tagInterracial LoveTrust Ch. 03

Trust Ch. 03


From that moment onward Iona sought out this Russ called Long Sword. The images he had spun created a need so great that she could physically feel the man she wanted most.

With Iona's exhaustive imagination, she could feel Kieren's resting on top of her. The press of his awe-inspiring body against the softness of hers felt real—skin on skin, moist from exertion. Behind her closed eyes, she could actually feel his hands squeeze her breasts with appreciation, his tongue flick one dark tip before the lips she yearned to kiss drew from it with need. His pull was strong and the feel of his teeth proved his hunger.

Her Kieren progressed upward after laying kisses between her bosom's warmth. Iona welcomed the pain of him marking her neck. Strong hands moved across her back, feeling more than just the surface of her skin but who she truly was. His cock, solid and promising, glided across the head of her clit-lubricated with her own quintessence. The push at her entrance made her gasp. The smoothness of his thrust made her exhale.

Every quiet moment became dedicated to these thoughts. As her fantasies claimed her body and mind, the ripeness of her breasts made her hardened nipples visible behind the face of anything she wore. In secret, Iona slid her hand between her thighs. She dipped her fingers past her pussy's lips and then brought those same fingers to her tongue to taste this sweetness her thoughts encouraged. She yearned for her lover's touch, to see him lick his lips in expectation. She wanted to see his response when she fed herself to him, to see his reaction to her delectable flavor.

Iona felt the heat of her own wanton desires. Her thoughts of him held power. She could smell the perfume of their lovemaking.

In Kieren's ear she whispered, "Please never leave me."

In hers he whispered, "I never left you Iona."

The smoothness of his voice caused shivers as his words echoed in her mind. Just as her imagination mounted, reality set in.

Kieren's other words replaced the imagined endearments.

"What would possess you to believe that I would bother myself with the thought of fully using something that has no use? How could something empty and broken hold anything for me? Of what satisfaction could you possibly give? When I need comfort or warmth I go where it exists."

Sadness would then grip Iona. The sudden shift of thought caused dizziness and the start of tears.

For all these feelings, Iona thanked Russ and cursed him. Her mind sought him to declare both.

Russ proved to be quite promiscuous and less committed to Iona's safety. As a show of great appreciation for his favors, women delivered honey coated breads, pies, and homemade sweets of various kinds to the Longhouse. The impression was that their innocent offerings were for all the men that dined. The so called gifts were never distributed equally. They found their way to Long Sword's table. If so inclined, he shared.

Besides finding him to be an enormous whore, Iona learned that he was a fierce warrior noted for his stealth. He was said to have a blade so swift that it was only detected after its purpose was completed. His aim with the bow was revered. Taught by Kieren from a young age, Long Sword was often compared to Kieren but fell short. This was the cause of many arguments and challenges between the two men; Kieren always triumphed. Russ' love and respect for his brother ran deep. The two were like one, yet always at battle. No one dared intercede; they were quick to join forces. To be the source of their focus could prove painful.

Iona often found Russ in the process of indulging his appetites. His preferences varied, some of the young women were quite fleshly and others could be easily blown by the wind. From their sounds, the women were more than grateful for his attentions.

Russ was never shocked or embarrassed by Iona's intrusions. While licking the smoothness of whoever's neck, he would wink as if Iona and he were in cohorts.

Iona would lick her tongue at him.

Russ warned her once. With a sly smile, he told her that he might put that tongue to use.

"You would fancy something so nauseating," Iona returned with a disgusted look on her face.

This brought nothing but laughter. "You would find the touch of my tongue more talented than the touch of your hand."

"So you would like to believe," she threw back at him.

"Remember little flower," he said, his face somewhat sober, "you are the one seeking me out, not the other way around."

"You can..."

"I know," Russ interceded with a grin, "kiss the curve of your brown ass."

Iona was suddenly paralyzed when he moved closer and lowered his head to whisper in her ear. She could feel the heat that was him.

"Unlike the others, your request for kisses only brings me nearer," he told her. "I would enjoy what you offer. Keep in mind, a kiss would not be enough for a man like me. I bite."

Iona attempted to slap him, which only brought more laughter. She stamped off in a huff.

