tagInterracial LoveTroublemaker



NOTE: This story contains interracial sex and adultery. If such topics bother you then please DO NOT continue reading. This could be a familiar plot to experienced readers, but it is based on some real events in my life.

Also, Gators fans, please skip this one unless you have an open mind and are mature enough to understand this is just fiction. :-)


Heidi was no virgin when I met her. Neither was I. She had told me she had had six relationships before she met me, and how all of them had been such poor choices before she got lucky with the seventh - me. In contrast, I only had had two girlfriends before I met Heidi and I didn't have sex with one of them because she was too conservative and wanted to wait until we were officially married. So, a year or so after college I ended up fucking that conservative girl's roommate and briefly started "dating" her until I found out that that girl just a town pump. That was as far as that relationship went. After that followed years of being single and many failed attempts on the dating scene. It all changed when I met Heidi at a volunteering event. We hit off immediately and soon started dating, and ended up marrying within a year.

Sex with Heidi was amazing. Everything seemed so perfect for us that we didn't wait to have kids. We were in our tenth year of marriage and we were going as strong as ever. It was all the usual stuff in a strong and loving marriage until an old college friend of her's visited us over a long weekend. The kids were away at summer camp. We were all drinking a little too much. Patti, Heidi's friend, blurted out, "Do you know Jerome is still single? Ever since he broke up with Emily after school, he's never been in a relationship. That's fifteen goddamn years. I think he's gay and not ready to come out just yet."

"You say Jerome is gay," Heidi screamed out in laughter. She laughed so violently, that she spilled her drink all over. She then continued laughing as she said, "Madam, I can guarantee you that he's not gay!"

There a moment of silence and then Patti said, "Oh my my MY!" She blushed as she said "You never told me that before. After Emily?"

"After Emily, of course!"

We all knew what that meant. Heidi had fucked Jerome!

Patti and Heidi didn't talk more about it - probably out of respect to me - and quickly started talking about something else. Jerome was a tall, muscular black man who was part of my wife's church musical group when they were in college. I knew he had dated one of Heidi's best friends from college - Emily. Heidi had even told me that Jerome would have rather dated her than Emily but didn't make a move on her because she had a stable boyfriend throughout college. Heidi had told me so many good memories and stories involving Jerome that in my mind Jerome was a nice guy and a good friend of Heidi's and nothing more.

However, I was suddenly very very disturbed by this revelation. Jerome's name hadn't figured in the list of "boyfriends" that Heidi had given me. What hurt me more is that I knew Jerome as a good friend of Heidi's but this aspect of their relationship had always been hidden from me. It almost felt like a betrayal. It hurt me in the gut for some reason. I couldn't say why. I really didn't care about any of her other boyfriends, but why was Heidi having had sex with Jerome bothering me so much? Professional insecurity, because he was better than me professionally? Was it because he had attended our wedding without me knowing he had fucked my bride? Did he know that I did not know, or did he think I was some weakling for having allowed him to be invited to my wedding? Or was it just because he was black?

Over the next few days, the topic of Jerome was starting to weigh heavily on my mind. Heidi had noticed changes in my behavior and kept asking if something was wrong. I kept brushing it off because I hoped I could forget about this whole Jerome saga. It didn't go away. I did not have the guts, or balls, to tell her what was worrying me.

One night Heidi insisted I talk to her because she was getting worried about me. I decided to just talk about it.

"Jerome," I finally blurted out.

"What about Jerome?"

"I didn't know you had dated him?"

"Oh my God. Is it about that conversation with Patti?"


"Well, I have told you that Jerome and I would have probably dated if he wasn't so god damn religious and feeling guilty about dating white girls all the time."

"That's what you had said, but I never had the impression that you may have slept with him."

"Oh, for God's sake," said a visibly upset Heidi.

Eager to not make this sound about Jerome I quickly said, "I'm just wondering how many you more you've slept with that I don't know about. I would have rather you had told me about this before he attended our wedding. I wanted to acquire him as a friend, but he seemed to have no interest, and it's probably the history between you two I suppose?"

Heidi was stunned and almost shouted back, "It is none of your god damn business to know who all I have fucked. OK?"

"Well, it is. You invited him to our wedding without a full disclosure," I roared back.

