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Tricky Treats


"Let's go Trick-or-Treating," Laura decided as she looked Ben in the eyes. Or tried to, at any rate. Ben's eyes were aimed a good foot lower at her rather impressive cleavage. She was wearing a modestly cut sweater in honor of the chilly fall day, but due to a lack of laundry funds had forgone her usual undershirt. Those same funds had forced her to wear her black lace push up instead of one of her normal bras. It was filled out wonderfully by her 36Ds, but did nothing to hide the way her nipples tightened up in the strong autumn winds.

"Anything you want, babe," Ben agreed, too fascinated by her tits to notice as she rolled her eyes at him. Ben was a classic figure at colleges nationwide. Muscular in a lean way, he cut a dashing figure as the local football hero -- even if the Greenville Community Panthers were a Division III team. He was also as much a player off the field as he was on it. If his talents on the field weren't enough, he had piercing green eyes and a voice like warm honey to fall back on. The only thing that stood between him and the inside of a girl's pants was his reputation on campus as a cock hound. Laura wasn't normally into his kind, but, what the hell; so far it had been a lonely semester. At the least she'd have some company and maybe score some candy.

"Anything I want?" she asked, leaning in closer so that her body was pressed against his. She gave him a knowing smile and batted her eyes at him playfully. A quick glance down confirmed the bulge in his pants wasn't from something hidden in his pockets.

"Anything you want babe," he promised, sliding his hands down her sides until they were cupping her ass. He gave her cheeks a rude squeeze that pulled her tighter against him. She giggled playfully and turned her head so that she could whisper playfully into his ear.

"In that case, I get to choose the costumes," she replied, reaching down between them to grope him just hard enough to make him gasp in surprise. She used his moment of shock to step away from him just as the campus clock tower announced the hour. Doors to the various buildings slammed open as students flooded into the common area as they headed to their next class, food, or sleep depending on how their mood took them. Laura took advantage of the sudden confusion to head back to her own dorm, turning around just long enough to call out to Ben, "Watch your inbox! I'll send you an email!"


Halloween fell on a Friday that year, much to the delight of everyone involved. The fact that parties would be able to last that much longer into the night and that much louder. Even the professors gave in to the atmosphere of the inevitable, assigning only a minor workload that people would be capable of handling even while nursing a hangover well into Sunday afternoon. Fortunately the weather had decided to be as cooperative as the timing, and a late season Indian summer had drifted in, pushing temperatures well into the high seventies. With that in mind, Laura decided to go as something simple but sexy. Five minutes with a pair of scissors and a beaten up old pair of jeans to make a pair of the shortest daisy dukes in existence, while a flannel shirt tied closed above her navel soon had her looking like a simple country farm girl. A straw hat and wicker basket completed the look, and she smiled as she considered herself in the mirror. The shirt was a bit smaller than she normally wore, so despite the fact there wasn't a single button holding it closed it still clung tightly to her curves with the knot holding it in place. It framed her breasts nicely, and with the added effect of the edge of her bra peeking past the inside of the shirt, she knew she was bound to turn more than a few heads, including Ben's.

Ben wasn't quite as thrilled with the outfit she had picked out for him, however.

"A...a clown?" he stammered as Laura held his costume up for him to look at. "That's not quite what I was expecting. I thought you were dress me up like a gladiator, or you know, a wrestler or something like that. You know, something a little more manly, something to show off my abs?"

"But I like clowns," Laura pouted as she glanced at the costume. It was actually the most garish thing she had ever seen. A shiny banana yellow, it had three big fuzzy buttons decorated in red and green plaid, blue with purple polka dots, and a black and white checkered pattern. It also had a bright silver nose and a neon orange wig that more closely resembled a shredded traffic cone than actual human hair.

Ok, so it was more than garish, it was downright hideous. It might even have violated a few public decency laws. But, damn it, if he expected to get laid that night then the least he could do was let her have a little fun. But she didn't want to be too hard on him, though. She wanted to get laid as well, after all. Throwing her arms around his neck, she gave him a good hard kiss. His body responded immediately to her touch, and she deliberately rubbed against his groin as he kissed her back. "Besides," she murmured as she nibbled on his ear," it unzips in the back and that's it. You know what they say about easy on, easy off."