Russ watched her walk away. He knew the truth of his words. The exploration of his thoughts caused his groin to tighten.

"Kieren needs to return for what is his," he whispered to himself.

Long Sword became Iona's new source of entertainment. She was certain of her hate for him, at least until she saw him next. Their exchanges resulted in an attempted slap and a frustrated Iona. She never failed to curse him while walking away, which of course he laughed at.

Russ had always found Iona entertaining. Her sultry lips could be sweet one second and salty the next. Her wit was quick. Her craftiness was endless. No one made him laugh as quickly as she did.

He saw the fire in her eyes, even as she sat freezing in the cage they found her in. The memory of her past situation still moved him. He would never find it amusing. His brother's interest in the girl was no mystery to him. Russ had immediately felt her pull as well. The day she stood gazing at the sea truly weakened him. He had seen no fire in her eyes as she passed. Despair emanated from her like the smoke of a dying flame. Russ had sent Gunner to distract her. It was not the orders of his brother he feared. He had feared her loss.


One day the hunt for Long Sword held little interest for Iona. Like her he seemed distracted and Iona barely noticed when he disappeared. An incurable restlessness overwhelmed her. Something was there in her mind, but just beyond her reach. Her skin became overly sensitive. Every shift in the air could be felt by the slight hairs on her arms. But, there was no wind in the leaves of trees. In spite of the sun's heat, she would find herself shivering. There were moments when she felt the brush of water against her legs. Familiar things became strange. Grooves and smooth surfaces became more detailed. The need to touch and be touched plagued her. She feared that her mood was evident. Those around her seemed to sense it. Their interactions with her were odd. There was an unknown influence drifting. She was both elated by it and in fear of it.

Every minute passed slowly. At the end of the day she felt exhausted, but the rise of the moon brought no relief. Iona's dreams were disturbing; she tossed and turned. In her dreams, waves of water crashed against her as Kieren watched. She tried to tell him that she could not swim. Her words were lost. The touch of his hands soothed her. He tasted of salt. Her delights became nightmares as the sea filled her lungs.

His whisper was in her ear. It was soft and loving, but its intent broke her heart.

"Never forget what I say to you today, for I shall not."

Wrapped in sorrow, she rose in the earliest part of the morning. The need to watch the sun eventually rise settled upon her. Its birth always gave her hope.

Before entering the main hall, familiar sounds brought her to a halt. There was moaning of the most sensual kind. A woman purred with words of adoration. The man responded in harsh tones, low enough to be hushed by the slight crackling of the hearth. What came next was unmistakable. The man groaned with satisfaction as he obviously gave the woman what she begged for. She was immediately silenced.

The sound of his satisfaction made Iona long to be the cause. The erotic humming of the woman only increased that desire. This man had to be truly gifted. The woman was apparently gifted as well. She stopped to ask him if he missed what she was doing. A sound rose from him in confirmation to compliment her efforts. Iona wished to see the technique of this woman. Russ rarely responded in such a way. Not once did he tell the woman to quiet down. This was unique. If Iona wished to win Kieren's attentions, she would need to have such techniques.

Iona dropped to her knees so that her shadow would not reveal her presence, and crawled forward. She could see the bottom half of Russ's bare, muscular legs spread. Positioned between his legs was a woman on her knees. She had to be taking him in her mouth. She would grasp the cheeks of his firm ass and pull him into her.

Iona crawled out further and hid herself under one of the tables.

Their movements stopped. When the woman protested, Russ hushed her. He was obviously surveying the large hall.

Iona held her breath. Little passed Russ when it came to her trickery. Too, he had a certain sense about things. As if by magic he could appear and disappear without sound; but, no one could claim having done the same to him.

Iona was relieved when they continued. She was on the verge of passing out.

Damned Russ, she thought.

From her new position, Iona could see the other woman taking him deep within the cavern of her mouth. She could not completely devour him and her lips were stretched wide around him. Pulling back she then dipped her head to lick and suck his full sacks. The flat of her tongue also licked up the underside of his cock with care. It appeared to have the most rewarding of flavors. As she did that, one hand encircled and messaged his hardness.

Iona caught sight of him fully erect. For the first time she realized that Russ was quite capable of splitting a woman in two. In her shock, she mistakenly made a sound.

