tagSci-Fi & FantasyTrue Fantasy Ch. 01

True Fantasy Ch. 01


Ch.01 - Iyva's Seduction

This is my first Literotica submission. I would be happy with any feedback. This story is hopefully going to be many many parts (if you like it). I wanted to get the characters down AND reward you for your patience with some action, whilst keeping it short and sweet so you dont get too bored! I have done my best to make every paragraph as scintillating as the last, and by the time you get there it will taste all the sweeter for your perseverance. When I started writing I started writing for the women, but as it went on I decided that it could be just as appealing for the man, especially with the build-up of suspense, so the "-" symbol denotes a change between the male or female point of view. Please enjoy!

"What the hell did you expect Iyva?" He slammed the door behind him.

My father had just informed me I was to marry the older brother of a good friend of mine. At my young age I expected to wait another two or three years before even being eligible to marry, but apparently the war had changed everything and I needed to produce an heir because my mother could not. Being the oldest girl always had its benefits, but now I wanted to be anything but.

I tried to sleep that night, but I would not be able to. Matthew had always been aloof and it seemed he tried not to even look at me. I could not believe I was being forced to marry this man just so my father was allowed to fight on the front lines of his stupid war. He wanted to expand his empire... That was all. He did not care what he put his people through. He did not care what he put his own daughter through. I hated being the daughter of a King and being told I should be thankful for it every day of my life.

Two days later I found myself wearing make up for the first time, my breasts pushed up so high I felt they were getting in the way, and my corset so tight I could barely breathe. Adding my nervous disposition towards meeting Matthew for the first time since being told I would be his wife meant I felt ready to faint at the drop of a hat.

"It has been a long time Iyva." Matthew grinned as he stepped down from his carriage. He gave me his arm and I allowed him to escort me into the dining hall. Matthew was much taller than I was, his added ten years showing in how easy everything was for him. He knew how to act and what to do, whereas I had been given a more formal education on etiquette only in the last few months. I could feel the muscle underneath his shirt. I guess I could do a lot worse than Lord Matthew Branson.

When we sat down to eat we did not speak a word, and let my parents do all the talking. I nodded politely, not trusting myself to speak. I would only say something I regretted later. I could not help but think of what his skin would feel like next to mine, and all plenty of other things I had only ever heard the maids discuss.

"I was thinking of taking Princess Iyva to the hunting lodge after breakfast. There are some marvellous purple flowers I have never seen blooming before, I do not even know the name of them. We could take lunch with us, if that is acceptable." My father looked delighted that Matthew was so enthusiastic.

"Oh don't worry Matthew I don't want to put you out." I tried to put it off. I did not want to spend any time alone with him. My voice cracked, and I felt like I had been found out, and that my thoughts were written across my forehead.

"Don't be silly Iyva I would love to show them to you." He grinned and looked at my father.

"Yes of course. You shall be married in two months; I do not see the need to send a chaperone with you."

"Don't worry your majesty, I won't let her get into any trouble."

"Glad to hear it Matthew, glad to hear it." My father turned to his new wife and continued a private conversation with her.

"I hope you keep to your word, Lord Matthew." I avoided his gaze.

"Of course. I shan't let you out of my sight." He smirked.

I was still not used to riding side saddle, and I sat stiffly in my corset. Matthew walked his horse next to mine and mounted. He was very sure of himself, walking with a sort of swagger. I tried not to think of him as handsome but it was impossible. He was very tall, immaculately dressed. You could tell he was well built, and I couldn't help thinking about what our first night together would be like, no matter how much I was scared of it.

I needed time to clear my head and a ride would do just that. I swung my leg back over the horse to ride normally and cantered off as fast as I could towards the lodge. It took only a few hours to get there if you were going fast. I could hear Matthew swearing behind me. I did not mean to make him angry, but I could not help but need some space after this morning's breakfast. I was panting hard, restricted by the corset. I tried to catch my breath but I could not. Just as I decided to slow down, a deer darted across the trail and spooked the horse. He quickened his pace and belted off. I tried as hard as I possibly could to hold on. The sun beating down and the quick pace soon got to me, and I found my grip loosening as my world turned black. I did not feel the floor as I fell from the horse, I was already out.