"Danny, what the fuck is wrong with you? He's a good friend and I invited all my good friends to the wedding."

"But you didn't tell me about the exact nature of your relationship with him. You did invite Nick, and I knew he was your old boyfriend!"

There was a moment of silence. Heidi walked away and grabbed a beer as she began evaluating the situation. "You are acting very childish. So, all you want to know now is how many people I have slept with, mister?"

"Yes. Just so that this Jerome situation doesn't happen again. I'm feeling very embarrassed and hurt. I must tell you I do not know why, but I feel that your full disclosure could make our marriage stronger."

Heidi sighed, "I'm worried what you'll think about me afterwards."

"I promise to not hold anything against you," I said.

Heidi paused for several minutes and then sighed, "If that makes you happy then here goes..."

Heidi gave me a list of her six boyfriends, Jerome and about four more men that had mostly been a result of excessive drinking. Immediately after the disclosure, Heidi smirked and stormed out of the room to sleep alone in the guest suite that night.


Over the next several weeks, our relationship normalized and we began to have sex again. However, Jerome was still on my mind and it somehow made me harder thinking of his big black figure fucking my petite blonde wife. Heidi could sense the extra hardness but never asked me the reason. She was just happy with whatever I was doing to her was producing desired results. However, after finishing I would feel extremely guilty.

It wasn't like we hadn't discussed about swinging or threesomes before. Those discussions had always been hypothetical what-ifs. This latest "fetish" of mine involved a real person - a person we had actually fought over a few weeks before. It was consuming me. I had to talk about it with Heidi when the time was right.


A few weeks later when the kids were out for the night on a sleepover at their friends' house I laid out the plan. I accessorized our takeout with her favorite whiskey and weed. Kid-free nights were rare and it always involved something special and ended up with sex, so Heidi wasn't too surprised to see me pampering her. I drank little and smoked even less. Heidi was happy to take on my share of booze and puffs. Once Heidi started giggling silly, I knew it was time to move the discussion toward Jerome.

I casually said, "You've always told me about the tension between you and Jerome, so I'm curious how you ended up sleeping with him?"

Perhaps it was the tone, or perhaps it was the way I had framed the question, but Heidi didn't mind talking about it. "Well, I was visiting Atlanta for a conference and he invited me over for dinner. At that time, he was living in a studio apartment. We had a little too much to drink. We kept flirting all evening and he made moves on me, and I surrendered. That's it!"

Heidi laughed and laughed after she said that. I listened. "It was good sex. Some god damn good sex I tell you. After that we went on a few holidays - sex holidays - here and there. Vegas. Vegas again. More Vegas. And Cancun too."

My dick was getting hard and my dirty mind yearned for more details. It definitely looked like Heidi and Jerome were more than just an one-night stand that I had thought it had been.

"So, you were dating him then?"

"I was interested, but he felt too guilty about dating white girls. I proposed a friends with benefits relationship, but he never openly agreed on that. So, I would just plan trips and invite him along and we would just end up in bed all that time," Heidi laughed, "His nickname for me was troublemaker!"

Heidi was now laughing hysterically when she said, "That poor bastard finally got over his guilt and contacted me for a serious date, but I had to decline because I had already agreed to marry you by then and didn't want anyone else. You are so perfect in every way, my darling. Even at the wedding he told me should there be any trouble in the marriage then I should call him first. I think he missed the boat on this chick."

I breathed a sigh of relief and felt immense love for my wife all of a sudden. It certainly seemed like her relationship with Jerome was all about pure lust.

"Have you talked to him of late?"

"No, not really. We've not been in touch since the wedding actually."

"Do you think he's still interested in fucking you?"

"Interested? Is that even a question? For the love of God, Danny, he's a flesh and blood man. You're a man. Think about it. All that is there in the brains of men is sex, right? Of course, he's fuck me. I bet he won't even think twice even if he saw the rings on my finger and sensed an opportunity," said Heidi.

"What about you my dear?"

Heidi paused and then giggled. "Is that a trick question? Do you want me to lie or tell the truth?"

"Oh come on. Tell me the truth."

"I would not fuck him. I am married, right," laughed Heidi.

