tagFetishTrisha and Tom Ch. 03: Working Away

Trisha and Tom Ch. 03: Working Away


A few weeks after we got together the world conspired to separate us. An opportunity to work overseas came up for Trisha. She had applied for the job swap before we started seeing each other, and was set to leave for Hong Kong. It was irresistible to her. The advantage of Hong Kong over some of the other choices was that it is relatively close to the Australian time zones and not too far away.

Where did that leave us I wondered.

We talked it through and decided that we could make it work. It might be that I could get a week off and fly over. We would also skype each other each week and talk regularly.

I was worried that being without Trisha might be hard, and that I might be tempted. It was all too new and, to be honest, I wasn't totally sure that she would hold it together as well.

It was an effort to phrase my concerns in such a way that I didn't start a fight. The day came for Trisha to leave and we re-doubled our promises to each other. The airport that day felt both melancholic and optimistic.

We talked on the phone every couple of days. As soon as we could arrange it, about three weeks in, Trisha skyped me. I was surprised when the ringing sound invaded the peace of the late evening. My glass of wine was almost finished and I was thinking about bed.

The first thing I saw was the lights of Hong Kong at night from high in one of that city's ubiquitous towers. Trisha panned around showing me the skyline. Being a bit dim I wondered why now, and not earlier or the next night.

Then she flipped the camera and showed me herself in all her naked glory. Her hair was up, her smile as crooked as when we first met, and that familiar glint was in her eyes. She tilted down past her perky breasts to her cunt. It was surprisingly bare.

"Let me show you more of this" she said huskily.

"Wait a sec, I just need to get comfortable" as I disrobed as fast as possible. I then moved in to the room we play in at my place. The chair I had worshipped her on waited for me. I settled comfortably and showed Trisha how excited I was already.

"What happened?" I asked, perplexed by the removal of her pubic hair. Trisha told me she thought that she would always have some pubes, in some form.

"The heat and humidity. I wanted to see if it would be more comfortable. It is a bit and I will probably keep it slick till I get back. I don't think I can deal with the risk of rash.

"I'll take some photos to remember what I looked like."

"I don't mind it, but I prefer you with some sort of bush, whatever you want."

"Maybe I'll make you my personal groomer."

She had thought this through. The ipad was in a position where she could lie back and explore and tease her body with both hands. I had one hand on the ipad and the other stroking my now hard cock.

One hand pinched her nipples over and over, left then right, in a tattoo of increasing pleasure while her other hand teased out her slickening cunt. All the while she twittered on about her day and how she was feeling and hot it was and how she could only wear cotton sundresses for comfort and how she liked the food. Her slick body rocked with the self pleasure she imported.

We were in a dream like trance, drifting in the nebulous atmosphere of our romantic state.

Almost out of the blue Trisha instructed me to stop pulling, to squeeze and hold, and then release. She told me to wait for her instructions.

She carried on, two fingers in, nipples pinched and squeezed, gasping for the finish.

Trisha made it there, sweat running between her breasts, labia puffed and slick.

"Put the cage on and wait for permission to come from me. If I don't tell you sooner wait until Tuesday and then you can take it off and come."

"Back in a sec" I told Trisha. I went to the kitchen and returned with some ice. I applied it to my balls until my erection subsided.

She watched me put the cage on while she told me that she had met a number of people on the same scheme as her at work. There were five others, three men and two women. One of the girls was Japanese, the other Italian. The men came from Brazil, Scotland and South Africa.

Trisha was dismissive of the men except the Brazilian, to whom she confessed a certain animal attraction. "He sometimes wears these chinos that are a bit tight and hint of an endowment that a woman missing cock might be attracted to. He is also very attractive."

We finished the skype with some inanities and signed off. I was left to ponder my ruined orgasm and the cage, and the obvious attraction Trisha had towards her colleague.