By the time I caught up to her she must have been lying on the floor for over five minutes. Her voluminous skirts had ridden up as she fell, and I could see her supple young legs were open slightly. Her chest was rising and falling, she had obviously just knocked herself out. The corset was not going to help, obviously. I walked around the front of her and looked at her panties. Pretty skimpy for a princess, I grinned, they were frilly and silky pink but they barely covered her modesty. I had waited to have her for over a year now. I saw how she had blossomed and how she was not interested in any men, and knew I had to be the one to show her the delights of womanhood. Thankfully, I had the king eating from the palm of my hand as I had already agreed I would get him an heir within a year of marriage. The poor old man actually wanted me to screw his daughter, it was almost laughable.

I bent over and slowly removed her knickers. She was nicely trimmed and kept herself neat. I do not like it when they shave, it can get prickly if they don't keep on top of it, and so this was perfect for me. It was all I could do not to rape her right there and then... but I wanted her to enjoy it, if I possible. It would be foolish to put her off forever when I could have her every day of my life if I were lucky enough to get her to want it. I smelt the knickers before putting them in my breast pocket, savouring the smell so I could look forward to her even more.

We were just round the corner from the lodge, so I carried her to the upstairs bedroom and lay her on the bed. Good, it has posters. That could be useful to tie her to in future. I went to the bathroom and got some cold water and a flannel. It took a couple minutes of talking and dabbing her face before she started to come round rather groggily.

"Welcome back." I laughed.

"My back hurts" She wheezed slightly. "I can't breathe very well." She looked panicked.

"Well there is an easy way to solve that. But you are not going to like it." She looked up at me like I was the only person that existed in the world, fear in her eyes.

"Please help me." She gasped.

I rolled her onto her front and loosened the corset. I was tempted to take it off entirely but I knew I would have to convince her I was a good person before taking it that far.


I could feel him undoing the corset. I knew it was wrong but I needed to breathe. The damn maid had done it up too tight, I knew it. I could breathe better as soon as he started to loosen the strings and relaxed back onto the bed when he was finished. I thought for a terrible moment he would take the whole thing off, but he did not go that far.

I calmed down and stared at the ceiling. I suddenly realised I was not wearing any panties.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I shot upright and clutched towards my crotch. I knew he had them. I did not even have to look at him. How could he have gone there, in my most intimate of places, while I was so vulnverable? Did he do anything else while he was there?

I jumped off the bed but he was in the doorway. The window was the only other option. He did not move and I could see him grinning. I swung round and opened it. Oh my god... we were on the top floor. There was three floors below this, I would never survive that drop, and if I did I would hardly be in a fit state to defend myself. I let out a sob that I could not keep in. I had to know.

"What did you do to me?!" I glared at him, shaking with fear and rage.

"Only what you know I have done. I found you on the floor, and knew you were fine. I could not resist taking them, they looked so sweet and I needed something to distract me from doing more. I did not do what you think I did, I promise you that. If I had, you would damn well know something was different, that is for sure." He grinned again. I was terrified, but I could not help but feel a thrill of excitement. He made it sound so innocent, like it was completely reasonable for him to do that.

"I will tell my father." I spat.

"Do you think he will believe you? And what makes you think that you will get to him first? Iyva there are so many things I could do to you right now, but I am not doing them until you want me to because I want you to want me just as much as I want you." He lent on the doorframe, still blocking my way.

"Why would I ever want you to?" I gasped.

"I have seen the way you have looked at me today. I might be big and scary but you can't help getting hot at the thought of me. I doubt you even really know what it is you want. You lead a very sheltered life, and trust me; the maids talk is not a true representation of the act of love. There are so many things I can do to make you want it, but I don't think I will have to, because I think you want to already. I think you were thinking about it over breakfast." He pulled my knickers from his pocket and toyed with the elastic.

