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Tron: Legacy - Cybersex


All characters are TM and (C) Disney. Their appearance here is parody and is not intended as a challenge to their trademark.

This story is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Author's Note:

This short story is envisioned as a 'deleted scene' from the movie. It fits more-or-less seamlessly between Quorra giving Sam the information to find Zuse and Sam heading off to the club. Obviously my imagination got the better of me.

Voting and feedback is always very much appreciated. Thanks!


Sam sat on the edge of the bed, his entire world turned upside down. Everything he'd taken for granted, everything he'd considered to be 'real', had all been brutally rewritten in just a few hours. And now, having just been reunited with the father he'd been without for so long, he found himself frustrated by the old man's reluctance to involve himself once more with the world.

Sam's mind raged with half-formed thoughts and hastily-discarded plans, all of them involving finding a way to get himself and his father back to the real world where they could delete the rogue program CLU. But nothing he thought of stood up to scrutiny, and so he sat on the bed, angry and unsure.

His storm of thoughts was interrupted by a tiny tap on the door.

It was Quorra, the beautiful girl who'd already proved herself a trustworthy guide and an even better bodyguard in this brutal digital world.

Without saying anything, she closed the door behind her and walked up to Sam, staring at him resolutely.

He looked up at her – at her wide blue eyes, her asymmetric black hair, her lithe figure. She was like no other girl he'd ever met before. But this wasn't the time to be thinking of things like that...

"There's someone I once knew," she said, wasting no time. "A program named Zuse who fought alongside the ISOs. They say he can get anyone anywhere."

"How do I find him?" Sam asked. There was something about the way she was breathing, something about the way she was looking at him.

"This is his sector," she said, handing him a thin, silver, hexagonal disc. "Make it there alive and he'll find you."

With that she turned abruptly, walked out the room, and closed the door behind her.

Sam was left confused by her sudden disappearance for only a second, before the door cracked open once more. It hovered hesitantly between closed and open, before Quorra let herself in again, closing the door firmly behind her.

"There's...there's one more thing. Before you go..." She said, looking away to the side, her arms folded defensively in front of her.

"What?" He asked.

She fixed him with those piercing eyes again, and with decisive quickness she walked over to him and grabbed him, pulling him into a kiss that was overpowering with its need.

Her lips sparked against Sam's like he was licking the tip of a battery. She smelt of perfume and new plastic, her skin crystalline smooth. Her mouth was warm and soft as it explored his, both of them lost to the experience of this first kiss.

"I want..." She murmured, her mouth moving against his. "I want you...!"

With one hand clasped to Sam's shoulder, running up and down his back, Quorra reached her free hand up to tap a button on her collar.

Her bodysuit disappeared like a pneumatic iris shuttering open, the bulk of it disappearing into her gloves, arm and thigh bands like liquid down a sink. It left her standing before him naked, save for the gloves and straps, and the sight of it left Sam breathless.

"Oh my God!" He whispered.

Her body was, in a word, amazing – toned to the point of perfection, without an ounce of fat to it, with long firm legs and a washboard stomach delving down to a pubic mound kept immaculately tidy, a thin black stripe pointing to her rapidly moistening pussy.

Though her breasts were small they were incredibly perky, pointing up at him with a pair of small pink nipples that, already hard, made Sam's mouth water.

But the sight that captivated him most of all was her face. Her beautiful, sculpted face, with cheekbones that a supermodel would envy, lips like a swollen heart, and eyes like a pure flash of lightning. It was the kind of face that had set Troy and Sparta against each other so many centuries ago. It was the kind of face to fall in love with...

He pressed his face to her face, his mouth to her mouth, his hard lips parting her soft lips to tangle their tongues together, both their hearts throbbing like hardworking subwoofers.

"Mmmmmm." She moaned with contentment as she threaded her arms around the back of Sam's neck, her fingertips finding the notch that shuttered away his own bodysuit, leaving him as naked as she was. "Nnnyyyessss!"

A small, pixie-like expression of joy filled Quorra's face as she looked down to see Sam already hard, the bulbous head of his shaft throbbing to life by her thigh.

She kissed him hungrily as she pressed her body against his. Her skin was smooth as lucite but soft as soap, and the touch of it drove Sam mad with desire.

With a surprising amount of strength, Quorra pushed Sam in his chest and onto the bed, slipping on top of him as he collapsed onto the mattress. Their kiss remained unbroken as Quorra straddled him like a panther wrestling its prey to the ground.

"I've never been with a user before." She whispered between mouthfuls of lips and tongue, her groin rubbing incessantly, teasingly, against Sam's quivering cock.

"I've never been with an ISO before." He replied, stating the obvious, his hands soaking up the texture of her perfect flesh, running across her thighs and buttocks, sliding up to rub at her breasts.

"We'll have to be quick..." She said, her hand moving down between their bodies to grab the base of his cock. It surged in her tight grip, her hand small but strong.

Quorra looked deep into Sam's eyes, raising herself up just enough to accommodate his bulging cockhead at the slippery folds of her cunt's entrance. She bit her teeth together and her lips curled as she pressed him inside her, his thick helmet parting her soaked labia with ease.

