of.

She finds out soon enough. Tara starts to caress her own body, her hands following the curves of her ribcage, her hips and her backside as she slowly turns around in the middle of their circle. Edana and Aidan are the first to give in. Una clearly sees how aroused Aidan is, his cock is fully erect by the look of it and he grabs Doreen around her hips. Edana is moaning softly as she rubs her body against Seorus.

Kyna and Darren are watching each other with hungry looks and even Fergus and Bebhinn are starting to caress each other. Eamon has his arm around Leitis as he rubs over her hard nipples, making her giggle and sigh.

Swallowing Una turns her attention back to Coyle and Tara. Coyle will have to choose this time. She realizes nobody is really interested whether Tara is right or not. Coyle called them horny bastards, and with a small smile, Una admits he is right. They are, herself included. Right now, all she is interested in is exploring Coyle's body. His pale form looks beautiful in the dancing light from the candle and she can see he is aroused.

The sight of her friends, all nude, all intent on pleasuring each other, is turning her on as well. She knows her nipples are hardening and she can feel a tiny spark in her belly. When she sees Aidan reach for Doreen she can almost feel it between her own legs. And when Leitis throws her head back, giving Eamon full access to her throat and breasts, Una feels envious of the strong brown hands that are stroking Leitis' skin.

All around them the night air is filled with noises from people kissing, licking and sucking. The spicy fragrance of autumn is fast replaced with the scent of sex and soon the first couple is producing the slapping sounds of serious fucking. Una smiles. Aidan is pounding away at Doreen who is down on her hands and knees, head thrown back as she urges her lover on.

The tension between the threesome is building and Una sees Coyle take himself in hand. She frowns, is he waiting for one of them to seduce him? He steps to the middle of the circle and something snaps inside her. She'll be damned if she'll let Tara win this easily.

Coyle wears a satisfied smile as she steps in after him and she suddenly realizes he wants them both. Una hesitates for no more than a second. Confident she can outdo Tara, she's willing to share Coyle, for now. She smiles when Tara grabs his face between her hands to kiss him soundly on the mouth. Una simply steps next to him letting her hands glide down to his hips, sinks to her knees to stroke his buttocks and blows softly on his hardening cock.

Soon Coyle is stretched out in the middle of the pentagram and for just a moment Una wonders how it's possible that he landed exactly right, his arms, legs and head filling the points. But the building tension reclaims her attention. Tara stopped kissing Coyle at some point and is now feeding him her nipples. Una shakes her head. It is a very exciting sight and she wants to touch him too. One look at him and she is certain that she has the better part of this deal, then dives down between his legs.

Una inhales deeply, enjoying the smell of him before she touches the head of his cock with her tongue. She knows she's greedy, but she can't help herself and engulfs as much of him as she can take. Her mouth filled with his hard flesh, she licks and sucks, savoring the taste of him.

She can see Tara kneeling near Coyle's face, kissing him and urging him to fondle her breasts, but his eyes are straying towards the blond head bobbing between his legs. His hands may be kneading Tara's breasts but his eyes are locked with hers, Una's.

In a flash Una sees the entire hollow from above, looking down on it. Their sacred hollow has turned into the stage of a steamy orgy of couples fucking and loving every minute of it. Their sounds reveal how excited the others are. She can feel how turned on she is knowing that everybody can see what she's doing. She can see how she's kneeling between Coyle's legs as well, her legs tucked under her, back bent, looking like an adoring slave servicing her master.

The thought makes her wet and she moans around the meat filling her mouth. One of her hands slides over his hips, down his thigh to end between her own thighs. She can feel the heat and the moisture of her own arousal, but before she can touch herself more firmly her hand is taken away.

"Let me do that."

Coyle's voice holds a small laugh and Una looks up at him with her eyes wide. She takes in a furious Tara, obviously brushed aside, but Coyle demands all her attention. His fingers on her hips turn her around so he can taste her pussy, which is now dripping wet. The minute his tongue touches her, she feels her hips jerk and in reflex she sucks hard on his cock.

She thinks she hears Tara scream something, but she is too wrapped up in the sensations of her own body to take it in and she dismisses the other girl from her thoughts. It doesn't take Coyle long before he has her reduced to a moaning, quivering mass of lust, barely capable of keeping him in her mouth, afraid to bite him. His fingers reach inside her, filling her as he adds another. Coyle suddenly rams his fingers deep inside her and she arches her back, his cock slipping out of her mouth as she is focussed on her own climax. She knows she is practically howling, but she can't stop. The furious pumping is bringing her to the edge and when she feels his tongue on her clit, she comes with a wail, clenching around his fingers and bucking her hips against his hand.

Una slips down beside him, her head resting on his hip until she gets her breath back. As she lifts her head, intent on returning the favor, she gets knocked aside. Tara actually kicks her out of the way as she dives down. Equally intent on tasting Coyle, wanting to bring him off no doubt and maybe thinking she can win him over. Wincing a little from the kick Una crawls aside, confident Coyle can take care of himself.

To her surprise, she feels Coyle's arm curve around her waist for a moment, patting her in a reassuring way. Then he sits up, grabbing Tara by her arms to keep her from engulfing him.

"No Tara, stop it. I'm sorry, but I want Una. You know I don't want you, I told you before. You are a friend, bright, beautiful, but just a friend."

Suddenly the clearing is silent like the grave. Even the heavy breathing has stopped. Not so much as a stirring of leaves is heard. All is focussed on Tara. A Tara who is beside herself with fury. Her pretty face is twisted in anger and when she stands up her hands are balled into fists.

"Really? You have chosen, have you?" Tara's laugh is a horrible mocking sound. "Well, I have news for you. I am the only one with enough power to choose. Why do you think I wanted you all to fuck like rabbits? I told you, but you didn't believe me, did you? Well, we'll see if the sexual energy of all of you is enough."

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