The sudden predatory gleam in those ice blue eyes marked the change from what had up until then been a couple of drinks shared by old friends, to something else. Something that was darker, something that held an implicit but forbidden invitation. Even though her relaxed posture didn't change, the sudden charge in the atmosphere was unmistakeable. I could taste the pungent tang of excitement that suddenly seemed to permeate the air. While unexpected, the change wasn't unwelcome though it took a few moments to get my mental footing in this suddenly altered landscape.

The fact is I'm not your average player being neither a top, although if the energy is right I can make a convincing show of it, or a typical submissive.

Most would be tops don't like having to prove themselves both mentally & physically prior to obtaining my compliance. The challenge of overcoming a six-foot amateur boxer who also likes to match wits is not a challenge that many tops feel like taking on and unless they are at least willing to try I have learnt that the outcome is not usually worth the effort.

I've been called everything by those less than adequate individuals, SAM, wanna be top, trophy hunter. I've been accused of topping from the bottom, of trying to roll tops and all of the rest. As such my play times and play pals are now few and far between. It's a mental quirk that certainly reduces the pool of potential playmates but I've learned to live with it. When opportunities pop up from nowhere however they can be guaranteed to get my full and total attention. It's also a time when I abandon my normally cautious nature and perhaps make decisions that are less than optimal.

This was one of those times, there was no question but that this one was fully capable of chewing me up and spitting me out without so much as a break in her stride. She topped me by a good couple of inches and while the muscles weren't showy they were definitely there having built by an intense physicality and then developed in various fields of sporting and martial combat. The total package was as if some timeless Valkyrie had stepped straight out of Wagner's ring cycle and challenged me to play.

All sense of caution vanished as though it too knew better than to get in the way. The deafening bar noise suddenly dropped to a background roar and I could clearly hear every syllable as she outlined her wishes. Since those wishes largely related to her burying various bits of her into various bits of me she naturally had my full and undivided attention.

Just in case however that my attention had for some inexplicable reason wandered she delivered a playful smack to the side of my head that momentarily left me seeing stars and hearing bells. Mentally I inwardly cursed myself for being taken off guard like that, I hate it when someone gets to hang one like that on me without me directly deciding they can. Physically the blow caused a different response and I felt a low down tensing and excitement take hold of my cunt and from that point there was no going back. Whatever was on the menu I was going to be an eager participant.

The bar where we had up to then been contentedly settled suddenly lost any allure it previously possessed and with no more than a conspiratorial meeting of eyes we made a mutual decision to find an alternate location.

To any passer by it probably looked like two women walking along with arms about each other's shoulders. The reality though was different. Her seeming innocent arm draped around my shoulders led to her forearm resting along the side of my neck and with nothing more than a tensing of those muscles I could feel the pressure being gently applied to my carotid. A warning order of what was on offer, an opportunity to twist away and take hold of good sense and caution and pretend that we were just two mates going to get a meal. An opportunity that I declined without a second thought.

The unlit mouth of the alleyway offered exactly what we were looking for, an illusion of privacy and a fitting place for the dark nature of our desire. My eyes had not yet widened to adjust to the dimness when she twisted and I felt her forearm snake fully around my throat and her body slammed me into the brick wall with such force that the breath was knocked out of my chest. My cheek forced against the wall, her breath in my ear, her body holding me effortlessly in place. I felt her hand snake around my waist pulling at my belt and zipper. I tensed, ready to drop and roll. A soft but menacing laugh accompanied the tightening of her arm around my throat and I battled the blackness that threatened. "I wouldn't if I was you." I took that advice and relaxed and allowed her to tear open my belt and jeans.

Without warning I was spun and my back slammed up against the wall and a large strong hand wrapped my throat and forced my chin up. I could see her pale face now in the dim light, dark hair framing it and causing it merge into the surroundings, her eyes glinting with a vicious glee. Instinctively I raised my hands ready to bunch to fists and once again blackness threatened my consciousness. Her other hand had returned to its appointed task tearing and tugging my jeans down. By this time it was impossible to deny that I had been bested and any attempt or thought of resistance left me and I began to react instinctively to her guidance moving around to allow her access to that which she so imperiously demanded.