"Well, in that case, since you like clowns," he replied, hastily pulling off his shirt to reveal a finely sculpted body. The lines of his abs were perfectly defined, without the extra marks and cords that indicated too much time spent in the gym. He still had a bit of a tan left over from late season practices spent topless, giving his smooth skin a faded bronze sheen. She cooed appreciatively, even going so far as to clap appreciatively when he dropped his pants. He had forgone any pretenses and left his boxers at home that night. He was still semi-erect from her earlier teasing, the purple crown of his cock just peeking out from behind his foreskin. Laura's mouth watered as she imagined what it would look like when it was fully aroused. She could tell that it would be long and thick, and she got wet at the mere thought of his monster buried deep in her pussy. She wanted to run her hands all over it, to feel it twitch as she teased it with her tongue. Now that she thought about it, while Ben had slept with plenty of other girls on campus, she had never heard any of them complain...

"So, where are you taking me?" she asked, shaking her head to clear her mind of the image of her straddling his hips, grinding against him... Later, girl!

"I thought we might go over to the west side of campus. That's where some of the more chill townies live, so we won't have to deal with as many annoyed parents. 'Sides," he admitted with a blush, "It is closer to the dorms as well. I didn't know if maybe you'd want to go to a party later, or maybe just, you know, find somewhere private to hang out..."

"Then the west side it is!" she agreed, slipping her arm around his, leaving just enough room for her basket to swing freely. Now, let's go get some treats!"

Ben smiled back at her, and off they went. Greenville had been a college town for a good long time, and the houses closer to the campus were all used to their older visitors. It wasn't uncommon for several hundred freshmen (who didn't realize they were officially Too Old for such nonsense) and several hundred seniors (who just didn't care) to erupt off the campus around eight o'clock in search of candy, parties, and a good time in general. The townies responded with plenty of enthusiasm, covering their houses in some less than family friendly decorations, as well as stocking up on a variety of gifts for their late night revelers. Most suck to the traditional candy and joke items, but some gave away more adult oriented fare as well. Little chocolate bottles filled with liquor were fairly common, as were condoms. It also wasn't unheard of for a trick-or-treater to end up with a cold bottle or can in their bag if they looked old enough or had on an impressive enough costume. The police knew, of course, but rarely did anything about it. They were usually too busy keeping a lid on the on the larger and more rowdy parties that people often used the holiday as an excuse for.

After a mere hour and half they were both loaded down with swag. Her more so than him. Men who usually only gave him a piece or two of candy would take one look at her plunging cleavage and start shoveling it out by the handful. Neither of them minded; as soon as the door closed on them they would hustle down to the darkness of the street and start splitting their haul. She had a craving for caramel that was rivaled by his preference for peanut butter. Even better, the extra candy made it easier to hide the half dozen bottles of Budweiser that one particularly generous (or, perhaps, drunk) fellow gave them for ringing his doorbell.

They wandered the streets with no particular destination in mind. Neither one was familiar with the neighborhood, so the just turned right or left as the urge took them. The farther they walked, the farther they got from campus, and the darker the streets became. The houses grew farther apart as well, and tall, ancient trees reached out with skeletal branches to obscure the streetlights. Fewer and fewer houses responded to their knocks, and the win began to pick up. Laura shivered as it nipped at her skin, silently cursing her decision to leave her jacket behind. The pale moon continued to rise higher, until it reached its zenith over an old Victorian style mansion standing a solitary watch at the top of a steep hill. Stray clouds drifted by over head, obscuring the moon's face to cast the mansion deeper into the shadows.

"Hey, isn't that old Matheson place?" Ben asked as they stopped at the foot of the hill. "Man, that place has been abandoned for just about forever, ever since old man Parker croaked without leaving any heirs. They say it's haunted, and I'm not surprised. The place must be a wreck by now."