"Nnnnnnnn! Mmmmmm!" She moaned as she pressed her hips down and guided his shaft into her moist depths.

"Hhhhnhhhhjeeeezzzuus!" Sam groaned, his eyes screwing shut in response to the overwhelming sensation of Quorra's hot, soft, wet cunt.

The playboy millionaire lifestyle his father's inheritance had afforded him meant that Sam had slept with a lot of women in his relatively short life, but none of them had ever felt as incredible as this...

Finally, Quorra reached the base of his shaft. It throbbed deep inside her, freezing them both in place with the overpowering joy of it. Sliding her hand up the few inches necessary to press her fingers against her clitoris, Quorra hissed with terrible satisfaction as she stimulated the hard little nub, grinding her crotch against Sam's.

"FFfhhhh!" She exhaled sharply.

They moved against each other slowly at first, Quorra luxuriating in sliding herself up and down every inch of Sam's dick, losing herself in the action. Clearly, her preface of having to be quick had slipped from her mind...

The measured tempo was driving Sam wild, and before long he grabbed Quorra by the waist and rolled her over, her hair falling in her eyes as she now found herself beneath Sam's muscular form, cooing as she stroked and kissed his torso.

She splayed her legs wide, accommodating him perfectly as he started to piston in and out of her, fucking her with everything he had.

"Un!! Hnn! Mmm!" She grunted with every stroke of his cock, her pussy zinging around the heft of Sam's shaft like he was fucking a power point.

"That's it!" Quorra cried. "Yes! Do it! Ummnnh! Hack my root file, baby, yes! Oh fuck yes!"

His balls slapping against the crack of her ass, his cock covered in the thick fluids of her dripping cunt, Sam did everything he could to perfectly memorize the feel of her, the taste of her, the sight of her. It was like fucking a cybernetic angel and he never, ever wanted to forget even a moment of it.

Quorra now squeezed her thighs tight around him, her ankles hooking behind his flexing ass, her fingernails digging into his shoulders and her breasts pressing against his pecs.

"Oh, yes, Sam! Sssammmm! Ohhh, I want every inch of you! Please! Pleeeeasssseee!" She cried out, a speck of saliva collecting at the edge of her perfect lips. Sam leaned in and kissed her.

"Unhh! Quorra! Oh fuck you feel gooodd!"

"Fuck me hard, Sam!" She whispered desperately. "Fuck meeeee!"

Sam willingly and eagerly complied with her request, losing himself to the sight of her naked, gleaming body glitching as he fucked her, her pleasure centres overwhelmed by the assault of his hard-driving cock as it pushed her higher and higher.

"Mmmm! Mnh! Nnnh! Auh!"

She was thrusting her hips back at him with the rhythm and rate of a perpetual motion machine, the impact of their crotches smacking against each other coming with satisfyingly sloppy sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

"OhhhCreatorYyyeessss!" She suddenly cried out, every vein in her body swelling like a supercharged circuit. "I'm going to---to---!"

Quorra pressed her entire body hard up against Sam's, her cries of delight broken with digital distortion, her cunt bubbling over with pleasure.

"Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" She squealed, her juices flooding the sheets, her body pixelating around the edges as she came hot white and burning bright. "Yessz! Yyyeesszzzzzzzzzz!!"

Tears of joy collected on her thick black eyelashes, her jaw slack but her pussy clamped tight.

The sight, sound and feel of her – it all finally proved too much for Sam. He lost control of his body, his muscles tightening, his breathing a ragged pant. His cock popped from Quorra's cunt as he joined her in ecstasy, his dusky helmet swelling hard as his cum erupted from him like a volcano.

"User juice!" Quorra gasped, excitedly rearranging herself to catch the first blast of Sam's jizz on her chin, parting her lips in time to receive the second volley on her tongue.

"Unnnnhhhfffuuuck!" Sam grunted as he unloaded burst after burst of salty spunk onto Quorra's little pink tongue, opening his eyes through the pleasure to look down at her flawless face and finding himself shocked to see his cum glowing bright blue in the half-light of the room.

Quorra was grinning with satisfied delight as she collected every last drop of the electric blue discharge on her extended tongue, a few scant drops falling from her chin to splatter on her chest.

"Mmmmm!" She moaned, seemingly content that she'd harvested all she could of Sam's luminous semen, sliding her tongue back into her mouth to swallow her prize. "Tasty."

She kissed random patterns along the length of Sam's still-throbbing cock, jerking out the leftover drops of neon jism and licking him clean. Sam's head lolled back as he basked in post-orgasmic bliss.

Eventually, the time came for them to dress, their suits sliding back into place as easily as they'd receded. Quorra offered Sam one last hug and a parting kiss before he turned, bound for Zuse's sector and possibly back to the outside world beyond that.

"Good luck." She whispered with a wave of farewell.

As he left his old man's secluded retreat, Sam's mind was raging once more, but now it was with the prospect of not only returning to the real world with his long-lost father, but with Quorra as well.

After all, how could he leave behind someone as perfect as her...?


Author's Afterword:

Don't forget to vote and/or leave some feedback if you enjoyed the story. Thanks again.

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