tagIncest/TabooTrilogy 03

Trilogy 03


03: Raising The Bar

Thanks, Katherine, for the wonderful moments of intense arousal we have shared whilst composing these stories!

Emily felt thoroughly satisfied with the performance. Sitting down comfortably on the couch next to Mr. Blake, she motioned Melanie over. "You have always been my trusted deputy. Now you can be the Acting Head Mistress for the rest of the evening!"

Melanie bowed deeply in appreciation. She stood up tall and straight, her high heels making her seem even more majestic in her demeanor. The black corset, tight around her torso revealed a body intent on carrying out her orders and commands on a whim. She walked around, sternly surveying the room and the guests.

Men and women stared at The Splendid Enormity of Melanie's Breasts.

Overflowing out of the corset, they showed their generous fullness, their size to overfill any brassiere; the nipples crowning such huge breasts were dark and erect. Below the waistline, Melanie's thick dark pubic hair had the fertile intensity of a tropical rain forest. All men and women present knew that this was not going to be an easy evening.

"Caren, get the cameras and the video. I want lots of good pictures of tonight. And make sure I get a lot of close-up shots as well."

Caren smiled, obeying the sharp orders. Emily and Mr. Blake nodded approvingly.

Melanie's stern gaze fell upon one of the men. He was Jonathan's son from his first marriage with "the tramp."

"Marc, what's wrong with you? Scared seeing your step-mom naked for the first time?"

Marc looked ashamedly down at the floor. A young, strong, athletic man with a very large body and absolutely no body fat whatsoever, and yet his penis was hopelessly flaccid. Obviously, incest was the very last thing on his mind when "Mommy" had asked him to go with her to a small gathering with her friends.

Melanie snickered; she nodded her head slightly to Caren. Caren immediately got the unspoken command and took a series of pictures: Marc's full body, muscular and totally naked, his cock totally flaccid, and then a short burst of close-ups of his cock.

Emily and Mr. Blake seemed please so far. Melanie felt emboldened. She turned to Joseph, Katherine's husband. He too was totally naked, standing almost ashamed, his cock just as flaccid as Marc's.

Melanie walked over to Joseph, looking at him from head to toe. "So what is the matter with you? Never seen your wife Katherine totally naked out of bed? Or is it that even in bed your wife does not let you see her naked?"

Joseph blushed in shame. Caren again took pictures, and again, close-ups of his very flaccid cock.

Melanie did not let go. "Now let me think. I think Katherine wears the trousers in your house. And I think you, Joseph, wear the knickers. Caren, let me see how Joseph looks in Katherine's colorful and festive knickers."

The guests smiled.

Caren found Katherine's in the pile of knickers that each woman had placed on the dining room table and helped Joseph wear them. They were tight around the hips, of course, but seemed to fit nicely. Suddenly, Joseph started to get a slight erection. Melanie stepped back and laughed, "He does look a lot nicer in knickers! Caren, photo this!"

Melanie turned to Marc. "And you, young man, will wear Caren's knickers."

Thus the two men stood in the middle of the room, dressed in knickers, waiting for the other foot to fall.

Emily motioned Melanie over and whispered something in her ear. Melanie turned to the guests, "The Deputy Head Mistress would like me to fuck the man with the strongest cock!"

Everyone applauded such a wise decision.

Quickly, Caren brought out a bar bell and secured weights on either end. Another set of skimpy black nylon knickers held it in place. Melanie announced, "Ok, guys, time play to Raise The Bar. Marc, your Mommy is going to do some things. Joseph, your wife will do some things. Maybe seeing them will get you nice and hard for me. Let's get started."

No one knew where she was heading. Melanie turned to Katherine and Andrea, they too totally naked, who all evening had been in each other's arms in loving embrace, feeling each other up. "You two love birds, time to earn your keep. Let me, your husband, your stepson, and everyone else see you love each other passionately."

Caren reached into the drawer and took out a very long, crystal clear double dildo. A coin was tossed and Katherine won. Gently, delicately Andrea inserted it slowly into Katherine's slippery-wet cunt, letting her moan with intense pleasure. It seemed to go in forever. Just as slowly, Andrea pulled it out and sucked the dildo's head, savoring Katherine's love juices.