I was also wrestling with a low level attraction I had recently noticed myself having with a waitress at my new favourite cafe. My routine had changed a bit with Trisha away and I now spent some time drinking lattes in this funky neighbourhood eatery. Penny was not my normal type at face value. Short, quite short, blonde, blue eyes, curvy, solid. Pretty much the exact opposite of Trisha, who is tall, lithe with dark hair. It wasn't quite chalk and cheese but in my current white bread world the two were opposites. Penny gave off this air of wanton attraction towards me, and I didn't think I had incorrectly assumed this. I though that she would be up for something sexual, a notion increased when she started to flirt with me. One day I noticed that she undid a button on her shirt before approaching me, giving me a look at her aqua coloured lacy bra. Another day she wore a tight t- shirt, the piercings in her nipples obvious through the strained cotton.

I hadn't thought about what form sex with Penny might take, and in more rational moments I realised it was my cock speaking and I was missing Trisha. I felt the first flush of us was still in bloom and had been truncated by the overseas trip. I did not resent the opportunity being taken, and in Trisha's place I would have leapt at it too.

I waited till the next night and skyped Trisha. I told her of my Penny feelings and I laid out my concerns. It wasn't that I didn't trust her but I did not want to make it difficult for her. What I proposed was that, for the time she was away, we could explore sex with others as long as we were open about it with each other and we didn't give false hope to others. On her return we would look again at us and see what we both wanted then.

This was essentially permission for her to fuck the Brazilian and it would allow me to talk to Penny and see what was what.

Trisha asked for a day to think about the idea, and we agreed to talk the following night.

Then she told me to get naked and remove the cage. Once I was set she proceeded to talk in the most filthy fashion about how she wanted to be with me so she could take me out to a secluded waterfall where we would strip, I would eat her while she sat under a cascade, water falling all over her beautiful body, and then she would lie me on a rock and ride me to oblivion.

On the next night Trisha agreed with me. I also asked her if she wanted me to visit her and her response was "no. There is nothing to gain from that. We are either good or not at the end of this, and then we move ahead together or apart. I don't want to know what you do while I'm away, and I won't tell you what I get up to. I see this as a separation. When I get back, before I go back to work, we will get together and sort ourselves out. If we are going to break up one of is going to leave work."

All this was said with a tear in her eye, and I felt that by proposing this that I had betrayed her in some way.

"I only meant to take the pressure off. I didn't want to stop you enjoying your time away" I posed.

"And fucking Penny has nothing to do with this?"

"I admit that was a part of this. I don't know what might happen, and I know if you were here the only way something would even be fantasised about would be with you by my side. But you're not here."

"We went over that" Trisha replied angrily.

"We did, and I gave you my blessing, not that you needed it. I would have gone too given the chance. I proposed the idea because of the way you talked about your colleagues. It sounded to me like you wanted to explore the possibilities and I don't want to be responsible for stopping you."

"I don't want to rehash this, so I am going to go now. I will call the week before I come to make a time to see you. Bye." The call abruptly ended.

I wondered around in a daze for several days, not entirely sure what I had done. I asked myself whether I had blown up he best relationship of my life, and I couldn't answer it.

I avoided Penny for about a week, until I was ready to respond a bit more rationally if I needed to.

She was in the cafe on the first day I went back after my little break. She asked me why I hadn't been in for a while, why I hadn't seen her. I told her I had separated from my girlfriend and I needed a bit of time.

Penny was sympathetic, and suggested doing something to take my mind off what had happened. We debated what to do and decided a movie would be good. I did make it clear that it was a separation, not a break up. Penny told me, in reply, that we were going to a movie, nothing more.

We enjoyed the movie and a coffee, and went out again a few times over a month, as friends.

One night Penny suggested drinks. We went to a cocktail bar, and three drinks later we were becoming confessional.

"You know I find you very attractive" I half slurred to Penny.

"I noticed, and I wondered when you were going to say something."

"I normally go for tall and dark, so this is a bit unusual for me. Good for me unusual. Tell me, were you trying to get my attention with the undone buttons and the tight t-shirts?"

"A bit. Looks like it may have paid off."

"Perhaps. Maybe we should explore this a bit more at your place?"

Fifteen minutes later we were sitting on her lounge. Lights low, another drink, and soon our hands began to wander. Penny worked down my body while I worked the buttons on her top, soon reaching in to caress her breasts.