"You want to go check it out?" Laura suggested as she rubbed her arms to keep them warm. Anything would be better than staying outside in the wind.

"I dunno," Ben answered as he considered the twisted path up to the dark house. "It could be kind of dangerous."

"Come on, it will be fun," Laura murmured as she plastered her body against his. "It really hasn't been that long since he died. Only a few years ago. And you know these old houses are built to last. It would be just the two of us all alone, in that big old empty house. No one around to hear me scream..."

"Well, maybe..." he offered, warming to the idea as she brushed her lips against his. She reached between them as their tongues twisted together and began to fumble with the knot holding her shirt together. Two strong tugs pulled it loose, baring her silk clad breasts as her shirt fell open. Ben pawed roughly at her chest, groping blindly in the dark as she tried to separate her bra from her skin. Laura rolled her shirt down off her shoulders and balled it up in her fist before throwing it in his face.

"Come find me!" she yelled over her shoulder as she took off up the hill at a dead run. The path had been well laid and fairly well maintained up until recently. A few weeds had begun to force their way into the cracks between the concrete, but the lawn had not yet managed to reclaim its lost ground. She stumbled once where a tree root had managed to force a break in the pavement, but she recovered her balanced easily and soon reached the porch. She felt flush from her sudden bout of exercise, which provided the added bonus of making her feel slightly warmer.

She paused as she reached the door. It was old, dark wood and slightly chill to the touch, but when she touched the knob it was warm, as if someone had just been holding it. The paint around it was faded and had begun to crack and flake away in places, and the wood creaked underneath her as she shifted her weight, trying to make up her mind. It wasn't too late to turn back, and there was a...a...feeling about the place. It wasn't quite malevolent, but more like...it was waiting for her, or if not her, then someone. The doorknob turned easily in her hand, and the door itself opened silently when she pushed on it. Turning around, she could see Ben racing up the hill after her, the sleeves of her shirt flapping behind him. She was being silly, worrying about the house -- and if she didn't act soon, she wasn't going to have time to properly lead him on.

She slipped into the house, letting the door close behind her with a deafening slam! Slim shards of moonlight filtered past the heavy drapes, covering the interior in murky shadows. As she waited for her eyes to adjust to the sudden darkness kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her shorts, letting them slither to her ankles as she considered her next move. Straight in front of her was a long stair case covered in a slightly moth eaten rug. To her left was the living room, the furniture there draped in heavy white sheets like the ghosts of fashions long past. To the right was the dining room. Its cabinets had been left open, stripped bare of their contents, and the chairs and table had been left uncovered as if the crew responsible had left in a hurry. She snatched her shorts up off the floor and made a hard right for the dining room, taking care to leave her shorts draped over the chair closest to the door. It would probably take him several minutes to find them and figure out what they meant, but that didn't worry her.

Through the dining room was the kitchen, and a wholly unremarkable place it was. It, too, had been stripped bare of anything that wasn't bigger than the stove or nailed to the walls. It was also covered in a thick layer of dust, and only had two more doors for her to try. The one to her right led to the basement, and while she doubted there was anything dangerous she had also seen far too many bad horror movies to make that particular mistake. At the very worst, she didn't have a flashlight or anything like that, and there was a real risk that she might break a leg or twist her ankle stumbling around in the dark. Closing the door to the cellar door, she headed for the one across the room. It led her to a dark and cramped passageway. She walked slowly, one hand pressed against the wall to make sure she didn't lose her way. It took a small turn to the left before ending at another door. The handle stuck as she tried to turn it, but with a bit forcing it finally gave way. She quickly undid the hooks of her bra and draped it over the handle; the last piece she was willing to sacrifice to lead Ben on. Once it was in place she carefully opened the door and stepped into an immense library.