"I, no. No I was not." I snapped, flustered. "Can I have those back, please!" I almost felt like bursting into tears. It made me feel so powerless, being so trapped. He had the power to destroy my world in the palm of his hands.

"There might be one way I would give them back." He shut the door and walked slowly around the bed "I will give them back on one condition." He smiled an almost wicked smile.

"Which is?" I backed slowly away.

"I know you want me. I will give them back if you let me have you. Today, now." He walked to the window and looked out.

"I do not want that!" I ran to the door and tried to pull it open. It was locked. I turned around and Matthew was holding out a key. He sniffed my knickers and lay the key in the crotch. He then attached them to the window on the outside, so that anyone who walked past and looked up would see them. He shut the window and locked it, slipping the key into the breast pocket of his jacket.

"No! Please don't, please take them down." I ran over to him and tried to get to his breast pocket. He grabbed my elbows and held them together behind my back, pushing my breasts against his chest. I tried my best not to look at them, but he pushed me up against him and I could not help but breathe hard as I felt what was in his pants. I knew what would happen, but the size of it scared me out of my wits.

"What is the difference if it happens now, or in two months? It will happen one day, you should enjoy it. I will not do anything that you do not want me to do, and you will get your panties back."


I could hardly contain myself, she looked so defenceless. Her fear had made the colour rise to her cheeks and her breasts were heaving against me. They were much larger than I had anticipated, and I was pleasantly surprised. I had given all the credit to the corset, when in fact it was her own body I was admiring. She was so easy to restrain and completely helpless. I had not meant to take advantage so obviously and so quickly but I wanted her more than any other girl I had ever set eyes on. I had been with plenty of virgins but she was clearly exquisite, and more than that, she was pure and delicate. I knew I should not be treating her so harshly, but I wish she could know the restraint I was showing already. I was rock hard and waiting for her to get on with deciding. I could wait two months and have her for definite, but I wanted her now. Now gods damn her. She would not make a rapist out of me. She has to want it. If I can get as far as her letting me touch her then I will know for sure whether I turn her on or not. I pray to god she is dripping wet because I cannot handle not having her today. She started to cry and go limp, resigned to what I would do to her. But I need more than this.

I picked her up and placed her on the bed, where she lay limply, tears silently rolling down her cheeks. I walked to the window and unlocked it, getting her knickers back. I knew no one would be coming to the hunting lodge today and would never have put her virtue in doubt, for her to marry me she must be thought pure or I would not be allowed to be with her. I sat next to her and turned her face towards me. I put the knickers in her hand.

"I am sorry. I need you Iyva. You do not understand what it is like to feel this way. Lust can completely take over a man and make him blind to reason or morals. I cannot wait for two more months, I am going insane as it is. I want you to enjoy every second. Please let me Iyva. I can make you feel more pleasure than you even know exists at the moment, and I promise I won't hurt you. I am going to take you one day, please let it be now." Well, that was a little white lie. It was going to hurt, but she would still want it. I just need to get to her pussy, and she will want it.

"You promise you won't hurt me, or tell father?" She met my eyes for the first time since I had given her panties back.

"I promise Iyva." I took her hand and kissed it. I knew I could never expect her to say it out loud while she was not turned on, but I knew she had given in.


When I looked into his eyes I saw he meant it. I would let him. He was right, I was going to have to let him in two months anyway, it would not get any less terrifying in the in the meantime.

He walked around the bed and looked under it. He came back up with what looked like a scarf. He came back to me.

"This will make everything feel so much better. I am not going to tie you up, I just want to make sure you cannot see what I am about to do. It will make you more sensitive." I tried to protest but he ignored me and tied it round my face. I sort of liked not being able to see. It made it less scary when I did not have to watch his every move to tell where he was going and what he was going to do.