Our clothes came off in a hurry, and in only underwear we kissed deeply. Penny reached around and undid her pink lace bra. Her generous breasts came into view. Her nipple piercings intrigued me, silver bars drawing my tongue drawing me to her breasts as though a magnetic force was at play.

"Slave, eat me" Penny commanded.

I drew back in shock. "I'm sorry, I can't do this." A beat, heart beating loudly, realisation dawning. "There is only one woman who can demand things from me. It's a pity because I really wanted to do that for you but now I can't. I'm sorry."

I stood and dressed, the silence heavy between us. Penny sat still, wondering what had just happened.

After what felt forever she put her shirt on. Penny finally looked up. "Really?" was all she said.

"I'm so sorry" I repeated. "I didn't want to upset you, or lead you on. I find you very attractive but I realised in that moment that I love Trisha. I only want her to demand things of me.

"If you'd let it go on I would have eaten you and fucked you. I wanted to, but now I can't."

"Damn it" she replied. Another long pause, me frozen to the spot, not quite able to leave, while Penny seemed to be gathering a thought. Eventually she looked me square in the eye and said "I really need to get off and I don't want to do it alone. Would you watch me while I do that?"

Ever the man I couldn't resist the opportunity to watch Penny while she masturbated.

"Yes. I admit I really want to see you naked. Also, I don't want to stop you from your pleasure."

Penny shrugged off shirt and shimmied her panties off. I sat in a chair across from Penny while she started to play with herself. She spat on her hand and worked it across her labia. She did it again , this time opening herself and rubbing the spit between her lips, her pink folds glistening in the lamplight. Eyes closed she worked gently, slowing getting more forceful, back arching slightly. In an interesting twist Penny caressed her left breast and then moved it up to suck and bite it. She moved her hand away leaving her breast suspended from her mouth, nipple stretched as the weight bore. Then she released it, her flesh jiggling as it settled back. Two fingers in, Penny blossomed into orgasm. She rolled and writhed, legs tucking up to her chest as the waves broke.

I sat, silent, appreciating the moment and her gift to me. She took some breaths and then reached for her shirt. Not worrying about underwear Penny invited me to stay for coffee. It felt a bit weird, but not as weird as leaving straightaway. As we sipped she said "thanks. It wasn't everything I wanted but it was better than nothing."

I could only express thanks as well. "It was quite an experience. I really sorry that I couldn't give you what you want, but that lightbulb went off. I need to thank you for allowing me my realisation. Allowing me to stay was very generous of you, and I hope we can stay friends."

"One condition" Penny demanded. "This stays between us."

"Is it a problem if I tell Trisha? I promise no-one else will know, especially at the cafe."

"Okay, but you introduce me to Trisha."

"Agreed, as long as we sort ourselves out."

"If you don't please let me know. Maybe I can have another crack."

"Please don't give yourself false hope. I really do like you but I don't want you think something might happen. Is there no-one else you're attracted to?"

"Yes, but I work with him. Also, he is married. A customer was a stretch but I couldn't risk an affair at work. Imagine the fall out if it crashed."

"I have an idea what you mean. Be patient then, you have a lot to offer" I stated, somewhat patronisingly.

Penny made one more effort to get me back into bed, which I gently rebuffed. I decided to give the cafe a wide berth for a little bit, though I did intend to remain friends with Penny if it was possible. I also believed Trisha might find her interesting.

I had returned the cafe and seen Penny a couple of times. We kept it very cordial, customer and staff, and it was okay. Penny dressed the same as she had and every time I noticed her nipple piercing I was both embarrassed and a little excited by the memory of that night.

Trisha emailed me and proposed lunch at one of our old haunts. I felt this might be a good sign. She told me she was getting back two days earlier but she didn't want me to contact her ahead of our meeting.

Of course I arrived early. Trisha arrived with aplomb, in her usual style. Her hair was in a top knot, and her eyes sparkled. She wore a loose black dress that had white circles dyed into it, and a beautiful glass bead necklace. Little pixie boots sat at the end of thick black tights. Enchanting, but also sort of businesslike..

We hugged, and before settling down to discussions we ordered food and drink. We wanted and needed space.

"I want to say how good it is to see you. And you look great. Is the dress new?"

"I picked it up in Tokyo." As I looked astonished Trisha added "We'll probably get to that later."