The man pulled the woman off of his cock by the hair and quieted her protest. Once again he combed the room for movement.

Iona stayed perfectly still and held her breath once more.

Suddenly he growled, pulling so firmly on her hair that she remained stationary. He began to fuck her mouth at his own pace. Iona thought him to be too rough. This was so unlike Russ. The woman gagged before encouraging him with the pull of her hands. He showed no generosity or consideration as he pursued his satisfaction.

Iona loved the way a man's ass flexed as he drove into a woman. She could clearly see him from the side and that dent his flexing created. As the speed of his motion increased, Iona grew wet. His harshness was as exciting as the act itself.

She had promised to not touch herself anymore. Besides finally admitting it to be an improper habit, it only seemed to increase the hunger of her nature—thanks to Russ. Watching him fuck the mouth of the woman only made Iona's body desperate for fulfillment. Iona's clit was swollen and pulsating. Her breasts grew firm. They pleaded for touch. Iona's imagination became alive and combined with what her eyes saw. His rhythm became her rhythm. She wished it was Kieren fucking her with such vigor. She imagined the feel of him against her tongue, him hitting the back of her throat and slipping further. Even the pain of him roughly pulling her hair made her want him more.

Iona's need for Kieren was so strong that he could have her any way he pleased. If his desire was to fuck her as he did before, she would bend over and spread her ass to receive him. Her surrender would be complete. Even his abuse would be welcomed because she was already his. He was what she lived for. Each plunge deep inside of her would only bring him closer. Having him inside of her, for him to flood her with his spirit was her craving. This was the only way she could reclaim her own. He was the only one that could place her heart back in its place.

Iona had to cover her mouth as she crested in unison with him. It was so important that they not hear her sounds intermingle with their own.

He asked the girl something in a gruff undertone. The woman obviously could not speak. He pulled out of her mouth and his cum, thick and continuous, spouted out on her face and into her hair. Iona almost missed it; she was so caught up in her own pleasure. The woman held her head back, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to receive the last surge. He did not deny her request.

The woman then laughed in satisfaction and Iona immediately recognized the sound. It was Astrid. She had laughed enough at Iona to be easily identified. Astrid did not bother to wipe her reward away before she stood. Iona gained great satisfaction in the fact that Russ had aggressively fucked Astrid's mouth, especially since she had spoken so ugly to Iona.

Astrid appeared to be begging again. He pushed her away. She teased him by working him with her hand. There was no need; he was still somewhat full as if he had not emptied himself. He could easily fuck her if he chose.

Iona was amazed that was possible. But then again, it was Russ— big whore.

Iona repositioned herself and rose up on her knees to get a better look. Astrid raised one leg resting it on a table. The woman was bold and desperate. She was trying to force him into her.

He was not interested, or so Iona thought. Iona stood in time to catch him pulling Astrid's leg up further with his arm, lifting her entire body with the other, and dropping her on top of a table. While she was on her back, he grabbed her ankles dragged her toward him until her ass hung slightly off the edge. He pushed her knees toward her chin. Her feet rested against his chest as he pressed forward, lifting her ass up to meet his cock. When he jammed himself into her, Astrid grunted. He ignored her sounds. He rammed himself inside her and began aggressively fucking her

Iona enjoyed the fact that he seemed not to care for Astrid's comfort as he propelled deeper. She could hear the sounds he made with every push.

Astrid's voice rose as disgusting words left her lips. Even with those words she still could summon the hunger of any man, Iona thought.

Russ fucking Astrid, of all people, angered Iona too. He could have any woman in the village and surrounding settlements. Why would he slum with the pigs?

Shaking her head, Iona then positioned herself so that she could easily be seen. This necessity allowed her the upper hand in teasing both Astrid and Russ later. She would clear her throat once he was finished with his assault.

As usual, Russ had his hair knotted at the top of his head. He was tall but lifted Astrid into him as if her weight was nothing.

"Is this what you plead for?" he growled, lifting her higher and increasing the arch in her back. There was an unusual bass to his voice.

Astrid kept saying yes until her final outburst...


Iona quickly put her hand to her mouth and suddenly felt light headed. She did not feel faint, she felt like emptying her stomach.