This room had not been pillaged the way the other two had; perhaps the last people in the house simply hadn't seen the value in the immense collection of books. Fifteen foot tall shelves lined the walls, capped only by the balcony that ran along above them. A large bay window on the far side of the room looked out over the grounds, and the trees had been carefully cultivated to make sure that it got the maximum light. Bright silver moonlight flooded the room, making it easy to see where several stuffed arm chairs had been set out around a series of low-slung coffee tables. The carpet beneath her feet was thick and soft, and she moved with a thoughtful quiet as she contemplated the shelves. She came to the one closest to the window, the better to see the books by. She ran her fingers along their spines, but the thick, leather clad volumes were all unlabeled. Settling on a one dyed the shade of fresh lilacs; she pulled it down and held it up to the window. "The Romance of Lust," she read aloud, and opened to the first page.

"There were three of us," she began aloud, slowly growing quieter as she read about the debauched life of the Victorian author. She stood enthralled by his accounts of voyeurism amongst the house staff, his incestuous experiments with his younger sisters, and his own lusts for his teachers. Her free hand slipped past the band of her panties as she began to unconsciously play with herself. The lips of her sex were wet and slick as she spread them with her fingers, exposing her clit. Her middle finger began to rub it in tight circles, pressing harder against the sensitive nub as she read on. Her vision blurred as her fingers worked their magic, and it became harder to focus on the words in front of her as her world was consumed by a tide of pleasure. She didn't hear it as he stepped up behind her, not even aware of his presence until he slipped his arms around her and cupped her breasts with his hands, giving them a good squeeze to startle her out of her reverie.

"Ben!" she gasped as she snapped out of it. His hands felt cool against her warm skin, but they quickly began to warm as he continued to fondle her tits. He pinched her nipples as she sank back against him, sending a warm ripple of sensation down her spine. She could feel his cock pressing against the top of her ass as she rubbed against him, and no wonder he felt so cold! He had clearly stopped to remove that ridiculous clown costume before he had gone looking for her, not that she minded. She would just have to see what she could do to warm him up! She began to turn around to kiss him, but he refused to relax his grip and held her firmly in place.

"Keep playing with yourself," he ordered as he nuzzled against her neck, lazily licking his way up the side of her throat to nibble on her ear. His hands glided over her belly to her waist, and he hooked top of her panties with his thumb. "I like to watch you squirm."

She did as she was told, slipping her finger into her pussy, sliding it and out as the heel of her palm put extra friction on her clit, adding a second finger when the time was right. He began to kiss his way down her spine as he lowered her underwear to the floor, playfully nipping her on the left cheek when it reached her ankles. He stood back up with equal care, dragging his nails along the top of her legs. Laura trembled under his touch, her mind completely overwhelmed by all the sensations consuming her body. Then his cock was there between her legs, pressed against the lip of her sex and trapping her fingers inside of her. He moved with a deliberate slowness, rubbing his shaft against her cunt with a maddening rhythm. She ground her hips against him with a maddening need as her release neared. She was beyond all reason at that point; she was totally at his mercy.

"Oh, god!" she cried out as her body shuddered with her first orgasm. She bucked against him and his arms flew around her, holding her tightly as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her. She sagged against him as her climax finally spent itself, breathing hard as her body began to feel comfortably loose. "That was..."

"Just the beginning," he finished for her. The clouds returned, casting the room back into the dark of night. He turned her around and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met gently at first, pressing harder against one another as the urgency of their passion mounted. She could feel his cock pressed against her stomach, still wet with her honey, and a fresh burst of desire tore through her.

"What do you want?" she asked as they broke for air.

"I want you," he replied, wrapping his hand in her hair and pulling her back for another kiss. She placed her hands against his chest and held herself away.

"No, what do want me to do?" she repeated. "Do you want me to touch you?" she asked, reaching down between them and took hold of his cock. She bent down and flicked her tongue across his nipple. "Do you want me to lick you?"

She lowered herself to her knees, placing her hands on his thighs. She looked up to meet his eyes, but it was too dark and his face remained hidden in the shadows. His cock stood poised above her chest, quivering with anticipation. She began to caress him with both hands, cupping his cock against her palms and stroking it with an alternating pattern, first one hand passing from the tip of his cock to its base before releasing so that the second hand could make its pass. A bit of precum formed at the tip, so she leaned over and kissed it away, asking huskily, "Or would you like me to suck you?"

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