Then it was Katherine's turn to do the same.

Back and forth, Katherine or Andrea would fuck the other with the dildo and then suck on it, just like Emily had recently learned to suck cock.

All along, Caren was busy taking pictures, full-body and close-ups.

Melanie looked at Marc and Joseph. Their erections were throbbing. Both men's cocks were straining at the black nylon knickers; both men were raising the bar. Melanie smiled, "Caren, more weight! Let's see how strong each man is. After all, I will fuck the stronger of the two!"

All the guests were enjoying themselves immensely! And Emily and Mr. Blake were approving of Melanie's command of the situation.

But Melanie pressed on, "OK, love birds. Let me see you both have intercourse with the dildo!"

Caren had to help Katherine and Andrea get into position so that she could continue taking photos. Both women had the dildo deep inside themselves. It was a matter of sliding out of one and deep into the other; then to reverse its direction. Both women were wildly dilated. Its motion was smooth and easy.

It was a superb moment!

Katherine kept looking at her husband, Joseph. Normally so totally unwilling and incapable of servicing her sexually at home, and this evening his cock seemed much bigger than ever before, raising a bar with weights, delicately adorned in her knickers!

Andrea could not take her eyes off her stepson, Marc. So many nights masturbating all alone in her bed after making love to her husband, knowing her stepson was in the adjoining bedroom, mostly likely sound asleep after kissing "Mommy" good night.

Caren kept taking lots of pictures and videos for her already extensive pornographic collection. Katherine's THUNDER THIGHS provided some magnificent photo opportunities for entries in subsequent contests.

Katherine and Andrea started to climax almost at the exact same moment. Melanie was too good for this. She did not let them. Instead, she ordered Caren to take out the dildo and let the women lie in each other's arms. Lovers that Katherine and Andrea had become, it was a moment of secret intimacy, a moment of calm before the storm that was to be unleashed upon their quivering bodies.

Emily whispered something in Melanie's ear; Melanie nodded and did likewise to Caren. Caren nodded, put the huge dildo under hot water, and bent it into a "U" shape.

Melanie announced a tie between Joseph and Marc: both men had equally strong cocks. The guests applauded as Caren removed the weighted bar, but left the two men in the women's knickers.

Melanie ordered Katherine and Andrea to lie down on their sides, facing away from each other, but their backs touching.

Melanie nodded at Caren, who smiled knowingly. Gently, she slipped the double dildo into Katherine and Andrea and moved it around a bit. Both women moaned happily.

Melanie called out, "That's enough, Caren. Now, do it!"

Caren slipped out the dildo from both women. It was slippery wet, oozing each woman's love juices. In one fell sweep, Caren quickly and expertly slipped it into each woman's very tight ass, its "U" shape fitting just right, both women now joined by a common dildo up their very tight asses. Both women seemed surprised, reluctant, gasping and arching their torsos upon penetration, sighing once the head had finally passed their sphincters.

Melanie laughed and called out, "Now, for the finale! The award for the tie for the strongest cocks in town! Let's hear it for Joseph and Marc!"

All the guests clapped.

"Joseph and Marc, you may fuck now."

Joseph and Marc started to approach the two women lying on their sides, backs touching, joined from behind by a common dildo.

Emily stood up.

All the guests bowed respectfully.

As Head Mistress, all deferred to her experience and her wisdom.

"Marc, you will fuck Joseph' wife, Katherine. And Joseph, you will fuck Marc's mommy. Both at the same time!"

All the guests clapped; Melanie kissed Emily respectfully; Caren started to take an incessant stream of photos and videos.

Lying side by side, backs touching, joined by a common dildo up their very tight asses, Katherine saw for the first time in her life her husband perform sexually, and with her lover, Andrea, no less! And Andrea saw for the first time in her life her step-son perform sexually with her lover, Katherine, no less!

The reader will surely shudder at the power, thunder and awe of the foursome's simultaneous orgasms, which shook Emily's house to its very foundations.

That foursome orgasm is still to this day the talk at the local pub -- and in counties in all four directions of the compass.

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