"Where do you want to start?" I asked.

"Tell me what you want to do about the two of us, and then I'll agree or disagree. Then we go from there."

"I love you, and I want to stay with you. I missed you."

"What about Penny?" was her response, a bit sharp and ignoring the proposed set up.

"We are friends. Actually, she wants to meet you. We almost had sex, but it ended when she demanded I eat her. I had kissed her and sucked her nipples, but it stopped there. I realised that I loved you, something I had sort of forgotten in the circumstances. I am ashamed of how I neglected you, and how I lead her on, even though it wasn't really intended. We found ourselves on her couch after several cocktails, and I probably would have fucked her, but when she demanded it I realised I only wanted you to have that power. I did stay for a bit, and she masturbated in front of me. She is very sexual."

"I see." A breath, a beat, the time it takes to destroy a world.

Trisha then continued "I suppose, under the circumstances, that everything is alright. I want to stay with you too, although you did piss me off mightily. We are not going to revisit that now."

I decided, bravely, that the direct approach was necessary. "Did you sleep with anyone?"

"No, although I did have some sexual experiences" she replied, eyes still fiery.

"No Brazilian then?" I pushed my luck.

"I assume you mean Carlos, and not my cunt?" Trisha responded archly.

"I mean Carlos. But, as an aside, is it still bare?" I couldn't resist, and Trisha took it the way it was meant. The tension broke as she laughed.

"Yes, although I will be growing it back now that I'm not all sweaty and rash prone all the time."

Then she told me about her experiences in Hong Kong.

Nothing had happened with Carlos. As she got to know him he grew less appealing apparently. Trisha then confided that the action was with Hiruki, whom Trisha had mentioned, and Delia, the Italian woman.

The women had gone out for dinner a few time. After Trisha and I separated she decided a good night out was the cure she needed. She had no intention of fucking anyone while she was away, but she did admit she was understanding of my thought once she calmed down. Once a few drinks had been had the talk turned to sex. Delia told us her she was engaged, and luckily he was accepting of sex before marriage, but that he only liked missionary with the lights off.

Delia was tallish for a southern Italian, but still short compared to Trisha, blessed with long dark curly tresses, dark mysterious eyes, curvy, and with long legs. Trisha reckoned she deserved more than missionary once a week with the lights off. "Imagine what it will be like after you are married and the kids have been produced." Delia decided to reconsider her position, though she was honourable enough to decide that she would tell him in person. Apparently she was up for it, though she did say she wouldn't fuck anyone.

Trisha then confided that she had a boyfriend who would do many things for her, some of them a bit kinky.

Hiruki asked what she meant, and so Trisha explained about us. Apparently Delia gasped at the idea of a male sub. They both insisted that I was a keeper. Hiruki then confided that she and one of her partners had tried some bondage, including rope bondage.

Hiruki, slim and slight, with dark brown hair and eyes, hailed from Tokyo. In the week hiatus they had coming, Hiruki invited Trisha and Delia to stay with her. Hiruki accommodated them and they only had to pay for airfares, some food and a gift for Hiruki's parents, a tradition when visiting people in Japan.

The week was a blur of good food, bars and drinking, shopping, galleries and museums. One night they did explore Shibari, the name for rope bondage in English. Hiruki took them to a club in a quiet part of Tokyo where they met a master. The pact the women made was that they would all try it, though it would be simple and there would be a quick exit if it didn't suit. They also, in a pact of strength, agreed to be naked together.

Trisha told me how sexy it was to see herself and the others naked, bright red rope crossing their bodies and restraining their arms. They all seemed fine in a basic tie. They were released, and after a rest, the master tied them again. In a twist they didn't see coming, Hiruki told the master to apply a crotch rope. Trisha told me hers ran between her labia, splitting her open. Hiruki, having had more experience, wore extra ropes outside her lips, as well as a knot at her clitoris, which applied more pressure.

Delia, the least experienced, was commended by the others for going as far as she did. She allowed a crotch rope, though hers was the simplest. The rope ran around each side of her cunt, resting on her thick pubic hair before winding up her body and around her bountiful breasts. She had the largest breasts, and so there was more work there.

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