"You were never a good liar," I said as I grabbed her and kissed her.

"Maybe I would fuck him then? Just for fun," laughed Heidi. "Will it make you jealous? I am a troublemaker, you know? Do you want me to be a troublemaker?"

"You are a troublemaker! You really want to fuck Jerome?"

"I gladly would fuck him if my husband wants me to," giggled Heidi.

"I think I would even enjoy watching you fuck him. It is going to be some hot shit."

"You are all talk, mister."

"I really mean it."

"You're not a jealous man, uh? You want a hot wife? Come here my stud," Heidi said as she grabbed me and kissed me passionately. "I want you to fuck me! NOW!"

What followed that was the most incredibly hot and passionate session of sex we had ever had. Heidi had been clearly turned on by the fact that we had been discussing about Jerome. I had imagined that Jerome was fucking her and not me, and that had turned me on like crazy. Was Heidi thinking about getting fucked by him while I fucked her? I didn't dare ask her just yet.


A few weeks later, the kids were off at the grandparents' and we had a date night. Heidi picked out a bar in the industrial part of town. The ambience was great and they had some great beers. However, I could sense that something was not right and Heidi seemed a bit unsettled. Normally, on date nights, she would be guzzling down alcohol like there was no tomorrow, but she had settled into her martini while I was already with my second mug. She just gave me a nervous smile whenever I looked at her. Her unusual quietness was bothering me.

"Anything wrong, honey," I finally asked.

"Looks like Jerome's running a little late," she quickly blurted, and looked away. It was as if she was almost embarrassed and scared.

"Jerome? The Jerome?"

Heidi nodded.

I was stunned and that feeling of extreme insecurity I originally battled with came right back. There were strange butterflies in my stomach.

"I thought that dude lived in Atlanta or some place in the deep south?"

"Yes he does live in Atlanta. He is in town for a conference. I only found out this afternoon while stalking him on Facebook. I asked if you and I can catch up with him since it has been so long since we met. He's in a hotel nearby and flying out tomorrow. So, he suggested we meet here."

"You were stalking him on Facebook? And what's this meeting about," I asked almost half expecting it to be related to our recent discussions about Jerome. It had to be because Heidi hadn't mentioned Jerome at all until a few seconds before.

Heidi cleared her throat, swallowed her drink and tried to talk but her voice was failing. She finally managed to say "Listen, I just wanted to give you a choice. Just to see if you really meant what you said. Remember, it is going to be your choice."

"What choice? What did I say," I asked just to confirm if what I was thinking was where she was going.

"Just to see if you really wanted to follow through on that fantasy of yours to watch me with him," she whispered nervously.

I was stunned. I was turned on. I was feeling nervous and weak. I wanted to leave, but that would make me a talker and not a doer. I wanted to see her with Jerome, but that would expose me as being weak and a cuckold. My heart pounded and I felt the tension hit the roof.

"Have you told him," I said when I finally found my voice.

"Of course not. I just wanted to see how things went between you two first now that you know about my history with him. I want to see if you still think it's a good idea to go through with this. You could be completely turned off by the thought too. It is going to be your call," she said with a wink. Suddenly, it looked like Heidi was steering this conversation and all the burden was on me.

"First, I need another drink. A strong one," I said as I tried to evaluate the situation.

"Honey, we can talk and just go home. He doesn't know about our discussions or intentions," said Heidi.

"I think need to relax. It is all too much too quickly."

"Do you need something to help you," asked Heidi as she gave me a couple of joints.

"Yes, those will definitely help. Let me go out for some fresh air while I think about this."

"Take your time honey."

With my nerves calmer, I decided it would be too much for me because it was all so sudden. I wanted to go to Heidi and confess I was going to chicken out. I re-entered the bar and saw that Heidi was next to Jerome and laughing about something with him. There was another black man who seemed to be part of the conversation as well.

"Hi Jerome," I said as I interrupted them.

"Hey Danny, my man. How are you doing," asked Jerome with a big handshake and a hug.

"I'm doing well man. Nice to see you after so long."

"It is. Heidi just got hold of me this afternoon. Didn't know you guys were living here. By the way, this is my buddy Marlon," said Jerome introducing me to his friend.