Kieren slammed himself into his lover once more before pulling out and spilling across her middle. He stood up fully and stretched his back in all his magnificence. Iona had never seen his hair that way. Maybe that was why she did not recognize him at first. Now it became more than apparent. Russ could be compared to Kieren, but in no way could he replace Kieren in form.

How could she be so stupid? Astrid was who he had chosen upon his return. Astrid was where he came for warmth. Who was the pig now?

Iona gagged into her hands before bending over and loosing herself. A sensitive stomach had never been an issue with her. She hated that, of all times, her body chose now to reveal a weakness. She was shamed by the immediate look of recognition Kieren gave right before she bent over.

"Iona," Kieren began to plead.

"Step away," Brenna demanded. "Do not lay one finger on her."

Iona felt the comfort of Brenna's hand rubbing her back. She did not want to stand straight and be seen this way by either Astrid or Kieren.

Brenna shielded Iona with her body, leading the girl out of view.

Kieren, still naked, came to the opening leading to the kitchen.

Iona did not have to see him; she could feel his pity as Brenna led her away.

"Iona," he called out.

"Kieren," Brenna yelled back at him, "you are an ass. You are an ass with no sensitivity. Was there not a better way to let her know of your return? This house is large but not enough for your uncontrolled maleness."

"The bitch came to my bed," Kieren declared in his defense.

He then realized how weak he must sound.

Brenna replied. "Then that is where you should have fucked her."

Brenna had only emphasized what Kieren thought of himself. Again he had lost his honor in the eyes of Iona. He had added insult to insult, therefore guilt on top of guilt. His return was only due to Brenna's encouragement in regards to the girl. Brenna had sent a message that Iona missed him and her feelings for him was not weakened by whatever misdeed he had committed but grew. Kieren had come to make his appeal and, if possible, gain Iona's favor.

His opportunity was now lost.

Kieren had been angered beyond compare with Iona the night he degraded her. Pride had taken him beyond reason. Even in his fury he knew himself to be wrong. He could not look into the faces of those most concerned. He could give them no explanation. He left them, his ship and his home. He did not leave without issuing orders with consequences clearly understood.

He realized the completeness of the words he whispered so harshly into Iona's ear. If they had been spoken to a man, that man would guard his life with fear. Iona was no man. She was a woman of distinct sensitivity, sensitivities that required more than he could offer. He was ill equipped for the emotions she drew from him. Kieren had believed himself to be her greatest threat.

However as he drifted further away from her, Kieren's anger dissipated. By the time the desire for her presence consumed him, he was beyond the point of return. Once again he related to Iona's state. When trapped, she reacted as any soul would. She clawed her way free. He had reasoned that Iona wanted freedom; she just had no idea what she wanted to be free of.

Anger then intensified towards himself. Kieren felt heartless and it showed. His hunger for the fight escalated. He gambled with his life to dull pain. His aggression frightened his men. Upon realization that the legends were truths, Kieren's enemies died with their eyes still open.

For Kieren his feats offered no diversion.

When Kieren received Brenna's message, he was drenched in the blood of others.

His War Ship was pulled alongside of another. He had been the first to leap onto the other vessel and immediately claim lives. With Kieren taking the lead in the attack, there was little effort needed from his men.

His men now gathered the cargo of the defeated and transferred it to a close by knörr, one of Kieren's ships primarily made to carry cargo. Kieren had summoned it earlier, so sure that the hunt would be brief. The chill of the North winds whipped around him and made his blond hair wild. He looked every bit the fearsome Viking. Men rested on their knees before him, begging for life. It had become a common scene and carried little interest.

Kieren had welcomed Brenna's message.

Now, the matter was exasperated by his lack of forethought.

Astrid had immediately sought him out upon word of his arrival. Kieren could not be found. In the darkness of night she slipped into his Long House and with familiarity found his private area. The knowledge that he would be naked and the idea of experiencing him made her pride irrelevant. Her will had always been strong and because of the convenience, he had tasted from her often. Although constantly reminded that there was no future to be found with him, Astrid felt that he would eventually realize that they were two of a kind. Kieren was undeniably the alpha male and she the alpha female. No one was capable of handling him as she did.

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