He pulled me forward and stood me up. I had to hold onto his arms to steady myself now that I could not see. He put his arms around my waist and lifted me slightly so he could kiss my lips. He put one of his hands around my neck and for a moment I was scared for my life, till he moved it down. Though it was scary, the only thing I could be aware of was his touch on my body and the sound of his breathing.

He undid the back of my dress more and let it fall to the floor. I caught it without thinking and clung onto it. I realised what I was doing and hesitated, before finally letting it fall all the way to the floor. I would normally have been wearing a large petticoat and vest, but because of the corset dress I could not wear a vest or it would ruffle and be uncomfortable. I did not need a petticoat as it was a warm day. I was completely naked apart from my white knee high socks and shoes. Matthew had already removed my knickers. I could not see him but I could feel has gaze on me, and it made me squirm. I had the urge to cover up, but I knew it would be useless. I had to let him see some day.


She stood holding my arms, but her elbows were close to her body and I could tell she was trying as hard as she could not to cover herself. I was so hard it was almost painful, and I knew I would have to take things slowly for her or we would both be disappointed. I removed her hands from me and held her steady till she stood on her own. She had lovely round, pert and full breasts. I knew I was the first to see them and the thought turned me on even more. Her nipples were hard, but I could not tell if it was the temperature or if she wanted more. I found her socks unbelievably cute, exaggerating her innocence and symbolising her youth. Her feet were tiny and she was tottering on high heels that would not be helping her balance with her eyes closed.

I touched her shoulder and she gasped, jumping so much her breasts bobbed. I turned her around to look at her bottom. It was round and pert, just like her breasts. I turned her back round and lightly stroked her chest above her breasts. She started to breathe heavily and wring her hands. Her mouth was slightly open and she licked her lips twice. I moved slightly lower and paid careful attention to her reaction. Her cheeks reddened as I moved below her breasts. I moved across her stomach and down the outside of her thigh. I lifted her left foot and caught her hand as she grasped for me so I could steady her. I removed her shoe and her sock, and then did the same for the right foot. I could tell every single touch was affecting her. Even touches on her arms or face were alien to her, and she felt them all the more for it.

The glimpse I had managed to gain while removing her shoes told me she was wet. I silently thanked god and gently lay her down on the bed. He legs were shut tightly so I knew she needed warming up more. I kissed her neck and gently brushed one of her nipples. She shivered and gasped and bit her lip. Yes, she was definitely very turned on, and very sensitive, but also very scared. I pinched it very lightly, and rolled it between my fingers. She shut her mouth tight and her legs squirmed.


I could not believe he was doing this to me. I could not believe my own body was doing this to me. I wanted something and did not have a clue what it was; all I knew is that he was the only person on earth who would ever be allowed to give it to me. I knew I should not be doing this, and all the doubts in my head were still there, but they were sliding slowly further away.

My body was red hot and I could feel the colour in my cheeks. I was starting to breathe harder. I had never felt like this before and it was a rather alarming experience. I was starting to squirm slightly to relieve the pressure that was starting to build between my legs. The slight movements were affecting my most private of places and I almost wanted him to touch me there. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt, and I was trying hard to keep quiet. I felt him slowly run his hands down my body to my sides, and he stroked my hips and along my ribcage. I felt him come closer, he was naked now. I could feel his skin. I could feel his breath on my neck again.

"Open them for me Iyva." He whispered almost sternly into my ear. When he said my name and the way he spoke almost made my legs obey before I had the strength to comprehend what he was asking. It sounded good when he said my name.


She whimpered and opened them ever so slightly. I cannot believe I only had to ask once. Maybe she liked being told what to do but did not know it yet.

"More Iyva." I said more harshly, my hand resting gently on her neck. She gasped and opened them wider. Her chest was heaving now and she was breathing very deeply. Her knees were pointed inwards, like she wanted to hold onto what modesty she could. I gently ran my hands down her body and pushed them slowly outwards even further. She whimpered again. I could tell now that she was enjoying every second of it. The blindfold had done its job, in that all she could think about was my hands on her body and trying to guess where they would go next.

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