The four of us talked about random things. I mostly talked with Marlon while Heidi and Jerome caught up on stories from school. Marlon's eyes were wandering and I could see him checking out my pretty blonde wife. That was turning me on too.

After a few more drinks, Jerome wanted went to use the restroom. I asked Marlon if he could be so kind as to get us refills on the drink. I wanted to talk to Heidi. "What do you think, honey?"

"Like I said before it is up to you. Don't you think Jerome's gotten sexier since the last time we saw him," winked Heidi.


"Have you talked about it with Jerome yet?"

"I kinda invited him to the house. I think it will be easier to get the ball rolling there than here, right?"

"And what did he say?"

"He was open to the idea of staying over at our house tonight and catching his flight tomorrow. I think that's the start. It's up to you now."

Just then Jerome came back. "Did you guys order any more drinks?"

"Yeah, Marlon's getting them."

Heidi nudged me. "Ask!"

It certainly looked like Heidi wanted Jerome more than I wanted to see her with Jerome.

"Jerome, would you like to take this party back to our place? Maybe sleep over? I can drop you off to the airport tomorrow."

"I would love to. Let me fetch Marlon and we can stop by to get our bags from the hotel."

As Jerome left, Heidi looked a little disappointed when she said, "Wait, did he just say that Marlon coming too?"

"It looks like it. I think Jerome thought we were inviting both of them over."

"But we didn't invite Marlon!"

"Heidi, he doesn't know our plans."


"Looks like that's not happening tonight," I giggled as I strangely enjoyed Heidi's frustration.

Heidi seized on that and angrily said, "You're happy about that? For ruining my night? Asshole."

"Whoa! Hold on my dear. We can do something about it I am sure," I said trying to redeem myself.

Heidi showed me her middle finger and stormed out of the bar.


Heidi calmed down significantly on the drive. She was very quiet and looked like she was in deep thought until we arrived at their hotel.

"You guys go get your bags. Danny and I will wait in the the car," Heidi said authoritatively.

As the two men left us alone, Heidi said, "Danny, listen. Marlon can sleep in the guest room down by the basement. We'll put Jerome in the kids room next to our bedroom."

"That could work."

"No, that's not it. I want to talk about this with Jerome in private."

"What's on your mind?"

"When we get home, you take Marlon out to bring us back some booze. Drive to a far away store."

"How much time do you need?"

"Don't know. How about an hour?"

"An hour? Are you planning on fucking him or what?"

"I don't know what it will take, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

"But I want to watch."

"I cannot promise that. If I fuck him, I'll tell you all the juicy details. That I can promise."


"I don't think there's another way. After Marlon and you come back, you'll know Jerome's answer by how I refer to you. 'Danny' means a he won't let you watch, and a 'honey' means a yes. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am," I said.

"Good. Now, I'm giving you one last chance to say no to all this before we set the wheels in motion for my plan. What's your call?"

"Honey, I see how much you want this. My dick's been hard all evening. Do you think I'll say no?"

Heidi smiled as she kissed me. "I love you."


As per the plan, I dropped off Heidi and Jerome at our house and dragged along Marlon to go booze shopping with me. All through the drive and the shopping, my mind was preoccupied with dirty thoughts about what could be happening at home. Was Jerome having a conversation with my wife, or were they doing something more? Would Heidi tell me everything? How I wished I was a fly on the wall or had a spy camera at home.


I made sure there was plenty of noise as I pulled into my driveway. I even "accidentally" honked to signal my arrival. I just wasn't going to take any chances because Marlon was with me.

I pulled into the garage and walked into the living room with Marlon and the booze. Jerome was sitting all alone in his boxers and a t-shirt and watching TV. He had a wry smirk when I made eye contact with him. I wondered what his answer was. I wondered what was going through his mind.

"Where's Heidi," I asked.

"She's in her bedroom," he said.

"Why don't the two of you help yourselves to some drinks while I go talk to Heidi," I said as I walked to my bedroom.

My heart was pounding like crazy as I walked into the bedroom. Heidi had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting in her bathing robe at her dressing table. She had a dreamy and satiated look on her face as she stared at herself in the mirror. I looked around the room and I could understand the reason for Heidi's glowing face.

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