With my jeans half down she kicked my feet apart like some over enthusiastic cop going for the ultimate pat down search. The jeans were still stretched around my thighs preventing them spreading too far and with a grimace she accepted the reality of the limitation and forced her hand between my legs before driving into my cunt with all the delicacy of a pile driver. By any stretch of the imagination she was not a delicate woman, she had large hands and years of physical training had given her forearms and shoulders a muscularity that was now being fully employed with driving me up onto my toes and beyond. With each thrust I seemed to ride her hand six or seven inches into the air, expelling the breath from my lungs. Soon however I got the rhythm and began forcing my self down onto her hand and riding the sensation of force and power that was driving its way into me. Again the blackness threatened but this time it was not her hand around my throat but the hand buried deep within my cunt causing the dimming of my consciousness. Unable to release the pressure of what was occurring with that most instinctive of responses, a primal scream, partly due both to her still firm grip on my throat , and an overwhelming desire not to be interrupted by curious or well intentioned passers by, my consciousness was once again starting to fade.

Sensing this she pulled her hand from me and grasping my shoulder spun me around into an arm lock and pushed me stumbling a few steps to a ute parked nearby. Being slung over the bull bar and down onto the cold metal of the bonnet brought me back to full consciousness again. I felt my jeans ripped lower and I felt a moment of fear and denial as I realised that my arse was bare to anyone who walked into the alley.

Although I have many kinks exhibitionism is definitely not one of them and this was way past my comfort zone. I felt the first stirrings of a panicky fear coiling around my gut. I suppose one of the benefits of fucking your friends is that they know you well, your vulnerabilities and your fears. In this case we knew each other well, we had shared the stories of our exploits and occasionally with the lubrication of a few well-balanced pints we had shared some of our fantasies and also some of our fears. I tensed, the panic starting to overwhelm even this level of arousal. I felt her move around to my side, standing between me and the alley entrance, her voice, harsh but soft in my ear. "Do you trust me?"

Still tense I nodded.

"No, answer me properly, do you trust me?"

The funny thing was I did. I would trust this woman with my life. The question and the thought required to formulate a response calmed me and I managed to grunt out.

"Yes, Yes I do." Pulling my wrist around behind my back and pinning down me with her weight she contorted enough to be able to hook a heel around my leg forcing it further apart.

"What do you do?" Unable to understand for a moment what was being said although it was clearly a question, I remained mute.

"PAY ATTENTION! Now what is it you say you do?" This was accompanied with a tiny movement of her body that caused my arm to feel like an iron bar pressing down across my back.

With a sudden return to full cognitive function I hissed, "Trust you, I trust you." The pressure eased and I drew a deep breath before realising that the panic had subsided.

Her weight rolled slightly and her hand snaked down the crack of my butt and I felt her fingers once again driving into my wet and dripping cunt. After only one or two strokes I felt her voice in my ear again, "The angles all wrong, two solutions to this, change the angle or change the target." With that I felt her weight rise slightly. Then a wet finger demanding and gaining entrance into my arse, pulling and pushing its way in, soon to be joined by two of its fellows. Seemingly with an easier target the pile driver effect soon kicked in and I felt myself being driven up onto the bull bar. My arse was burning with its own desire apparently trying to inhale her entire hand in its greed. Abandoning all pretence at restraint now she stood up to devote her full attention to her efforts and although I didn't think it was possible my arse opened even further under her ministrations.

Frankly by now I didn't care if I was front row at the Sydney Opera House I was only interested in getting where I was going. And I was getting there fast. Suffering from a total overstimulation from every bent little brain neuron I have, I tried to stand up, before a hand on the back of my neck forced me back down. That was all that was needed and my brain exploded taking me off into its own private fireworks show, my body left behind in a convulsing, spasming , shuddering display of total surrender. When they were re-united I had time for one ragged breath before I was pulled to my feet, my jeans pulled up, pushed back against the vehicle, my shirt twisted in her hands, heard her murmur, "might as well have all three" before her mouth crushed down on mine, tongue probing and twisting past my teeth just for a moment before her lips released. Air brushed past my ear and I heard her say, "Trust is a beautiful thing."

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